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Madonna Shows Love For Her Guy

Madonna Shows Love For Her Guy

Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie brought along their two of their three children Lourdes Leon, 10 and Rocco Ritchie, 6, to the UK premiere of her new film Arthur And The Invisibles at Leicester Square yesterday in London, England. Noticeably missing was one member of their family – little David Banda – who the proud singer told reporters was tucked up in bed.

Madonna wears a Dolce & Gabbana coat and Stella McCartney shoes.

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  • biteme

    Madonna looks fabulous!!!!!!!! Her children are so cute.

  • anon

    Her kids are so stinking cute. Rocco is a dead ringer for his dad.

  • T

    I’m sorry…Rocco is not a cute child…he may resemble his dad, but the looks don’t translate well…Lourdes is beautiful and little David is a cutie…not feeling the same for little Rocco…

  • mmyers

    Ummm?… Where’s David B??? Not good enough!!

  • ashylarry

    Ummm?… Where’s David B??? Not good enough!!

    He’s in the bed. These look like night time pics. Chill out.

  • http://justjared Rose

    You really think that a baby not yet 2 years is going to sit through a movie? or understand it? Stop looking for trouble where there is none.

  • T

    David wouldn’t be out with them that late…and a film premiere would be inappropriate to take a baby to…they couldn’t sit still long enough…plus, I’m sure Madonna is avoiding a hundred photographers snapping his pic and scaring him to death…no problem with the cutie staying at home…

  • maya

    First, Guy and Rocco look a tad uncomfortable. Of course Rocco more than dad. Second, why is everyone asking where the baby is? He’s a baby! Who brings a 1 year old to a movie premiere for God’s sake!

  • curious

    Lourdes is beautiful, but don’t you think she should get her eyebrows waxed? I am not being mean, but she is 12 years old. You know how cruel kids that age can be. I hope she does not get made fun of. They are pretty extreme, I looked at the close ups. I would think Madonna would do something about that. Just saying….

  • Carolina

    Hello everyone. I don’t think Rocco looks uncomfortable at all. He looks like he is having a silly time.

  • curiousidiot

    Curious : you obviously have a problem with your own self esteem. Didn’t your mother tell you that you don’t have to care what people think about you, as long as you are okay with yourself?????

    Life, get one.

  • curious

    to #11- Wow. I don’t have a problem with my self esteem at all. My comment was more about how kids at that age can really be vicious and I am sure she gets teased about her eyebrow. Was that personal attack on me really necessary?

  • T

    Curious, people personally attack on here all the time…but Lourdes may or may not get teased…I thought she could get teased more b/c her mom is Madonna…but people take things so personal on this site…some people need to act with some maturity…none of us know these celebs…I won’t even go there though…I could get into a little rant of my own…anyway, Lourdes is a cutie, so I’m not sure she would get teased…

  • curious

    Thanks T. If that person had bothered to actually read my post, they would have seen that I think she is a beautiful girl. I just hate to think about her getting shit for something that can be helped.

  • Anna

    Yes, Curious, I think she needs to have her eyebrows waxed. She has a beautiful face and those eyebrows are horriblet! It’s a fact, everybody noticed but only curious mentioned it.

  • yep!

    If she was getting teased about her eyebrows I’m sure something would have been done about it – obviously it is not a problem. I have very bushy eyebrows – always waiting for them to come into style ha ha – anyway – I never, ever had anyone say anything to me about them – had a few comments about my butt though.

  • Angela

    Lourdes is only 10. Her eyebrows look okay to me. She looks so much like her father, Carlos Leon.

  • T

    See, I think Lourdes definitely has her father’s skin tone, color of eyes, hair color, but I think her face is 100% Madonna…either way, she is a beautiful girl…

  • Wiki

    Lourdes is a beautiful girl. I think she looks exactly like Madonna; same face. She’s only 10, no need to plack her eyebrows at that age.

  • Bonnie

    Lourdes is gorgeous!

  • person

    Lourdes is stunning. I worry aout the exposure that this beautiful 10 year old may be exposed to. way to many freaks out there.

    I hope M and G know that.

  • carrie

    leave the little girl alone , she is just a kid , don’t try to rush her into adulthood so fast . she should enjoy these carefree years without the worries of waxing, there is plenty of time for that to comeshe only has one childhood.she is beautiful

  • Garbo

    hi guys, couldnt help but comment … that little girl is pretty, and still a very little girl, I should think she has enough on her plate already with such high profile parents! P.S. I think they are human and vulnerable too same as all of us ….so try and picture yourselves in their shoes and see how you feel if someone criticized your appearance or commented on your private life!

  • Henry James

    Interesting blog post. What would you say was the most important factor in using NLP?