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Kal-el Cage Looks Super

Kal-el Cage Looks Super

Proud papa Nicholas Cage holds his son Kal-el Cage, 16 months, as they watch a street festival for kids in Nassau, Bahamas. Taken Dec. 21, 2006. Nicolas, 43, is one of many celebrities (Johnny Depp, Sean Connery, Lenny Kravitz) who have snatched up real estate in the Bahamas for a bit of privacy. Nicolas has a place there with this wife Alice, 23.

Said Nicolas Cage: “People are happy to meet you, but they don’t want to exploit you or want anything from you. It’s nice to be able to … take a walk on the beach and not have to worry about having your picture taken.”

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  • LaLa

    He is such a adorable baby (both Dad and Son)

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I can see the \S/ on his chest

  • woolymama

    so… he’s in the bahamas for privacy because people don’t take your picture when you walk down the street, but here we have a picture of him AND HIS KID walking down the street in the bahamas……..

  • macheath

    Aww, he’s got his mummy’s Asian-ness, but he has his daddy’s hairline! What a sweet baby, though.

  • bleah

    he looks just like the mom. FUG!

  • Capriciousdiva

    I did’nt know he had a baby he’s cute..

  • Original jpf

    That’s very nice to be able to do. His son is a cutie.


  • blue diamonds

    OMG…he is so cute, just adorable.

  • http://Amanda Amanda

    What a cutie pie…so adorable! My hubby said the same :)

  • bleah

    I wear panties three sizes to small. They make me feel like a little girl again.

  • http://deleted Nora

    Nick Cage’s wife is a beautiful Asian woman. I saw photos of her when they started dating. He got a pretty one. She has large eyes, beautiful long hair and has a petite body. How can anyone call her ugly? Eye adjustments are in order. Nick is the one who isn’t cute, but he’s a fantastic actor.

  • angiefan jsr
  • FreeHolly

    His wife is blah…I’ve seen other Asian women 100% better looking! But considering Nicholas looks a hot mess himself, you really couldn’t expect too much.

  • Jenni

    To FreeHolly:

    Just because there are Asian women that are more better looking, does not means Alice is ugly. She is definitely not ugly!
    Why shouldn’t there be more beautiful Asian women in the world? Nobody has said A ice is the most beautiful Asian woman.

    Let’s say someone says that for example Sienna miller is beautiful, and then someone replies: I have seen White women 100% better looking!!!

    Why should Nic choose the most goregeous woman in the world just because she happens to be Asian?????

  • Sora

    awww kal-el is sooo adorable!! i think mixed kids are seriously bombass gorgeous!!!
    and by the way.. Alice kim is super pretty!! i ‘ve seen her.. i’m friends with her cousin in NYC

  • Johanna

    His baby does not look much like him, but he is an adorable little boy. Nicolas feels surprised that people don’t want to take his picture or exploit him in the Bahamas? If he went to other cities of the USA that are not in Hollywood, he would probably have the same response. Most people in America too are genuine and nice, its just Hollywood that does that. And Alice is very pretty with makeup but i saw photos of her without makeup and she looks way different without makeup on. Still cute, but way different like day and night. Though why do people make such a big deal over him marrying her? So what, he should do whatever he wants to. Whether she is pretty or not pretty should not matter. He always has seemed to have unusual taste in everything from the clothes he wears to his tastes in home decorations(I read) so why shouldn’t his choice for wife be different and unique as he is? Anyways this is Hollywood and in Hollywood it is mostly expected that people live different sort of lifestyles than most so quit judging so much everyone.

  • alicia

    this kid looks nothing his dad typcial asian looking kid. anyways the mis of white and asian kids are always turnes out asian. biology!

  • kutiepie

    Aww.. their baby is sooo cute!!
    they look cute together
    Alice kim is so pretty~!

  • dev

    his wife is a pretty looking one to western standards and a so so looking one for the asian standards but then beauty is in the eyes of the beholders so as long as they like each other then who cares

  • hanny

    i wanna say to nick that his son is cute n his son get a mix of asia. like me. i hope the next child nick from me hehe

  • herbalsmokingguy

    yes the baby looks more like the mom which is better maybe hehe ^^ but all babies are cute and they make a cute couple

  • prettyasian_gal

    to johanna and jenni… i agree with your comments guys! two thumbs up!

  • Samanthaa

    heyy omg! nicholas cage is the hottest actor ever! he’s older than my dad but i’m in love with him! adorable baby nick! your wife is gorgeous too!

  • katrina

    omg HE is 43 and she is 23! But they do look like a cute couple i wonder if the son is going to be like his dad and be an awsome actor.

  • katrina

    omg HE is 43 and she is 23! But they do look like a cute couple i wonder if the son is going to be like his dad and be an awsome actor.

  • prettyasian_gal

    i hope kal-el cage would be like his dad when he grow up! gorgeous, hot and a brilliant actor! i love nic’s movies city of angels, con air, the rock and face/off! and he is so hot in captain correli’s mandolin…

  • Sarah

    good thing he doesnt look like his dad……\


  • lolz

    cute kid but seriously kal-el why do people want to punish their kids so much crist

  • mmm

    Wow, what an ugly child

  • Jenny

    That doesnt even make sense! His mom is better looking then trhe father, any honest person would know… i mean look at Nicholas’s face!!! LOL im a fan but i gotta be honest.. he didnt win his roles for his looks.