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Rhys-Meyers Makes King Henry VIII Sexy

Rhys-Meyers Makes King Henry VIII Sexy

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers will soon be starring as Young Henry VIII in a new Showtime drama series called The Tudors. The 29-year-old Golden Globe winner brings forth a new King Henry VIII — a hyper-sexed heart-throb. JRM will storm the small screen in Tudors starting April 1. Watch out for it!

Says Showtime Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt: “Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is one of the hottest young movie stars working today and his incredible range as an actor, playing everything from historical figures to Elvis Presley, makes him an immensely thrilling choice to play this new, younger incarnation of the most infamous King ever to rule Great Britain. As a producer of ‘Elvis,’ I had the chance to get to know Jonathan and see him craft a performance of a character that many doubted could be honestly or sensitively portrayed. He is one of the most talented rising film stars working today and his desire to do this series in the midst of his movie career catching fire is indicative of that great U.K. tradition where actors sign on to projects that they fall in love with.”

More pictures after the jump!

First promo video of The Tudors starring JRM

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  • hi

    plucked from the street and mad a star – hansome guy

  • LV

    Very sexy guy can’t wait to see the series but my one complaint is that Henry the VIII had red hair and was not this sexy looking.

  • may

    This guy is handsome. Cool guy.

    I liked him in Bend it Like Beckham. He should do more movies.

  • You know who

    He looks like one of the America Idol Rejects. The one that told Simon off.

  • geniass

    JRM is pretty damn awesome.

  • holly

    Wish I had Showtime. Fix the description, Jared. You have Henry XVII and then Henry VIII. There is no Henry XVII.

  • tanique

    its safe to say, i’ll be seeing this movie. he’s so friggin hot.

  • Kendra

    Oh my, (swoon swoon), JRM for king! There’s been a big resurgence of interest in this King, aren’t Scarlett Jo and Natalie Portman also doing a movie with a similar theme? Err, Jared I’m not very clued up on my roman numerals but isn’t XVII 17 and he’s playing Henry VIII?

  • Kendra

    I agree LV (just now managed to get the video to play). He wasn’t this hot nor did Anne Boleyn give him a living son…this will make a great show no doubt but not too historically correct. Trust Hollywood to find a guy who lops off his wife’s head sexy!:)

  • Just Jared

    How embarrassing. Thanks Holly and Kendra!!!

  • green lettuce

    Wouhou!JRM gives history some sexiness!!Lol. Is it me or he looks like Joaquin Phoenix? A little bit?
    Sorry I can’t help it, I am always seeing similarities between celebs!:)

  • Capriciousdiva

    Jonathan Rhys-Meyers = very sexy!

  • elle

    anne’s sister, mary, had a bastard son from henry that anne adopted at one point.

  • Kendra

    No worries, Jared. We’ve got your back;)

  • bdj

    I will have to check this out. I don’t know how they can make Henry VIII sexy since he chopped off his wives heads. However, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is sexy and those stills make me want to tune in.

  • Khloe

    That dude is so very sexy. I loved him in Matchpoint. I will most certainly be watching that show and not for the storyline.

  • LV

    They don’t have any historical backing regarding Mary having Henry’s son. But he did have a mistress that did have a son named Henry who ended up dying I think in his young adult years.


    YO ~ YO ~ YO

    If i could turn back the hands of time!!!!!….. cheers

  • Amy

    Henry Cavill is the one I want

  • Amy

    Henry VIII was actually very sexy in his prime. He didn’t get fat until after he broke his ankle when he was married to Anne. There is support that Mary Boleyn was hi mistress and he had a few bastard sons, but none legitimate except Edward, who died at age 11, I believe. Henry did have curly red/blonde hair though, and a more robust look. JRM is a little pallid and creepy for Henry. I’d almost say dye Henry Cavill’s hair (the hottie behind him with the buzz cut in one of those photos) and make him Henry.

  • Kay Kay

    Do me baby!

  • DC

    I agree, I’ll be watching this show just to see Henry Cavill!

  • isabella

    He’s gorgeous! But, like someone said, Henry was around 6’4′, red hair, very athletic and supposedly physically beautiful. He divorced his first wife after 20 years for Anne Boleyn, and beheaded two other wives! Six wives in all. Never got his son, 2 daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, both became Queens.

  • Celeb Watcher

    Actually, he did get a son who became king when Henry died. Edward, the son by Jane Seymour, died in his late teens though and that is when bloody Mary took over followed by Elizabeth I.

  • isabella

    Celeb, yeah, he died from Leukemia wasn’t he like 16 or younger? His mother died soon after childbirth. I was thinking that none survived to become King, but he was for a short period of time after his dad died. All other sons stillborn. Tough times then.
    I was really interested in King Henry at one time and read a book about him.
    Regardless, JRM is gorgeous, and can’t wait to see this! Hope they follow it factually.

  • Laura

    Guys, let’s recognize it…. it’s not about Henry VIII or History… but about SEX

    Please that guy does not even look alike Henry VIII!!!!!!!

    Good for teens.

  • missy

    Hoooooooooooottttttttttttttttt As HEeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllll

  • steve

    They seem to have been inspired by ‘Henry Vlll, The king and his court’ by Allison Weir – a good read which describes how the popular view of this king as a rowdy uncouth fat slob is not at all correct. Turns out he was really very refined and practicer of the courtly love tradition of the time, but remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This series looks sensationalized though and I won’t watch it. Read books for the real and more interesting by FAR story.

  • Gena

    All I can say is that he is sooooo HOT!

  • Ruth

    I can hardly believe that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has been cast as Henry VIII – surely the producers could have found a stronger actor who also looked vaguely like Henry! I agree with posters 20, 23, 24 and 28 – bad choice and for all the wrong reasons.

  • chanelconspiracy

    He is such a bad actor. I was absolutely cringing watching the previews for this. It was even worse that they used a dreadful Evanescence song in the promos *cringes*

  • Queen Bee

    He’s hot!

  • History Girrl

    There’s going to be a new exhibition at Hampton Court Palace in the summer all about Henry VIII when he was a young man. It’s not as sensationalised as this movie, but is still full of surprises. As others have noted, Henry was tall, athletic and extremely eligible – apparently he had particularly attractive legs! He was married to his first wife for 20 happy years. He wrote music and poetry, enjoyed hunting and jousting as well as being pretty darn intelligent and educated. As for how sexy he was…just go and take a look at the size of his cod-piece (in the Tower of London) for eye-popping proof! Judging from some of these photos myabe JRM is the right choice after all.

  • Mimi

    This is not an accurate history. The costumes, dialog, sensibilities and hairstyles are way too modern.

    Enjoy it for what it is, a sexy soap opera “based on” stories about Henry VIII.

  • Mimi

    Um… history girrl…. codpieces of the era were padded and decorated for showing off. They don’t represent actual, er, size. As a matter of fact, contemporaries of the time often wrote about the outsized pieces as being compensation for inadequacies. Just like padded bras do today.

    I notice the inaccurate costuming for the show has eliminated codpieces on the costumes the men are wearing.

  • History Girrl

    Mimi…even with padding, you can’t make mountains out of molehills!

  • aab

    why is it on showtime.

    that limits peoples previewing of the show

  • vivian

    do you have a grilfriend?

  • louise kelly

    i think henery the 8th is very good as it,s give insight to the king in his his younger a young strong indepdent,health ,man with a hyper se drive who enjoys life to its fulless.

    and jothan ryhes myes dies him very well.and muscis is good too.

  • louise kelly

    i mean jothan play him very well.he is quiet sexy and intellegent man.
    the producer choose well for him for the roll.

  • Alison

    He is so freaking sexy omg the only reason why i keep watching “Bend it like Beckham” is because he is in it….He is hot as hell in that movie….

  • Alison

    he’s is so freaking sexy in the clubbing scene in bend it like beckham…hotter than the hottest part of hell

  • Alison

    he makes me horny lol

  • scotia

    I’m glad other people think that jonathan Rhys Meyers and Joaquin Pheonix look alike. To me there is no way they are not related. They must be brothers and if they don’t know it they should really concider a DNA test!