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Jude Law Jams All Night at Jazz Bar

Jude Law Jams All Night at Jazz Bar

Jude Law and his chums stayed out with friends at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Bar (47 Frith Street) in London’s Soho until closing at 3AM last night. Jude really loves that white beanie of his! Before whizzing off home, Jude thug-hugged it out with a male friend in a leather jacket…

Jude is reportedly filming new mystery thriller Sleuth right now, which is about an aging writer (Michael Caine) who matches wits with the struggling actor (Jude Law) who has stolen his wife’s heart. Due out in 2008.

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  • anon

    THANKYOU Jared keep bringing us pics of the lovely Jude he’s absolutely gorgeous! And I love the blonde look on him!

  • Fug Face Maniston

    [Man Love] Lmaoooo@ Jude, He’s such a Tool

  • Nando

    That picture where Jude’s hugging a dude, the other dude’s ass is wet. I’m guessing seeing Jude just does it for him.

  • Sandy

    i love that you stay on top of Jude’s social forays and since he wasn’t able to make
    the NYC premiere of BREAKINGF&ENTERING because all flights were cancelled in
    England yesterday – he seems to have enjoyed himself and partied anyway. Good
    for him, there’s no word the word hasn’t been invented for him yhet cause he’s
    hotter that hot!

  • tanique

    how did he make a hug hot? i want to hug it out with him. i can’t wait to see breaking and entering.

  • dulcemyrita

    Waw¡ We got nothing or all at once, love this very last pics. Who’s that horrible blondie dress like a tiger in red pantys? And what’s even worse by watching him caressing his pal ass…. he won’t be thinking about getting to the other side, I mean, forgetting about women and… ? OK Ok I know men & women got a crush on him, but it will kill me if…he.. will…. turn….. gay¡ Anyway, i’t great to see him happy, at his city, near his children and with such a good project as Sleuth in his hands….

  • dolorescraeg

    jared, you are definitely my knight in shining armour. that jude is so adorable i could squeeze the life out of him. you just want to take him home…and….and…and…..oh never mind…you get the picture. puleezze somebody who is that girl?. she doesn’t look like your local librarian. jude don’t get started with another party girl. i almost feel like he might have gone to ronnie’s straight from work ’cause he’s got his ever faithful briefcase with him…..jude who is that girl?

  • River

    that may be his assistant or publicist, because if i remember right she went with him to the baftas last year, i saw him on tv sitting next to a girl that looked a lot like her. i’m not certain though, who’s the old guy?

  • Ria

    He’s Simon Halfon, Jude’s friend and co-producer of Sleuth. He was the one who was with Jude and Sienna in California last year, remember. He worked hard to bring the two of them together. It seems to me that he’s always going out with him.

    Jonny Lee Miller, his best friend is in LA right now. There was a picture of him and Sienna at the Chateau Marmont when she hosted a Chanel party. She was taking a picture of him and her with her camera.

  • River

    that’s nice that jonny lee miller is cool with jude’s gf, i wish my bf’s friends were as hot as his. :)

  • dolorescraeg

    if it’s not the p.r. person he just might be giving her a lift home. maybe she works at the club. neither one of them looks too interested. jude had his briefcase with him…maybe this was part work.

  • kae

    Love Jude, not likin’ the hat so much, it makes him look he’s losing his hair. He’s still a cutie though!

  • Ria

    It looks like a business meeting with him and Simon.

  • Curious

    Ria, are you sure that is Simon Halfon? To me he looks like the guy from Natural Nylon (based on the pictures at and

  • rudy

    I think the older dude with Jude is Bradley Adams. We had this same discussion on another board when he kept popping up in LA with Sienna last year. He was with them match-making or whatever. He is one of Jude’s former Natural Nylon partners as seen in the picture posted by curious.

  • Curious

    The older man is not Simon Halfon. He is Brad Adams. I found a picture of the two of them where he is actually identified by name.

  • Sara

    That’s definitely Brad Adams. And the girl is not the PR person. His publicist is an older woman.

  • Daphne

    Awww… I wonder who the guy is that he’s hugging. Why is the woman dressed like a street walker?

    Jude must be very attached to that white beanie. He wore it for a long time and then stopped. I thought he must have lost it in the laundry :D. He found it again! The awful green shorts may not be far behind.

  • dolorescraeg

    today i saw the holiday for the umpteenth time. as you know i need my jude fix. in the audience were a group of teenagers and a group of older women. they were literally moaning and screaming everytime jude’s face appeared on screen. when they left the theatre jude was all they were talking about. i got such a kick out of them. excellent taste ladies. and yes it is bradley in the picture. he acts as jude’s minder and go between when jude is out in public.

  • River

    Maybe that is a street walker, when i looked at her pic close up she’s got a huge flower in her hair and has on clown make up, i wonder if jude was feeling frisky, but even though he’s hot and stuff it’s probably hard just to walk up to women for a one night stand, cause most women would be intimidated. i know i would. :)

  • Ria

    If that creature is a street walker I am sure he would be a little more discreet. I doubt that he would that stupid the second time .Also, he has a bunch of male friends with him in the car.

  • Sal

    The woman with him is called Holly and she’s just a friend – she organised the art exhibition that Jude and his friends went to before Ronnie Scotts.

  • dolorescraeg

    sal, thanks so much for the info about holly. she wouldn’t be jude’s choice for a date. you’ve put my mind at rest. (and probably every other jude fan)

  • Myrita

    Mine too….But in fact , I wasn’t worried, she’s not his type….I’m absolutely curious about who his friends are….About the beanie, it’s a pity it has appear again, but I guess that is absolutely necessary for his homeless outfit…

  • julie

    come on sal
    give us all the details!

  • Sarah

    About the beanie – maybe he’s just hiding the blonde tints he’s had done for SLEUTH. I think he is supposed to look a bit cheap in the film.

  • River

    i like him in a beanie, he looks like he’s not trying too hard to be good loooking, i noticed the beanie is also a hit at the sundance film festival in utah, lots of chicks are wearing it there, i even saw a few of miss miller in the beanie, maybe she’s channeling him by wearing the same head gear. :)

  • Daphne

    I always liked the beanie look on him. He had a different one that looks kind of like a flour sack, very stylish. Then there was the very colourful summer one…

  • dolorescraeg

    with or without the beamie that face shines through. i like him with it. it frames his face and that face is a picture so naturally it needs a frame.

  • miko-san

    I have seen his movies
    and I think he’s talented and also charming…
    He’s not blockbuster type,
    his movies are more emotional roles.

  • dolorescraeg

    miko, a wonderful appraisal of jude. he is simply a beautiful, sexy and very talented actor who is passionate about acting. we’re lucky to have him.

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    He is is an absolute party guy and the coming movie must be exiting.