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Halle Berry's Furry Night Out

Halle Berry's Furry Night Out

Cute couple Halle Berry and her male model boyfrieind Gabriel Aubry were spotted hailing a taxi late last night in NYC. Not fond of Halle‘s outfit, especially the shoes. Okay, the fur-lined coat too. But nothing as bad as the clauses in the contract she has with an Orange County painting company that’s helping to spruce up her L.A. home:

First, any worker is prohibited to approach Berry while in the home or on the premises. Second, no one is allowed to speak to the A-list Miss B at any time. Finally, the only approved interaction is if Halle speaks to you, then you may answer Her Fineness.

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  • Courtney

    I love Halle, she is so beautiful and such a sweety.

  • green lettuce

    They make a beautiful couple!I don’t know if he will be her baby daddy, but with such good genes on both side their baby would be beautiful for sure!He he!

  • bdj

    I guess she didn’t want the Painters to ask where you got those expensive, ugly shoes from. She might want to put a “no touching, he’s mine” clause on Gabriel for all the ladies.

  • Amy

    Somehow I’m still a bit iffy about this couple, but there’s no denying that they’re gorgeous. I don’t know if they’ll marry or have kids or anything, but if they did have kids, that would be one genetically gifted child.

  • lula29

    I don’t see how anyone can be iffy about two people who are obviously going strong, mostly out of the spotlight.

    He seems to be the one in charge to me, he’s always leading her. Must be nice for a change.

    I think they look good together too. Will they last forever, who knows, but good for her for finding love right now.

  • gitane

    love the fur-lined coat! love the man! hate the shoes and the diva clause…

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    No matter where she goes, what she wears. how much she dresses down.. she looks [Gorgeous]. While all those other female age and start to show it. Halle Continues to Look young, just like S. Dash.

    If i was Halle i wouldnt want a bunch of Painters Asking me questions and for autographs. And Trying to Chit Chat.

  • Ace Tomato

    The only reason anyone puts that kind of clause in a contract for workers coming in your home is because something happened the last time workers were in your home. Maybe some plumber chatted her up forever or the roofers were catcalling her or something. Maybe the cabana boy tried to get her to read his script. You just never know, people do weird stuff around celebrities. Whatever it was, it was probably really tedious and her lawyer said next time we’ll put a clause in the contract and that will end that.

    Big deal.

  • Ace Tomato

    Oh yeah – hate the shoes – but LOVE the handle “Fug Face Maniston”. Just saw that LOL


    #7 I agree Fug Face……. also I think that these two would make beautiful babies.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Ooooohhhh! They’re still together, happy and smiling. I’m not giving up on the pregnancy rumors just yet. On that other topic where Halle is going through the airport, she’s looking a little pale and sickly — as in morning sickness.

    I’ve been away for a few days, but just my luck, I happened to pick up and read two mags (with Halle nowhere on the covers) that had articles inside that are stating the pregnancy rumors are true — In Touch and Life & Style.

    Gabriel and Halle are lovely, lovely, lovely. I don’t know how reliable those mags are, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and bound for these two. Halle is so sweet. She deserves every bit of happiness that comes her way.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    lula29, interesting observations.

    All Halle ever needed was a strong, secure man who is willing to give to her rather than take. So many men are always depending on women to give them everything, give them their sex when they want it, give them constant validation, put them first in their lives, and so on. Maybe Halle is finding that Gabriel is not threatened by her independence and success. Maybe he cheers her on, is her biggest fan and is sensitive to her needs for a change.

  • SusiQ

    He is such a cutie….

  • good4them

    Good for them. Glad they look happy in most of the pix. More shots on getty images, bossip and

  • Sabrosa

    These two are my 2nd favorite couple (after Angie and Brad, of course) They’re most beautiful and I agree with everyone they would have gorgeous babies.

  • rumors?

    While they honestly do actually look happy and probably one of the better set of them together, there’s a rumor running around that her boo was served with eviction papers for not paying his condo fees and the restaurant is still losing money and the only reason she’s they’re other than getting a tune up is to bail him out. Hope this just more bullshyt by the haters.

  • ????

    #16–sounds like you are one of the haters unless you’re dumb enough to believe them or take what they post seriously. I’m surprised that you didn’t post she paid for dinner and the cab and always pays for everything when they’re together. Please, I am sure he pays for his fare share when they’re out shopping, dining out (so much for he’s the one who cooks when he’s at her house),etc.

  • justaninsomniac

    Both of you sound like Hallebriel haters. Get a grip and a life. Let them be. They look/seem happy and are still together. Deal with it and move on.

  • huh?

    Is it just me or does he still always look high and disheveled? Don’t think it’s from spending several hours doing the nasty? Probably not the second one, Halle doesn’t look like she has bags under her eyes. Maybe she forgot her Xman suit that she said she wore to spice up their sex life or was that hers and Benet’s? Confused with Halle’s recycled bullshyt.

  • ditto#18

    Ditto #18–the haters need to let them be, Amen.

  • LOL3

    Word ditto word. People have veen hating on them since day one, if its gonna be its gonna be. I believe in them and root for them and about being served eviction papers now you know that woulda been on the somking gun already besides DO you know how hard it is to evict someone in new york city please give me another story

  • http://deleted Go Halle!


    Not any more “disheveled” than Brad Pitt, and nobody gets on these boards saying Brad looks “high,” simply because he is not. Gabriel’s skin is blushed because he’s in cold weatherr. His eyes do not look “stoned.” Someone with stoned-looking eyes is Lenny Kravitz.

    Halle hasn’t dated druggies in the past, and she’s not going to start doing it now that she’s with this gorgeous man. She’s diabetic and is very aware of taking care of her body. Look at her. She’s the picture of health and beauty. At this time in her life, after marriages and bad relationships, why would she want to hook up with a dirtbag and have his baby?

    I’m telling you, when people have a beef about or dislike you, you can never do right in their eyes. They will grasp to find ANYTHING negative to say about you.

  • Mediterranean

    Love the coat, hate the shoes and the guy is not my type!

  • somethingtothinkabout

    LMAO at the eviction papers, yeah right!

    Do wonder if Halle is aware about NY State child support laws i.e. if they do really do actually have a kid together and the relationship would sour or she kicks him to the curb, etc. that if she files in NY State and fulfills the residency or whatever requirements she is entitled to 17% monthly support (plus expense i,e, hospital care, daycare, etc.) after they combine THEIR annual salaries and divide it in half ( which I know is a fact from friends associated with the NY State legal system)? I ‘m sure she isn’t nor I seriously doubt Gaybriel is aware of it.

    The stakes have just gotten possibly higher? Regardless of Halle saying she would NEVER ask any guy whom she had a kid with for any support not that she would need it, it would surprise me if she did do that. Since she really isn’t that credible.

  • maybe

    Maybe Halle isn’t that stupid after all and may come out ahead if the above scenario came into fruition. Don’t think Gabby could afford several hundred thousand dollars or a few million per month in child support regardless of how successful or rich he is. This is now definitely getting interesting? Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out–sorry Hallebriel lovers.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    You know what is a crying shame? Black women overwhelmingly raise children alone. They think they can be the “strong black woman” and do it all on their own, and they can’t. I’ve seen so many who were married for years and the marriage ends and they leave the ex alone and let him go his merry way. They don’t get one cent. The children suffer for not having the needed help. Later on, they can’t even say their own father provided for them. It needs to stop!!!

    All women better get smarter, especially when it comes to raising kids. Too many are hooking up with lousy, no-good bums.

    Halle Berry may believe that financially she has it in the bag, so that if the man doesn’t stick around, she can be everything to the child.

    I hope and pray that Gabriel wouldn’t want to be just a sperm donor. Halle says he’s a family type of guy, so I don’t think he would want to walk away from his responsibilities.

  • urprobablyright

    you’re probably right, but agree with one of the last posters about Aubry not being that solvent; however, I am sure he would probably share his share of the responsibilities as Halle would permit.

  • wrongonthemath#24

    #24 think ur wrong on the math, think after the Courts figure the 17% plus expenses, then they divide it by either twelve months or by 26/52 weeks depending if they get paid monthly or every two weeks how the Judge would set up the terms. Still could be 5-7 figures per month.


    i hate halle
    she is such a bloated self centered bitch

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Hallehater, you’re out of your mind. Bloated? Give me a break. Maybe in a month or two if she’s indeed pregnant. Self-centered? Maybe a little but no worse than any other actress and certainly not a person of bad character. More like a little insecure and that’s why I love her. She has faults like you and me but doesn’t go around pretending she’s perfect. She’s kind, gracious and carries herself like a lady. I give her credit for doing her own thing and stepping outside the box to find love. That’s also what I admire about Angelina Jolie.

    Honestly, I can’t see how anyone could hate Halle Berry. If you don’t like her acting, that’s one thing. Other than that, it makes no sense to hate someone who is so kind and friendly.

  • letswaitandsee

    Hey Hey! Let’s not jump the gun. Although your points are well taken, Halle even though seems to be doing her own thing for the time being does not even come close in any comparison to AJ in anyway shape or fashion or at least not to that level yet.

    We fans, admirers, lovers and haters alike really even though some of us may know people who know people who know celebrities or may actually know them directly, when we comment about any celebrity pro or con it is our perception of the illusion the portray or want them to portray good or bad. It’s fantasy it’s not real. Halle very well may be as genuine as you say/believe or Gabe may be as sweet as you say/believe and may actually want to be with her bc she’s her warts and all and for the assumed reasons that some may think which is based somewhat or solely what she has said or done in the past.

    She’ll have a kid when she’s supposed to with whomever she is supposed to at the proper time–all the power to her and that’s cool if she’s starting to learn how to march to the beat of a different drummer. Career wise, who knows if she can fit it into her schedule with starting a new pix in a few months, plus promoting the 2 other movies she has coming out in the Spring and Fall (I think) plus all of her other projects in the works. And if she’s pg don’t think she’d be doing X4 or X whatever number if she has her way. Looks like she’s going to busy for a good while-again all the power to her.

  • Ga. Peach

    Her boyfriend is the best accessory!

  • AnistonFan

    Halle a diva? Noooo. Stop.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    I probably should clarify myself. I’m not a rebellious type. I don’t admire people who just step outside the box just to step outside the box. There are people like that who do one thing after another just to get attention and cause everybody else to squirm. A lot of young people are like that because they don’t know who they are yet. If you are stepping outside the box because you believe in something, then to me that is more admirable.

    You’re right, Halle is nowhere near Jolie when it comes to stepping outside the box. I never admired Jolie much in her wilder days. I know a lot of people thought she was cool, but to me, she was unhappy. These are her best years yet because she knows who she is, and she has overcome a lot of personal pain and gone on to be a beautiful person, inside and outside.

    All in all what I admire in people are qualities like goodness, kindness, integrity. I admire a person with good character. That’s at the top.

  • yep!

    Halle and her white men make me sick! Halle’s a b*tch for that clause!

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    I was hoping the racists stopped posting negatively about Halle and Gabriel dating by now! Please join the rest of the human race. All racists are angry social OUTCASTS!

  • it’snice

    It’s nice to see Halle visiting in NYC instead of Aubry always coming out to LA. Guess she does read the blogs. Anyway, even though, I am sure they cherish their privacy, it would still be nice to see them actually do stuff like when they played golf in Miami last spring/summer besides always shopping, doing the grocery thing or eating out, etc. ( I know there have been pix of other things) whether they’re in either location especially in NYC. Like going to a Broadway show, sporting event, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, going to Lincoln Center, going to a museum or whatever one does when one is in the big city. I dunno maybe it’s just me. Just a suggestion. Ya know something where their looking like they’re having fun instead of some photo op for the pappis.

  • justhope

    just hope if/when they do decide to have a kid together it seriously is for the all of the right reasons and not bc Halle trapped him or was part of the agreement of having her prep him with the media and promo his restaurant–if so how shallow and it’s their business.

  • therealness!

    I think it will be a trap! And I hope she takes all his money and not him taking all of hers. And don’t think that since he may make a few dollars he won’t be trying to milk her for some of hers…she OBVIOUSLY makes more!

  • justhope

    agree with the posts about the child support laws in NY State regardless of the actual percentage, Halle does look like she would/will definitely come out ahead if that scenario would ever play out–agree that he isn’t that rich to pay Halle 5-7 seven figures once or twice a month. She may be a financial brainiac /mensa after all. she hasn’t trapped him yet or doubt she’s holding anything on him over his head that at least we don’t know about or hasn’t been mentioned since day one last year.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    I’m sure that Gabriel and Halle are having plenty of fun that we aren’t aware of. Are you kidding me? Beautiful people with money and busy, satisfying careers… what more could one want? They get to travel and meet exciting people on a regular basis.

    Honestly people, what are a few photos? We see just a small fraction of their lives in pictures. They are not hounded by the media like Brangelina, and even this site reports very little on Gabriel and Halle.

    Gabriel said he likes a woman that he can laugh with, have fun with. He’s not interested in a supermodel or a woman who is constantly primping in front of a mirror or camera, as he has spent many years having to do that as a job.

    When Halle was dating and marrying black men, no one worried about her. Nobody ever said anything about those men trying to take HER money. Why is that? Black men, on average, have a much tougher time being financially successful than white men. As a result, they are always worried about their money and losing it to a woman. Hence, the song “Gold Digger” by Kanye West. Many black men refuse to marry for that very reason. You know it’s true and I don’t need to argue about it.

    A successful white man who knows he can “make it” in this world, has the “confidence” to know that even if he pays out money for his child, it’s not going to ruin him, so he won’t become bitter. In other words, he will face his responsibilities and pay the money, shrug it off, and get right back up and continue the process of making money and being successful.

    Halle Berry has no need to “trap” any man. I don’t believe she would have a child with Aubry unless he wanted it too.

  • sundlikeabrokenrecord

    Am a little concerned for you (and some of the others) how you (and the others) may react in the event that don’t make it for whatever reason or they don’t have a child together. You are really buying into the illusion of their so-called glamorous life as someone else pointed out.

    In regards to them having fun, who knows. Even when she was married to Benet there were pix of them doing stuff as a family, or with Ealy there were pix of them doing stuff or with DJ about them going places,etc. Agree, other than the golf thing, they’re always seen shopping or eating out. To me that’s not a relationship regardless of them enjoying their privacy.

  • here’sthelatest

    LMAO–here’s the latest. Someone is trying to spread the rumor that Gabby is already talking with his Canadian partner brothers about expanding the number of eateries. Think it’s a tad too soon for an expansion when his existing restaurant is still working out it’s existing kinks and is still losing money according to some of my friends in the restaurant industry. Great to have dreams and plans, all the power to him, but I think he should get the first one on more solid ground before of actually expanding now.
    Halle better be guarding her checkbook. Other than the beating up thing, this guy is starting to look more and more like Jack Dennison all the time. Hope Halle’s wising up that this guy is a fake and a user.

  • WTF

    He may have too to cater to Halle’s needs (shopping and eating out all the time adds up) or to pay her 5-7 figs. a month or every 2 weeks if she sues his ass for support if they had a kid together…doubt either will really happen.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    #42 you don’t have to worry about me. Look around. I am no different from anyone else on JJ. I just happen to like Halle and Gabriel together and you don’t. If you are a BAMZS fan, I bet you won’t say the things you said about Jolie and Pitt.

    Honestly, none of us really knows the reality of the stars’ lives. You mentioned Eric Benet and all the stuff they did together. What the heck did it mean? It ended just the same and he turned out to be Halle’s frog instead of her prince. I had “a feeling” that something was wrong there from the beginning. That relationship did not make much sense to me. Something about that guy wasn’t right for Halle. He was a real dead weight. Sorry.

    A lot of interracial couples are a little on the “shy” side. They go against a lot. You don’t honestly expect Halle to act the same way with Aubry like she did with those black men do you? Have you even been in an interracial relationship and gone around people who don’t like it? It’s not the same. It’s different. And sometimes the fact that it is so different and so difficult means that when a couple decides to make a go of it, it’s strong. If Halle and Gabriel stay together they will get better and better at handling their adversaries over time.

  • LMAO

    I can’t believe any of you all are taking any of this crap on this and other thread seriously. If they work out fine. If they don’t fine. Trust me #42 isn’t a BAMZ, looks like they just wanted to get your goat since they know you’d reply–sound a little sick and immature on their part.

  • question

    Don’t pay any attention to the haters, why do you even respond to their stupidity. Do have a few questions–have you ever been in any interacial relationship? And how do you know how she or they would act in the grand scheme of things? Just being curious.

  • ????

    I couldn’t give a shyt about Brad and Angelina either. Agree people are going to post whatever they’re going to post. Quit acting like you are a Halle/Gabriel expert or a goodwill ambassador on interacial dating. Even some of the other diehard Halle fans know when to quit posting why can’t you. Seriously, I will be surprised if this relationship lasts longer on the romantic end than any of her other relationships and both marriages combined. Seriously, doubt Gabby wants to have kids from what I have been hearing from people who know him.

  • ????

    I couldn’t give a shyt about Brad and Angelina either. Agree people are going to post whatever they’re going to post. Quit acting like you are a Halle/Gabriel expert or a goodwill ambassador on interacial dating. Even some of the other diehard Halle fans know when to quit posting why can’t you. Seriously, I will be surprised if this relationship lasts longer on the romantic end than any of her other relationships and both marriages combined. Seriously, doubt Gabby wants to have kids from what I have been hearing from people who know him. At least on the other blogs the crap is more entertaining.

  • enufhating

    Enuf with the childish bantering between the haters and Go Halle etal. Why even respond to such trivial bullshit. Either they will make it or they won’t . If they are supposed to have a kid together they will, if not they won’t. All of this bantering back in forth isn’t solving anything.