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What Goes Around JT... Comes Around

What Goes Around JT... Comes Around

Justin Timberlake will soon be debuting his new music video “What Goes Around… Comes Around” featuring Scarlett Johansson. Here are a few WOJ screen caps from the upcoming music video, which looks to have a very old school flavor to it (Scarlett‘s specialty). Above is Justin‘s Entertainment Weekly cover, which is out on newsstands tomorrow. Girls! Gossip! Grammys!

Watch a snippet of Justin‘s “What Goes Around” here.

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justin timberlake what goes around music video 01
justin timberlake what goes around music video 02
justin timberlake what goes around music video 03
justin timberlake what goes around music video 04
justin timberlake what goes around music video 05
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  • Fanye

    Oh my god ! He’s so handsome and i’m very excited to see the new video !!!

  • kmillz


  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I just watched both SNL episodes JT was on, and there still Funny. Hot song. Scarlett is hot. i’m sure the video will be good. adding about 100,000 more sales to his already platinum album

  • les


  • les

    I think he needs to have a deviated septum fixed too.

  • gina

    OMG has this twit hit puberty yet? Maybe since he is 26 his b*lls will finally drop and he will sound like he isn’t a 13 year old girl when he sings. He looks like a mutant baby boy. Anyone who finds this twit sexy is either into women or into doing it with a child. Blech

  • justsoyouknow

    oh hes so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!1 im bringin sexyback yea!

  • Sheila

    sorry, JT doesn’t do it for me! he just has a dull and boring face. besides, he wants to show everyone he’s got the innocent looks, but he’s truly a player.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Va[gina] Has all of his albums. [Lmao] Stop Fronting.

  • Jorge

    gina – I think Justin is sexy and I’m a gay man, I’m not into women or children…

  • hanna

    He looks like he hasn’t hit puberty for sure. he sounds castrated and isnt’even cute for a little boy. Anyone over the age of 16 who likes him should worry! He sound like a little boy and looks like one.

    He needs surgery to get his man parts dropped like 5 year old boys do!

    And he is fugly and talkes like a middle school boy swearing to be tough. He couldn’t bring sexy back, unless it’s for people who like boys – not men.

  • leah

    He is fug. He is as fruity as Michael Jackson. A bad white imitation. Complete with the dance moves that aren’t as good and the high pitched voice that never changed.

    Only difference is MJ was good looking before he freaked out and more talented. JT is fugly and girly.

  • woolymama

    nice job of photoshopping that wide face of his.

    what a freakin dog

    he is so NOT sexy – he’s like your little brother’s creepy friend or something

  • DrJube

    What everyone else said. Not sexy. He’s a complete dork. Maybe if I was 10 I’d like him.

  • Capriciousdiva

    He’s not even all that if you stop and look at him in still shots like this it just proves it

  • mel

    Went to JT’s concert yesterday in Montreal and the guy definitively brought sexy back. JT rocked !!!

  • Amy

    JT’s good-looking, and I love his music (mostly due to Timberland), but his personality…dunno. And I hate the fact that he’s only attracted to bottle blondes. ScarJo’s also been getting on my nerves lately, so I’m not so excited about the video. Curious, yes, but not particularily anticipating it.

  • awu

    i think he is butt ugly, sorry i don’t want to be mean but he is really not attractive to me. i just took a look at the picture again and my conclusion is his eyes and eyebrows look very weird:-(

  • patricia

    i’m not so sure justin is all that sexy………..he is cute i’ll give him that bbut he is like teenager that is about to grow into a man. Ilove his music i’ll give him that but sexy…………. dont know………..i mean compared to WENTWORTH MILLER he doesn’t stand a chance……anyone agree wit me????? But don’t get me wrong i love him to death!!!!!!!

  • missy

    FUGLY……..really i mean : where is he sexy?????………well , thats just the title of his first single and just a title

  • Fanye

    He’s very sexy yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You all are damn blindddddddddddddd

  • Lizzie

    Hahaha he’s very sexyyyyyy
    And you all are so damn blind !!!

  • http://deleted Bee

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    I like JT because he’s not a fruitloop. I am not feeling it sexually for him, but I like him a lot. He still seems too young to me. He’ll be like DiCaprio and grow up slowly. He can look really good sometimes, and at other times he’s so-so, just like any other movie star or entertainer.

    JT just needs to keep it real. He will do fine in show business if he stays decent and true. Don’t do weird things and go off on another strange plane.

  • FreeHolly

    Hope this video is better than MyLove and SexyBack because they were pathetic.

  • nanette

    your sexy justin call me