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Wake Up in Mr. West's NYC Apartment

Wake Up in Mr. West's NYC Apartment

Dezeen Magazine has the scoop on Kanye West‘s nearly completed New York City apartment and it looks simply amazing. Check out the features: a freestanding stone basin in the bathroom, freestanding kitchen worksurface aligns with the refectory-style dining table, and a narrow, curving entrance hall. An architectural beauty.

I’d kill to have an apartment like that. Clean, simple, and functional. But I can’t imagine what it must take to keep it clean everyday. Daily maid service? The midtown apartment was designed by minimalist architect Claudio Silvestrin and should be finished by the end of February. [via theapt]

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  • Fan of No One

    one word: cool.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    The man knows how to do it.

  • dottie


  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Just because the man lives better than you , theres no need to be mad an insult him. Lol. Theres people on your own block who lives better than you, look out your window and be mad at them..

    Unless you have better [Lol] how could you say something negative about the [Few] Fabulous pics that are shown.

    Money & Success = Jealously & Envy. More so when your Black, and Outspoken.

  • maxine

    Beautiful and serene. Great design.

  • green lettuce

    Hummm..I am shared. On the one hand it looks like an hospital (LOL), but o nthe other hand it’s very luminous… It makes it kind of pretty. I couldn’t live here though lol ;)

  • eso

    looks totally cold and impersonal, I’d hate it if I had to live there

  • Sarah

    I’m sure it’s supposed to be the “hip” thing to do now, but I don’t care for it.

  • Rachel

    If i was dating a guy and he invited me up to his house and it looked like that i would think he is a serial killer

  • magnus

    The only people who have a problem with rich black people are poor black people.

    You’d be well served to give up the racism.

    That said it’s hardly the warmest apartment but I’m thinking it’s a secondary residence used for when he’s in the city. It’s less a home so much as a hotel room he owns and in that case it works quite well. I’m not one to pick apart deco art but at least he stayed away from pastels. It’s a little too Ikea for my taste. Probably cost more than I could ever afford anyway though.

  • LRM216

    Now that’s sure a warm and homey- looking abode!

  • Pocahontas

    where is his stuff?

  • Me

    One work.


  • Ace Tomato

    Pretty darn Spartan. But I’m fiend for Italian tile in intense color

  • Weakly

    So he lives in an Apple store?

  • bdj

    I guess this is the idea of a cool, hip New York apartment. It looks good but I go more for the shabby chic look myself. However, this only means that I like thrift store, antique bargains with books scattered everywhere.

  • Sadonic Racist Satire

    He’s just another nigger, a boy. He has the wool pulled over his eyes, since he actually thinks he’s successful at something important. We own the world. And how telling it is that his decor is nearly completely white. Black man being cosumed by the white world? Idolize, much?

  • jjekyll

    I feel intimidated by his apartment (probably his intention), it’s too pristine. I’d feel inferior in my own home.

  • Alice

    It’s nice, but it’s not exactly the most warmest welcome.. It’s sort of dull.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I wonder what it will look like when its architecturally finished and actually Has furniture in it.

  • Terry

    That may be the ugliest apartment I have ever seen

  • DesignFan

    That is so not “Ikea”…get a clue everyone. It is modern, sure, and minimalist. But the point of Ikea is more of a Bauhaus thing…affordable mass production design for the home…like Target. THIS is what you get for throwing some hundreds of thousands at a pretentious decorator. Not bad but I’m not a chilly Le Corbusier type…I’d rather hang at Wright’s Fallingwater with the Jolie-Pitts anyday. Nice try though, Kanye!

  • lulu18

    Colour?????? I didn’t know there was so many shades of beige.

  • io

    Weakly Says:

    January 22nd, 2007 at 8:34 pm
    So he lives in an Apple store?

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH.. … couldn’t have said it better myself

  • blue

    I may be jealous of the apt. but it has nothing to do with him or his money. Dude is an asshat 100%. Being outspoken is only as good as doing something about it, or at the very least backing it up. As far as I’m concerned he just as worthless as jayz, beyonce, trump, 50cent, or any pop “icon” that glorifies being arrogant and does nothing for the world with all their money and power. You have to be pretty damn cold to build such a stupid rich place with so many people sleeping in the cold across the street.


    So rad!!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


    Jay-Z = Worthless = [Over 350,000,000 mill] ?

    Does nothing for the world?

    I guess every Thanksgiving Him giving out Turkeys and such in Brooklyn is nothing. Every Christmas his giving out gifts and presents to all the kids in Marcy Projects is nothing. Brining The NJ Nets to Brooklyn Creating Hundreds of jobs is nothing. Not to mention going on a UN global Campaign to bring Angola and South Africa Clean Water. Bringing Cameras, Light and Attention to a serious issue, Being mention as 1 of 2006 biggest humanitarians, mention with other names like Oprah and Jolie.

    If he’s doing nothing what do you have to do to be doing something??


    Kanye’s apartment UnFinished does look like the Apple Store.

  • Ugh

    HAHA @ APPLE STORE. Great call

  • LondonGirl

    Cold, impersonal and sterile. Just like West himself!

  • Heartfeltman

    I would think a minimalist architect would be able to finish long before Feb.
    There is a saying..”less is more.” This is a lot of “less” so I bet it cost more.

    I’d rather watch the Super Bowl at my friend Marty’s house.

  • RabidPooch

    These look like computer generated designs, you know the ones people see in advance of giving the go ahead on the project.

    They look nothing at all like photos of finished or semi finished product, thus the absence of color and texture.

    (I am an interior designer and use CAD programs.)

    If someone is trying tp pass them off as photos, I think they are pulling your leg.

  • sue

    It’s looks clinical and cold………brrrr

  • Jorge

    What is the second picture of?

  • mariootsa

    if he’s not gay, i’ll eat my shoe.

  • PhilipJKaplan

    What a stupid fucking nigger. He should be hanging from a tree with a fork up his ass.

  • Mike


    It’s firmly planted in a current (thought it over by now?) trend of this minimalist approach. It will look vastly outdated within two years.

    On a side note, it’s good to see this asshat has left Chicago for good. Not that he was ever really FROM Chicago. Growing up in the suburbs, while your parents are professors at a college is hardly “street” but I digress, he fools people and profits – so whatever. Fact is, Urkel is more street than this clown.

  • IMO!!!

    Some people on this blog associate every opinion that is not with their
    liking, about someone as RACIAL.
    Grow Up … the only person with a Race problem is you, and it’s
    getting old.

  • blah blah blah

    come on.. really who does care about the apartment of someone you don’t know.. I personally don’t care for it at all… I could never live in a place like that.. and you guys should not get so worked up over something that does not effect you!!!

  • qweenvpunk

    wow did he just buy it because he has no funiture or is it suppose to be that way?If it is I wouldn’t live there I like dark rooms when I’m asleep I don’t want to wake up and think all the lights are on.

  • shawn

    I iove decorate i mean absolutely love it !But that wouldn’t be enough for me .

  • shawn

    I love to decorate i mean absolutely love it ! But woulnd’t be enough for me.

  • Steph

    ehh i think it looks cool. i would be scared to breathe in it tho.

  • KitKat

    I like the look, but I would probably spill grape juice somewhere and he’d diss me in a rap song. That is, if I were famous and he had a party and I got invited.

  • http://AJsite AJ

    Fcuk his pad, but I’ll take it though.

  • jonanthon

    To Sadonic Racist Satire,

    I guess it bothers you when you see a minority doing better than you…lol If you are so upset than go and work hard for what you wish for…lol Because black latinos etc. are going to be around for a very long time. What white world? All whites don’t agree with you, Italians don’t agree, spainish, english, and french don’t agree with you. Oh! your white word in that little pea brain of yours must be pretty worthless…lol. Maybe I should ask J.Timberlake what exactly are you trying to say. Do yourself a favor…lol and snap out of it…lol the slave trade is over and will never come back. WHAT YOU ARE WITNESSING IS IN THIS DAY AND AGE, EVERYONE HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR COLOR IS. Mr. Sadonic Racist, we can all get the finer things now…not just the certain greedy white people. ha!!! you are not a God. If Kanye likes it, he can get it. That don’t mean he’s trying to be white. Why would he, it makes no difference. He’s black and doing better than you…lol hell, being black isn’t bad as fas as I can see. By the way…I am W.H.I.T.E. SO STOP MAKING US LOOK BAD WITH THOSE REMARKS.

  • Rick Todd Medley

    Kanye apartment is nice. I can appreciate the sterile and open