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Hilary Duff Debuts "Dignity" Album

Hilary Duff Debuts

Hilary Duff spoke out about her upcoming album “Dignity” (due out in April) on KIIS FIM earlier today: “The record is really like a dance record. I did the record when I was having things with my family and was with someone and then not with someone so it is very personal.”

She also talked about why she named the album “Dignity“: “Dignity is something you just don’t have. It’s something that you have to work on. I feel like I have it a little — something that I’ve always had and strive to have.”

Hilary has one more song to record called “Gypsy Woman,” who is, as Hilary described about “someone else.” Nicole Richie, perhaps? (Nicole is dating Hilary‘s ex Joel Madden from Good Charlotte.)

After Ryan Seacrest‘s incessant nagging, Hilary also admitted to having been on a first date (no second date yet) with her her new squeeze. She said that he’s “not an actor, not a musician.”

Hilary also world premiered her song “With Love,” which was featured in her perfume’s commercial. You can also download Hilary’s “With Love” here and here. And you can also listen to Ryan Seacrest interviewing Hilary Duff here. More pictures after the jump!

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  • Jen

    She’s so cute! I hope she find a man that treats her right :)

  • geniass


  • Katie

    Im not really a fan of Hilary or her music but I have heard With Love and I love it and I really can’t wait for her album now such a change for Hilary keep it up girl!

  • DD

    Her song With Love is the best song she has ever made. Hopefully this new album is as good as her first single. Her previous music was a bit immature and boring. Maybe Angelina Jolie was the inspiration for her new brown hair style. It’s a good thing she fix her veneers.

  • Michelle

    Well…she cannot sing, and it would save her the trouble of showing up if she would just let them do the whole thing electronically. her voice is so auto-tuned and studio enhanced….she is a phoney…I’m sorry to say.
    But she is cute, and she’s not in rehab….so kudos for that.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    This girl is ridiculously Uugly. not to mention she cant sing, and GOD knows she cant act. that movie she made with her sister was almost as bad as The Dukes Of Hazard then again, yea, it was worse!
    at least she got her horse teeth fixed, doesn’t do much for her face tho. she needs to get over this skinny thing she’s been on, time to put back on some weight. being 85 lbs isn’t cute. not on her anyway’s she not a big enough star to get away with it.

  • tef

    She isn’t a great actress, BUT SHE IS GETTING BETTER
    BTW this song is defenetly what she need, is pefect i cant wait for her new video that drops on feb eight on TRL.

  • maila

    i love the song n she really is pretty!
    hmmmm her nu man aint no actor nor musican mayb its her music manager andre cause der were pics of them togetehr out for lunch?!

  • mariootsa

    i think she has had something done to her veneers to make them smaller…they are not as horsey as they were.

  • E

    Hilary Duff Is Not Ugly And She Knows How To Sing. So To All The Hilary Duff Haters, F*** You. Ha Ha Some Dumb People.

  • ruby

    hilary rocks!!! i luv her so much…keep up the good work…!!!i luv u hil…n every1 SHUD !!

  • Rangeboy

    YES YES!!!!! ive beeeen waiting for her new album for a long time …………….. and yes i wish that she ll find a man treats her right

  • http://hilaryduffalways none

    hey u who say that hil isnot a good singer or actor … wrong !!! soo i hate very much she is a ggood usa gal and am from kuwait and am a big faaaan of her so dont talk bad about her !!!! understand ;@

  • Krusty Braz >M

    Hilary i am off a fan of but i dont know why, she dosnt write her own music, she cant sing, and now shes truning into a lindsey lohan, god dame gurl it was better when she was a bit more immature she wasnt showing up in her film clips now letting guys kiss her! Shes changed in a bad way, she should be a role model but now shes turning into the very thing she hates (again lindsy lohan) everyone is a hypercrit now days

  • Pete

    love With Love the songe Hilary did so well i so love ya Hilary duff :)

  • jackie

    i think hilary duff should have a media player on her website!!!!

  • jackie

    i love hilary duff so much and i am ten years old but why did she go way skinny she was perfect the way she was and more prettier but i can’t wait till her album comes out april 3rd called dignity and i love hilary so much she is awsome at acting and singing…………..wait a go hilary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • brooke

    hey hey hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is brooke and I just have to say that hilary may of got plastic surgery on her teeth and her chin….possibly……but she is still pretty but if she didnt get the plastic surgery she would of looked real not fake and much prettier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyra

    OMG I can’t belive i am writing this but you RULE HILARY

  • tutu

    Hey Hilary Duff really rules

  • tutu

    u talk about hilary u shall pay eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • laly

    go hilary it is you b-day we r going to party like it is your b-day

  • LaZieSt- BuM

    Keep it natural Duff! Gogogo…. iam a big fans of yours!! all the best in the new album… waiting for it so much! :p Waiting for your new movies, nice romance films u been acted so far….. ^^ keep it up….

    -”LaZieSt- BuM”-



  • big fan

    i really like her new sond with love but i’m not so sure that it’s
    her voice i mean it’s really is different as better

    little iraq fan :)

  • big fan

    i also do beleive that hilary has done a plastic surgery and she is only 19 !!! that was a shock but hey it’s hilary we have 2 forgive …

  • iraqi fan

    Dude i mean when will hilary have a concert in dubai …
    i’m so gonna be there …4 specail song with love …

  • Vyie

    You know Hil,,,I like your new songs. and i apreciate that…I hope you’ll write a song about your beloved fans…Apreciate ‘em too Hil…Bye…

  • miley

    hey ya’ll this is miley AKA hannah montanna. i just wanted u guys to know that hilary is actually a very good singer. she does not lipsing and she is a very lucky 19 year old. i know her being 85 pounds is a little weird for a 19 year old and u think she is weird but i honestly think she is lucky to only be 85 pounds. and for those of u that way less then 85 pounds i would just keep it quiet.and for those of u who arent hilary duff fans, why are u on her website? thats what confuses me.and just so u know, hilary duff is a very nice and pretty person.i have met hilary duff before and just my oppinion, she is a very great singer and actress, and i can see a very good acting and singing futer for her. and the reason im on her website is because i think she is cool and has a good voice and i just wanted toi complement her. well ill be talking and sharing my complements later. see ya’ll later. bye bye.. your friend miley cyrus.;)

  • emily osmit

    hey emily osmit here.

    oh i see that miley left a compliment. i actually told her to leave a complement. but those were in her words. i also think that hilary duff is a good singer and actress. i also see a good futer for her. and hil, im very srry about the break up with u and jole, when i heard about it, i was haert broken, and i dont know what happened ,but whatever did, im sorry.and sorry about bringing it up too. that probably didnt help any.sorry again. well if u get this message, i just wanted to let u know that i think u are cool.

    your friend
    emily osmit

  • presy#1 fan;)!!!!!

    hey hilary.

    this is presy your biggest fan. i have been to 2 of your concerts and they were wicked fun. i was in the tenth row holding up a hilary duff magazine. that was the first concert. u met miley cyrus and emily osmit? i saw that they left u a message. u are soooooo lucky if u have ever met them. are they nice in person? can miley really sing or does she lip sing? iv never met miley or any star before. all iv chated and talked to before were your dancers. they were nice. they were that triplets. they recodnized my dad from the other concert i went to. well i really really think your cool and u have got the talent;) keep up the good work girl!!!!!!

    your friend and #1 fan, presy.b.

  • http://hi rab

    She iz so sweet n cute n iwanna meet her.itz my dream 2 meet her.

  • antonius

    i am a big fan of hilary duff and ilove her with love is the best song EVER !!!!! hilary your awsom !!!

  • antonius

    i love you hilary duff your graet !! with love is the best song EVER

  • Sylvia

    hmmmmm…..i honestly do like hilary duffs new album. I guess she is the only singer that i actuallly do enjoy listening to. I’m not into dancy or rock music im more of a deathmetal and blackmetal type of girl but i guess this girl is out to change the world.


  • sandeepshimpi

    Hi Guys,(Just to let you know)

    Found some cool new videos of Hilary Duff on a film set of her latest movie
    Safety Glass movie, not sure if anyone has seen this already, credit to
    Hollywood North Insider website as I found it there, you can see them below:


  • http://google chris

    looooooooooooooooooooooove her so much

  • jodie

    hilary duff has co-wrote her first 3 albums and she wrote ALL of the songs on this album! She is the only person from teen hollywood that sings live, dances good, acts amazing, looks fab, has her own brand of clother, 2 perfumes and is the 7th richest!

    so give it a rest she’s the one that has rocked and will leave a trail when she’s gone………