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Sienna Loves Her Stripes

Sienna Loves Her Stripes

Sienna Miller partied at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel last night with co-stars Guy Pearce and Jimmy Fallon Headline. The Cinema Society and Calvin Klein hosted a screening of Factory Girl. Earlier this morning, Sienna, 25, was asked by Today‘s Matt Lauer how her dad and step-mom felt about the sex scenes she had to do in the film. Check that out below!

Factory Girl opens in NY/LA theaters on Friday, Feb. 2.

Sienna MillerThe Today Show, 1/31
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  • bdj

    Are you stalking this woman Just Jared? or do you have a deep abiding crush? Just checking. I have learned a lot about Sienna Miller since I have been visiting this blog and I now know that she is the current “it” girl and has replaced Paris, Lindsay and Nicole. However, you did not post about her “date” with PDiddy. (Just Kidding).

  • Zkunis

    She sure is the “it” girl!! But I would never compare her to Paris, Lindsay or Nicole! She’s way much classier than those 3 girls!

  • browngirl

    she’s quite lovely

  • kae

    What’s interesting to me is that Jared has a Natalie Portman thread next to a Sienna Miller thread. Porman is clearly in a class way above Sienna Miller and always will be. These two women couldn’t be more different than one another. I’m not sure that I understand the fascination with Sienna Miller. Just another blonde with a trashy mouth, yes a trashy mouth. Apparently, when she’s not on camera, every other word that comes out of her mouth is f this, f that! If that’s the case, she is in the same category as Paris, Lilo and Brit. Way overrated!!!

  • Lori

    Jared, you’re the man. I missed that interview on tv. Thank you sooo much!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Yea, Jared wont post anything negative about her, which theres [alot] of.
    I think Sienna parties to much, a lot of wear and tear on her face. she’s not hot [anymore]. I still like her for some strange reason.

    I think Its pretty obvious that she will never be known for her acting.

  • louveciennes

    Damn, I can’t believe she’s 7 years younger than me! She looks ROUGH. And about 40 years old. And not a GOOD 40, either.

  • AHCB

    Well, at least she got dressed for the party at the Gramercy. She only wore underwear to the after party at the Chelsea. I guess we are the Chelsea afterall.

  • Zkunis

    I don’t know if every other word that comes out of her mouth is f**k, and she sure likes to party…but in the end of the day she’s just a girl trying to have fun in her life…she’s in her mid 20′s for god’s sake!! I don’t think U can compare her AT ALL with those 3 “ladys” you mention…they have completly diferent behaviours…Sienna loves life and she only does what ultimately makes her happy, no matter what! I mean, some people say she’s this and that cause she seems to get envolved with every co-star of her movies, but if being happy means you have to date 1000 guys till you find the one that really makes you happy..Sienna is up for it! :P I just like this girl!

  • Capriciousdiva

    This gals everywhere

  • luv

    my god i really need some new jude law pictures. Jared please help me out !!!

  • James

    She looks like she is knocking the door down on 40.

  • Jil

    Why isn’t Hayden doing any promotion for this movie? I want some pictures of him!

  • Jinn

    Coz he HATES that stupid skank!

  • alero

    I only know about S Miller because of Jared. All these young blonds actresses just blend into one.

  • Charles

    Sienna is quite charming during the Matt Lauer’s interview. Her British accent is so cute. I think a lot of people doesn’t respect Sienna because she’s famous for being Jude Law’s girlfriend. But I think her film projects will show everybody that she can act and not just known as a fashion icon or Jude’s on-and-off girlfriend.

    Life Magazine just declare Sienna Miller as Hollywood most famous IT girl. I can’t wait to go and see Factory Girl. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.

  • nora

    I believe Sienna has ‘something’,
    yea I agree, she is the “it” girl…
    She really shines in every premieres and interviews now.

    but then I think she loves all the publicity, all the praises.
    She’s just like Paris Hilton but nicer, classier…and brittish.
    Sometimes she talks too much in media.

  • suzzie

    the title of i”t” girl is not a good one. Usually the title goes away just like Edie. nicole kidman was never called an “it” girl. Also Life magazine come on now that is just ridiculous.

  • Tina

    I agree that the “it” title is not cool to get no matter what people think.It burns faster than your 15 minutes of fame and Sienna is sure getting them in full glory.And she should,i have seen FG and she is a great actress she will have no problem to transit from tabloid fodder to serious actress if she plays right.Cuz the girl got talent and noone can take that away from her,except herself.

    ps:She is on the cover of March US Vogue,looking stunningl!!!

  • dolorescraeg

    for me, she has absolutely no class. she is no different than a hundred other starlets. there is something very hard about her. whereas jude has an elegance about him. i’d rather see him with natalie portman. natalie went on record as saying “after working with jude that in every way he was perfect.” sienna is an out there, fun girl, a party girl and she came on strong to jude. i can see what attracted him to her but at the end of the day she’s not in his league as a person.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Sienna was hot last night on Conan O’brian. even tho her hair was Horrible.

  • Annie

    She’s become the trendy, but classy it-girl. Lovely