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Sin City 2: Angelina Out, Rachel In

Sin City 2: Angelina Out, Rachel In

A source close to the production of Sin City 2 is claiming that Angelina Jolie is out of the running and Rachel Weisz is in. Director Robert Rodriguez has always wanted Angelina to star in his sequel Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For but because of scheduling conflicts, it looks like Rachel might be taking on the role of Ava Lord. Rachel Weisz: A Dame To Kill For? Hmmmm…

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1,620 Responses to “Sin City 2: Angelina Out, Rachel In”

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  1. 151
    truth Says:

    Let’s thank Cojo for being nice. He said Angie is a true movie star and she has the whole movie industry on her little shoulders. Kudos to Rosie too.

  2. 152
    truth Says:

    ….and last but not the least, thank you JJ for giving us a peaceful forum to speak out.

  3. 153
    What happened to The Fountain? Says:

    Rachel Weisz starred opposite Hugh Jackman in The Fountain? How did The Fountain fare critically and commercially?

    I think Darren A (RW’s partner) directed it, if I am not mistaken.

  4. 154
    +++1 Says:

    Jealousy is the reason why Angie was always targeted by the tab. What Angelina had is what most common people dream of. beauty and sexy, hot career, fat account, hot husband, fertile with 3 cute , healthy kids.

  5. 155
    Millie Says:

    Rachel is a good actress but being a fan of the Graphic Novel, Angelina fits better

  6. 156
    ntt Says:

    Funny how we have these Jeff and James coming out of the woodwork saying AJ is not good for a sexy role. Try something else, because women blame AJ for being a lot of things, but no man has ever, EVER said she is not good to play a sexy girl. You made me laugh, and on top of that saying RW is better at it than her. Some men you are. Chinnochio’s fans, is more like it.

  7. 157
    The real lou Says:

    Mediterranean,I’m glad to hear you are ok.I wish you a speedy recovery.Original jpf,like you I hope Angelina doesn’t do this movie,Hated Sin City.I see the haters want to try to use this as a reason to bash Angelina.At least Angelina is being offered roles in movies,hint hint.She could be doing tv like someone else,lol.:lol:

  8. 158
    AL Says:

    just watched the view. Rosie praised Brad and Angie for using their celebrity status for doing good. She said that Brad and Angie are moving to NO to get the cameras to follow them so that people could see for themselves that the people in NO need help still. She said that Brad and Angie do that everytime they want to draw attention to the part of the world that needs it. Joy mentioned that Angie was going to stop working and be a stay at home mom. She warned everyone that a large number of stay at home dads would be at the park everyday to be with Angie. She then went on to make a remark about locking your husbands up. This is not verbatim. Elizabeth said that Brad and Angie are always together so no one has to worry. And she went on to say that she gives Brad and Angie credit (yes Elizabeth) for being great humanitarians and good people. Joy then said that Angie does not seek out attention, that people seek her out. That the media and people in general are just drawn to Angie, and can`t get enough of her. Rosie just kept going on and on with the most wondeful comments about Brad and Angie being good, good people. She said that Angie has grown up and become one of the most amazing woman ever. She compared her to Audrey Hepburn. I was very pleased with the view today. Oh one more thing. When Rosie first started to comment on Brad and Angie being so wonderful, Elizabeth made a snarky comment, but I could not here it. I wonder if any of you heard it. You have to be a total moran to not see what great people Brad and Angie are. Has anyone heard anything about Angie not working anymore? I hope not. I love seeing her on the big screen!

  9. 159
    kiki Says:

    Truth, I’m with you, I hope more people will write to these blogs, tabs, and ent shows and show what bs they write, because we know now how they twist the truth.

  10. 160
    truth Says:

    ++++!, I think the real truth is that they are taking advantage of her because she does not retaliate. Imagine the tabloids being sued by VV, JA has called the tabloids all sort of mean names and they still call her America __. AJ is the one that does not have a mean bone in her and yet they want to crucify her???? Is this fair???

  11. 161
    mmm Says:

    Angelina & Brad are true movie stars but they don’t take it that seriously. Brad said that events like the awards shows are a great opportunity to see old friends and make new contacts then everyone fans out all over the country back to work. I think they are respectful of the industry that has help them live a comfortable life which in turn has made them able to do some humanitarian work.
    Any talk about them abandoning their craft as artists is nonsense. They will always be artists at heart and their bohemian lifestyle proves it.

    B&A looked great at the Golden Globes. I feel sorry for the winners though. the media is making a big to do about our couple but totally ignoring the artists who were recognized. Poor Forrest Whitaker. He does not have the aura of George Clooney but he’s still one of the best actors & directors out there. I liked him from way back. Where were his interviews? he will win the Oscar for Best Actor. The media better do right by him and give him some shine.

  12. 162
    bluemoon Says:

    AL Says:
    Thanks that’s awesome, I hope someone could put it on youtube.

  13. 163
    em Says:

    Blogger’s fatigue happens with negativity. Withdrawing from the source for a while is a good coping mechanism to regroup and recharge. So for some Brad and Angie supporters, it is understandable to take time off from blogging. I too have my moments when I happen to skim on a ridiculous or mean post against Brad and Angie. Overall, there are so many regulars who post wonderful insights about Brad and Angie’s love, life together as a family notwithstanding promoting awareness to their humanitarian causes.
    Angie said something that we fans should always remember to not focus on the craziness/tabloids but focus on their life together and children. As she said in Vogue, she is committed to life and the future. She and Brad are truly blessed.

  14. 164
    Amaya Says:

    AL I didn’t hear the twit’s snarky comment but then again I think Rosie and her are always trying to cut her off lol :lol:

  15. 165
    phie Says:

    Im not affected at all with the haters since Angie and Brad got Shiloh in this world, and to see their photos together in every country with the kids they are like one of the happy and normal family ever. I believe no one can be together in one roof and having a good kids without love. Im sure they really love each other so much! :)

  16. 166
    glad Angie is out of SC Says:

    I am glad Angie is out of Sin City .. whoever wants that role can have it . Angie IMO is way above and done with movies in this class. I would love her to be in other movies with better scripts .. not violence.

    Also SinCity seems kind of desperate drag Angie name so very often . I think it’s way over doing it . I see another round of advertisment when the show is set to release later with Angie’s name drag in as ” SinCity kicks off without Angie” LOL

    well .. everyone , every media wants to drop in Angie’s Name . i noticed Brad name is not tanished as much as Angie. I think it has to do with the fact that Angie does not have a publicist to clarify so the media too the easy FREE for all route and write any darn garbage about her . It’s sad to know the days of responsible journalism is history.

  17. 167
    fan-of-angie Says:

    ntt Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    I agree, it’s just ridiculous to say that Angie is not good for a sexy role. She is THE sexiest woman in film of this generation. I think she would have been great in Sin City because playing the sexy siren is her stamp. I would really like to see her in something where she either has to alter her look or they don’t focus so much on her looks that way her talent shines through.

  18. 168
    briseis Says:

    phie Says:
    January 17th, 2007 at 12:39 pm
    Im not affected at all with the haters since Angie and Brad got Shiloh in this world, and to see their photos together in every country with the kids they are like one of the happy and normal family ever. I believe no one can be together in one roof and having a good kids without love. Im sure they really love each other so much!

    ITA. I find it laughable when people say that they are just together for the children. We are talking about two multimillionaires here — they don’t have to live together, even for the kids, if they didn’t love each other. People who think that they are merely tolerating each other are not thinking rationally.

  19. 169
    lookwhaticando Says:

    bluemoon Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 11:56 am
    Angelina is going to be away in NO for a while, when the media sees she’s not in the spotlight they’ll try to continue using her as their meal ticket by writing lies. It is time for the fans to start writing to the tabloid editors and entertainment shows to stop feeding us with lies.
    Actually the best we can do is not buy those magazines, tabloids are a business, when a story doesn’t sell anymore they stop caring about it, it’s never about the truth, it’s about $$$$$$$$. Now that she’s done with her work, (only the Berlin festival to attend) she will have a little more peace, the Tomkat show is making a comeback courtesy of The Beckhams (just see the video at TMZ) and while Cameron keeps fighting with JT in public they’ll catch a break.


    I don’t think there are any entertainers that will take the spot light off the Jolie-Pitts, even with TomKat’s over the top wedding, The B&A were still in the spotlight. I think that Tom and Katie, could be beating the hell out of each other on their front lawn, or Paris and Lindsay Lohan could be doing each other on hollywood blvd. But if they saw Brad and Angie where in their car on their way from the grocery store, They would run for Brad and Angie. I just don’t think anyone no matter what they are doing can steal even the simplist moments from Brad and Angie, Good or Bad?? I dont know

  20. 170
    dragonfly Says:

    Thanks Amaya and AL for the Rosie rundown. Good for her! AL, as to Angie “not working”, I personally interpret that as she is not going to work while they are in NO, which of course, fits their usual modus operandi, which is one parent works, while the other is chief cook and bottle-washer. Right now it’s Brad’s turn to work and earn some dough. Angie will be acting again. She loves it too much. She just won’t feel the need to do a movie every 6 months for a while.

    As someone else already said, she and Brad are artists at heart. The artist in Angie may take a back seat sometimes to the mother, wife, and humanitarian in her, but, as she herself said, she loves all the different aspects of her life, and I take that to mean the actress in her as well. The artist part of her will want a creative outlet, too. And besides, as much as us mothers adore our children, we all know there are times you need a break from them, too. You need the mental stimulation of projects that interest you and feed your mind. Especially if you are the stay-at-home parent. It’s great Brad and Angie can do that for each other.

  21. 171
    Kim Says:

    Saw the View–Loved It!! Snarky comment was “Team Annison”

  22. 172
    Andrómeda Says:

    I agree with some people here, that said that they are tired of all the negativity and tired of all the stupid things that some idiots write about Brad and Angie….I´m tired too!!!. In fact I was thinking to not to visit the blogs anymore because of the haters and silly journalists.

    But I love Angie and Brad so much, that I always want to know what they are doing, and where are they travelling, etc. But I hate to see how many bad things some people write about them.

    The better thing to do is ignore the haters.

    I wish Angie and Brad could have some weeks in peace with the children, in New Orleans. They really deserve some peace.

  23. 173
    ntt Says:

    AL Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 12:30 pm
    Joy mentioned that Angie was going to stop working and be a stay at home mom. She warned everyone that a large number of stay at home dads would be at the park everyday to be with Angie. She then went on to make a remark about locking your husbands up.

    I hope those stay at home dads are as good looking, as rich, as famous, and as kind as BP. LOL. See what I meant on my previous post? Here are women like Joy and Elisabeth living in fear of loosing their husbands to AJ, and yet we have Jeff and James on this board proclaiming that RW would be better than her to play a sexy role. This woman can never win.

  24. 174
    Kim Says:

    Also loved after the “Team Annison” comment Rosie said something about people needing to move on.

  25. 175
    Alexanderina Says:

    Passing Through Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 10:49 am
    ROTFLMAO! Replacing Angelina Jolie with Rachel Weisz…Gimme a freaking break! I like Rachel Weisz, she’s a great actress…BUT…as a sex siren capable of getting a man to go against his moral code and ethics? Not believable. This about like asking people to believe Reese Witherspoon, Little Miss Wholesome, as a drug-addicted crack ho.

    LMAO and I so agree with you PT regarding Rachel Weiss, she is indeed a wonderful actress but sexy siren yeah right whatever.

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