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Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment

Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment

Forbes Magazine just tabulated “The 20 Richest Women In Entertainment” and there are some surprises in there! The youngest women on the list? The 22-year-old Olsen Twins. But to make the list at all, you need a minimum net worth of $45 million. Cha-ching!

  • 1 — Oprah Winfrey = $1,500 million
  • 2 — J.K. Rowling = $1,000 million
  • 3 — Martha Stewart = $638 million
  • 4 — Madonna = $325 million
  • 5 — Celine Dion = $250 million
  • 6 — Mariah Carey = $225 million
  • 7 — Janet Jackson = $150 million
  • 8 — Julia Roberts = $140 million
  • 9 — Jennifer Lopez = $110 million
  • 10 — Jennifer Aniston = $110 million
  • 11 — Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen = $100 million
  • 12 — Britney Spears = $100 million
  • 13 — Judith “Judge Judy” Sheindlin = $95 million
  • 14 — Sandra Bullock = $85 million
  • 15 — Cameron Diaz = $75 million
  • 16 — Gisele Bundchen = $70 million
  • 17 — Ellen DeGeneres = $65 million
  • 18 — Nicole Kidman = $60 million
  • 19 — Christina Aguilera = $60 million
  • 20 — Renee Zellweger = $45 million

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  • wengz

    yeah!are they usefull in the country?not even the industry!exept for a couple….

  • Sasha

    This is absolutely rediculious. Jennifer Aniston makes more money than Nicole Kidman and the rest of the talented people on this list.
    She should be thankful for the divorce money from Brad urgly Maniston.

  • anustin

    so angelina is not one of the richest……ok ok hehe..shes with the pretty pitt!..and oh she gives a third of her pay check to the unfortunate!

  • Sasha

    I wonder how much Angelina is worth. She gives all her money to charity what a wonderful soul.

    Anyone know how much Brad and Angelina are worth?

  • Sasha

    These women should be giving much of their income to charity. Most of them are without children what a waste of beauty, cash and nature.

  • Sasha

    14 out of 20 are without children. Ladies who are you keeping your money for? You are not going to take it with you six feet under.

  • Sasha

    Make that 13 out of 20.
    I hear Maniston wants to adopt a child.
    Poor kid, she should just stick to television actiing.

  • xxxx

    jolie is charitable woman but she isn’t rich

  • xxxx

    and maniston I hate her!

  • Mediterranean

    How lucky of them! So why do the most of them look so miserable in their lives?

  • moahaha

    What exactly does net worth mean? Simply everything they ever earned added up minus taxes? I mean how would anyone know how much they have spend of what they earned?
    I sure believe Oprah is the richest but some of the other names on the list seem suspicious. How did Jennifer Aniston get this much money? More than Sandra Bullock who’s been in the industry much longer, more successful and even produced some of her huge boxoffice hits? And Judge Judy made 95 mill????

  • bdj

    It just goes to show that all that pity that some people get is wasted. These people are not the girls next door. One in particular is a multi millionaire who knows how to spin PR and play on the public sympathy. Other than a few women on the list, to bad this list does not also include their charitable contributions.

  • Sasha

    Every Charitable person is not and will never be rich that is why they have a beautiful soul because as you know when you become rich that is all you are concern about the green paper but helping people is a whole lot better and fulfilling than being rich.
    So Angelina is getting blessed for every life and situation she help change and I can’t tell you how wonderful that is and blessed.

  • Vivi

    Aren’t the Olsen twins 20 year old?

  • Sasha

    Jennifer Aniston got her money from Brad Pitt. She does seek sympathy from the public who are a little dump by her I miss Brad so much but did not shed one single tear. Every woman knows that crying helps us cope and release some tension. If Maniston hasn’t cried or shed one tear men she is in some place out of this world and if I was Brad I’ll be very careful with the Man.

  • Vivi

    I think Jennifer Aniston got money from Friends too, I mean they used to be paid 1 million per episode

  • babyhates

    Ummm this has to be old… BRIT BRIT IS ONLY WORTH 35 MILLION

  • candycancy

    I f Jennifer Aniston got money from friends,how about CC?

  • Avid fan

    OH , c’mon miz Aniston. With all the money you got , all you did was a fake hug with a sick child and a face on tv. You can do better than that.!!!

  • This is Crazy

    All of you are absolutely ridiculous. I am not an Aniston fan nor do I like Jolie but you are all crazy. Angelina must not be here because she donates. WRONG!!! Net Worth is money that I have in the bank right now after my donations, after my taxes, it is my assets.

    I’m sure Angelina is a great person but because you hear about her charity in the paper doesn’t mean jack. Oprah donates almost 100 million a year. Jennifer Aniston donates (go out and actually do some research – she keeps it private.) As do the Olsens and many of the people on that list. For some people who they donate to is their private business, neither person is wrong or right.

    Jen has money from friends, the last 2 years she made almost 50 million from friends and for every re-run she gets almost 150,000 so I think she has money. She also has more than CC because she does movies and Cox’s money is now bracketed with her husband, they took the same last name. Her divorce with Brad did not get her money because she was actually worth more money (all because of Friends).

    In conclusion, you know absolutely nothing about these people and it’s quite sad that many of you feel like you do. Angelina doesn’t care for you and neither does Brad all they need you to do is go to their movies but after you put your money in their pocket. You are worthless to them

  • Leminie

    All that money on this list! What the hell are they doing with it? How many houses can one person honestly live in at a time??
    I wish that everyone could follow in the philanthropic footsteps of people like the Gates’, Warren Buffett, the Jolie-Pitt’s and Oprah. So many people out there with NOTHING! Could you imagine what a pin drop fraction of the money on this list could mean to less fortunate people who are struggling to even eat every day.
    I sometimes wonder, as they are sitting in their $15 mill homes, if they have any idea what it is to look at a child who goes to school every morning and you have to wonder when the last time was that they ate. Or to know that 3/4 of the children in 3rd world countries have NO IDEA what shoes are.

  • +++1

    After seeing this “Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment”. I admire Angelina more. aside from Oprah, how many of them did ever donate money as much as Jolie ?

  • going crazy

    This is Crazy Says:

    January 18th, 2007 at 10:02 am

    Could you please name just one private charity where Ms. Aniston donated ?

  • going crazy

    Oh, Jennifer Aniston is soooooo mucho mucho rich. Then, please stop her pity-party!!!

  • Fan of No One

    +++1 Says:

    January 18th, 2007 at 10:07 am
    After seeing this “Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment”. I admire Angelina more. aside from Oprah, how many of them did ever donate money as much as Jolie ?

    Even Oprah donates more money PRIVATELY than she ever does PUBLICLY.
    Some people just don’t need a press conference every time they write a check.
    Rock on Sistahs!

  • anon

    OMG. How is this post becoming an angelina post? STOP IT. You are all pathetic. Before you post about what these women do for charities, etc. Have you ever really researched what Celine Dion or Martha Stewart do for charity? What about the Olson twins?

    Seriously. Let it the F8ck go. Why are you not raking Julia Roberts over the coals…why JA only?

    by the way though, shocked to see Judge Judy on there. Who knew people’s court could be worth that.



    I *LOVE* this list.

    It shows just how selfish, vain and undeserving Maniston is. It also shows why STEPHEN HUVANE ignores all other CLIENTS on his list of people to wh*re for. Sorry Gwynnie poo. Sorry Kirsten Dunst. Maniston’s on line 2. Keep your Oscars, and you SAG noms. TV sit-com hack, takes precedence. Hey…that money goes through a LOT of mani-pedis PEOPLE!!!! LOLOL Why donate to those less fortunate than yourself when the new and improved versailles ‘French Tip,’ is all the rage. It’s also obvious that she can BUY her own famewh*ring coattail riding coverage.

    Angelina is to be admired even MORE after seeing this list.

    …and PUH-LEEZE. Most of those r*ch b*tches just keep the dough to themselves, ESPECIALLY that coattail riding famewh*re CHINNIFER MANISTON!!

    *(btw, you want to know where MANISTON GOT the BULK of money THAT PUT HER IN THE TOP, and why BOTOX COX and KUDROW aren’t on this list WITH HER….it’s because when she was WITH BRAD PITT, he was generous enough of a husband to include her in PLAN B, HIS PRODUCTION COMPANY…they produced, among other things – CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (HELLO??!!)….Plan B, was not Maniston’s idea, nor her baby at any point in time – she was a partner IN NAME ONLY – BRAD pulled her in, because he was with her at the time, and initially it was thought that her lame TV SIT-COM HACK A S S could MAYBE get the FILM ROLES that she OTHERWISE COULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN ON HER OWN, without BRAD PITT she’s just a blonder version of PATRICIA HEATON on Everybody Loves Raymond.) So once again, and in all things she can thank BRAD PITT for why we have to be assaulted with her fug face and her big ol’ moneybags in the way of her bought covers courtesy of Huvane. It’s poetic she is wedged in there with the OLSEN TWINS and Judge Judy. Proof that money cannot buy you status in your field. HAHAHAHA! ALL THAT MONEY and her MOM GOES To the INDIGENT CARE WARD in L.A.?!! What an evil b*tch! WHY DOESN’T *THAT* make the TABLOIDS in a BIG WAY…if Angelina did that, she’d be drummed out of America!

    …..and PUH-LEEZE don’t tell me about this one, or that one donating and ‘keeping it quiet,’ first of all – as a celebrity, you have an OBLIGATION to make people AWARE, so that on top of your charitable giving, you MIGHT inspire others to either do the same, or at the very LEAST be aware of a situation (be it disease, famine, the impoverished or disadvantaged!) – no CELEBRITY ‘silently and quietly’ donates to issue of import. If they do it ‘quietly’ it’s only because they are CHEAP and they KNOW they could be doing MORE! Besides, Maniston was asked POINT BLANK to HER FACE if she donated, and she responded, ‘I only concentrate on my tabloid career,’ half-serious IMO, and later said, ‘Charity is not ‘my thing.’ She’s just….AWFUL. UGH.

    Who knows, maybe this will inspire some of those RB’s to spread the wealth.

  • Me Too

    For this post alone is why I love Cliniqua. Tell it sister. The woman would be off the lists if it wasn’t for being Mrs. B. Pitt.

    Private charity donating my fuzzy butt.

  • going crazy

    CLINIQUA Says:

    January 18th, 2007 at 10:36 am

    She was also part of plan B when Troy was make. Troy was a blockbuster worldwide.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    i dont believe that list. maniston doesnt make that much

  • lux

    Aniston doing charity privately ? and her great PR guru or her close friend won’t leaked it to the tabloids? eat your ass , man ! only the dumbass believe it !!!

  • Katya

    I absolutely agree with the last past. The power of a donated sum of money is not just the money itself but the act of giving is inspiring to others. Especially if it is a celebrity donating – the effect of the donation will go far beyond the actual amount of money. In today’s celebrity and idol obsessed world, whether we like it or not, people tend to look up to celebrities and use them as role models. People do what the celebrities do, wear what the celebrities wear and so on!

    How many people had heard of the South Africa problems and Namibia if not for Oprah and Angelina and Brad. And how many people would have donated to Oprah’s Angel network that helps people with AIDS, had Oprah made a secret private donation to a South African charity!

    So you see – I have no problem with a celebrity getting publicity for an act like that if it means more exposure for the charities as well. The only people that complain about celebrities getting publicity are those who dislike people more successfull than themselves!

  • Anon

    CLINIQUA, I’m just loving your rant – it rings sooo true…

  • karla

    Jenn doesnt need publicity for her charity..You people just doesnt like Jolie is not on the list. Kepp angelina with her “lovely family”…

  • mercredi

    Are my eyes deceiving me? Can someone please explain to me how in the bloody he!l Jennifer Aniston is worth that much? She barely works. The actresses, entertainers, singers on the list (well, at least some of them!) have other businesses (parfum or/and clothing lines, magazines, books, etc.) to build their wealth. How did Jennifer A. get that rich?

    That list doesn’t sound right anyway. I thought Mary Kate and Ashley were worth over $100 million EACH?

  • +++

    Maniston was worth 110 Million. Then what is this never ending pity-party all about ?
    She and Huvane were really milking the divorce for their own greedy self.

  • katie

    JA did not get money from Pitt. They had a Prenup. She only got money from the Houses. Plus she made tons of money when the show went into syndication. They all get a certain amount of money every time the show comes on (I bet they make over $200,000 per episode, that adds up since it is on like 10 times a day). The last year of Friends they all made $24 million. Sure she did run PlanB but she was an equal in the company. But yeah she didn’t get any money from him in the divorce. If you go and look at the papers she is the one who wrote “no spousal support”.

  • katie

    I ment …Sure BP ran PlanB with BG but she was an equal in the company…..Sorry. Got a head of myself.

  • Me Too

    Sorry Katie, you are delusional. All reports said they didn’t have a prenup and if she made her money on the Friends series then her costars would be listed too. She made the extra on the Pitt name. She didn’t run Plan B, if she was so damn good at running a production company we would be hearing about her flaming success today. Take off the rose colored glasses.

  • +++

    CLINIQUA Says:

    January 18th, 2007 at 10:36 am

    GREAT POST !!! always love your post !

  • boomstick

    How the hell does this turn into a Jolile post?
    Only you loons here could do that.

    This is the methodology right from the Forbes article.
    Methodology: Net worth estimates were arrived at by tallying the total earnings, including salaries, record sales, tours, merchandising and royalties over the course of a career. When relevant, we included real estate holdings, shares and other assets. A conservative rate of return was applied, less taxes and agent fees. The list is limited to those female celebrities active in their professional lives.

    This is BEORE giving to charity.

    sounds like Jolie fans are little jealous that Jen can buy and sell their idol.

    oh and Leminie to answer your question on to how many houses can these people live in at once why don’t you ask the Jolie-Pitts. They have 4…so far.

  • +++

    I think Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman were worth more than that.

  • bdj

    boomstick Says:
    January 18th, 2007 at 11:07
    Money is not everything. Sometimes humanity should prevail. Obviously, money is not making people happy otherwise we would not be assaulted with a pity party year after year. At the end of the day, money does not buy love or happiness. Jealousy is so over used by people who do not think outside the box or of a boarder world. Spread the wealth. It certainly won’t break you and may make you a better person.

  • Sasha

    Have Maniston buy her self a good boob. She can’t even do that let alone buy AJ.
    You must be in another world like you Maniston

  • ken

    she also made alot of advertisements and has properties she rents out and has for charities you don’t need to go far if you all are so damn interested and think she sleeps and wakes up and does not give a damn what happens around her go on google type her name/charities supported and they will come up i am not begging you but i guess if you are going to acuse someone for not giving you should have a base for that Or don’t you and trust me when i say this she comes from a family were she knows what it feels like not to have anyone support yu and she also has someone close to her whom was adopted i am sure she gives a whole lot more that you all could imagine and also i and long before it became this popular.
    Eh you all asked for it then you have all got it i really hate !hate when people talk without not knowing what they hell they are talking about and some of you sure don’t or you know but never want to say anything good about her which is so sad it really is and it shows how cautious you all are never to paint her in a good light even when you are lying ballantly . bye you all and keep on rambling it really is becoming kind of old don’t you think so just kidding i know i am just deluding myself that will never happen and i am sure one or all of you are going to come up with a whole lot more it is what you guys do best.
    And by the way jen is not worth that much nearly that but not as much and she now has her own production company

  • Mediterranean

    to this is crazy,

    You sound like a fan of Jen and do not be ashamed of it! Say it and we still listen to you. I am tired of some of the fans of Jen are starting their comments by saying that they are neither a fan of Jen nor Angelina. Whom are you fooling, for God’s sake? We are not stupid like you!

    Angelina’s real fortune is her children with Brad Pitt and the love of her life who is Brad Pitt. They are healthy, happy and together. The money can never buy these valueable people of Angie’s life. On top of it, Angie is respected by serious, respected and important people on this world. So what have we been talking about?

  • boomstick

    I could care less about Jolie or Ansiton, but the growing reputation of this board as some sort of Jolie worshiping cult made me check the comments out of curiosity.
    I knew you guys would be going nuts because Ansiton made the list and Jolie did not. You are quite predictable.

    No money is not everything, but it’s what the article is about so deal with it.

  • jumia

    This is Crazy Says:

    You know, I hear people saying that Aniston gives money to charity, but she does it in private?? Well if it is in private, then how do YOU know that she gives this money to charity? It must not be so private after all… or it might be an “urban legend”

  • Aaliyah

    What is up with ye?? nothing to do with Angelina, she is not on the list.
    with Friends/movies/Adverts & Plan B why wouldnt she be worth big money!

    I think all ye so called Brad fans need to remember that he did marry Jen (didnt work out, everyone has moved on and all that) did ye not like him and support him when he was married to her???

  • +++

    boomstick Says:

    January 18th, 2007 at 11:07 am

    Don’t be so shallow . Money is not everything. I wonder if Maniston was happy with that 110 million . living in her 15 million dollar mansion sharing her vast wealth with her 2 dogs.