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Who is Prison Break's John Doe?

Who is Prison Break's John Doe?

UPDATE :: Prison Break‘s Sarah Wayne Callies is expecting her first child (due in late summer) with husband Josh Winterhalt. Interestingly enough, Josh was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana. Over a decade ago, though.

Welcome back jailbirds! After a brief hiatus, Prison Break has returned, however not bigger and better. Mahone has been shot, Agent Kim is enraged and Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield are once again on the run. This time with the last person they never imagined would ever be on their sideā€”Paul Kellerman. “Why are you helping us?” “Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Nothing like a double negative to get the ball rolling!

Kellerman proves himself to be resourceful as he uses his clearance to get the out of trouble but not long before Lincoln remembers him as the guy that tried to take him out last season. Nice to know there’s something going on in that noggin of his! Before Linc can blow his brains out, Kellerman offers him his last bit of saving intel: the whereabouts of an elusive Terrance Steadman.

Oh opening credits, how I have missed you! We return to Fox River where Bellick is the new fish of the yard. A bigger and scarier inmate named Banks offers Bellick his back in exchange for his dessert. Bellick complies during chow and gives up his brownie to Banks. But one isn’t enough. Well Bradley is no push over and beats Banks down with a battery filled sock and walks away. C.O. Stotle warns him that Banks is seeking revenge. Karma is a *****, isn’t it Bradley? He tries to remain strong but the trembling of his lip betrays him.

(Continued after the jump!)

(Continued before the jump!)

In Kansas, T-Bag has finally caught up with Susan Hollander. Why didn’t she do a better job of hiding herself? Oh right, she’s stupid. The kids come home and are overjoyed to see “Uncle Teddy“! What a cringe inducing scene! Susan lied to her kids about his aftermath and T-Bag plays along, telling them about his money. Susan realizes that she can’t take the pretense any longer. She excuses herself to get the gun she hid only to find that T-Bag found it and has it in his possession. T-Bag isn’t happy but luckily Zach isn’t that dense and saves his mom temporarily until all the Hollanders are held captive in their own home. He is determined to be a family but err… Mr. Bagwell, last time I checked, you’re not supposed to tie up your family members. Did I miss this in Family 101? Speaking of real families, C-Note realizes the costs of his actions and even considers turning himself in to save his wife. But if he does, then what will happen to Dede?

Mahone wakes up in the hospital (yay he isn’t dead!) and to Kim‘s phone call. Kim wants him to finish Kellerman off as previously agreed but Mahone reveals the truth. He doesn’t look like he cares any more as he ends the call, “Have a good day, Kimmie.” He wants out. His joy is short lived when he receives a phone call from his estranged wife, Pam. It appears that their little boy got run over by a car. It ain’t over till they say it’s over, Blond FBI Agent threatens. Oh no he didn’t! Mahone finally sticks by his family as we see the corpse of the Blond Agent in his trunk.

Terrance (Hi Thatcher Grey!) watches the news update on the brothers’ escape and starts to panic. He has to move out of the house of doom and into a new safe house. The trio remains a step ahead of Agent Kim and captures Terrance before he even has a chance. Lincoln sneers, “You look pretty good for a dead guy.” The proof is no good as Steadman no longer is Steadman but could pass off as a look-alike. The plan is to take Steadman to DC where they can safely have him confess. Michael doesn’t seem to like this plan much. Control freak much?

Terrance is getting delirious cooped up in the cabin. He reveals Kellerman‘s big-time crush on his sister. Ah, so Kellerman does know what love is. Somewhere in Terrance‘s taunts, Lincoln has another revelation. Hey, that’s two for two! He watched Veronica die so now he needs to die. Michael manages to calm his brother down but even as Lincoln mutters, “So many people dead and he gets to live,” Michael‘s planning wheels are set in motion. He calls up the local news station to Kellerman‘s alarm. Michael wants to turn himself in!

Terrance is starting to freak out and grabs Lincoln‘s gun. Michael tries to talk to Terrance, telling him to do the right thing, tell the truth, to end it all. Terrance doesn’t like this plan and ends it all for himself. Lincoln looks eerily calm for some strange reason. Michael starts to cry again. Oh suck it already you big cry baby! Michael has cried way too many times this season. As the sirens ring closer, the boys realize that they have to go and that they have nothing now, only a John Doe.

When will Sara return? What about Sucre? LJ? Will we ever see the President this season? All this and much more on next week’s Prison Break “The Message.”

[Written by geniass]
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  • meemee

    Oooh, this episode was awesome last night !

  • Kandice

    Oh i loved last night i couldnt wait to watch! I love this show!!!!! Cant wait till next Monday!

  • Marleen

    Last night was so good. i can’t wait till monday!

  • iris

    Jared, who wrote this ?
    If you don’t like the show don’t watch it !!!
    First, this episode was bigger and better. They are just trying to show as much as possible. They all have there reasons to behave the way they do. IF you have watch the other episodes and indeed like the show you will understand why T-bag ties up the family, why terrance is feeling sorry for himself, why Micheal is crying and so on and so on. Please Jared next time let someone else do the watching and writing, Just is a positive site, or are you changing in the next ?

  • Kristi

    I agree with Iris, the show was fantastic but this was written in a very negative fashion. Michael is very emotional, who could blame him. He has been through so many traumatic events, how could he not be emotional. I think the synopsis should be written in a neutral manner.

  • Shannon

    On the news of PB, Sarah Wayne Callies is pregnant with her and husband’s first child. Congrats to them. Look like she may be MIA the first few weeks of Season Three, so she may be getting kidnapped at season’s end.

  • geniass

    Thanks so much for reading iris and although JJ is a pro-PB site, I am entitled to my opinion for what I thought of the episode. You do not have to necessarily agree with it. If you have been reading, you will know that I have watched all the episodes and do have some insight into these characters and storylines. In fact, watching this episode prior to the air date, I had more time to mull over it before writing. Please keep in mind that I do not work for Fox and this is just an opinion.

  • Staci

    could this pregnancy possibly be written into season 3???

  • Shannon

    Staci, I think that it could be written in, but I think they may have her kidnapped this latter season or at the end of the season’s episode, and that be the main goal for Michael in the opening Season 3.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Shannon, I had found it right after I posted. (; Congrats to SWC!

  • meemee

    I just read the link. Congratulations to Sara.

    I did notice something different about Sara from the TCA pictures. She was glowing in those wonder!

  • Angie

    How underwhelming! BORING!!!

  • kmillz

    i agree, not a great comeback and next week looks boring too but hey i’ll hang in there

  • cocot13

    I thought her boobs looked bigger at the TCA’s and I felt something was different between her and Went during those interviews now we know why, anyway congrats to her and maybe now all that WeSa madness will end!!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    What was different in the interviews CoCot? How would her pregnancy make her different?

  • IloveSucar

    The best actor on the episode Lincoln : a volcano !!!

  • twirtie

    Very nice geniass! “Oh suck it already you big cry baby”…. too funny!

  • Woman

    Justjared, stick to your guns it is your blog, but whatever you say, I think this show is the best and if we could watch Terminator and Rambo, then this is cream cherry. I love the show no matter what and I was as gripped as ever.

  • Softspoken

    Sara Wayne Callies is expecting her first child!!! Congratulations!!!!! I am sure she’ll have a beautiful child. best wishes to Sara, husband Josh, and baby!!!
    Can’t wait for next pb episode.
    Thanx for the info Jared. You Rock my Socks!!

  • Jizzle

    I agree with Iris, this review was very poorly written and all those snide little comments were unnecessary! BTW, IMO it was a Great show!

  • Crystal

    Geniass, don’t let them get you down. I was thinking the same thing. I just wanted to shake him. Plus he made that weird face at the very end. It was like a cross between a dry heave and orgasm. Frightening.

    Overall the episode was okay, if a little too predictable–especially Terrance’s suicide.

    T-Bag completely stole the show.

  • Crystal

    Oh no my word was starred out and it wasn’t even that naughty. Think peak of sexual happiness.

  • youknowit

    I happen to believe this return episode was the BEST so far of season 2. The situations seemed more dire and the actors portrayed their fear and desperation perfectly. With this statement I am saying the acting was, in my opinion, some of the best I have seen all season. The whole “the company” conspiracy story line is starting to seem less cheesy now that the writers are letting us in on a few more details. And having Steadman kill himself was definitely out of the normal plot pattern. Well done Prison Break cast and crew! Keep them coming!

  • Shannon

    Sorry, but I need to vent. I don’t have a username and stuff at some of these boards, so I can’t post there. If I hear another person say that since Sarah Wayne Callies is pregnant now–which is awesome news for her and her hubby–she will make a great mommy–that they are going to kill her off or may kill her off and these people are freaking out. I may just scream. Do you all know how many shows have pregnant women on them and they keep it moving? It has been done since the beginning of tv. Cover you up, add a few extra clothes, sit you down, etc. It has been done and will continue to be done. In a show like this one, it is more action but it can be done. I don’t for one second think they will take her off the show for good due to pregnancy. Can you say sue? Pregnant women across the nation would uprise. (smiles). It is just odd to me that reading some people’s post they feel this way. I love Prison Break. I think Sarah is a great actress on it and needs to stay and I think she will stay on the show from now on.

    Congrats again and be the best mom ever,

  • wvufan

    I was a bit disappointed in last nights episode, but will of course keep watching… congrats to sara and her husband on the news of their bundle of joy…

  • Me

    Shanon i totally agree with you, for instance on DHW Marcia Cross is pregnant and they work around her pregnancy. No Sara is not going to get killed off.

  • Me

    opps! Sorry for mispelling your name i was typing too fast

  • Raw

    Why the heck Just Jared did you have to mention that Sarah’s husband was arrested for M possesion.That’s none of your freakin business to write that! He made a mistake and she’s even has said to let that rest in peace!

  • cocot13

    Shannon, I felt like there was some uneasyness between them, an awkward uncomfortable vibe, to mean it just felt different from there last round of interviews I didnt think anything was wrong it just felt off somehow I dont know LOL

  • Raw

    cocot13 good luck on thinking the WeSa madness will end.I wouldn’t be surprised if they started saying she’s really carrying Wentworth’s baby!

  • Shannon

    Well, I did not notice anything different. They are great friends, and you can tell this in the interviews.

  • Isabella

    I don’t think anything’s different in those interviews, they tease each other just like they did before. And all this talk about it being Wentworth’s baby is a bunch of BS.
    Get a grip on reality WESA people. It’s plain sad someone would ever suggest there things.

  • skinny bitch

    i’m a huge fan of the show. never missed an episode. while monday night’s episode was good, it was lacking something. i wasn’t all into it. i hope it gets better. we need more surprises. okay they’re still on the run. when is something going to happen? i was wondering where Sarah was in the episode. congrats btw.
    Raw, i think your comment about people beginning to say it might be Wentworth’s is true. who knows. she’s a married woman and seems pretty nice so i’m sure it’s her and her husband’s baby. anyway, hopefully they kick things up a knotch in this season

  • 2PBorNot2PB

    Congrats to SWC first and foremost!

    With PB, I thought Monday’s episode was really good compared to some other ones that have aired in Season 2. For the first time I was pissed off at Michael’s action (the spontaneous “I have to turn myself in” bit – what the heck???) and was rooting for Mahone. Best line from last Monday was Mahone’s brush off to Kim when Mahone told him to “…have a great day, Kimmy” Was laughing my butt off right after he said that. Can’t wait for the train episode!!!

  • LJ

    Do you guys remember a while back when Sarah Wayne Callies and Wentworth Miller did an interview and Wentworth Miller kept alluding to babies and strollers? I wonder if they all knew she was expecting back then(???).

    I think it is awesome that Sarah Wayne Callies and her husband are expecting their first child – such an exciting time in their lives!! She’s an amazing actress – I hope Fox doesn’t discriminate against her for having a family – I dont’ think they will – Fox seems to have a good reputation let’s hope they don’t eff it up by doing something stupid!

  • Shannon

    Yeah, I believe in Fox. Hope I don’t resent this, but I am sure they will do whatever they can to work around her. Can’t wait to see all of the gang, with Sarah in Season 3, if we get one. She is great on this show and Wentworth would miss her for sure. They are such a dynamic pair on film.

  • http://deleted Nina

    The above photo: Gorgeous!!!

  • Mariana

    Well, for me prison brak is the best serie fpr the world… I love prson break and I love Wentworth!!!
    He is sow sow beautiful!!

  • rosie

    I hated this episode, it was dead boring, not enough wentworth/michael!

  • elisa

    first time poster here…
    i love prison break, obviously or i wouldn’t be commenting. the review wasn’t that bad, not great, but not bad. if you can’t find something to analyze or gripe about the show, then it would just be boring.
    i totally disagree about the “cry-baby” stuff. michael is so stoic, especially in the first season, i like seeing him show some emotion. it makes him more human, not just some obsessive, cold and calculated genius. him and lincoln have been through A LOT! i think he’s entitled to tear up every now and then, he hasn’t pissed his pants yet! plus, he’s pretty hot when he gets emotional! :)

  • Bekah

    I agree with Iris. If you don’t like PB don’t watch it!! I know there are plenty of people who disagree!! And know that the show is awesome especially last night’s episode!! And congrats to Sarah! And don’t worry they can totally work around her pregnancy!

  • ( | )

    they need to stop dragging out the season. the show worked well with the little mini break in the fall because before that break it was getting really bad. i don’t know if they reworked eps or what, but when they came back it was better. now we wait months to get this episode? i thought it was ok, not exceptional. fox doesn’t know what the hell they are doing anyway. they do know how to kill a show off quickly though.

  • Libby

    Prison Break is a fantastic show, the storylines are great and interesting, the characters are played by the best group of actors I have seen working on one show in quite a while. I thought “John Doe” was as exciting as any other Prison Break Episode to date, yeah sure Wentworth/Michael didn’t get alot of onscreen time as in previous episodes, but in my opinion that didn’t ruin the show or make it boring, don’t get me wrong, I love Wentworth just as much as the next girl does, but come on! And also in my opinion FOX just so happens to air 2 of the best shows on TV–(Prison Break & 24) Gotta love Wentworth & Kiefer!
    Regarding the Recap Article: for those of us who love the show, we really don’t want to read nasty-smart-aleck remarks about the characters in the show, What Gives?!?! But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is that Prison Break is one of the greatest shows of all time!

  • T from Houston

    It seems Linc and Michael can’t catch a break……but maybe Kellerman is the key to their “true” freedom, whatever that means.

    Congrats to Sara and hubby on the new baby, however, the writers do have an obstacle in front of them because of this. I guess we all will see how they will handle that.

    Okay, my question is, what is going to happen to LJ? Are Linc and Michael going to be able to save or get him out of jail or will LJ use some of his uncles instincts and break out of prison? Just a thouhgt.

    And poor Bellick… mo “boss” for him. I think they made C-note out as a punk for letting his “wife” go down for him. And I would love to see Sucre beat the hell out of that “sell-out” cousin of his, Hector and get Maricruz. I really don’t have a comment about T-Bag.



  • limi

    good luck