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Brad Pitt to Paparazzi: "You Guys are Unbelievable"

Brad Pitt to Paparazzi:

Brad Pitt was spotted leaving an office in West Hollywood, Calif late last night for a business meeting, reportedly. He was seen carrying a copy of a the Ron Hansen book, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (one of Brad‘s new films that wrapped up last year and due out later this year). Brad, for obvious reasons, wasn’t very welcoming of the horde of paparazzi that swarmed around him as he hopped into his car. Before leaving, Brad addressed the paparazzi saying, “You guys are unbelievable.”

Other pictures include Brad and Angelina Jolie driving around L.A. earlier in the day. Also included is one scan of Brad Pitt in the table of contents of this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

Brad Pitt calls paparazzi “unbelievable” [via FlynetOnline]

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  • Bradleyfan

    Poor Brad……

  • Teutoburger

    Well do’oh. His love’s mother just died and those beasts are hounding him still. Are they thoroughly devoid of any moral scrouples? Leave them alone!

  • saj

    Thoughts and prayers are with the Bamzs family. Just wish the paps would give them the respect and leave them alone.

  • creativegirl

    oh how awful…I know we are sitting here reading this and commenting, but gosh this wasn’t necessary. Shame on them.

  • hey hey

    If the papz let them be for the rest of the time until after the funeral, I for one would willingly give up blogging and searching for their pics on the internet. But do you honestly think the other bloggers would, and the papz would stop?

  • Aina Mª

    Leave them alone!

  • EasyEve

    I have to say that this is really sad. His partners mother just died, you think that they would have enough shame to leave them alone. Its almost as if they are feating on this. I hope that websites and magazines have enough decency not to post their pictures. At least so they don’t make a profit on them.

  • anon

    Brad is too polite to that crazy papz!
    I think he should call Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake :D

  • Original Curious

    You know, I don’t know why, but I’m shocked. I came by to read the other thread, and found these. Thank you JJ for showing us that they have so much more to live with than just their grief. I agree with hey hey…I want them to mourn in private, just like the rest of us.

  • B_Bold_B_Brave_B_Free

    hey hey Says:
    January 30th, 2007 at 7:08 am

    If the papz let them be for the rest of the time until after the funeral, I for one would willingly give up blogging and searching for their pics on the internet. But do you honestly think the other bloggers would, and the papz would stop?


    Exactly I think other sites would continue to do so and people would bash them if indeed people on this site would stop blogging. I mean JJ is the only gossip site where people with commen sense stand up for them.

    I know they are in the public eye and everything , but can’t there be some type of law that when celebrities face personal problems. A moment when their is some sort of crisis. A law is implemented that the paparazzi should stay away like 300 meters or something for a period of time like 6 weeks or so.

    When Brad was coming down the stairs I taught he said someting like ” Are you gonna (…) me out this time?” I couldn’t quite catch it.

    I wish them all the strength in the world in these hard times…sorry for my English.

  • april

    I guess with the paps there is no such thing as boundries. I was hoping JJ would not put these pics up, becuase Brad and Angelina are in mourning. The process of arranging the burial for a loved one is obviously a very sad and heart wrenching thing.

  • lara

    i dont like Ang or Brad – BUT i am truly sorry for her and her family and I hope all Brad and Ang haters and the papz will leave them alone in this time

  • Mediterranean

    If the paparazzis were pushing the doctor and each other to take a photo of Diana, Princess of Wales right after the accident in the car who was fighting for her life, what can we expect them to do to Angie?

    They don’t even have conscious for someone dying in the accident, do you think that they would respect Angie who just lost her mother? I don’t think so unfortunately.

    Dear Brad,

    We, as the fans, do trust you that you will be there for our Angie in this saddest time of her life. God bless all of you.

  • ntt

    I love to look at their pictures, but there is a limit. Leave them alone for once.

  • RobinQ

    Thanks for closing the old thread Jared.

  • NaNa

    Is Brad taking pictures of Paparazzie?
    I think one of the pappz kicked Brad’ car and called him asso.
    The pappz were really out of their mind.

    I feel really guilty of watching the video but I could not help myself.

  • creole

    i too think these pics are unecessary
    it is sad time

  • saj

    Yeah Brad is taking pictures of the Paps … maybe he will take some action against them at least i hope so. Enough is Enough of these bullies!

  • creole

    i also heard asshole in the end

  • creole

    i bet there will be a lot of policeman protecting the funeral

  • Grace

    Blessings and peace with the family at this time.

  • Jo

    NaNa Says:

    January 30th, 2007 at 7:28 am
    Is Brad taking pictures of Paparazzie?


    I just came here to comment on that. Brad is taking pictures of the vultures, and surely for some purpose! The laws on privacy protection seem way to loose in Usa.
    I love knowing about my long term and only favorite star – Angelina- but this makes me feel sick.

  • Sheri

    These family is greaving, for once it would have been nice for the paps to show some respect. For some odd reason I’m shocked. I should know better but I am. My prayers are with this wonderful family.

  • briseis

    Jared, at least you were classy enough not to comment on Brad’s looks the way did — saying he was looking a bit worse for wear. What did they expect? The man lost his mother-in-law, whom his partner really really loved — he’s supposed to have his hair coiffed, his face unlined, his demeanor red carpet ready? There’s a time and place for everything, and this was not the time for glammed up looks. Gosh, the papparazzis are making me hate them more and more.

  • anustin


  • bdj

    My thoughts and prayers are for Angelina Jolie, her brother and other family members during this time. May her Mother rest in peace. May Angelina find the strength to endure and find comfort in the love of Brad Pitt, her children, family and friends. Hang in there Angelinga. You are an inspiration to many. Thanks Just Jared for your sensitivity at this time. You have proven to be a giant among nasty bloggers who only care about the bottom line. Thanks for providing the link to donate money. Your site was one of the few that did. Thanks to all the fans for their encouraging words and prayers. Hopefully, Angelina will feel the love that
    her fans have for her throughout the world. Peace to all.

  • anustin

    i was just glad im not famous!LOLZ!huhuhuhu i wish iwas…..even like welliam hung.lolz

  • Sasha

    The Paps should stay away from this family for a while. Paps dont have any moral as if they dont have family or feelings.

  • Sasha

    I just took a look at that video and Brad was nothing but a GENTLE MAN to those sick sick Paps.

  • Hmmm

    briseis Says:


    Brad is and will always be hot … any day, anytime. Who cares about what other blog sites say? … I am the least interested and I do not need to hear it here.

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared

    Bless Angie, James, Brad, Mad, Z, and Shi.

    I am shock that the paps are on his tail but I don’t know why I am shock since we all know the aren’t the great bunch of people out their.

    I will continue to prayer for BAMZS and James, and their family memembers.

  • Eli

    Parapazzi are incredible, but you are too for using those pictures, you shouldn’t have for respect of their loss.

  • Madame Obvious

    The cat is out of the bag
    A Leopard CAN NOT change its spot
    The Scorpion ALWAYS stings
    Fug Face Maniston is the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.


    Eli Says:

    January 30th, 2007 at 8:01 am
    Parapazzi are incredible, but you are too for using those pictures, you shouldn’t have for respect of their loss.

    well said!

  • Isabelle II

    Oh no……don’t let them get to you, Zen master! Stay strong your fans’ love and prayers are with you!!!

  • Mediterranean

    If the Jolie-Pitts are not respected for their privacy at this time, they might move out of U.S.A. soon.

    They are mostly welcome to South of France…….

  • bluemoon

    I really hope they can control the razzis for the funeral.


    hi isabelle lool!

  • creole

    i have no doubt they will control them
    they will have some help by the authorities

    i’m for one to hope that Jared change his mind and don’t post these painful pics of Brad mourning ;
    we can do without , post a beautiful pic of Marcheline and kids instead , please;
    thank you

  • think positive!

    I didn’t expect to see any new pictures of the family for at least a month. But who am I kidding?? They took pictures of them just a day after Marcheline’s passing in the car.

    These “people” will not hesitate to do anything for money. And they can’t even take pictures from a distance. These greedy twits.

    I wonder how they would feel in they where in Brad’s shoes and they had cameras 24 hours a day shoved in their faces especially when you are mourning for the passing of the mother of your “wife”.

    Brad was a real gentleman to them. He could have said worse things.

    My best wishes to the whole family!!

  • Wendy



  • Lynn Campbell

    I can’t believe one of the papps actually kicked the car! Much love to BAMZS in this time and hopefully they know how many fans are thinking about them and wishing them well.

  • creole

    i miss Micky
    much power for him

  • Isabelle II

    TAFTOUFA! Says:

    January 30th, 2007 at 8:13 am
    Finally we’re here at the same time!

    We can not put jj, and other blog sites or magazines down for using these pictures that feed the paparazzi frenzy. we are all here looking, we are to blame too

  • Nonna

    I don’t think these pictures should be up at this time. These people deserve privacy and respect. She just lost her mother and all this does is encourage the paparazzi to harrass them.


    yep its toooo bad !they have no feelings +no respect values

  • Isabelle II

    I think they may have to move out of this country, for good, and for the sanity of the family. Johnny Depp had the right idea. After the recent bashing, and now the lack of common decency I think it is all too apparent


    thats right but i didnt take those pics or sent them to anyone so i cant blame my self too!cuz i just found them and i’m just saying that its not appropriate to post those pics …and any other pics of them out of their work in movies

  • creole

    We are not obliged to look at these pictures, if we all agree, afterall;
    We can show our support by letting know we don’t want these pics ;
    can we have beautiful pics of Marcheline ,Jared?

  • creole

    America is their country
    of course they are citizen of the world , but why not change the paparrazi laws instead?
    The governor must do something