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Tyra Banks is People Magazine’s covergirl this week, fighting back against the tabloids for mocking her after gaining 30 pounds. The ex-model is happy with her post-model size and claims, “If I had lower self-esteem, I would probably be starving myself right now.” At 5’10″, 161 lbs., and with “all the self-esteem installed in me, the criticism still hurts.” Check out the full article below!

[Scans via Sammie323]

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59 Responses to “Tyra Talks WEIGHT GAIN”

  1. 1
    b Says:

    She’s not fat.

  2. 2
    fan Says:

    I love her,she’s a smart woman.

  3. 3
    AverageWoman Says:

    I wish I was 5’10 and 161 – instead of 5’8 and 200lbs and losing.

    She looks f-ing great!

  4. 4
    dire Says:

    I love her

  5. 5
    cutie Says:

    tyra rocks

  6. 6
    Joey Says:

    Tyra is one big pain-in-the-a**. I am so tired of her gum flapping . Poor thing, she leads such a horrid life.

  7. 7
    bdj Says:

    The armpit pose must be popular. First Beyonce and now Tara. I guess it must make a person look thinner when they pose that way. I would try it, but I am sure that it won’t have the same effect and may get me arrested.

  8. 8
    Angela Says:

    She is not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks great.

  9. 9
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    She’s not fat, to as skinny ass girl who only weighs 98lbs, Yes..
    After years of having to be skinny for her career, cant blame her for
    eating like a normal person now. She looks perfectly fine to me.
    Skinny is so not in, especially when your not naturally skinny.

  10. 10
    aseverme Says:

    She looks great, not fat at least to me but she has always had horrible legs, weird shape

  11. 11
    loverofone Says:

    da hell? Tyra is fine as hell! The girl is healthy and lovely! See, hollywood has a F*&* up view of beauty, and unfortunately these poor white girls are buying in to this “distorted” crap and dying as a result! She is the epitome of “beauty and class” she is down to earth and for real, aint nobody perfect especially these celebs the media needs to stop portraying them as such! Hell, personally I look better than most of them anyway, I may not be rich or famous but I am happy and healthy! GO TYRA! i gotcha back, from one healthy sexy girl to another! HOLLA

  12. 12
    Canadian girl Says:

    Tyra looks like a real woman – curvy, healthy and beautiful. The publications (STAR, Enquirer) that printed the photos of her saying she’s fat are targeted towards women. They are just sensationalistic garbage. Men don’t read these publications…and men think that TYRA is gorgeous. They love her curves. Skinny, bony, skeletal, unhealthy bodies are a turn-off. I applaud Tyra for this. She is 161 lbs and absolutely beautiful! I wish that more young women out there would realize they are not doing themselves any favours by starving themselves. I have always been naturally curvy and the guys have always pursued me. Maybe it’s because I was eating real food so my hair and skin always look glowing and healthy. I am happily married, but if I were I guy, I’d be in love with TYRA!

  13. 13
    inshape Says:

    um… still fat
    she doesnt eat like a normal person, because she is overweight. she eats more than a normal person. and even if most women out there look like that, it’s still overweight, it’s still unhealthy.
    let’s look at other healthy role models, like jessica biel, who is in amazing shape, healthy and happy.
    our society needs to face its problems rather than normalizing them by sugar coating things with names such as “curvy” “average” “real woman”. it’s fat and its bad for you.

  14. 14
    me Says:

    At 5’10″ and 161 lbs., she’s not considered overweight or fat. Her BMI is 23.1 which is normal.

  15. 15
    Amy Says:

    You go, Tyra! She isn’t fat, though they did photoshop the hell out of her here. I’m sick of people who can be stick thin and still have humongous boobs (Angelina Jolie). Having cleavage doesn’t necessarily make a curvy, healthy woman. Let’s face it, ladies, most people need a few extra pounds to have great racks and booty. With her height, 150 lbs is nothing.
    Not trying to defend celebrities because they still deserve to be ragged on, but the media is unfair to them in the weight department. Alba’s too skinny, Tyra is a lard…not every woman is lucky enough to have the body type that Scarlett has.
    Picking on Nicole Richie is old. I hate when people say the ideal Hollywood body type is to have a 12-year old boy’s figure (because it isn’t; nobody likes it). The ideal HW body is to be thin and still somehow retain a large rack and butt. That’s why Jolie bothers me so much, except that she still doesn’t have a booty.

  16. 16
    magnus Says:

    What a fat useless hog.

    Waddle your critical old ass into a gym.

  17. 17
    KA Says:


  18. 18
    john Says:

  19. 19
    Bonnie Says:

    Tyra’s beautiful…. You go, Girl !!!!

  20. 20
    da Says:

    Don’t hate her,she’s very look good.

  21. 21
    magnus Says:


    You’re wrong. She’s fat and disgusting inside and out.

  22. 22
    gisella Says:

    i think it’s assholic how some people and tabs have slammed her. i think she looks fine and will always be a gorgeous woman, regardless of weight. however, it’s not a good idea to promote pancakes and fried food as a way to live in a country where obesity is epidemic. how about finding a happy medium between eating only fruit and fish and gorging on junk? i agree that jessica biel is a great role model, but people also need to be aware that a) most people who follow jb’s regimen will still not be able to look like she does b) ditto for tyra’s regimen–most people would become much heavier on a diet like that. the best idea is to just cut the celeb bullsh*t and be healthy. don’t eat junk to excess, work out most days of the week. challenge yourself. be proud. and if someone tells you it’s not good enough, f**k em.

  23. 23
    Ava Verhaal Says:

    Jolie’s mother just die? I read in the online newspaper and I am looking for information, but I can’t not find in anywhere!

  24. 24
    natasha Says:

    Who cares if she is thin or fat. And it’s obvious these photos have been airbrushed.

    On the 1993 photo, where it says that she had her chest bound with bandages, I’d like to add that I clearly remember (I have perfect memory btw) her on some show in the mid to late 90′s where she was explaining why she decided to have a boob job (“….my behind was bigger than my chest, blah, blah, blah”).

    She is a fake lyer, and whether she is 120lb or 220lb, I will never watch any of her shows.

  25. 25
    natasha Says:

    she had a boob job around 1996.

  26. 26
    Capriciousdiva Says:

    I’m not putting Tyra down about her weight or anything but recently she was in a UK magazine on a beach in a swimsuit and she was way bigger in them pictures so i think some air brushing has been going on!

  27. 27
    marcbrown Says:

    She is looking pretty fine still.

  28. 28
    Randi Says:

    She looks good and I believe she would fall into the healthy weight range. However, I don’t recall her leading the ‘health’ charge 30 lbs ago.

  29. 29
    Sara Says:

    161? That’s nothin! She’s a tall woman. It’s not like she’s 5’4. Jeez. No wonder so many girls have eating disorders!

  30. 30
    lauren Says:

    i think it is crazy that she is so “proud” of her weight yet she is airbrushed within an inch of her life. also, her two different diets are pathetic. she is either eating too little or too much…wow talk about the picture of health.

  31. 31
    Outta The Blue Says:

    Although I don’t think she is fat, I don’t believe that she weighs 161 pounds. I think it is more. She is 5’10 and I’d say she weighs closer to 180. Not as bad a fib as Kirstie Ally (is that her name?) saying she weighed 145 when she appeared on Oprah—now that was a ridiculous lie–but still I think she fibbed a little. She still looks pretty good. I don’t blame her for wanting to eat now that she’s not modeling!!

  32. 32
    klm Says:

    If she wanted to prove a point then she should have requested that the photos not be airbrushed. furthermore, unless she has absolutely no muscle, she has to weigh more than 161

  33. 33
    linely Says:

    She looks great !!
    Finally a REAL WOMEN !!

  34. 34
    suzanne Says:

    she’s fat. she’s a fat dumb ni#gger

  35. 35
    Audrey Says:

    Tyra rocks! The people who are saying she’s fat are deluded…y’all remember Marilyn Monroe? Yeah she was no skinny biotch, that’s for sure. But she was fabulous. It’s a shame there are so many people who are nothing more than skin and bones these days.

  36. 36
    Karen Says:

    Suzanne #34:

    Obviously you wrote that for attention. Get a job, get a life, and an
    Oh, by the way. “Yo momma”.

  37. 37
    Cheryl Says:

    By model standards she is fat…Welcome to the real world Tyra! You still have all those millions, so GET OVER IT and stop overreacting and playing the victim role.

  38. 38
    ashylarry Says:

    I read that article. She looks good, but her “regular” diet is awful. People should not be eating fried foods on a regular basis.

  39. 39
    MIKESMOM Says:


    You are not worth the toilet paper she use to wipe her big fine
    fluffy.. a s s ……. and there’s nothing dumb about getting .. RICH..

  40. 40
    lolla Says:

    yeah i lovve her , she is not like other stupid models, she likes herself and that’s really ok! she isnt fat!

  41. 41
    dina# Says:

    INSHAPE, I so do agree with you. While Tyra has a lovely face, she is a little bit overweight. That is never healthy as much as people want it to be. And to say that
    she doesn’t have to live up to “those standards” anymore, is to say that now she can let herself go ?!

    Thanks for putting the whole point in only a few but powerful words.

  42. 42
    Oliver Says:

    It’s quite funny

    The table has turned

  43. 43
    GagaforTyra Says:

    She looks good to me!

  44. 44
    Bootylicious Says:

    She’s fat!!!! Puhlease. She has great muscle tone. And just because she weighs 161 lbs doesn’t mean it’s all fat. I bet she’s no bigger than a size 8.

  45. 45
    I.Q. Says:

    Finally a model who has some real business sense.

  46. 46
    Domino Says:

    Absolutely one of the best bodies in the biz and still is…

  47. 47
    DrJube Says:

    I think I’d be able to make a better judgement on how she looks if she weren’t airbrushed and photoshopped to within an inch of her life. What a joke. She says she’s proud of her body? yeah right.

  48. 48
    Monica Says:

    You people who are being negative-saying she IS fat- are out of your minds!!

  49. 49
    anastaia hudgins Says:

    tyrs fat…. what the hell….. she is gorgeous, she insipes people, and gives back to the world. Pepple need to realize GOD gave us cruves so we learn how to work the not work them off.

  50. 50
    Dionedra Says:

    You guys are retarded, you don’t even know the woman. What right do you have to say anything positive or negative about her in the first place. Does she talk about you? I think not. Grow up!!

  51. 51
    Dionedra Says:

    one more thing …

    Every photograph in magazines, or what have you, is airbrushed you dumb ba*tards. It’s called tricks of the trade. Not to mention that with professional photography there are many a filtered lenses to also enhance photo’s. It’s not one of the cheap $10 disposable cameras your critical broke selves might be used to.

    If the photo’s were never edited they wouldnt sell as many copies of their issue due to all the self righteous and critical people around the world who have nothing better to do then live vicariously through celebrity lives. “Normal,” “ugly” or fat people just don’t make for good business in this society.

  52. 52
    scigirl Says:

    Tyra is the hottest and coolest celeb ever!!!!

  53. 53
    Rachelle Says:

    She is the only women in the fashion industry to try and change the idea that sickly thin models are the “beautiful people.” 161 …sure she could be more but it is better than starving herself. She looks healthy and she should be proud of it!

  54. 54
    Kira Says:

    First, all of you people who talk sh** about her being airbrushed need to get a reality check. Did you ever bother to think that she didn’t want to be airbrushed? No, I don’t think so. If she models for someone 99% of the time she has no say if they airbrush or digitally fix her photos. So she IS proud of her weight/looks regardless of what you brainless morons think.

    Second, to the girl natasha, so what if she got a boob job. If she felt her curves didn’t look right and did a little something about it then good for her. It was her F***ing job to model and if she wants some bigger boobs to help her with that so what? It’s not like she she went over board with it like some people.

    Third, this mainly goes to magnus. You are the “useless hog”. You are the reason there are girls out their dying from anorexia and bulimia. From the sounds of it you are one of those psychologically messed up people with an eating disorder. And you know what, it ain’t that big of a deal that you think she’s fat the problem is you think she ugly. Not just on the outside but the inside to. How can someone who devotes a part of her life to helping people out there with eating disorders and trying to be a role model, not just a “model”, but a role model for all the girls out there who really need help, how can someone like that be ugly huh? answer me that.

    Tyra Banks is one of the most beautiful people on the face of the planet. Even if you don’t think she’s pretty on the outside which is fine because “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but you don’t need eyes to see that she is beautiful on the inside.

  55. 55
    TAO Says:

    I say if she wants to be a true role-model, there’s no need to reinforce excuses women make to eating right and getting in shape. There are enough of those to fill 10 seasons of Tyra shows. If you want a little honesty, tell the 230 lb women that they’re out of shape and give them a real diet and exercise regimen that works.

    Nobody’s criticizing anyone because they’re not a size 0. Last time I checked, Nicole Ritchie gets slammed even more for looking like Skeletor. Nobody’s saying starve yourself. Drop the excuses and do what you need to do to look and feel healthy. Or don’t, and whine about being a victim of society while slurping down a carton of Rocky Road. It’s up to you.

  56. 56
    jackie Says:

    hi tyra
    my name is jackie i am 29 and 4,4 and 155 pounds i am wheelchair bound and can not workout to easy i need to loss weight i don’t feel sexy tyra can u please hope me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  57. 57
    James Says:

    Hi, all banks is here ! –

  58. 58
    deborah Says:

    Yea, it is a shame that Tyra can’t be for real. She had a boob job, wears a weave, dons fake fingernails and tons of makeup. I guess because of the boob job she feels that she can let it all hang out. She’s living her own reality and real believes that she is a natural curvy beauty. Not!

  59. 59
    reneemoore Says:

    she is beautiful and NORMAL, I am just like her 5″10 and weight 160 and I look great, normal healthy body weight for how tall I am! knowbody would ever think I am fat if you see me in person, when i have been with less weight I looked sick and never eat anything, I eat very healthy today and this is just the way I am, crazy that some people here have said that she is fat and unhealthy when by height the normal rages are from 145 to 165 pounds more you are fat, less you are under weight.

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