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Jude Law's Blonde Ambition

Jude Law's Blonde Ambition

Jude Law and fellow British actor Sean Pertwee left The Groucho Club together this past Tuesday after a night out in London. Jude wasn’t wearing the best of outfits but every celebrity has an off day, right? Thankfully, Jude‘s long blonde hair is for the film Sleuth that he is currently shooting right now.

Tidbit: Jude once upon a time co-owned the Natural Nylon film production company with Sean along with ex-wife Sadie Frost, Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller. The company folded in 2003.

Also pictured: Jude Law in London last night to see British playwright Harold Pinter awarded the French Légion d’honneur (Legion of Honor) by French Prime Minster Dominique de Villepin.

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  • loli

    I’m french and never heard about that légion d’honneur to Jude LAW! When was that?


    Jude rocks my socks!!!

  • Just Jared

    loli — British playwright Harold Pinter was awarded the Legion of Honor. Jude just went to watch Harold be honored with it.

  • dewt

    looking a little on the skinny side!

  • Ria

    Jude’s long blonde hair is for the movie Sleuth that he is shooting right now. He plays an out of work actor in the movie.

    The differences in outlook that broke Jude and Sienna can be clearly seen by what happened after the breakup. Jude is spending his days with his work and family and hoing quietly around London while Sienna is living it up in LA atetnding party after party almost every day. I don’t know quite yet why with barely cameos in 3 pictures, she is all over town presenting and attending everywhere
    including the GG’s where she went on like a very big star and yet not even nominated.

    Jude has been nominated 3 times at the GG’s and only attended once. What a difference indeed.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks for the tip, Ria!!

  • loli

    oh ok I’m sorry I misunderstood (don’t forget that I’m french lol)

  • tanique

    so bloody pretty. i like that he can throw on whatever and work it.

  • Sandy

    Again, jared thanx – the man has such class even in the most casual of outfits, he
    manages to look like a star! for those not aware or it Pinter did the screenplay for
    SLEUTH which Jude and Michael Caine are working on and Jude, as Producer has been working with Pinter for several years on getting this movie going. I imagine
    they are frieds and work well together.I can’t wait to see what they have actually
    done to this piece. it should be great.

  • dolorescraeg

    jared. you are an angel……see what a chameleon our jude is. he goes from sexy dark haired graham in the holiday to blonde long haired actor in sleuth. to very distinguished guest in tie and shirt for the literary set.
    if he seems thinner it’s the way he’s wearing his hair. plus jude needs a caring homebody to fatten him up a little with some home cooked dinners. do i have any takers?….. jude’s smile puts the sun to shame. also thank you lord for taking sienna out of his life. she wants fame, recognition, cuddling up to the big stars since we literally don’t know what she can do as an actress. that’s her claim to fame. he wants to work, be a dad and i’m certain eventually this gorgeous hunk will find plenty of time to play…who’ll be the lucky one?…we don’t know as yet.

  • HeLooksGreat

    He seems to have his priorities straight, family, work and friends…That’s sexy! I just love seeing pictures of him and his kids, he seems to genuinely enjoy them.
    Whatever he is wearing he looks GREAT! His talent, WOW!

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    girly boy

  • sweetaspoison

    Jonny Lee Miller is gorgeous! We should see more of him on this site jared!

  • River

    Jude looks nice and healthy. I wish the paparazzi wouldn’t stock him from day to day but then we wouldn’t be able to see his pretty pics. It’s a double edge sword.

  • kini

    How can you not like those lovely eyes ….no matter what his hair color is….

  • Daphne

    Thanks Jared for the latest Jude fix. I was starting to miss him. The white woollen hat returns (yay!). AND he looks happy and relaxed (yay! yay!).

  • Daphne

    I completely agree with you Ria.

  • Myrita

    Yeah, I was missing him¡ He is so smily, it’s a pitty not see his new blond hair, hidden upon that horrible kind of wooden cap…. I like him no matter how what he’s wearing…He’s devastatinlgy handsome. Seems quite fond to the Groucho’s, last two captions pics he was in there…however I don’t like the title Blond Ambition ’cause he’s not ambitious at all. Maybe ambitious for recognition, yes. In fact HE IS OUR AMBITION…..

  • River

    I know for a fact that sienna wasn’t “partying it up in la” she was promoting factory girl with harvey weinstein and campaigning for an oscar too, harvey was trying to win a best actress oscar nomination for sienna playing edie sedgwick. I think she was attending all those events so the academy of motion pictures wouldn’t forget her when voting for oscars was up. ballots were due on monday, voting ended last saturday, notice now that oscar voting is over we haven’t seen any of her. we’ll see how the nominees go when they annouce them on jan.23rd at 5am, i’m hoping helen mirren wins for the queen.

  • Deana

    You forget (Ria)- there’s a big age difference between Jude and Sienna. Jude’s a 34 year old divorced father with 3 kids (and it’s starting to show in his pics- he looks old!) and Sienna is 25 and single. She SHOULD be out partying- that’s not a strike against the poor girl. Gimme a break. That doesn’t prove anything. Sienna seems to me to be genuine (young and happy) and Jude law seems to be cold and calculating and creepy/dishonest.

  • Bobbi

    He looks old and gross. :(

  • Lord Mutton

    You said it Deana. Their;s something about Jude Law that is not right. He looks like a slimey history teacher who hits on his girl students.

    I think Johnny Lee Miller is gorgous too.

  • Chica2000andsomething

    I like Jude Law. I believe he is sexy and talented and has a lot of charisma. He looks good in these photos.

  • Ria

    Can somebody tell me why she is campaigning for a nomination? I thought the academy base the voting on acting. I don’t see the other actresses campaigning, sure they attend the affairs where they are nominated but nobody is campaigning like Sienna and Harvey. Mery Streep sure said it right when she said it is no longer acting with the Oscars, it is who can float the more hype and buzz.

    And please – Sienna is not the sweet girl that she is trying to portray. I have friends in London who have met her and she is a snot. Also, ask that poster who’s friend was a PA in one of Sienna’s photoshoot. She said she treated the peons like shit.

  • Daphne

    As I said before, Ria, I agree with you. I have watched Jude over the years and have always been impressed with his grace and strength. When he was with Sienna I’ve had to watch her too (thank goodness not anymore). Ria is right. Sienna Miller is no innocent. From what I’ve seen, she’s a brazen two-faced opportunist, a vulgar tart and worse. But I’ll stop there since these are supposed to be comments on pics of Jude Law. Needless to say, the less I see of Miller the better.

    “…he is sexy and talented and has a lot of charisma. He looks good in these photos.” yeah, Chica :-). I think so too.

  • Deana

    Oh please. EVERYONE campaigns for the Oscars, EVERYONE…even that b-lsh-tter Meryl Streep (who by the way already has at least one). If you were up for it you’d campaign too. “Nobody is campaigning like Sienna and Harvey”? What planet are you on? You hate Sienna because she had Jude and you never will.

    Jude has grace and strength? ROFLMAO! You must REALLY be from another planet. It’s amazing what a chick will *see* and *not see* when she is hot for a man!

    Here’s laughing at you!

  • Daphne

    I am just a fan of Jude Law. I have no fantasy of ever “having” him. Who he chooses to be with is his business. If he chooses somebody nice, I will like her. If he chooses a brazen two-faced opportunist and a vulgar tart i.e. Sienna Miller, I won’t. It’s that simple.

    IMO Jude does have grace and strength. I am glad he dumped Miller. You can disagree *shrug*; I don’t care for opinions of losers like you who go to a site posting pics of Jude Law to hype Miller. You like her? Go to her site.

  • Ria

    You do have your facts wrong. Not everybody campaigns for an Oscar. Judi Dench has not even stepped on US soil nor is she doing any campaigning. Her acting says it for her. And Meryl does not campaign. She hates it like she said in her itnerview. She’s grateful if she gets nominated but she does not campaign nor does she have to.

    And I have to laugh at that I want Jude and I hate Sienna thing. I do not like Sienna because of what she is. And I will stop at that.

  • Ria

    Jude Dench who is being nominated on every award show has not done any campaigning nor has even been on US soil to do so. She has not attended any award show where she was nominated either. In that she is like Meryl – their acting speaks for themselves and that is why I admire and like them. Sienna and Harvey remind me of Gwyneth and Harvey where he bought the votes for her so instead of Cate Blanchett winning for a more powerful and deserving performance in Elizabeth instead of the mediocre Shakespeare in Love.

    If Sienna gets in without Harvey I will be in awe of her since she got in with no hype or campaign or buzz or buying votes. As it is I would not know whether she got in because she deserved it or if Harvey bought her the votes. Harvey is throwing all these Oscar parties, wining and dining the voters(I don’t think the others have done these) so it sticks in my craw.

    As for Jude, that is very laughable. I don’t like Sienna for what she is and it has nothing to do with Jude. For your info I am very happily married and I consider my hubby handsomer than Jude.

  • dolorescraeg

    as many people on this site know i am a very ardent jude law devotee. to me he is one of the most intelligent of actors. the way he listens, the way he internalizes. to my mind there is no comparing sienna miller to jude law. he is a class act. he made it on his own ability. if sienna had not had the notoriety of being with jude law. who would have known about her. she’s not a classy gal. she’s vulgar and would do most anything to be noticed. this was never the case with jude. he’s not looking for tabloid p.r. sienna is.he is concentrating on his work and his kids. sienna stayed with him knowing full well that he’s nine years older and has three children. it didn’t seem to bother her when she was riding on his coatails. nothing’s changed except now thanks to jude. she has a name …so now he’s too old for her….give me a break. this girl is a user.

  • Ria

    For all of Harvey’s hype and bluster, no nomination for his golden girl! Ha!

    Now she can spend all her time partying with P Diddy.