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Here Come the Babes in Black

Here Come the Babes in Black

Drumroll, please. Here comes PoshKat!

Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, both dressed in black from head to toe, stepped out together for the Giorgio Armani, Avenue Montaigne Store Opening in Paris, France yesterday night. Loving Katie‘s new jacket… and coat! Tres fabulous.

Katie, 28, and Victoria, 32, also attended the Chanel show together yesterday morning, where Vix shared, “I’m very excited to be moving to L.A. It will be especially nice for the children. To be able to be outdoors so much of the time will be wonderful.”

Pictured below: Giorgio Armani and niece Roberta Armani

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  • Mediterranean

    First she went out with Tom, then gave a birth to their daughter, got interested in his strange religion, married him and now became best friends with Victoria Beckham.

    God, help her!!!!!!!

  • lol

    Well, this was to be expected. The Beckhams come to LA, and now we will see Katie and her BFF Victoria together. They’ll go shopping, smile for the cameras, atleast katie will smile, go out to rityz restaurants or places like the Ivy to get photographed by the paparazzies, and then everyone will have a gay old time at the Scientology fun house. Gee, this is going to be fun. I wonder if J.LO is going to brink skelator with her to hang out with the Cruises and the Beckhams. America, bow down to your new royalty. Blech!

  • WTF

    Why does Zombie Bride smile like she’s sucking on a lemon? or is that her smug look? She has NOTHING to be smug about. Her life is actually pitiful.

  • Nadia

    These two women are starting to irritate the crap out of me. I think they are hanging on to the hubbies’ coattails, not doing anything except spend the hubby’s money, look the other way when news of infidelities pops up (Posh), and look good for the paps.

    God help America.

  • dvtip

    “To be able to be outdoors so much of the time will be wonderful…” What a stupid thing to say by mrs beckham. She couldn´t be outdoors when she lived in Madrid?! The weather in Madrid wasn´t warm enough to be ourdoors?!

    I think “Poshkat” are a scary, weird couple. I use to think Katie was a beautiful and promising talent, now she´s like this little doll/joke in Tom´s media circus…such a shame

  • shana

    Katie does her best to dress like a 47-year-old.

  • gingeranny

    Wow, is this Kathie Holmes?
    I didn’t recognize her, she looks phantastic.
    I hope she doesn’t loose weight anymore, she’s perfect.

  • Sahara

    VB should pick a new BFF… when she stands next to Stepford Bride KHC- it just acentuates how absloutely fugly she really is– say what you want about brainwashed Katie- she nonetheless is quite a pretty girl and lo and behold- she actually SMILES & looks HAPPY- unlike VB- who is ugly beyond comprehension and always looks like she is (a) miserable, (b) angry, (c) stuck-up, etc… she is an anorexic mess!- What DB sees in her is beyond comprehension- not to mention what an AWFUL MOTHER she is… when does she actually spend TIME with her kids when she is flitting around weekly from one part of the world to the next- she’s USELESS & PATHETIC!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Maybe Katie will learn something from Po$h.

  • mariootsa

    wow, it’s great to see debbie reynolds out and about, spending some time with vicky b! she really is spry for her age!

  • SusiQ

    Katie looks beautiful in these pics….

    I wonder if she will ever act again or will this be her life now….

  • Old Lady Chic

    Katie looks like an old lady. Why does she dress like that?

  • Eli

    I love Katie’s hair and outfit in the last pictures(the day one), in the first ones not at all.
    I like a lot Victoria’s dress!!!especially the skirt!

    TO JUSTJARED, Armani’s niece name is ROBERTA ARMANI, not Robert Armani!

  • rage

    sad monsters the only way to be happy is to go to fashion shows since they have no carrer/job they quiet fit though, both have no careers and their hobbies careers is down the shit hole so why not spend the money, the only attention they get this days is either at dinner or fashion shows

  • julie

    klassless(KH) is starting to look a bit ridiculous, she’s joined the club of dress to impress i mean seriously she’s trying too hard this days not surprised she’s friends with robot who calls herself a lady(VB) the only thing she’s ever known for is shopping and dressing and god she tries too hard at the end of it all she looks awful also looking at that coat on klassless really doesn’t make me wanna go out and get one it looks awful on her i mean the coat is nice but the woman just doesn’t know how to wear it catwalk fashion/high street fashion is not for her she shuold go back to dressing like a granny(even that doesn’t work awwwwwwwww i give up)

  • elise

    katie looks middleaged….she is 28..maybe she could hold off wearing the suit jackets for a while…she looks 15 years older than she is…it is riduculous

  • sarah

    OH here comes the babes ..the what????? but jared could you please tell me where

    are they is it the corps on the left or the old woman on the right ….THATS RIGHT prople katie is a 26 going on 62 sombody anybody help her please …babes …give me a breack.

  • angelina_mmm

    my god how tall is katie?!
    she is towering over every person she’s standing next to

  • julie

    my god how tall is katie?!
    she is towering over every person she’s standing next to

    with the 12 inch heels and scieno drugs she’s being taking it’s no surprise

  • pr person

    Having Katie jet to Paris, play dress up, be seen with her fake friend and attend fashion shows; does nothing to help her. She just ends up looking more ridiculous and pathetic.

  • Liz Osborne

    Oh my god…I am sorry but Katie Holmes has indeed a beautiful face but she should NEVER let those cankles be seen. Her legs were fat when she was preggo and they still are! She looks like two different people…like the top part is one and the bottom is another. I am surprised she hasn’t crushed The Freak Tom with them. Geez….

  • Kelly

    Did Katie raid an old Dynasty wardrobe trunk? She looks like she’s trying to be Alexis Carrington, circa 1986. Not a good look. Every since she hooked up with the madman she’s unrecognizable–and not in a good way. The cute girl is now a stuffy, boring shell of her former self, both in appearance and personality.

  • leofan

    Victoria looks like crap, no wonder “Becks” is cheating on her constantly.

  • Sandbitch

    Who’s funeral is it?

    KH really doesn’t have a clue how to dress. That scooped front skirt does nothing for those chunky legs of hers.

  • Ninja

    Katie looks OLD in that dress. Bet you Posh told her to wear it so she can look better than her. Katie your so called BFF is just using you to get access into Hollywood. She’ll soon dump you just like she did with Elton John and Liz Hurley.

  • Dancer

    KH doesn’t even look like she used to, did she have plastic surgery?

  • Queen Bee

    Actually love the dress that VB is wearing. Maybe she’ll wear it for her own funeral five years from now when she slinks out of the U.S. no more famous than she arrived.

    Katie needs to fire her stylist because no woman that young would want to dress like Barbara Bush.

    Their antics are so yawn inducing.

  • Hello

    Katie is really Pretty…..Victoria is really Ugly.

  • martha

    Katie is trying to be like nicole kidman..I have this impression

  • gia

    OK, question: on another blog, people were absolutely ripping KH for wearing sheer hose. Now – sheer NUDE hose is one thing, but sheer black IMO is sexy, esp. if they’re thigh-highs.

    Any opinions?

  • yara

    katie holmes doesnt have any sense of style, vic looks cool but she should smile if you see victoria in earlier spice area she was really beautiful now it´s all about skin and look fake

  • sara

    Katie looks lovely and classy as always!

  • Woman

    I think lately Katie looks really beautiful. May be she is happy after all!

  • Sandbitch

    I agree with Martha – KH often looks to be mimicking Nicole.

    Gia, sheer black stockings do look sexy – but unfortunately not so on Katie-Log-Legs.

  • Shauna

    I absolutely LOVE her outfit with the blousey black top and the light grey slacks. She is perfection! She looks better than I have even seen her. She does not have very shapely legs however (hey-no one is perfect) so she looks a bit over the top and ackward in the dress.

    Her best style is casual chic imo. She pulls it off very nicely. The ‘fu-fu’ styles, and the super dressy styles don’t seem to really suit her. She’s young and she should have fun with fashion. But I do think her makeup is fantastic in all pics!

  • zula

    Just wondering where David Beckham and Tom Cruise are when these to hit the street like this. I bet they’re at Xenu’s palace building puzzles or playing Trivial Persuit or f.u.c.k.i.n.g.

  • dina#

    I think Katie is beautiful, but the things that interest her lately?!!! – I find her less and less intelligent. I am sorry, but it speaks volumes when you see what she seems to be all about. NOthing wrong in liking fashion, but these two have made it their religion almost. Airheads.

  • christine

    wow, looks its bad anorexic sour role model #1 and strange stand-in-her-husband’s-shadow-silently role model #2. the little girls of this generation are gon need sum serious therapy…..
    VB needs to eat and smile once in a while.
    KH needs to re-evaluate her life and think about the steps she has taken so far with Tom midlife crisis Cruise.
    but att the end of the day why shud we all care abt their goings on, with the one exception of seeing wat is influencing and shaping the personality and values of our daughters?

  • Liezl

    Can’t wait for the Beckhams to hit America! It’s about time some European flavour hits Hollywood…

  • Liezl

    And she is seriously funny. Can’t believe people judge others by the fact some people don’t smile while being chased by loads of photographers. Seriously! Check out this video and tell me she is still a bitch?!?!?

  • P.

    Katie does look like an old woman and her chnky legs and height of her makes her look like Bea Arthur from Golden Girls..who the hell is her stylist? I wouldn’ve thought with all that money Tom would have bought her a full length mirror