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Sienna Miller Premieres 'Factory Girl'

Sienna Miller Premieres 'Factory Girl'

The lovely blue-eyed Sienna Miller was on hand last night for the 22nd Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which hosted the premiere of her new movie Factory Girl at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif. Pictured below: Roger Durling and Jonathan Sedgewick

On Monday, Sienna will be in Manhattan for the NYC premiere of Factory Girl, in which she stars as muse Edie Sedgwick.

Of Note: Jonathan Sedgwick was Edie‘s youngest brother — born 5 years before her in 1938 — and the sole male survivor of the immediate Francis M. and Alice Sedgwick clan. As with Edie, he is also a second cousin to actress Kyra Sedgwick.

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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I’m so standing on the fence about this girl, one min I see her and she looks hot, next time I see her, she looks kind of like a boy [very odd]
    She was on Leno last night, and she has a cute little [TV] personality, tho her accent doesn’t work for her.
    I’m wondering how many movies she been in, because she gets a lot of press and I cant recall any of her work, other than Layer Cake and Alfie. both films she wasn’t the lead. Hmmmmmmm.. Looks and who you F*ck will take you along way.

    Overall cute photo’s

  • youknowit

    Hmm…Johnathon was born 5 years *before* edie? Wouldn’t that make him her oldest brother?

  • Lori

    Pretty girl! I love Sienna

  • sarah

    i’m confused about your wording:
    Jonathan Sedgwick was Edie’s youngest brother — born 5 years before her in 1938 (???)— As with Edie, he (???) is also a second cousin to actress Kyra Sedgwick.

  • missy

    whoever is gonna watch this movie ist Sooo SICK……….so waste of money…….i mean watching fugly sienna in a total ridiculous movie about a NOBODY made by a NOBODY(who married his own stepdouther……sick) and with a NOBODY in the main role!!!!!!…………..well

  • louveciennes

    Factory Girl is going to suck so hard, in a weird way I’m almost looking forward to it. Everyone loves a trainwreck!

    p.s. What is a “stepdouther”?

  • Julianne

    all of Edie’s brothers were older than her. But Johnathan was the youngest of the boys.

  • T

    Ugh…I hate this woman…she has tried for so long to make us believe she is this trend setter and great actress…I wouldn’t have even known her if it weren’t for Jude Law…she wants to be Kate Moss, but Kate wears it 100 times better…sorry, I’m not buying into Sienna as anyone’s sweetheart…I may change my mind if she can convince me she is a serious actress…

  • Lori

    I like this girl from what i’ve seen of her lately, yes she’s made some fumbles like the shi*sburgh thing but I read that she met with the mayor of pittsburgh live on tv and had a chat and a tour around the city. I was very amazed how people responded there considering most of the people there probably didn’t know who she was. Even the bouncer at that bar where she supposedly had a melt down,cause she couldn’t have any drinks cause she had no id,said he didn’t know her, but she mysteriously made a big stink when she commented on the city. I don’t get it and probably never will. I think she’s stuck in a rut at the moment because she wants to date someone very famous but doesn’t want that kinda fame, but doesn’t want to loose that love either Maybe someday her career will overshadow her relationship. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt because all actors/actressess have to start somewhere. Even if it means getting famous by association.

  • Ria

    Wasn’t she supposed to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for this role according to her and Harvey Weinstein? Ha-ha.

  • T

    Well, is Factory Girl even out yet?? There was Oscar buzz, but I’m not sure if it was for this year or next…I will still say that I do not like this girl…she will have to prove me wrong thru her acting career…if she wants people to take her seriously, then prove us all wrong…someone (can’t remember his name) pulled out of association with Factory Girl b/c he knew Edie personally and said the script was s***…that it wasn’t accurate…isn’t there also a problem with Bob Dylan?? I thought he was suing the producers b/c the musician character in the film is so obviously him and they blame him for pushing Edie over the edge…something that he still denies today…

  • Ria

    Harvey Weinstein rushed Factory Girl to be eligible for this Oscars. He spent money hand delivering teh DVDs to the Golden Globes people and the BAFTA voters.

    The GG’s ignored Sienna for Maggie Gylenhaal(for a well deserved turn in SheryBaby)and the BAFTAs did not include her in their list also. Weinstein admitted that he did all these for Sienna who so badly wanted a nomination to establish her “actress” status.

    And in case somebody wants to flame me for this, I am just quoting Harvey’s words in his interview with TheEnvelope.

    I am thinking that all the Oscar buzz for Sienna was all a big hype to get her a buzz.

  • dolorescraeg

    time will tell if sienna deserves the fame she obviously wants. if she has that intangible called stardom ,or as many people feel, she is just a pretty.vivacious girl like so many others who came to the public s attention because she was jude law’s girlfriend. it’s amazing how much publicity she got because of jude, without ever doing anything worthwhile on the screen. she has jude law to thank for where she is today. we’ll see how the public receives her in her next films. she’ll either become a star or fizzle.

  • pokeme

    to answer youknowit, Johnathan is the youngest brother of 3, the other 2 killed themselves in the early to mid 60′s.

    I have only seen the trailor, but I just finished “Edie- An American biography” – and I can assure you that Sienna could never capture the pathos and pain of Edie Sedgwick. Short of Merryl Strep I doubt many could.