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Brad Pitt Goes to Plan B

Brad Pitt Goes to Plan B

Brad Pitt was hounded tonight yet again outside of his Plan B productions office in Beverly Hills. This is becoming a daily ritual for him and the paparazzi!

Brad rode off on his motorcycle, leaving the paparazzi in the dust. I count 17 paparazzi. How about you?

Random quote of the day: “If you’re in Hollywood and you write something about Brad Pitt that turns out to be wrong, so what, it will probably help him. [But in Washington,] if you’re wrong, it can end a senator’s career. So politics is going to breed more caution.” — Chuck Conconi, longtime editor at Washingtonian magazine who for many years wrote a gossip column in The Post. [NYT]

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  • TskTsk

    Go Brad Go!!!!

  • haywood

    That bike Brad is on is a Yamaha R6 not an Aprillia and its about $7000. But who cares it 35k or 7k it looks good.


    Angelina Jolie’s mother’s passing remembered locally

    offBeat with PHILIP POTEMPA

    From Thursday, February 1, 2007 12:19 AM CST


    Of local interest

    My best sources for this daily column aren’t wire service reports or magazines or publicists, they’re the readers who regularly follow what appears in this space every day and pass along so many tips and scoops.

    For example, if it weren’t for Ken and Mary Cahill of Griffith, I wouldn’t be writing today’s tribute to Angelina Jolie’s actress mother Marcheline Bertrand, who died in Los Angeles over the weekend after battling cancer.

    As it turns out Bertrand, who was 56, has local roots, including a childhood and faith-based education shared with the Cahills and so many others (including one of my editors Bill Bero) in the old neighborhoods around Riverdale and Dolton, Ill., and the border of Chicago, where she graduated from St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School in 1964. Her sister Debbie graduated in 1966.

    After graduation, Bertrand left the region to live in Los Angeles to pursue her acting dream studying under the famed Lee Strasberg and playing minor television roles, like working with Raymond Burr in a 1971 episode of “Ironside” before starring in a few feature films in the 1980s. It was also in 1971 that she met and married actor Jon Voight and had her two children, actor James Haven in 1973 and Angelina in 1975. Her actress daughter decided to use her middle name “Jolie,” for her professional last name, which means “pretty” in French and was chosen by her mother, who was of both French-Canadian and Iroquois descent. Bertrand and Voight divorced in 1978.

    It was Sunday, when Jolie announced her mother’s passing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. in a news release, which also said the funeral service this week would be private and the family asked that donations be made to the Women’s Cancer Research Institute at Cedars-Sinai. The release said both Jolie and Haven were at their mother’s bedside at the time of her death, as was Jolie’s boyfriend Brad Pitt.

    Bertrand’s name was remembered this week at St. Mary’s Church. Even though the school she attended no longer is open, Bertrand was always generous and valued her region roots and memories. In fact, one of the crosses displayed inside the church was donated by Bertrand and then-husband Voight.

    And when the church published a commemorative book in 1986 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the parish’s founding, Bertrand bought five full pages (special gold foil pages) to help finance the publishing of the book. The pages were dedications to her parents, grandparents and her cousin, and included personal messages like: “The most wonderful gift my parents ever gave me was my Catholic education. Attending St. Mary’s School was a truly invaluable experience for me. Learning how to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ into my daily life is what has helped me most to survive many difficult challenges. I love you St. Mary’s Church. Chicago will always be home for me.”

    One of the pages Bertrand bought also features a message from a young 10-year-old Angelina and 12-year-old James, which reads: “Thank you St. Mary’s Church and School for teaching our mom about Jesus and his mother. She still reads us stories from all her old catechism books. Because of you, our mom is very close to Mary. Maybe that is why she is such a good Mom.”

    It was reported that last June, Jolie was in California with her mother when she knew she was dying, so Bertrand could meet her new granddaughter Shiloh Nouvel, whose father is Pitt.

    The baby had been born the month before in Namibia, Africa.

  • Sweet83

    WOW! How many pictures of BP on his darn bike are the razzi willing to take before they move on to another story? I know his BP but come on guys…there is no story here, so move on!

  • feelfree

    Brad, way to divert attention away from the grieving Angelina…the paparazzi needs to just back the hell off.

  • satan

    come on… what is the fascination or obsession with celebrity??? aren’t they not human? even Satan would have some class & leave them alone in trying time… too nefarious…

  • In memory of MBertrand

    Donations in Memory of Marcheline Bertrand.

  • xinya

    one of this days his going to hit someone. It’s totally disgusting! Those paps are totally provoking him!

  • truth

    It is nice that we are starting to see the faces of the paps. I’m surprised they are grown men who should have more feelings but unfortunately they are not. I hope they sleep well at night.

  • TskTsk

    17 paparazzis all aiming for Brad in his Bike!!!!

    Where are Britney Spears and Paris Hilton when we need them?

  • Orange Peel

    this is ridiculous…

    you would thing that after he confronted them like a man that they would at least back off for at least a few days!

  • KT 22

    I think that Brad should hire a lookalike body double, put him in a motorcycle helmet, jacket, and lure the paps away.

  • dia

    those razis are a bunch of retards!!! how many more pics can they take of Brad leaving his office in his bike GESHHHHH!!!!

  • lol
  • Sweet83

    It’s all about money for those guys. Honestly Paris and Britney sell but the razzi know that BP and AJ are the money shot that the tabs and other sources want to see. I just think it’s pretty F#c! up that these guys won’t let the family have a moment of peace. My hope is that BP won’t snap on those fools and run one of them over screaming “take a picture of that you A @@ h$$$!”

  • Preggy

    Someone is going to get hurt(by the papz)…and if that person is angie… brad’s going to go F*cking Crazy and kill one of them.

  • billy

    The office again? what a way to help your girlfriend. And divert attention? please! angelina is not even in the US anymore and he’s going back to work in NO next week.

  • hmmm

    It must be hard to be Brad’s Mom she must get so angry and defensive of him at times. Ill bet at times like these she Just wants to lash out and tell them to leave her little boy alone. You think? I would.

  • Observer2

    billy Says:

    February 2nd, 2007 at 11:49 pm


    And you know this how? Oh, that’s right, you pulled it out of your ass.

  • Wait a minute…

    Did Brad go back to Plan B Productions office again? Wasn’t the previous video clip where he was escorded by the Sheriff’s office today also? They must have camped outside of that office 24/7. That’s crazy..

  • lol

    billy Says:

    I’m sure you know all the private info.. right!!

  • crazy…

    How many more pictures of him do they need riding in the dark with his helmet on?

  • Wow!

    This is getting crazy!

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    What is wrong with these razzis? It’s the same old routine. Stalk BP; wait for him to leave his office, (usually, at night)..then take pictures of him and his bike.
    Why can’t they harrass the other celebrities?

    Maybe, George Clooney needs to step in and be a decoy for a change. What do you guys think? Do you think GC may go for it?

    BP&AJ need to go back to NOLA soon. They get harrassed less there.

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitt family and more power to them. They need all the patience for all the aggravation they get from these razzis.

  • Observer2

    crazy… Says:

    February 2nd, 2007 at 11:54 pm
    How many more pictures of him do they need riding in the dark with his helmet on?

    They’ll keep taking them until their value is no more, which Brad is very shrewdly working on. Let’s see, they only get him at night, in the same clothes, riding the same bike.

    See, it’s hard for the paps to sell them as new when there is nothing new to the pics.

  • insane

    This guys are crazy. Are these pics from today? what time is in Cali damn and I don’t even get why they keep taking pics of him, what’s the point? angelina is not with him.

  • EasyEve

    I get the distinct feeling that these are old pics (from two days ago), and were not taken today. They look like the Splash pictures, and those are post dated for Wednesday.

  • Andrómeda

    Are they crazy???, God….this must stop!!.I can´t believe how many of them are there…

  • Sweet83

    crazy… Says:
    How many more pictures of him do they need riding in the dark with his helmet on?


    As many as it takes until they get a money shot and I honestly think the razzi know they are getting under BP’s skin and hope they can catch him snapping at them or something like that. I hope it doesn’t happen but it seems like they are pushing the man to his breaking point. I don’t care what some haters say…I love how BP is the decoy on this for I haven’t seen more than six pics of AJ during this ordeal yet I have seen tons of pics of BP coming down the stairs at Plan B…his bodyguards pushing razzi out the way…BP getting on his bike and leaving. I just hope the razzi will move on to another story soon.

  • bluemoon

    I find amazing that Brad has not snap at these guys yet, he really has a very good self-control. This was tonight? what time is in cali?

  • dragonfly

    I just popped in for a quick peek at what’s going on. I bowed out earlier today when the previous thread turned so ugly, and I won’t be around again until Sunday evening, but I just wanted to say that these repeated images of Brad are disturbing and I really hate them. I am worried somebody is going to get hurt. They are crowding him and he can’t see. It’s awful. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through this.

    I realize Brad knows what he is doing and he likely has a method to the madness, but even still I am going to hope and pray everyone stays safe.

  • mercredi

    WOW, that’s just crazy! No wonder little Zahara gives them “the look” sometimes. LOL

  • Wendy


    Imagine how nice it would be if “everyone” postd ONE MESSAGE OF SUPPORT to the Ms. Jolie, during this difficult time in her life. It could say some thing like …

    “Dear Angie, please accept our sincere condolences in the passing of your mother. Sorry for your loss’”

    There’s nothing more overwhelming than a kind message of concern.

  • Amy

    Sucks for him, but that’s what comes with being an A-list celebrity. You can’t have it all, baby. At simple public outings like this, paparazzi is still expected. I don’t feel that the photographers are being unfair to the celebrity, as they’re just doing their job. However, it does bother me when they get all up on the kids’ faces, but thankfully, Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh have been keeping it on the law for the past several weeks.
    Glad they were able to have a private funeral, though, as the paparazzi have no right to interfere with personal matters like that.


    Jared counted>>> 17 paparazzi !!! wasting their films!

  • Frenchy

    These pictures look no different than the last couple of days. When was this taken? What is it with the paps? How many of the same pictures do they want? Wait, I think he’s changed bikes. LOL!! Brad is probably counting the days till he leaves (if he hasn’t left yet). He was starting to get pissed off at them just before he left for LA. What they want is for him to do something out of the ordinary so that it could be news. Thak goodness he’s filming a movie and for at least 4 months he will be away from the pack. Yes there will be a couple of paps near the set but nothing like the packs that are in Hollywood.


    2007 monthly Hello poll will end Feb 28th, let’s support our Angie for the most attractive woman for the year 2007.
    I’m doing this in the absence of my best friend Missouri Fan…

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Just when everyone cries for Brad’s privacy. [lmao] JJ post 4threads a day about him. Odd


    Heaven is rejoicing in the addition of its newest angel Marcheline.

  • kk1

    This is getting repetitive and maybe that is what Brad wants. Let them get used to taking pixs of me showing up at work at night and maybe Angelina will get some peace. I share the hope of others that he does not get hurt with all those fools around him, more than likely they will knock each other down in their zeal in taking what is in essence the same pixs over and over again, sort of like in Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. His schedule appears to be stay at home in the day with his family, and then try to get some work done at night when others can be with the family. I hope he is getting some rest also because he has to go back to NOLA for work at some point, and he is the family breadwinner at this point. Angelina made “A Mighty Heart” for Plan B, which I believe comes out in June, so some decisions need to be made for it. Plan B also has other projects in various stages, one of which is AOJJ due out in the fall (September?). Also a new movie with Johnny Depp which JD is starring in and also co-producing. Plan B is a very busy company.

    Do wonder how long he can stay in LA away from filming BB in NOLA. He has really put Angelina first in his life and let everyone know how much she means to him. This has really stirred up and excited the small minded gnats who can’t believe and can’t accept as reality that he cares this much about Angelina. Well he does, and that’s that.

    The person who posted earlier in this thread that Anglelina is not in LA with Brad is one of the small minded gnats who readily just must believe the fairy tale that appeared in a British tabloid that Angie’s mom had been cremated and her ashes were then taken to the Bahamas. NO ONE OUTSIDE THE FAMILY AND CLOSE FRIENDS KNOW WHAT FINAL ARRANGEMENTS WERE MADE FOR ANGELINA AND JAMES’S MOM. CERTAINLY NOT A BRITISH TABLOID WHICH HAS A RECORD OF MAKING UP AND PRINTING LIES. BUT IF BELIEVING LIES MAKES YOUR LIFE LIVABLE FOR YOU, THEN SO BE IT.

  • newbie

    these pics made me think of an animal trapped or being in captivity. man, i hope it’s not brad under that helmet and just someone dressed as him! poor guy.

  • anon

    Brad is a middle aged man who has seen it all including this. He’s annoyed but he knows how to handle them. This is nothing compared to the work ahead for James & Angelina. It’s probably been non stop for them since they got ‘the call’. So much stress & emotion involved. If I had to choose between having the paparazzi in my face for a couple of minutes for a couple of days to being repsonsible for funeral arrangements for my mother, I’ll gladly suffer the minutes of picture taking paparazzi.

  • llm

    Dear Angie,

    please accept our sincere condolences in the passing of your mother. Sorry for your loss’

  • krungkrung

    is Brad riding his bike at night? isn’t that dangerous? it’s dangerous enuff during the day, i know he’s been riding bikes 4 awhile, am just concerned 4 his safety, i love Brad 2 death n i don’t want him 2 get hurt…..

  • FYI

    SNEAK REVIEW: Assasination of Jesse James

    FROM: “Ain’t it Cool News”

    An Incredibly Early Look at THE ASSASINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD starring Brad Pitt!

    Hey folks, Harry (Knowles) here with an early early look at THE ASSASINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD! This has been an exciting film to look forward to, and at this date – this is a very early cut of the film. When last I looked, Warners hadn’t locked down a release date next year for the film. However, it seems to be coming along exactly as one would hope. Read along, from the director of CHOPPER comes…
    The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

    Long time reader of Aint It Cool this is the first time I have felt compelled to turn in a review of a sneak preview. I am going to keep this review as spoiler free as possible.

    So last night I got to catch a special sneak preview of, “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” This is a new western starring Brad Pitt and is directed by Andrew Dominik who also directed the wonderful, “Chopper.”

    I went into this film with almost no knowledge of the Jesse James gang or the assassination of the legend. This film surprised me. The opening alone will grab you, with Roger Deakins amazing cinematography, Nick Caves entrancing score and a narration that is strongly reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon.”

    This is not your average western. This film is very dark, with Brad Pitt playing his darkest character since, “Kalifornia.” Brad Pitt doesn’t use a lot of words in his performance, it’s all looks and internal turmoil, he is truly mesmerizing in this performance, showing a more mature actor then we have seen before.

    He is matched perfectly by Casey Affleck who is finally used to his full potential as Robert Ford. Casey Affleck plays Ford as a very vulnerable, fragile young man with a thirst for recognition. Hopefully this performance might break Casey out of his brother’s shadow. The rest of the cast is superb with a funny and odd performance by Sam Rockwell.

    The cinematography is excellent. Roger Deakins turns in some of the best work of his career. He brings a dream like quality to the images that gives the film a fable like quality. It’s this quality that separates this film from other westerns. It has more in common with Sam Peckinpah’s underrated, “Pat Garret and Billy the Kid.” It has to do with living up to ones own myth and also how far a person will go to be famous.

    But I see one serious problem with this film. A major studio made it. This isn’t a film for everyone. This isn’t, “Tombstone,” it’s not an action packed western. It’s a very emotional film. The action that does happen is quick and realistic much like a Sergio Leone film. This is a film for my father, a person who grew up on westerns and loves them. It has more in common with art house films and this might make it a tough sale for the studio, which will probably try to sell it as another, “Legends of the Fall.” I’m not saying that,“Legends,” is a bad film; it’s just that this is a much darker film.

    Another problem is that the version I saw the other night was easily three hours in length. That can make any studio nervous and I’m afraid the studio will start cutting the film up in hopes of getting a bigger audience.

    This film needs the three hours, much like Sergio Leone’s westerns (which were notoriously edited by the studios) this film is about anticipation and scope. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut this film up but I beg the studio not to.

    Basically I hope everyone gets to see this film in its current cut. This is the kind of film that will probably be passed over in theatres but will get a lot of recondition over time and will be seen as the truly great film it is.

    You can call me Bronson.

  • lurker opinion

    I think Brad is doing his job. Brad has made himself the target. Brad has made himself the story. Brad is the one being criticized. If there are that many paps around Brad than there are less waiting in front of Brad and Angelina home entrance to get a pic of her.

    With all that said I will be glad when they are all out of Los Angeles.

  • Sweet83

    I’m so excited about Pitt’s JJ movie coming out. I love western and I hope the studio won’t butcher up the film but if it is three hours long …they will but this movie sounds so good.

  • llm

    I hope the BA left Los Angeles already. It is too stressful for both of them.
    I have to say that those papz are immoral and despicable.
    May god protect BA and his family.

  • llm

    Can’t sleep, have to come out from lurking, it so calm tonight, I miss PT every friday tabloits analyse.

  • llm