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Brad Pitt is Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt is Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt was back on the set of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in New Orleans yesterday. The biggest news surrounding Brad and Angelina Jolie at the moment is how strippers changed Brad‘s life and the Angie bashing by the New York Times.

And this recently in… In the ladies’ category, Angelina Jolie took the Most Attractive Woman of 2006 title according to the three-week poll taken by

UPDATE :: Images replaced with Brad on the set of Benjamin Button last month.

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667 Responses to “Brad Pitt is Benjamin Button”

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  1. 1
    OH JJ Says:


  2. 2
    Mediterranean Says:

    He will definitely look much better when he reaches this age!

  3. 3
    briseis Says:


    Thanks for the new thread but I wish you hadn’t dignified that thrashy NYT article by tacking it on here. That will give it more legs and more unwarranted exposure.

    Why don’t we just focus on the upcoming Oscar nominees announcement about an hour away?

  4. 4
    May Says:

    Someone, please give us an update on the Oscar nominations?

  5. 5
    captd Says:

    Where is Angelinas PR people. And I agree if Brad is so much inlove and wants to be a real man then why does he not speak out and support Angie. He never seems to get asked the hard questions and rarely talks about his love for Angie or his support for her. I know they would prefer to ignore this bad press but isn’t it betterto face it head on? I will always love Angoe for being herself and I have a big ? about Brad.

  6. 6
    smiled2 Says:

    Yes, I read this article earlier..It made me sad too. I cant see why they always have too write negative things about Angie. This is the NY times ! It is something that she reads.I just dont know why is always the target. Give Angie a break for god sakes!!!

    I just feel so sorry for her. She’s allready unconfortable with all the negative press since she hooked up with Brad. It did’nt bother her so much before when she was younger, but now…with her having kids..

  7. 7
    lynnc Says:

    I’m a fan of brad and angelina, I enjoy the fact that they love and respect each other and their family. Live and let live. P.S. I hope brad gets nominated for his performance in Babel!! GO BRAD GO BRAD!!!!!

  8. 8
    Hunter Says:

    Good morning Brad, Angie and to all, fans or not.
    Let there be peace on this new thread.
    Thanks JJ.

  9. 9
    wachikuni Says:

    oscar noms…can’t wait and some ppl are just jealous of their livfe and love. Leave them alone and just like angie said every parent raises their kids according to the situation they have hoping to do their best

  10. 10
    naise Says:

    thanks jj for the new thread!

    All the those negative writeups aboutl brad and aj will make thier relationship stronger. AJ and BP cannot please everyone and no matter what i will always love and pray them to have a peaceful life…

  11. 11
    Amaya Says:

    Wow, I’m on the first page! :) His story about strippers reminded me of ocean’s 11 where he talks to one and when he asks how her mom is doing. The stripper tells him that she’s about to go on stage so he can see for himself. lol

  12. 12
    rez Says:

    i am disapointed with the aj bashing as they used us weekly as a source, what a joke, i mean i know celebs are meant to get a little bad and good media coverage but the crap angelina jolie has to put up with is just way over the top, i don’t think anyone gets it as bad as she does

  13. 13
    Hunter Says:

    We should discuss the Oscar nomination for this thread and be positive.
    If you can not let go what was discussed on the last thread, then you must have an agenda. I am sure the real fans can unmasked you.

  14. 14
    Amaya Says:

    Cliniqua, and anyone else that’s interested Jon (Stewart) talks about NYT in this video (3rd one down)

  15. 15
    Grace Says:

    Good Morning BAMZS fans! Good thoughts and best wishes for Brad and Babel!!
    Thanks for the new thread JJ.

  16. 16
    Mediterranean Says:

    Blob! When someone becomes a mother for the first and second time with the babies already happen to be 5 and 6 months old, you consider the very newly born, blob!

    I was looking at my daughter’s face after she was just born and spending hours just to see that she opens her eyes even. I was expecting her to give me a reaction for the things she gave naturally after 4 months. The people who were around me were telling me to be patient. Angie became a mother for the first and second time in her life for the babies already were 5 and 6 months old. If I knew the word of blob, I would have used it for my precious one.

    The dress, OK frankly if you put that dress on someonelse (guess who???:)) it could have been a disaster!!!! The colour was very different, the style was demanding. If the beauty of Angie was not in that dress, I would not even look at it at all.

    Every woman can look in very chic dress with make-up and hair-do. It’s so easy and predictable.

    For the interview, firstly the interview knew very well that Angie would get annoyed by those unnecessary questions and he knew that the Jolie-Pitts have been upset with E! itself for sometime. He pushed the right button and he got the answer and the reaction he deserved.

    For the comments after all these are so normal. If you look for a mistake, you surely find at least one! Nobody is perfect. It also depends whom you are comparing Angie to. If you compare Angie to Mother Theresa, of course she would not look like a saint beside her.

    But I look someone and I do appreciate, value, love, admire, respect our dear Angie.

    Angie is not even claiming that she is the person on this earth! The tabloids write this way or that way. Angie does her own things and satisfied with it. The tabloids have to write the negative things about the famous and intesting one. This way that tabloid and THE WRITERs of NYT will be different and draw an attention of everybody. There is no PR is a bad PR!

    If this writer wrote that he or she doesn’t like Angie, what does this comment change anything about Angie in my mind? NOTHING!

    Every single person on this world is not supposed to like, love the Jolie-Pitts. They can’t respect them because the real respect starts with respecting yourself. They don’t even respect themselves.

    I talked to much for an unnecessary subject. It’s raining in Nice, France, little boring.

  17. 17
    bdj Says:

    Thanks Just Jared for the new thread. However, the NYT link was so unnecessary. Sometimes it is good to be a supporter even in the world of negative blogging. AJ is a good person and a good humanitarian. She will rise above all the negative BS as she always does. She does not live her life by people’s perception of her. It is disturbing when so-called reputable media has to rely on tabloid gossip and innuendos to write an article. AJ has been very open and candid about her past and mistakes she has made in life. She has grown into a woman who cares about issues and problems throughout the world. It is so easy to write snarky and false stories behind a desk. The true measure of a human being is one that has been in the field and has seen first hand the human suffering in the world. I wish AJ all the best. You are an inspiration to many. Best wishes to Babel and the Departed during Oscar Nominations.

  18. 18
    sapphire Says:

    I saw E!, Access and Extra interviews with Brad and Angelina. And there was a difference between E! and the other two with respect to the atmosphere. But I conclude that though angie don’t read or listen to gossip on her, “her people” do.

    Obviously she is aware of the biasness of E! as it relates to her and Brad relationship.

    Personally I would’ve snob them too, with regards to the other comments..I tyhink they are doing the right thing.

  19. 19
    CLINIQUA Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with letting it go.

    Still, though I’m grateful for the new thread Jared…

    …..once again I have to wonder why the NYT column by Caryn James, discussed ad infinitum in the last thread, as well as referenced in many day-long protest e-mails by bamzs fans to the NYT yesterday, along with it being and cut & paste posted and re-posted by haters….

    ….is now LINKED here?

    It’s OLD NEWS. The JJ bamzs fans are DONE with this Jared. We’ve moved on. Please REMOVE THE Caryn James LINK. PLEASE.

    Give us a break please. Wait – let me re-phrase that…


    I’m reminded of that last brouhaha, that sent me over the edge.

    We were anxiously and immenently set to celebrate something important and worthwhile about this family as I recall, and something trashy Godawful about Angelina or Brad or both — was the title of thread!!

    What GIVES?!! Hence, as I recall, we then had to post our happy wonderful postings on some thread that maligned Angie and the family, until you came to your senses and felt our pain!! Come on Jared. Feel OUR PAIN, and remove that LINK!!

    I just cannot believe, we are going through this again!!

    Do you get word what is blowing up, and so to continue the trend and increase your hits you link?? If so, I guess we have many more days and hours of this ‘bashing’ since Jared has chosen to give it even more publicity.

    Brad is set to gain an Oscar nod this morning (crossing fingers, toes, eyes, and limbs!) and if it happens, then we’ll be over the moon posting in a thread that is LINKED DIRECTLY TO a COLUMN that DESTROYS ANGELINA. Nice.

    Just stop this please.

    PLEASE DEADEN the LINKJARED. Remove it. On behalf of the MANY FANS anxious to post about the OSCARS & BRAD this morning (hopefully happy news) who don’t particularly care to see Angelina brought down, demeaned and denigrated in the self-same LINK.

    Do it for THEIR FANS, who PATRONIZE you SITE Jared – please, and thank you!!

    Get rid of it. PLEASE JARED??????

  20. 20
    anustin Says:

    some of the poster above wer not really brad and anjie fans.anjie doesn’t feel uncomfortable….she doesn’t read tabloid.

  21. 21 Says:

    Haha… Benjamin is such a funny name for him…

  22. 22
    bluemoon Says:

    However, the NYT link was so unnecessary.
    I agree.

    In other news Bradforums has pics of Brad dad in NO. Maybe Jared should add those pics instead of the link of the NYT article.

  23. 23
    anustin Says:

    yes jared!please removed!!!!!!!thanks again!

  24. 24
    bluemoon Says:

    If Brad get his Oscar nod maybe will get a new thread and will move on, but if he doesn’t well, the NYT will get even more hits.

  25. 25
    Kate Says:

    Good article from the NYT! Like it!

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