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Wentworth Miller Sends a Message

Wentworth Miller Sends a Message

Welcome back! After last week’s lackluster episode of Prison Break, I am pleased to report that this episode more than made up for it! Many explosive moments and cast reappearances that can be best summed up in something I called, “The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty.” And check out more screencaps after the jump!


Only on Prison Break, can three guys manage to walk out of the front door in a place surrounded by cops and the media AND still manage to get away. Sucre returns and he is getting closer to Maricruz. He encounters help along the way. Mahone shows his FBI savvy skills when he figures out Michael and Lincoln’s declaration of innocence. All I can say is how does he do it?


Haywire returns but his new friend’s Sasha’s abusive father brings back terrible memories of his own. So he ends up dealing with her problem the same way he dealt with his. Nice to see that Bellick got the beating of his life from Banks and company. Certainly a twist of fate. And asking Katie to leave the door open for you?! Oh no, he did not go there! Caroline calls Kellerman and tries to win him back. Whose side is he really on?


What an elaborate way to send out a message! Twenty-six minutes of hidden messages hoping that his lady love would figure it out. Sara does and sends her own message to “Michael Crane.” I personally liked “Origami” better. Hey Michael, do you know that Nathan Petrelli borrowed your traveling suit?

[Written by geniass]
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  • prisonluv

    I’m the first?! Good episode and it was so funny seeing Linc and Michael on Fox News. And I’m not a big fan of Sarah, but Michael is so sweet when he talks to her tha I kinda didn’t mind her in this episode.

    I hope Kellerman does not turn on the boys!

  • Theja

    Dude how can you not like Sara she rocks. She and Michael are the perfect pair!

  • Kegger

    Yeah you are screwed up Man Sara is hot. She’s one of the best on the show the writes think so too as she has yet to be killed off. Have you watched it man. I’m guessing not! Rock on Sara we love you just like Michael does

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Good Episode, Hopefully More Action Will Take Place Next Week. Same Goes For Heroes.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Lmaoo@ Kegger’s comment “Sara we love you just like Michael does” How Creepy. Thats the type of guy to ********* during the whole show, then ********* on a magazine picture of Sara.
    Its so funny how some people actually live their lives through TV shows.

  • ks

    Love Sara and Michael! How they managed to have chemistry over the phone is beyond me. Cannot wait for future episodes!

  • ZeNd

    auch.. haven seen this eps.. coz im not in the states and i dont have cable. just waiting for some nice guy to upload it in youtube. lol

  • jemison

    umm ffg was all that really needed? and of course pb was excellente tonight…about time too j/k keep it coming went!

  • Bernise

    ZeNd, we have the same dilemma and the same hope, c’mon youtube, pull through for us please!

    love PB, love WENTWORTH MORE! hehe!

  • Jean Jeanie

    WENT IS DIVINE IN THESE PICS!!!! I love it when he is so serious!

    We are still waiting for series 2 to start here in SA….I MISS MY WENT TIME!!!!

    Why no WENT gossip? What is he up to outside of PB?

  • Liz

    The chemistry between Michael and Sarah is smouldering, you can feel it across the set. I lover too, but my crush is on Michael!

  • Retro_Illusion

    Good episode…but I was dissapointed there was no T-bag. It can’t be a great episode without my beloved T-bag :)

  • Kristi

    Great episode!! I was amazed how they got away, it was brilliant, another Scofield original!! Of course i would like way more Went in the episodes!!

  • AudreyHepburnFan

    “Hey Michael, do you know that Nathan Petrelli borrowed your traveling suit” —- lmao!!! :D

  • KBS

    Great episode. Love this show. Could anyone tell me who plays Sasha she looks fo familiar to me.


  • twirtie

    poor wenty looked tired on the run this week……..mmmm I’ll make him feel better!

  • geniass

    Sasha is played by an actress named Kaley Cuoco aka Billie from the last season of Charmed.

  • OriMyGami

    Last night’s hightlights for me were Sucre being helped by that kind village man and the phone conversation between Sara and Michael. I loved how at the end we got a little smirk from Michael when Sara said “I like the sound of that”, ie of them working together to resolve their predicament. Other than that, the epi was just ok. Some scenes were kind of predictable. Best part as always is Wentworth in our living rooms ever Monday night till April…yippee…

  • http://JUSTJARED RUE

    Sasha was also on 8 Simple Rules with John Ritter. That’s where I knew her from.
    Good episode but I’m dying for some physical contact between Michael and Sarah.

  • Jean Jeanie

    not fair that you are all seeing episodes we’ll on see from March…

  • kmillz

    i thought this episode was an improvement from last week. it had its good moments as well as its predictable moments. I just don’t understand how agent mahone can figure out everything so quickly. that makes the show seem so stupid . anywayz i agree with fug face, i hope heroes is better next week too

  • Tiki

    Mahone is a pain and you are right, the idiot figuring everything out so quickly is ridiculous. The man barely can take care of his family and does a bunch of dumb questionable stuff and everyone is supposed to believe that he is bright enough to figure out everything so fast.

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Does anyone think they’re winding down the show to conclude this season — or can they do another season?

  • john

    wentworth miller needs acting lessons, immediately!!!

  • Julissa

    oh no u didn’t john wentworth is an AMAZING actor….i love the phone conversation between sara and mike……At first, I thought that sara was going to the hospital and then she calls instead…I was quite disappointed because i wanted them to be face to face but the phone call was iight after i saw it….I loved the smirk went did when sara said “i like the sound of that” very cute!!…..Sara look B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L in this episode….but honestly sara isn’t miss smarty pants to figure out the damn message mike was saying…if i was sara i would of been all gassed about him talking about me and not even pay attention if it’s a message for me lol…I also love sucre but I was quite pissed when he stole the dude’s car c mon….he was all nice to you and then u going to leave him like that damn that f*cked up……but it ended well with the dude giving him money to get his girl MARICRUZ…..I still think Sucre should forget about Maricruz b/c she did him dirty with Hector but whateva…..ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES YET!!!!

  • marymi

    maybe we can kidnap a “bug” and hold HIM hostage…….:D

  • ( | )

    it’s always like a bunch of horny menopausal women in a wentworth topic.

  • wvufan

    I LOVED this episode!! next week will be even better….

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  • HollyKamila

    Hello everybody i am from poland:D Do you know how I can take intercommunication with Wentworth Miller maybe i can take his email??

  • Genny

    Hi. oh y god how much ilike prison break spicaly michel he is the bestb
    Iam from arab country we did not watch second part of prison break yetb Ifeel bad
    but ican understabd that how much it will be exiting whene we could wathed it
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  • Luthiane

    Hi, my name is Luthiane, live in Brazil and love Prison Break. I would like to congratulate all of the excellent work! Everyone here in Brazil expect the success of the next editions!