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Rose McGowan is an "Eye Sore"

Rose McGowan is an

Anybody know what was going on underneath small-screen siren Rose McGowan‘s right eye at the Golden Globes? Check out the close-ups below…

Also pictured: director Robert Rodriguez, who Rose has been cozying up to lately since working together on The Grindhouse.

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rose mcgowan eye botox 01
rose mcgowan eye botox 02
rose mcgowan eye botox 03
rose mcgowan eye botox 04
rose mcgowan eye botox 05
rose mcgowan eye botox 06
rose mcgowan eye botox 07
rose mcgowan eye botox 08

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  • ( | )

    ^ thanks for the great insightful information. tool.

    strange it’s just one eye too.

  • Nando

    She forgot to wipe the jizz off her eye.



  • angelina_mmm

    Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan

  • tom

    her deal with the devil ran out at midnight the night before.

  • gia

    you can probably only inject botox so much before your face starts falling apart; she’s past that

  • KellyG

    At first glance, I thought this story was about the late Judy Garland.

  • Stacey

    She looks hideous! It’s karma coming back to bite her, b/c she got with Robert Rodriguez, who is married with like 5 kids. He moved out of his home to live with her in some apartment while they were filming a movie together.

  • Corinne

    She looks like Dixie Carter! She used to have such curves and a glow. Now she looks like an old maid. Such a disappointment! Goes to show you, too much is not a good thing!

  • Celeb Watcher

    She may have had an allergic reaction if this is the only photo shoot with her like that. My eyes swell up and get fluid under the skin when I have an allergic reaction. It usually goes away though. If there are more pics of her this way in a few weeks, who knows?

  • yulu

    Well his wife really let herself go, I mean you have to take care of yourself too and the kids and a relationship. So maybe there were other problems in that relationship.
    I was surprised to see a picture of his ex wife.

    I know that sounds shallow, and Rose looks 40+ in those pics!

    Rose wears way too much blush, she looks like a demented clownface.

  • MonkeyShines

    Geez, who did Rose’s makeup? Your supposed to blend concealer in then cover it with the foundation. Lousy makeup artist. Plus her dark eyeshadow has dropped on to her low lids where the concealer is not blended making the whole thing one big mess. Plus the highlighting shadow under the brow looks like my blind grandmother did it while drunk.

    Rose should fire the makeup artist and if she did her makeup herself she should break her hands and hire someone good. Absolutely tragic application of makeup – junior school effort here.

  • carrie

    It almost looks like she has had an allergic reaction to a topically applied face product.

  • SweetyKat

    It doesn’t look like botched plastic surgery nor an allergic reaction to me. She looks totally unhealthy. She looks anorexic to me.

  • lovemycat

    I thought it might be an allergic reaction to something? The eye area is usually affected when you are allergic to say – pollen, pet hair, dust, or food allergens etc.

    I have had shingles, yep shingles (similar to herpes I think?), on my upper/lower eyelid. I’ve been getting it (on/off) since I was a kid. It isn’t much fun and if it spreads to your actual eyeball (cornea) it can cause blindness. So I’m not gonna hate on poor Rose, as she could have some kind of eye infection/condition.

  • http://fuckyou joeri

    I love rose mcgowan.. i think its just something that will go away soon!..
    And btw does it looks that she uses botox?? so fuck off then
    Rose is fucking amazin.. i love her:D:D

  • girlygirl

    I think this is sad, because I use to think she was one of the most beautiful women in hollywood. So it’s sad so bad that she looks so pathetic.

  • Carlos

    The problem? Rose hit the wall. It’s over Johnny, it’s OVER!

  • makemeup

    the smudge is concealer, it wasn’t blended in well enough. she needs to fire her makeup artist.

  • morganusvitus

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

  • Lowclef

    I heard she was in a car accident and her glasses cut her under the eye, she had plastic surgery to fix it

  • cait

    Rose was in a car accident. her sunglasses were broken and smooshed in her face cutting a nice bloody flap of skin under her eye.
    I hope all of you get in accidents or have infections from the back ally botox injections you get from veterinarians because your too cheap to pay for a real doctor.


    That eye isn’t looking too good in those photos, but I think her makeup is just done wrong. Proper makeup should be able to cover up most of that.

  • anatol

    Nise site!

  • Trish

    you’re all idiots. Rose mcgowan has a scar from being in a car accident. Her glasses broke on her face!

  • olczij

    i hope. abcbaba2ad thanks

  • Suz

    actually she was in a car accident and her sunglasses smashed into her face and cut her face up

  • Lauren

    Wooow you guys need to get ur Shi* straight before talkin shit like this. Rose was in a Horrible car accident and her sun glasses slashed her bottom eye open. I hope all you who are talkin shit bout that get in horrible car accidents and disfigure you face awfully and every one will stare, point, laugh and judge. Karmas a biiitch..
    I love rose, but on the other point from these pictures + others she does look kinda anorexic for sure.

  • http://yahoo Lind

    No one has a right to talk crap about Rose or any other celebrity. Those of you that did, clearly have nothing better to do than wait for something bad to happen to a celebrity so you can rag on them because you are obviously jealous and resentful and enjoy the misfortunes of others. So what if Rose looks a little different. She is still beautiful. I’m sure the people on this site who talk s*** about Rose are unattractive. It’s always very unattractive people who take pleasure and make a huge deal if an attractive person has a blemish or small scar

  • emily

    She was in a car accident, and cut below her eye because she was wearing glasses, apparently.

  • Jubilee

    Aw you guys are mean, Rose is pretty. Who cares if she has a scar.