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Prince Harry Party Party Parties!

Prince Harry Party Party Parties!

Clubber… Prince Harry and girlfriend Chelsy Davy were out clubbing together for the second night in a row. The princely pair crowned a week of hard partying out at the Embassy nightclub in London, leaving at around 4AM. They were at the Cuckoo Nightclub the night before.

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  • Sandbitch

    She looks like a stunned mullet!

  • Mediterranean

    I wish that I could look as good as her after having drinks, partying, going back home in the middle of the night and having flashes of the cameras right on my face as close as possible.

    She is beautiful, no matter what!

  • MP

    They always like or get bad pictures of Chelsy and Prince William’s girlfriend, Kate, always gets good pics. I hate Kate, she’s a boring manipulative gold digger.

  • Bee

    Strange Harry is turning out to be the good looking one.

  • Jaden

    thank you for being basically the only website that posts pictures of Prince Harry. America needs itself some more crazy (and oh so sexy) royals.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Royal Nazi.

  • angelina_mmm


  • http://deleted opinion

    I don’t know. I still don’t believe Harry is Prince Charles’s son. Charles’s features should be all over this man just like he’s all over William. Yes, I believe Diana had a fling at one time.

  • Mediterranean

    to Opinion,

    I could have thought just like but when I look at the nose, I say “nope!”. This nose belongs to daddy Charles.

    The hair colour is like the guy who Diana had an affair with but Charles the brother of Diana has the same colour.

    Kate has already consider herself as a future Queen. She looks so arrogant.

    If I see William somewhere, I would like to say to him “Hey have you ever heard a girl called Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco? Go after her and marry her. Don’t waste your time on Katie, please?”

    Do you think that I would have a chance to see and say to him this??? :)

    Charlotte reminds me someone in some photos but if I repeat her name on other thread, the haters would try to kill me, right?

  • JustME

    It infuriates me to see the pap’s after these two boys. As if killing their mother was not enough!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE THESE TWO ALONE!!!!!!!

  • ITA

    Harry is definitely Charles son. I get flashes of the Royal family in his face all the time – particularly his uncles.

  • Shauna

    Wow! what a difference a few years can make. Prince Harry has become a very handsome young man. Poor Prince William is looking old beyond his years, and balding a bit too!

    Harry’s girl is very pretty, and has great legs. Too bad she looks completely zoned out in these pictures. Harry on the other hand, looks completely at ease, and in control despite the intrusion of the paparazzi.

  • stardust

    I used to drool over William but now Harry is the one that’s hot! I agree with those who are saying Kate appears very arrogant. I just can’t like her but Chelsy seems fun and care free.

  • Sandbitch

    Kate and Chelsy may as well enjoy themselves (briefly) now because there won’t be any clubbing if they marry into Royal captivity. The royal family made Diana’s life a misery and she was killed by a speeding drunk driver, not a photo.

  • Little_Miss_Sunshine

    No Chelsy’s is the face of someone who doesn’t like the paparazzi and it shows it’s true feelings. Unlike Kate who puts on a show one minute and complains the next. I like Chelsy better cos she seems more real and not fake. Harry and Chelsy look like fun whereas Will and Kate are boring.

  • lily

    Now that I’ve actually seen her face, she’s not very pretty. Something sort of piggy about her features. Looks quite dumb as well. But then Harry’s not exactly a genius, so I guess he doesn’t mind.

  • Lapin

    Harry looks almost exactly like his cousing (on his father’s side), Peter Phillips. These 2 are definitely related by blood.

  • harry is cool

    Harry is def the handsome one in the family now. He is every inch the alpha male while Will seems more……geez, I can only think he seems more….gentle. Harry looks like he is approachable and yet if you f*** with him he will kick your a**. I love it!! Kate looks like bi*** in training and like she will go along with whatever Grandma Queen says, but Chelsy looks …..well,like Harry. She will not roll over for anyone, not even the d*** Queen of England. YEA CHELSY!!! And Harry looks totally like a Spencer, but that nose and face shape….how can anyone NOT see Charles??? I love this boy and I hope he has a happy life. William too, but he needs to ditch Kate and grow a set of balls. Maybe that is too harsh,yeah? It’s just, William shouldn’t be a pushover like Diana……beautiful soul that she was she still let people run all over her.

  • Mediterranean

    Chelsy is dump???? Let’s see how dump (????) she is:

    She is currently studying ACCOUNTING at the University of Cape Town. She has been accepted to University of Briston for postgraduate study and will matriculate in Autumn term in 2007 for a degree in Politics.

    Wow, she must be really dump to study all these, right?

  • Joe

    Thank u for more pics of harry!! and chelsy of course. As much as I do not want to admit this, she seems pretty overall… but she is NOT photogenic. she looks very bad in pictures.

  • ITA

    Diana was not the sweet innocent she tried to portray to the public. She was manipulative at times and definietly unstable. However she did try to bring out her more wholesome side and I do believe she was very badly treated by Charles and the Royal family from day one.

  • Mediterranean

    Diana was insecure and unstable person. It must be very hard for someone like her who is expected to grow up in front of the world.

    She turned out to be manipulative at the end.

    Diana herself believed and made everybody believe that she loved Charles but actually she was in love with the Prince of Wales. And the Prince of Wales just wanted to have a heir and a spare to the throne with her. Charles should not be blamed for this because he was grown up to live in this way. He doesn’t know the other way.

    She should not have died in an accident which was the mistake of a drunk driver.

  • lula29

    Harry is cute, and that’s surprising because I thought it would be William too, who knew?

    I love this girl, tall, blonde, a partier (is that how you spell that?). Have fun, he’s not grown, he’s young man and it’s perfect.

    I always thought Di was a bit manipulative because she wanted all this sympathy because Charles was really in love with someone else. She wasn’t that in love with Charles herself and it wasn’t either of their faults the institution forced them to play “happily marrieds”.

    I’m glad Charles married Camilla. I’ve never seen a man smile so big on his wedding day.

    May Di rest in peace.

  • Laura

    That chick looks really coked out.