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Daniel Radcliffe Goes Shirtless in 'Equus'

Daniel Radcliffe Goes Shirtless in 'Equus'

Daniel Radcliffe, best known as the boy-wizard Harry Potter, is set to star in classic stage play Equus later this summer about a young man who blinds six horses in a torrid ritual. Check out these promo pics of the 17-year-old!

Daniel said, “I’m really excited to be part of this production. I’m thrilled to be working with Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter‘s Uncle Vernon Dursley) again. This is obviously a huge departure for me as an actor, but Equus is such an amazing play that this really was an opportunity not to be missed.”

UPDATE :: For pictures of Daniel Radcliffe’s butt in Equus, CLICK HERE!

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daniel radcliffe shirtless 02
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daniel radcliffe shirtless 04
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daniel radcliffe shirtless 06
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  • Capriciousdiva

    Oh my…wow…harry potter..looking very

  • MarieMJS

    Hes all grown up, I saw the picture on the leakycauldron some hours ago, and even was down because of people freakin out to see the pics… Thats a very important move for him as an actor, and gosh, hes only 17, and he looks great!!! I can’t wait to hear the first reviews of the play, I may jump in the Eurostar to see it ;)

  • Fattie


  • Fernanda

    very hot!!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


    Is that Little Harry Potter? Little Hairy Potter [Lmao]
    The lil wizard has a little 2 Pack now.

    From boy wizard to sex symbol?
    Next thing you know Harry will be pimping out Hermione when hes not using her for his own personal oral favors, and Ron will be selling Coke for him to Dumbledore and the other teachers.

  • michele

    MY EYES!!!!!

  • Ams

    Does anybody else think he looks like Elijah Wood? Or is it just me?

  • louveciennes


    I feel about a thousand years old right now.

  • Nando

    He looks good. Could use a bit more iron-pumping but good going, man!

    P.S. He looks like a zombie compared to that chick that’s wearing a strap-on-cock humping him from the back. :clicks fingers and points at y’all:

  • Julianne

    oh my god. I’ll never look at Harry Potter the same way again. He looks hot though!

  • Annika

    Ugh, I’m sorry but he just looks aweful. He’s way too pale. No, not appealing to me at all. I guess he thinks this role will help people see him in another way than just as Harry Potter but he’s never going to overcome that.

  • pookie

    I’m sorry but he’s not HOT AT ALL..
    he looks like a death person I mean He’s so pail… and I have nothing against Daniel I Like him but he is skinny and so not hot

  • pookie

    I agree with you Annika

  • Kristine

    oh HELL no!

  • Mika


  • carrie nae

    oh, myyyyyy……

  • Crystal

    Someone needs a sandwich.

  • Amy

    Ew that’s like looking at my brother.

  • MarieMJS

    Mmm I guess the pale and skinny go for the role honestly, for those of you who have read the play, it makes perfect sense… Im pretty impressed he decided to accept that role, its reaaaaally not easy… I really hope it will allow him to show his real possibilites as an actor, and I wouldn’t mind knowing in a near future he has become a stage actor after Harry Potter, I really don’t want him to be stuck with the HP role, such as Mark Hamill with Luke… Give him a chance!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    First Harry shows off his boy hair and 2pack, next thing you know Hermione will get breast implants [34 DDDD's] and Ron will star in his own Celeb porno showing off his Man-Meat. Whats the world coming too.

    I cant let my son [5years old] watch HP when hes trying to be a sex symbol. No way! lmao

  • Isabelle II

    first of all WOW,
    second, Hairy needs to shave his “happy trail”

  • Isabelle II


    Daniel…..look me up when you turn 18

  • geniass

    Oh my eyes!

  • miranda

    kindof freakily pale and a bit hairy…

  • Lori

    When i first looked at his pic I thought the “happy trail” was a huge gapping wound that the surgeon forgot to sew up. It took me a few seconds to realize that’s just how his chest hairs grew in. Take another view,at the first big pic with the beautiful white horse,and see if you agree with me that at first it looks like his body is split open just above his bellybutton. He’s still a cutey.

  • Kristine

    a real life gollum!

  • Annie

    Now he just needs a tan, and a wax job. The scraggly hair just doesn’t work, better he go totally smooth.

  • Patsy

    I’d give him the shirt off my back-if he promised to put it on immediately!

  • EAG

    Knowing the play quite well let me just say Daniel will be going a bit *more* that shirtless. Traditionally the part requires quite a bit of full frontal male nudity. It is quite the role, actually. I do hope they keep the theater warm…

  • EAG

    Also, if this is an image from the play… it’s not supposed to be a pin up. He shouldn’t be tanned, he shouldn’t have the muscles of a gladiator, he shouldn’t be shaven.

  • Jorge

    What’s with all the idiots that are talking about Dan? I guess they missed Brad buying Maddox a cup of rice in New Orleans, so they have to rip on Dan. At least Dan is acting and doing what he loves and is worth more than you’ll ever be.

  • Emma

    If that was Emma Watson in pictures with barely any clothes on, she’d be called a slut…

  • black

    Oh yeah very important move for him……….

    That seems to go for all young actors these days.

    “I´m going to be 18 soon, so I have to get naked to be grown-up!”………….

    ——————-HARRY POTTER FOREVER——————————————–

  • pati

    hot !

  • Aleezy

    Before you know it he’ll be pulling a Dakota (rape) onscreen in order to escape his stereotypye as HP, but it won’t work! He’ll always be fondly remebered as Potter…

  • BT

    He should do well. And the box office receipts should be hefty as well. I really think he is right for the part. WOOOF. Thanks for sharing

  • Jorge

    There are more hi-res pictures here:

  • seb

    Is it wrong of me to say that i’m in love with a 17 yo? :) omg, he’s hot!

  • missy

    well,……i was never a fan of potter,but things can change – you know!

  • Patvan

    Taking that role requires a certain courage… and he is only 17… Good luck to him and do not listen to much to the biggots who cannot make the diffeence between the role (Harry Potter) and the actor…
    To Fug Face Manniston, your 5-y old son is in any case to young to watch HP…

  • Kat

    OMG!!!!! So frickin’ hot!! I just can’t believe it!! I don’t care if he’s skinny and pale, he can call me up any time!

  • anonymous

    eww hes ugly

  • Barbara

    He looks “Hot”
    He just needs to work with his muscles and
    that will do the

    Show us your MAGIC

  • Jillian


  • Cate♥

    EWWWW! He looks… gross and creepy. It’s nasty how he has hair on his chest. It makes me feel like throwing up in my mouth and swallowing it. He’s just really skinny, and pale and EYUCK! I used to love him as HP but now I’m going to see him diffrently. He just too cute when he’s twelve and not 17. :(

  • jane


  • http://google jane


  • http://google jane

    ouch, mine eye.

    and YES! elijah wood! totally the 2nd thing i thought.

  • laija

    sO hOoTtttt!!!!

  • Jeniffer

    heyyy i know that he looks sexy shirtless………but it dosn’t mean that he should take off his shirt…..i think he looks more gud in shirts i don’t want him 2 be called as one of the sex symbol as jhonny depp is carrying with him………