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Are you Christina's Candyman?

Are you Christina's Candyman?

Christina Aguilera performed her hit single “Candyman” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. She also had a short interview. Maybe married life is holding her back but Christina‘s appearance was, dare I say, a bit boring?

Christina AguileraThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 2/1
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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    1940′s pin-up ooompa loompa. [Lol]

    Amazing Voice. some would even say a “Black Voice” by far better than every one of the females who came into the music business around the same time she did. Hick Brit, DD Jess, ect ect..

    She really needs to get ride of those Fake boobs, and that Horrible Tan.

  • sex

    she’s so fu**in Hot!!!!! sexiness!!!!
    here is a another sexy one!!! don’t miss it`~

  • coalharbourqt

    I loved Christina’s performance – didn’t find it boring at all!! Now what I would have found boring is another rap act all done up with the fake grill and “dancers” shaking their asses like slutty strippers. Does anyone actually think that women find that entertaining or appealing? (and we are 50% of the population).

    Nice to see something original and classy! I’m so impressed with how Christina is presenting herself these days and the music just keeps getting better :-)

  • tambay

    it’s not boring. it’s classy and different from what we are use to but the song is not very good.

  • tina

    she has said in the past that jordan (her hubby) asked her to tone it down a little after the were married, she thought it was right to do as she was now married, since then she has become classy not trashy like b4

  • Jessica

    Not once was I bored during that performance. Christina has one of the most powerful and beautiful voices and that song makes me want to pick up a sailor and dance.

  • Tuuubing

    Did anyone else notice that it looked like she had a little baby bump. It could just be me or maybe it’s the cut of the skirt?

  • Curly

    It was about time someone brought classy back to showbusiness! (Enough of sexy and naked women)

    Great job Christina!

  • denise

    i noticed that too! i was wondering why she would wear that skirt if it made her look that way….or maybe she is pregnant???

  • me

    Christina is great. I love her voice.

  • girleeGirl

    ok, how is she classy? with her giant plastic boobs and white hair and her WAY too tight clothing. Just because she doesn’t gyrate around? why is she always skimming her nose? nervous tick? she did it CONSTANTLY on SNL, what a weird habbit, kinda half urban-white girl half coke nose drip.. And the backup singers do all the work, she just wails ohahohohohohoh oh yeah ohohohohohoh oh yeah..

  • Rosella

    shes Half Ecuadorian get it right. Love the concept.

  • Neat

    not boring at all!! her performance is way different to whats out there!! its perfect of the song..her interview was what a minute or two?? she was asked about her marriage and husband, she didn’t specifically start that topic…she cant help it if that may be ‘boring’ to others she just had to answer the question…. to me it was good to see the gurl happy and in love..good on her!

  • http://justjared sam

    I actually like that song=)
    Christina is way better than those slutty hollywood talentless whores who can’t act…i.e…..Paris Hilton,Britney Spears,Lindsay Lohan(she should stick to movies ONLY)

  • isabella

    What a voice! She’s terrific. Wonderful speaking voice also, very clear and crisp.
    Not boring in the least!

  • skyfire444

    What she’s doing isn’t original at all. The sound is from the 50s and without any update to it. The song just doesn’t sound original, though I give her props for doing something totally DIFFERENT that what is out there now. And I don’t think she looks like classy. She’s trying too hard to do the whole Marilyn thing and lets face it-she’s nothing like her with non of the grace and natural beauty.

  • Rachel

    Yeah, she can sing blah blah blah, but you guys can’t deny 95% of that performance was SCREAMING, not singing. I don’t know, all around, she’s just BLAH!

  • kala

    really? golly gee i kinda thought it was boring.

  • treswentworth
  • derrick

    Yes she’s ake and boring. She had a nose job, imlants, and she inject her lips.

  • meh

    I can’t stand her voice. All she does is belt and wail. I would pay money for her to sing one simple line instead of “whoa-whoa-whoaoaoaoa”ing her way through every song. I’m so bored with it.

    Nice interview, though.