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'Casino Royale' Premieres in China

'Casino Royale' Premieres in China

Daniel Craig and girlfriend producer Satsuki Mitchell are out and about in Beijing, China today for the premiere of his 007 film Casino Royale. Craig was excited to be in China saying, “It’s been an ambition of mine to get here, and I wish I had more time.”

Casino Royale director Martin Campbell (pictured below) was disappointed Monday to find pirated DVDs of “Ling ling qi” — Chinese for 007 — on the streets of Beijing, hours before the film’s China premiere and called such fakes a huge problem for the industry.

Daniel Craig on copyright piracy: “It hasn’t premiered here yet, but I think it’s been seen here. Someone tried to sell me a copy last night. I was wearing a hat and glasses so they didn’t recognize me. I understand the reality of the situation and it saddens me, not just because of the effect it has on the movie industry but because going to the cinema is a great experience. You’re missing out by watching a bad copy of a DVD with no sound and bad picture quality. As far as I’m concerned cinema is a collective experience and you get 50 percent more by going to the cinema.”

Also pictured below: Eva Green.

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  • Dawson

    I have nothing against Satsuki Mitchell, but can we PLEASE stop referring to her as “producer” unless she’s actually produced something? I don’t believe this is her fault, probably publicists who want to make her more interesting and think this is the way to do it. She was probably a very competent executive at the company she last worked for, but a producer? No. Besides, it seems her real job title now is “Daniel Craig’s girlfriend”. Jealous? You bet!

  • SF

    I second that! Can I see him without his twin who is wearing same clothes, same shades, even the same expressions? I am getting a bit bored with seeing his double.

  • magnus

    AH the bottom feeders.

    That girl is fantastically hot and saying she wasn’t an exemplary producer is pure speculation. For all you know she’s the reason Casino Royale was so great!

    Wait until she’s Daniel Craig’s wife and has his 00offspring.

    As you can probably tell I’m a little tired of the JJ herd ripping on her. She’s hot and I don’t mind giving her the benefit of the doubt per her skills helping get the movie made.

  • magnus

    btw: There’s no such thing as copyright piracy in China. The laws restricting reproduced content, intellectual property or not, don’t exist.

    Sorry Mr Campbell.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    It was far from a slow News weekend. What is this?!?

  • Karina

    Magnus – Ms. Mitchell was not a producer on Casino Royale and had nothing to do with that movie getting made.

  • Observer

    #1. I think if someone has ever produced anything and does not have other professional title, one can be legitimately called a producer. Just checked, and she has actually produced something, and quite recently: see

  • Observer

    ps. Although I agree that in this case, it’s probably better to simply call her his girlfriend rather than the producer…, because nobody here knows her as a producer.

    It’s a matter of preference and politeness, I guess.

  • dawson

    As someone with a variety of produced credits, I can attest that the title of Co-Producer does not make one a Producer in the eyes of the industry. I have been an Associate Producer, an Executive In Charge of Production, a Co-Producer, etc. but I am in no way a “Producer”. The titles Mitchell is credited for are usually given to someone who works at the production company who made the film. While his/her work benefited the production, it does in no way imply that that person is a Producer. The term “Producer” is defined by very specific terms by the guilds. Just read the latest on Brad Grey’s fight to be named a Producer on Babel. These are not credits handed out willy-nilly by the industry, just seemingly by publicists bent on inflating a person’s accomplishments to make them seem more important. What is so wrong with saying she’s a Production Exec? Golly, would he love her any less? Would we think she’s unworthy? Doubtless, and who cares? I do wish her well and hope that one day she warrants the title, but solely for her work and not due to her smoking hot boyfriend and someone else’s idea of what label is important.

  • ilikeu

    He could do a lot better but maybe he needs someone that can walk around with him all the time. I heard Kate Moss dumped him because he was too clingy.

    I’m a good clinger…

  • blue

    You know here is the real issue with copyright laws, instead of going after teenagers on Youtube why don’t they deal with real copyright violations?

  • Nobody

    She’s said to be a producer on “The Jacket” but watching the credits on that flick, her name never shows up.

    Lucky, is what she is. Imagine waking up to him every morning. Meow.

  • gia

    I’m a good clinger too. Maybe he fancies a menage a trois; ili, I’m leaving Satsuki out. Still SO hot. I’ve decided I’m not looking @ the producer/gf anymore. That only leaves me less time to drool over him be4 I have to go to the gym.

    Magnus, would u take a min to tell us whom else you consider hot among celebs?

    Thanks JJ 4 keeping up w/DC 4 us!

  • AK

    Hey magnus….it’s not your birthday, but I’m gonna send you a gift card to Lenscrafters anyway.


  • gia

    nah – he needs lasik

  • Not that it matters

    What is the attraction for her?? She is so hard to look at. I just don’t understand when there are so many pretty women in the world.