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'Prison Break' Morning Interviews

'Prison Break' Morning Interviews

Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies were out in full force earlier this morning, making appearance after appearance to hype up Prison Break‘s return tonight. Here’s a snippet from one of the interviews:

Interviewer: How is now dealing with the star power, the celebrity, the people making those kinds of cat calls at you?

Wentworth Miller: The only difference is that I get asked that particular question a lot more often. I haven’t changed a whole lot as a person. The way I live my life, I haven’t allowed myself to change. I’m lucky to get paid to do what I love.

Sarah Wayne Callies: (jokingly) He’s become such an egomanic. Don’t buy a word of that. Oh my God. He’s impossible. Awful.

Wentworth Miller: (laughs, slaps knee) It sounded good, didn’t it? I almost bought it!

Here are the video interviews of Wentworth and Sarah:

Prison Break returns with an all new episode (“John Doe”) tonight @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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  • annesoinca

    First TimeI’m First, how cool lol jk of course!!!
    love that web site
    love that show
    love everybody

  • kmillz

    you ppl who aways write first are sooo annoying

  • magnus


    How’s that grab you, Sunshine?

  • karin

    i agree, whats the big deal about being first .. annoying

    sarah is always so funny, love her! and it’s so cute that wentworth can’t hold himself from laughing every time she says something. they are great together!

  • Shannon

    I just love these two. I love the show. They just make the show so much fun to watch. I love it! I love it! I love it! Go Sarah and Wentworth. You two are dynamic and appear to be great friends.

  • twirtie

    Oh my gaw! Jared….who is better than you??????
    I missed Went!
    Loves him! *sigh*

  • julfromfrance

    does Went has a girlfriend?

  • Marleen

    Went is so funny! I love him so much! Only a few hours!!!

  • Narci

    Isn’t he sooooo cute playing with his fingers like that!!!!

  • PrimulaBlue

    Finally, the FOX PR department gets it’s right: Sarah and Wentworth make a very likeable and watchable pair when it comes to interviews. Funny, self-depreciating, and classy. Love to see these two do some late night talk shows together as well. Love Went’s nervous tics! Put your hands down and quit playing with stuff, sweetie!

  • ks

    They are adorable and funny as always. We cannot get enough of these two together! Fox must know it too. Thank you Fox and of course, JJ!!!

  • Kristi

    I cannot wait for the episode tonight! Wentworth looks great in that sweater and I just love Sarah’s hair it looks great on her.

  • Raw

    Oh lord i can’t stand that woman.She loves making jokes at his expense and he’s not that smart apparently she makes fun of him and he doesn’t even see it.

  • wvufan

    I loved the interviews of Wentworth and Sara. I think they enjoy working together and it show. I am can’t wait to see this upcoming episode….

  • kmillz

    I disagree….the two of them like to crack jokes at each other in interviews.its not like she was really insulting him or anything. she was clearly joking with him

  • LIZ

    Wow , Justjared you are the absolute killer, how about that!!!! I have just finished my daily doze of Went and now this, you will kill me. I love these two, they seem to have a lot of chemistry. A pity Sarah is married and seems such a nice gal. If I got to act along side Went, my husband should understand why I strayed. Bless him, sometimes I wanna kiss him, other times I wanna cuddle him all the time, I wanna sex him.

  • LIZ

    I have just finished watching one of the shows and oh……….my………..god. Can I be more in love, I don’t think so! Or I hope not otherwise, I may start stalking him!

  • twirtie

    is PB still shooting? or are they finished???? Im so happy its back!

  • prisonluv

    Watched ALL the interviews. Really great! Thanks Jared for all the PB and Wentworth stuff you always post. I check your site every day:)

    I think Went played with that string for all the interviews LOL! so cute

  • J

    I agree with you Raw she’s always doing that it’s very sarcastic and very rude on her part she’s not even remotely funny!Too bad he seems like a total simpleton but she should stop with her little silly stabbing comments towards him which she has done in other interviews also.He won’t say this to her cause he’s too nice but when she does do that again he should tell her to. (((shut up)))

  • marisa

    cancellation time…


    Wentworth is a cool name…!

  • blueeyedgirl

    Raw I see what you’re saying, but I do recall an interview with the two of them and she said he had I love Sarah tattooed on him and he said “she’s having my baby”. So he plays along, but I think he’ll always get the last laugh.

    Thanks for the interviews I love this show!!!

  • cocot13

    she really thinks she’s funny but she’s not and Wentworth is just being nice by laughing, at this point he probably doesn’t even hear her jokes and laughing is a knee jerk reaction, poor girl

  • Shannon

    To me Sarah is funny, and I think that you all just must not like her or something. She makes jokes at Wentworth because they are friends, and she has never said anything out of the way about him. She has always said he is a good guy, she loves working with him and calls him a friend.

  • LIZ

    Shannon please do not take her banter seriously. She seems like a nice married gal dealing with an infatuation on Went that we all have, most of the female reporters too were infatuated with him, you could see it in their giggles or over-bright smiles, it is perfectly understandable.

    What I see is a girl who has to deal with a lot of uncomfortable probing about her feelings for Went when she is married. She is trying to joke sisters and Went is playing a long. They do it nicely.

    I have now watched all the videos, and am still reeling from the emotions. I had this really silly grin on my face I think every one in this computer room thinks am crazy. I do not mind, I am……………lol.

  • Jean Jeanie

    hee hee…and now I’m last…for now anyway!
    Went is Devine!

  • Mink

    Yep, Wentworth with his Princeton education is such a simpleton he doesn’t get when someone is poking fun at him. Grief! OR, just a suggestion, he has a SENSE OF HUMOUR about himself. Yes, that might be it!

  • Shannon

    Um…I was in support that Sarah was kidding. I was saying this because of some previous posters. I know she is joking. She is a sweet girl and Wentworth is great too. Love them both, and I don’t like people talking aganist either of them :)

  • Paula

    Thanks a lot!! LOVE THEM!!!! But Im kidna worried what’s gonna happen with Dr Sara now when Sarah Wayne Callies is preggers?? If they kill her off Im gonna stop watching!! She makes this show!!!!!!! (well and Went too). But does anybody know anything? What the plans are?

  • marymi

    hey jared, did you see sarah wayne and wenty on the debut of theFOX “morning show with mike and juilet” yesterday? ( it was my idea to get them on this new show. i emailed the M and J show) how come you don’t have anything on this new “morning show” on your website? or the interview they did on “fox news in the morning (chicago) ? also robert knepper was on “live with regis and kelly” at the same time! (yesterday) now RK appeared on the FOX “morning show” this morning. don’t forget dominic purcell will be appearing tonight on “jimmy kimmel live” he’ll probally talk not about prison break, but his movie “PRIMEVAL” that came out 2 weeks ago. ;)

  • darcy

    OMg they r so cute togetha they r both so funni i love his show to bit wentworth miller is hot

  • Raw

    Thank god he didn’t play along to her flirting ways in that Mike Juliet interview i hope it stays that way and for people who say she’s a ‘nice’ girl please people here in Texas have had contact with her and have even said hi to her they have said what a snob she truly is.So be careful what you write,cause what you see is not what you get from some people.

  • Raw

    Mink please just because he went to an IVY league school doesn’t make him wordly or know how people are in reality. He looks very gullible look at him that man has been sheltered all his life.Her jokes are not cute they come off as very sarcastic ,awful and he doesn’t even realize it.I guess that since the loonies are such fans of them two together Sarah could throw an egg at Went’s head and the rest of the crazy fans would say isn’t that cute..look at what she did wasn’t that funny.

  • souad

    salut michael sa va ? moi je vais très bien c’etait pour te dire que je t’aime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terrie

    RAW, I totally agree with you.

    SWC is such a rude person! God I hate her.

  • sunny

    Watched these old interviews and felt sooo nostalgic for MiSa. It’s a well-known FACT that Went and Sarah were/are great friends and loved to kid around in interviews. Anyone who is so dense as to not be able to read their body language and see how they look at each other, well, what can you say? My take on it all is that they were attracted to each other–naturally, duh, look at them!–and joked around to relieve the tension. After all, she is happily married and he’s way too much a gentleman to ever be a home -wrecker.

    The people at FOX who threw away a partnership that was, IMO, in the same league with Tracy and Hepburn, should be hung out to dry!!!

  • Steph

    Thank god he didn’t play along to her flirting ways in that Mike Juliet interview i hope it stays that way and for people who say she’s a ‘nice’ girl please people here in Texas have had contact with her and have even said hi to her they have said what a snob she truly is.So be careful what you write,cause what you see is not what you get from some people.

    OH MY GOD, i’m actually suprise that you’ve been able to write more than one sentence, because people who are not able to make the difference between bitching and beeing funnny are pretty stupid. And to call her a snob. I mean other than listen to your texas friend you should get an opinion of your own and if it still the same i will ask you if you personnaly know her.