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Maddox Jolie Pitt Puckers Up

Maddox Jolie Pitt Puckers Up

How cute is Maddox with his puckered lips?

Angelina Jolie picked up 5-year-old son Maddox, from a French-English bilingual school in New Orleans yesterday afternoon. Maddox attends the “Ecole Bilingue Independent French Immersion School — Toddlers through Elementary.” Angie, Brad Pitt and the kids are staying in N.O. while Brad continues to film his new movie, The Case of Benjamin Button.

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maddox jolie pitt school 01
maddox jolie pitt school 02
maddox jolie pitt school 03
maddox jolie pitt school 04
maddox jolie pitt school 05
maddox jolie pitt school 06
maddox jolie pitt school 07
maddox jolie pitt school 08

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  • Sheri

    First? he is a doll!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Awwwww…. Cute photos. I wish to god Maddox would get a new hair cut tho.

  • Sheri

    He’s grown so much! He’s such a little man! Angie looks great!

  • http://jj Ameena

    Oh, Mad looks so cuuuute. She is such a great mother, picking Mad up from school.

  • Original jpf

    She looks beautiful and he’s a doll. Both look seriously happy and not hounded. If this. good stuff.

    Thanks Jared & Audrey


  • Maniston

    Prince Maddox in da house!

  • Yuck

    Where’s the blob? Oh, that’s right, she’s not special enough to actually hang out with Angie and the underpriveleged.

  • Just Jared Fan

    He looks so happy! kids grow so fast, Madd seems to be changing a lot, Hes in school now and it looks like he is enjoying it, I hope they dont keep up rooting the kids when they start to settle in. Beautiful AJ as always

  • Sandy

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn’t wait for the new pics from NO! I hope they enjoy their time there!

    While daddy is working, mommy spends some quality time with her kids!!!

    Wish them all the happiness in this world!!!

  • Blowing kisses

    Maddox is super cute. I think he is blowing kisses to whoever is in the car … could it be Z or Shi .. maybe Daddy Braddy ???

  • Malibumom

    My understanding of a school like this is that the only language spoken in the class and everywhere else is French or whatever immersion language the school has (correct me if I am wrong educators)-Anyway I think this will also help Angie who has taken and may still be taking French classes! She looks great-I love it that she keeps her hair long-Also on the other thread-I gave Brad an Oscar for best performance by a male for his true life story The Making of Shiloh! I guess I will have to give Angie Best Director for the same movie! Have a good one guys!

  • bdj

    Maddox is too cute. AJ is looking good. It is good to see her doing her mom stuff.
    Way to go AJ. Leave those haters in the dust.

  • mercredi

    Great pics! oui, oui!

  • Original jpf

    I know this is a stretch, but I wonder if Maddox is making a face at a sister or both. This is a familier scene personally “you know, one kid is left in the car while picking up the other one.” It just looks as if he’s making the face to someone in the car but agan, longshot/stretch.


  • Tee

    So Cute!!! Angie is a good mother too all of her children.
    love this family.

  • em

    It is always heartwarming to see Angie and Maddox. Some people will say what they want to say, see what they what to see but they can’t deny the very fact that Angie is a wonderful mother to her children. Brad is one lucky man to have Angie in his life and the mother of his children. To those who think that they have to defend themselves to the press, think again, silence and a no comment is still a more powerful statement against unwarranted negative attacks.

  • truth

    Wishing the Jolie-Pitts the very best in N.O.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    How could Racheal Ray of all people say AnyThing negative about Angelina & Brad when the Toilet paper they use to wipe their a*ses is worth more than her.

  • cute

    Too cute for word.

  • loveJPs

    Love the Jolie-Pitts.

  • NewOrleans

    Welcome to New Orleans. Have a blessed time.

  • dragonfly

    Love it, Luv it!

    Angie’s boots are killer, and Maddox looks like his gregarious self.

    Yes, I imagine there is going to be more and more French being spoken in the Jolie-Pitt house. I think Angie already spoke a little bit of it, but then had to learn some more for her role in AMH, I think. And in the outtakes from the Bogata dance scene, the one where they are sitting at the table sorta lost in each other and Angie is talking to Brad, it looks to me like she is speaking French….and Brad’s just sorta propped up on his elbow all gaga. It’s such a sexy language.

  • Original jpf

    Malibumom Says:

    January 24th, 2007 at 12:42 pm
    My understanding of a school like this is that the only language spoken in the class and everywhere else is French or whatever immersion language the school has (correct me if I am wrong educators)-


    Yep, one of my nephews went from 1st grade through 8th to a French immersion and they jumped right in from day one. The teachers in the begining used both, but the students were expected to only speak French to respond (each level learned that is, as I’m sure “I gotta pee” coming from a 7yrld is gonna come out “I gotta pee”)


  • cute pics

    Maddox is so cute. I love that little guy. Angelina looks really good and refreshed. I like her hair long like this too. Notice how there are no photographers getting right in to their faces like they usually do and there are no bodygaurds. New Orleans is going to be really good for them since people don’t seem to bother them there and respect their privacy. They really deserve some peace and quiet.

  • tabloids

    Thanks for the pics, JJ. Maddox looks happy with mom. Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitts.

  • godbless

    May the good Lord protect you and give you peace. Maddox is the luckiest kid in HW.

  • bluemoon

    It just looks as if he’s making the face to someone in the car but agan, longshot/stretch.
    Yes, it looks like she’s blowing a kiss to someone in the car, so cute.

    As for Rachel Ray, I’ll say forget what she said about B&A Oprah is going to kiss her ass of what she said about her.

  • Estelle

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:
    reading backward has it perk, LMAO with your comment…thanks, I really need that.

    Good morning, thanks JJ for the new thread.

  • cute pics

    Also forgot to mention, I freaking love her boots. Sexy!

  • Angie

    Thanks for taking care of the less fortunate of the world. Maddox is a future U.N. ambassador.

  • freidaflo

    MY dessert for the day!!!!!
    Out to lunch and lucky to peek at the computer at work.

    Angie and Maddox look good.
    Wish the family enjoy their stay in NO.

  • B_Bold_B_Brave_B_Free

    Another pic

    She’s flawless!

  • Shar

    Killer boots. Angie looks good. So does Mad.

  • Mika

    OMG Maddox is in my old school lol !

  • LaLa

    They are a beautiful family.

  • Me Again!

    Mika Says:

    January 24th, 2007 at 1:01 pm
    OMG Maddox is in my old school lol !


    Mika…where’s your old school located? What’s the street here in NO?

  • Mediterranean

    Surely, there is someone in the car whom Maddow is in a hurry to see!

    I hope that the Jolie-Pitts will have a normal life as much as they can in NO.

  • TEE

    I believe RAchel ray said it. The bitch already said she was team maniston on et a long time ago. I think she got drunk and made a complete fool out of herself by talking about people she doesn’t even know. I hope Oprah and gayle fire her. LOL

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I wonder what the Pitt kids will do when they grow up. they could easily become Hollywood’s Golden kids and get into acting. I can see Maddox dabbling in architecture like papa Pitt.

    M.Z.S will be so powerful in a few Years. [Lol] And they wont be all screwed up like today’s lil Hollywood spoiled rich kids who party all day & night.

  • bluemoon

    OT Looks like Brad Grey really wants his credit for The Departed for the Oscars. This is from today’s L.A Times and I don’t know, yeah I get he was a part of the movie being made, but this whole campaing when he’s the boss at Paramount seem weird, especially because he’s focus should be Babel.

    Academy to ponder credit for ‘Departed’
    Paramount’s Brad Grey had been denied producer status in a previous ruling.
    By Claudia Eller, Times Staff Writer
    January 24, 2007

    How avidly is Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey seeking his own Oscar for producing “The Departed” — a rival studio’s movie?

    Neither Grey nor the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would say Tuesday after the film received an Academy Award nomination.

    But the first tip-off that he has more than a passing interest in who takes home the statuette should the Warner Bros. picture win came shortly before dawn, when the academy referred to the producing nominees on Martin Scorsese’s gangster drama as “to be determined.”

    Some Hollywood insiders have said it would be uncouth and distasteful for Grey to campaign aggressively for a credit on a film made by another studio, especially when he should be throwing his weight behind his studio’s own best-picture nominee, “Babel.”

    Grey produced “The Departed” while still one of Hollywood’s top managers and producers, but he took the Paramount job just before Scorsese started shooting. “Babel,” which received seven nominations, was the first project Grey set up at Paramount.

    It was thought that producer Graham King would be listed as sole nominee for “The Departed” because the Producers Guild of America, which determines the credits, had already made that decision. The academy has an agreement with the guild to follow its recommendations, unless a credit is challenged.

    On Tuesday, academy spokesman John Pavlik confirmed that an executive committee of the organization’s producers branch would meet this week to decide which producers would be given credit on two films, “The Departed” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” That will determine who gets to leap to the stage to accept the Oscar on Feb. 25 should either film win.

    According to one person close to the matter, the decision to review’s Grey’s credit was prompted by letters to the academy from prominent Hollywood figures lobbying on Grey’s behalf.

    Academy President Sid Ganis said the academy viewed the guild’s decisions as recommendations but that it would make the final call on “The Departed” and “Little Miss Sunshine.”

    Asked whether Grey or his associates had made an appeal, Ganis said, “We keep that aspect of the information confidential. It’s private between the academy and the production.”

    If Grey loses an appeal to the academy for producer credit on “The Departed,” as he did when he lobbied the producers guild last month, he could be open to criticism that he should instead be basking in Paramount’s own Oscar glory.

    Paramount received 19 nominations, including the seven for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “Babel,” two for Al Gore’s global-warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and eight for “Dreamgirls,” which was shut out of the best picture and best directing categories.

    Immediately after the guild’s decision to credit King as producer of “The Departed,” Grey’s camp inquired about the academy’s appeal process.

    Grey recently acknowledged to confidants that making an appeal could be tricky especially if “The Departed” ended up competing with a Paramount film, as turned out to be the case. But he also believed he deserved credit for launching “The Departed,” a view shared by Scorsese and King.

    The proliferation of producer credits on movies has caused the academy to tighten its rules in recent years. An especially bitter credit war raged last year when producer Bob Yari contended that he was unfairly denied credit for the Oscar-winning “Crash.”

    When there is a controversy, or when it is unclear to whom the coveted producing credits should go, the academy uses the phrase “to be determined” until a decision is reached. No one was more surprised to hear the news on “The Departed” than King.

    “I was totally shocked about the ‘to be determined’ credit,” he said in an interview. “No one gave me the heads up.”

    Nonetheless, King said he’d be glad to share the credit.

    “I’d be very happy if the academy decides that Brad Grey is a producer on it,” King said. “It would be nice to have company if we’re lucky enough to go up on that stage. But really it’s the academy’s decision.”

    Along with King, Grey and his former producing partner, actor Brad Pitt, were given screen credit on the movie by Warner.

    Grey’s involvement with “The Departed” started in 2003 when he acquired the remake rights to the Hong Kong hit drama “Infernal Affairs.” He helped hire screenwriter and nominee William Monahan to adapt the film and sent the script to Scorsese, who received a best directing nomination. He helped negotiate deals for such talent as Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and nominee Mark Wahlberg.

  • Mediterranean

    to yuck,

    You have to get ready to see many blobs of the Jolie-Pitts, because they will keep on having them! :)

  • the real tita

    #7: Yuck, you’re so nice. Everyday you wait around for a BAMZS thread so you can up the postings at JJ’s site. I commend your vigilance and your tireless effort to show just how much you don’t care for this family.

    Keep it up. Who knows, there might be a reward for people like you someday!

  • Estelle

    Hey, we can says a s s without moderation? JJ you are softy. lol

  • Me Again!


    I think they will. People down here or either too busy trying to repair their homes, get money from FEMA, find a way to secure their trailers, get heat for their trailer b/c it’s freaking cold right now or just plain don’t like the couple and are JA fans and can’t understand why he left her for her.

    Then there’s people like me who stalk to find where they are but don’t have enough nerve to say anything. I think they will be fine here….hell they should stay but then again BP/AJ may gain like 30-40lbs due to the good or shall I say fattening food…we use a lot of butter and creams ya know . 

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and the pictures of Angie and Madd. Madd is so cute and adorable. He is going to be a little charmer.

  • Alexanderina

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says: January 24th, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    :lol: :lol: thanks for the laugh

  • NYCGalnVA

    Go Angie!….They say that living well is the BEST Revenge. Enjoy your life with Brad & your beautiful family while in New Orleans! You deserve it!!

  • Jeannified

    I’m glad to see that they have a house in a normal American city, where they can be a family, and where Maddox can go to school on a regular basis and meet little friends. He looks happy and Angie looks relaxed and fulfilled!

  • Sheri

    NYCGalnVA Says:

    January 24th, 2007 at 1:17 pm


  • Passing Through

    Maddox is such a little character! I can’t imagine where he could’ve gotten that from.