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Katharine McPhee Kicks It Into High Gear

Katharine McPhee Kicks It Into High Gear

Katharine McPhee has her album coming out this week and there are lots of upcoming appearances this week for her. Don’t miss any of them!

  • Tonight: The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno
  • Tomorrow: Self-Titled Debut Album in stores!
  • Wed, 1/31: The Today Show
  • Thurs, 2/1: Regis & Kelly
  • Thurs, 2/1: Guest Stars on Ugly Betty

Katharine McPhee did a recent interview with morning radio show hosts Brad Blanks. Watch it here. You can also check out her recent interview with People Magazine below! Other pictures are from McPhee posing for a portrait in Santa Monica, Calif., Monday, Jan. 15.

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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Bout time she starts to do something. But after hearing the album, boy oh boy.. Dis-a-ppointment. atleast she has her looks to fall back on. shes a little bit on the nice looking side.

  • kmillz

    yay 4 katherine

  • jayyad
  • winnowill

    jj, love you and love your site… i always look forward to your postings, just wished you didnt waste most of them on talentless twits like mcphake and slutenna miller. Dis-a-ppointment indeed.

  • me

    mcphake and mcpuke….bulimic bioatch……that’s how she really lost all her lbs.

  • me

    why is she dating such an old ass man!

  • Capriciousdiva

    Whose is this women anybody?
    What does she do?

  • xxx

    Love her. Im so excited to buy her cd. She’s such a talented and beautiful girl. She’s on her way to the top, haters cant stop it. =)

  • Kat is hot

    Thanks for the pictures. Beautiful. I’ve heard some of her songs and theyre really good.

  • darkangel

    Love her. Cant wait to buy her cd.

  • dbroom

    Thanks for the little piece on Katharine McPhee. I have had a chance to listen to her CD in advance and it is really nice. Lots of diversity and a great sound. She really shines on this album. From pop to R&B to a couple of great ballads, there is something for everyone. She is still discovering who she is, yes, and that will develop over time, but for a debut record, it really is stellar.

  • KatGuardian

    Thank you JJ for posting about Katharine. Sad for those lonely people that just come on to gossip sites to publish hate. More people love Katharine than hate her. Please keep posting news for her. The Kat Fan Club from Georgia here is getting stronger. She’s a sweet person in real life – can’t wait for her CD.

    Funny how it’s always those that have never met the person they are talking about that talk trash about them … for the simple reason of hiding their own imperfections.

  • Bob

    Thank you for the information. I previewed the CD on VH1 and must say it is great. It’s got a good mix of songs that show a new Katharine. Some pop, some R&B and some ballads, all-in-all very enjoyable. I’d give it 4 out of 5. I can hardly wait to pick up a CD.

  • hmmm

    Kat’s a sweet girl, I pray for the sick sick souls that come to these blogs just vent thier hate toward someone they do not even know.

  • Idol Crap Factory

    I predict Katharine McPhee’s new album is going to be as successful as Diana DeGarmo’s! Oh, wait…nevermind.

  • Idol Crap Factory

    “Kat’s a sweet girl, I pray for the sick sick souls that come to these blogs just vent thier hate toward someone they do not even know.”

    And I’m going to pray for your holier-than-thou. judgmental self. People are allowed to dislike “artists” (and I use that term very loosely when discussing those who come from the AI Crap Factory- they’re more like products, really), especially when they make music this bad.

  • celeste

    eek! I love her. I already heard her CD and I love it, can’t wait to go buy it tomorrow. she is truely talented and a beautiful girl.

  • Heidi

    Thanks Jared! Katharine is amazing… she’s going to be such a big star. I appreciate the post :)

  • Tanna

    Some of these posters all share the same IP address. She’s a beautiful girl.

  • Charles

    From what I’ve heard of via online streams this album is a one-hundred-eighty degree turn from the moth-eaten grandpappy tunes that she sang on American Idol. I suspect that radio may actually embrace this new sound.

  • [Fug Face Maniston

    know one thinks this album is going to be a success, not even her label. that’s why she got horrible promoting, her label isn’t backing her as much as they could. the most she’ll get out this album is 1 video tops. and they wont even spend $10,000 on it. [lol]

    I hope she does well. but she’ll be lucky [very f-ing lucky] if she goes gold [500,000copies] in 9 months. sh*t I don’t think she could even go gold on a ring tone, lmao

  • http://nowebsite Lisa

    Sorry McCunt fans, but there’s more hate than love for your girl. Get out of your little love filled bubble and actually check out other sites.

  • AI Fan

    Thanks JJ for the post! =)

    Here’s the deal: She may not sell as big as anyone thinks on the first week cause she is up against Norah Jones… so just deal with it.

    But hell yeah her album’s great. I already have the copy of it, ripped it from somewhere. Hehe. She has a great voice and the songs…. wow. Radio friendly and at the same time not the Fergie-mainstream type of songs. She undeniably has the best female voice from AI5 (best male goes to Daughtry, obviously)

    Buy her album guys! Don’t let these people-who-have-nothing-else-to-do-but-talk-the-shit-out-of-everyone-cause-they-know-they-can’t-be-as-big-a-star-someday.

    Good Luck Katharine. I’ll be buying your album for sure! =)

  • em745

    -”Some of these posters all share the same IP address.”

    Gee, now THERE’s a shocker. ;)

    ALL that hate… ALL that jealousy… concentrated into one teeny little IP address. :D

  • KatGuardian

    Ohmigosh! I just finished watching Kat’s interview with Brad Blanks! Hilarious! Her personality just comes out! I had never heard her sing the song “Open Toes” in acapella – it actually sounds better than with music.

    She acts like some of my friends – and my friends are hilariously funny like her, just a regular young 22-year old who will get better and better with experience in the music industry.

    And I predict she will still be around even when these haters continue their tirade about how she won’t be. And I will still be around defending her. Ha Ha

  • Kathie

    We already have Paris, so why do we need McPhee. The CD is crap, the lyrics are ridiculously childish. One blog did a take on the lyrics, I was laughing so hard. Now about real singers…

  • Wozzy

    Sorry, didn’t care for Katharine on AI (she was FAKE and AFFECTED) and don’t care for her music now. I’ve heard the insipid “Open Toes” and the poor man’s version of JoJo’s “2 Little 2 Late” in “Over It,” and I am HIGHLY unimpressed. Some people are singers and some people are ARTISTS. You know which one Kat is. Unfortunately, she’s neither! (HA! I bet you thought I’d be generous enough to even give her credit for being a singer!) Go back to sitting on the floor in a maternity shirt to relive your “Over The Rainbow” glory YET AGAIN, you bulimic, phoney baloney whore for Scientology.

  • katGuardian

    Sheesh! These people with such strong hateful words about Katharine is scary! It’s scary to think people like these are out there and have access to the internet. You can just see it in their words how they exude loneliness, loathing, and despair.

    It’s SO funny to “see” how they are by the way they write. LOL. They lead very sad lives and this is how they make themselves feel better.

    You can tell who is normal by the fair way they talk about Kat’s CD. If they like it, great. If they don’t, then they politely say so. No one has the same tastes.

    And then there are these REALLY CREEPY folks with their impassioned hatred, and every word that comes out is like…Brrrr…really scary. I hope they get some help.

  • Wozzy

    I think the scarier people are those who idolize reality tv contestants, become fixated on their every move, base their personal happiness on the number of CD’s they sell, and then adopt handles like “katGuardian”. I mean, really, that sounds like a brand of maxipad. Did you appoint yourself to that post or are you PeeShit McPhee in disguise? Anyway, I digress… you should save your “Brrrr” and goosebumps for your 18th consecutive YouTube viewing of Kat on The Regis Show, because we know that’s the kind of fulfilling life that YOU lead. ;-)

  • McPuke

    Shut your piehole, katGuardian. You’re prolly another bulimic fatty defending Kat.

  • KatGuardian

    Wozzy and McPuke.. haha…people like you are funny. That’s the kind of response I expected. Talk about overly sensitive to others’ blogs.

    At least my vocabulary and handle don’t include the type of language that belong in the toilet.

    My life is actually fulfilling and I have a 10 hour a day job that keeps me off the internet where I don’t spend hours on end finding every Kat blog to bash her intentionally. (I’m not bulimic and none of those things you believe me to be, which is also why I find it funny. You have no idea who I am.) Hahaha.

    Keep responding – I like seeing people like you get all worked up.

  • Wozzy

    Re-read your posts, KotexGuardian, and you’ll see who’s the one getting worked up. The saddest thing is that you’ve got yourself in such a lather for a demi-celebrity, a total poseur. Honsetly, your defensive posts and “haha’s” are absolutely dripping with insecurity. If I were nicer or maybe a chubby-chaser, maybe I’d actually feel for you since you are so tragic. Anyone who has to talk about their 10-hours-a-day job and life fulfillment doth protest too much, no? I figure between these long days and several hours of idol/YouTube Kat viewings per week, your social calendar must be full!

  • KatGuardian

    Hi Wozzy! Hee hee ha ha hee hee ha ha. You amuse me. You know this is all just a joke to me. I don’t really take anything you say seriiously.

    Take a chill pill. Bye Bye!