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Wentworth Miller is White Hot

Wentworth Miller is White Hot

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller and other PB cast mates sashayed down the blue carpet during last night’s FOX All-Star Winter 2007 TCA Press Tour held at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, Calif. Pictured: Sarah Wayne Callies, Dominic Purcell, and Paul Adelstein.

Pictured above: Wentworth Miller in the press room at the 18th Annual Producer Guild Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel last night in Los Angeles, Calif. Pictured below: Wentworth Miller at the 2007 FOX Winter TCA White Hot Winter party in Pasadena, Calif. More pictures after the jump!

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wentworth miller fox tcas 01
wentworth miller fox tcas 02
wentworth miller fox tcas 03
wentworth miller fox tcas 04
wentworth miller fox tcas 05
wentworth miller fox tcas 06
wentworth miller fox tcas 07
wentworth miller fox tcas 08
wentworth miller fox tcas 09
wentworth miller fox tcas 10
wentworth miller fox tcas 11
wentworth miller fox tcas 12
wentworth miller fox tcas 13
wentworth miller fox tcas 14
wentworth miller fox tcas 15
wentworth miller fox tcas 16
wentworth miller fox tcas 17
wentworth miller fox tcas 18
wentworth miller fox tcas 19
wentworth miller fox tcas 20
wentworth miller fox tcas 21
wentworth miller fox tcas 22
wentworth miller fox tcas 23
wentworth miller fox tcas 24
wentworth miller fox tcas 25
wentworth miller fox tcas 26
wentworth miller fox tcas 27
wentworth miller fox tcas 28
wentworth miller fox tcas 29
wentworth miller fox tcas 30
wentworth miller fox tcas 31
wentworth miller fox tcas 32
wentworth miller fox tcas 33
wentworth miller fox tcas 34
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  • kelly

    Wentworth is so hot , sarah’s choice of dress very bold unsure if i like it or not but her hair looks really nice

  • Mink

    Oh my God! Wentworth looks Divine! And SWC looks fabulous too. Thanks Jared!

  • Marleen

    Wentworth looks so amazing! he is so hot. I love him!

  • Noortje

    HOT! SWC looks amazing too. I’m starting to like her hair better and better every day. One more day, people!!!!!!!!

  • mah87

    (fainting) wenty sure LOOKS HOT!! Sara look beauitful with these hair.. Of course dom looks hot!

  • China

    No Went and Sarah pictures together? *cries* Anyway, they look great, thanks Jared ;)

  • Kristi

    Wenty is hot hot hot!! Sarah looks beatiful!

  • Giulietta

    OMG WENT&SARAH are so gorgeous!!!!

  • the_Dominatrix

    Is it just me or Sarah Wayne Callies looks like Carrie Ann Moss with her hair? I think it suits her :)

  • ReferToUsByOurAfricanName:Brangelina

    Dreamy…..he is just sooo darn dreamy!

  • Krissie

    Dear God, thank You for giving us Wentworth Miller!
    Dear Armani (I believe), thank you for giving Wentworth that suit!
    Dear Jared, thank you for giving us those two in one!

  • dewt

    went is fugly im sorry if that grew hair it would scare you trust me!

  • Christina

    Wow. They all look hot.

  • meemee

    Went looks amazingly hot, love the suit. Sarah looks beautiful. Her new haircut and hair colour suits her.

  • geniass

    They look good.

  • guest

    ta men tai ke ai le .

  • LIZ

    JUSTJARED stop killing us, this is too much, thank you for those. They definately made my day. Went looks smashing, and Sarah too I wonder how she manages to keep her hands off him. I wouldn’t!

  • Wet For Went

    White hot…Oh yes, yes he is…

  • ErinMarie

    Went looks amazing. So polished. SWC looks wonderful as well!

  • angelina_mmm

    beautiful man

  • JazzmineXO

    What a great suit… Went looks incredibly sharp, not to mention handsome, classy and sexy as well. *melts*

  • http://deleted Love Wenty

    He looks like your high-classed, preppy college graduate. He seems like he’s very well educated and smart. I love him.

  • Shannon

    They look so nice. Nice hair Sarah! Went…hot as usual.

  • neeza

    thanks for posting this marvellous pictures of Went … i just love his pictures especially when he wears suits .. just so classy and handsome..

  • KellyG

    Went is decent looking, but it amazes me that people still think he is straight. Nonetheless, he appears to be a very nice guy.

  • Tyesha

    Gosh r we back to this Of course he’s straight…how many times has the guy gotta admit it. (rant over) Damn he’s fine, he looks extra sexy in the suit. Dom looks great two. still cant believe Went is 34

  • Ben Affleck Fan

    This guy looks like Eddie Munster, plus he’s obviously not into the poonani….he’ll never be a movie star like Ben or get women like J-Lo.

  • Lee

    Went just gets finer and finer. Sarah is looking gorgeous—love the haircut. A classy, elegant woman.

  • jenn

    it’s tomorrow people!!!! thanx jared for the pics!

  • Softspoken

    Damn he’s Fine !!!!

  • Softspoken

    Does Wentworth look like he lost alot of weight? cuz he looks like his head is too big for his body, you know that kind of skinny. Or maybe it’s just the pictures. Anyone have an opinion on that

  • ks

    Thanks JJ!! He sure looks good in a tux and Sarah looks really pretty. Monday is almost here!!

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    To Softspoken – “Does Wentworth look like he lost alot of weight? cuz he looks like his head is too big for his body, …”

    I was thinking the same thing. I noticed it in the photos he did for the Italian magazine. I almost thought a couple of photos in that spread were Photoshoped because his head looked so big for the body. . . but then the man probably has twice the brains of the rest of us, so …. bigger skull. Does that make sense?

  • Kate

    I noticed that when i saw the pic… his head does look a little big, but he stills looks great. Maybe he has lost some weight.

  • http://deleted Heather

    Wentworth does not look like Eddie Munster. How dare you! He could make an excellent Dracula though. Wentworth has a lrare look. You don’t see men who look like him every day. He doesn’t have to be super gorgeous. He’s just so odd-looking in a good way. His eyes sure are pretty.

    I doubt Went has any desire to be a big screen idol. He has his education to fall back on and just doesn’t seem to be as insecure as Ben Affleck who is supposed to be so intelligent (I think he goes out of his way to make people believe he is) but couldn’t even get his degree from college. Even Jennifer Garner has more education than Affleck.

    Ben Affleck will never be a huge star either. He oversaturated us with the Bennifer hype and now his buddy Matt Damon has passed him right by. Affleck is better off sticking to politics.

  • Bernise

    Damn Went and SWC clean up FINE! Very classy. :)

  • AnistonFan

    Went is 34??? I had no idea. And White Hot…no question.

  • Chloe

    Wonderful! I don’t like her dress though.

  • pbfan

    Went is so hotttt!!!!
    FYI, I read your site specifically for went news… so thanks!

  • Lala

    Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies looks so STUNNING! I think we all can’t keep ourselves gawking from those photos. I was upset about Swc cutting her hair short… but wow… boy I WAS SO WRONG!!! She looks great! Better than ever.

  • elliot

    SWC looks amazing in her hair & bold dress. finally she managed her eyes.
    Doc looks handsome! i can not believe he looks even better that Went!
    Went, I know this is not your best picture, but come on, you are better than that!

  • Wii

    quote:dewt Says-

    went is fugly im sorry if that grew hair it would scare you trust me!

    why are you so jealous of Went? go get a total makeover so at least you’ll be worthy to even stand next to his shoes he he

  • Monday’sMyFavDay

    Went: “Loving youuuu, is easy coz you’re beautifuuuull…la la la la la….”
    Thanks for making Monday brighter Jared, yeay PB returns today!!!

  • http://deleted Madam X

    There is honestly too much jealousy of these stars on these sites. You poor chumps criticizing Wentworth are probably fugly losers. You need more than a makeover. You need plastic surgery. Get over it!

  • LIZ

    I am off for my weekly Wenty doze.

  • twirtie

    The return of Prison Break……….Finally! I’m psyched! Thanks JJ

  • Snap

    (shrugs) I dont find Wentworth hot. I’m sure hes attractive to many people but he just does nothing for me. And it has nothing to do with being “jealous”. But Paul on the other hand, that man is just YUM! I love PB but he is SERIOUSLY too great an actor for that show.

  • allison

    OMG! I can’t wait for tonight! I’ve missed my man every Monday! This is going to be a beautiful evening! Thanks Jared for all the awesome up to date posts on our Prison Break boys. No one does it like you my man!

  • Tynasha

    wot kinda of alien r u not to find this man totally attractive. i cud spot him a mile off with those eyes…Ben Affleck. ( give me strength) eugh. i bet y’all hu r criticising wear paper bags on ur heads huh! and y r ppl im holywood so concerned with weight jeez. he looks great. he’s hardly 200 lbs is he?

  • Katie

    **fanning self furiously**

    Oh my. He’s just…oh my.

    I absolutely love Sarah’s hair! It is adorable on her. :)