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Wentworth Miller Gets His Kiss On

Wentworth Miller Gets His Kiss On

Michael and Sara, played by Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies, share their first kiss this season in next week’s episode of Prison Break. If you missed the other promos from this episode, check them out here.

The other promo has Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) pinned up against the train station wall by Michael and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). All this and more in an all new Prison Break episode (“Chicago”) airring this Monday @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

And last but not least, included is an extra treat! Wentworth Miller‘s GAP ad that everyone loves from their khaki campaign — it’s available in better quality. Check it out below!

UPDATE :: Included some promos from this past week’s episode (“The Message”) of Prison Break that haven’t been posted here. Enjoy!

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  • geniass


  • Mink

    G! That is so lame! ;)

    This kiss had better be suitably passionate and needy or I’m crying foul. ‘S all I’m sayin’.

    And yum! re. the gorgeous Gap ad! Thanks so much JJ!

  • iris

    KILL KELLERMAN !!! Like he said himself “what are they going to do, pin a murder on you ? ” LOL

  • KissyFace

    The train/kiss episode is this Monday??? Awesome! Now on my way to photoshop my face into that picture…

  • ErinMarie

    Thanks J! lol G. I agree mink. I’ll throw things and scream or something. .

  • http://deleted Lyric

    I’ll be watching. I think this Wentworth Miller is so lovely. I just see him once in a while. I don’t watch his show yet. Saw him in a music video. He’s really handsome.

    I’ve been a little put off by the rumors that he’s gay. Well, now I’m going to watch this episode just for the kiss.

    I don’t care if he’s gay or not, he’s still beautiful. If Wentworth is gay, I hope he at least lands the kiss. That would be great. It could feed my growing fantasies.

  • ks

    Cannot wait for the kiss! Love the kiss and GAP pics.

  • Wet For Went

    THANK YOU JARED FOR THE GAP PIC! And OMG I can’t WAIT until Monday!!!

  • joey l

    i hate them kissing. sarah, wake up. he ruined your life and he would do that again even if he did not intend to.

  • Tina

    MiSa shipper all the way! It took 20 episodes before they kissed in season 1, for season 2 it’s 16. Man, the writers are so stingy with the Misa kisses!

    In response to Joey’s post, I agree that the end should not justify the means but in life there are gray areas that you just can’t decide whether to pick black or white, good or evil. Sometimes, you just have to do what you’ve got to do. But hey, if I were her, I wouldn’t mind being involved in such a mess with someone like Wentworth! ;)

  • emily

    wow thats hot. i love he and sara together in the show. i co-sign the i hope its passionate and wild and not tender, i want heat!

    hes so hot.

  • Kristi

    I cant wait for Monday!! The kiss better be all we have been waiting for. I want Michael and Linc to find out exactly what kellerman has done so they can show him he isnt in control.

  • Lily

    Noooo! They can’t kill Kellerman! I wanna rub myself all over his furry eeeeevil!

    Also, I CAN.NOT.WAIT. until Scof finds out what Kellerman did to Sara. SO excited.

    In addition, Jared = awesomeness.

  • twirtie

    Oh my gaw! Cant wait for Monday! Super Hot! yummmmmmm!

  • ;pauladanielle -

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Michael and Sara together?
    But anyway, I can’t wait to see the episode next Monday!

  • Alli

    I think that it is realistic for them to be together, you can’t fight the red hot attraction of Michael/Went.

    Women love the bad boy, hot intense guys.

  • Softspoken


    No your not the only one that hates Michael and Sara being together. I hate that too!!! I have one nerve left and their chomping on it!!! For me it’s like your either like each other or you don’t … Period!!! I hate that whole OOhh I love you but I hate you for ruining my life but I love you anyway kind of crap… why don’t they both just die… NO! wait!! I don’t remember Michael hating Sara and then running back to her… so why doesn’t Sara just die!!!! She gets on my nerves!!! Make up your freakin mind you Idiot!!! UUUGGGGHHHH!!!!! I HATE SARA!!!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!

  • JLW

    The show is one big tease. The writers know how to keep you wanting more. I WISH I was in Sara’s shoes. But then I would of never run out of that motel with him!

  • Christina

    Jeez. Wentworth looked so fuiiine in that gap commercial AD. Btw, I’m so excited for that kiss on Monday! lol That kiss better be long and sloppy…j/k

  • Bernise

    MISA= HOT! we want ACTION now!

    and…somebody better post this epi on youtube right after it airs monday coz we here in the Pacific are counting on it. hehe.

  • Cassie

    ooooooohhhh Wentworth – why ya gotta be so dang hot!!!!!

  • cocot13

    that damn kiss better be good because last years sucked,all you got was sound effects

  • annoyed gal

    Sara is annoying! She should just get killed off, prison break will be better for it!

    The romance is just bringing prison break’s credibility DOWN!

  • patricia

    wentworth and sar sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!! All you misa haters are just hating cause you aren’t the ones kissing wentworth miller!!!!!!!! I feel your pain but hey theres no need to say those nasty things about sara. Come on you guys its just a tv show. Its not like they are dating in real life or anything. I love wentworth to death too but i’m not going to resort to hate speech just because someone else gets to smooch him and not me!!!!!1

  • tania

    I like sarah and michael together, but they’re not the most interesting couple in the world. Total lack of chemistry in their scenes. LOVE wentworth miller now, his character michael, not so much >_

  • +greenpeace+

    umm…where is the GAP ad exactly?

  • Meeshy

    I cant see the pictures..>.

  • Angelcake

    The Gap ad picture is lovely, thanks for that, JJ. Hope to see it in a Gap store in Birmingham, England sometime soon. We love Went + Sara, we’re all jealous, we just wish we were her! Keep up the good work JJ!

  • JellyHead

    quite rightly said particia…ITS NOT REAL>>ITS A TV SHOW. yep we all hope the kiss is gonna be on fire…but there’s no need to hate on sarah. we all wish are in her shoes but we aren’t damn actors so lets enjoy PB and not h8. besides there’s nothin rong wiv w8n long 4 da’d be bttr than them kissin all the time. then u’d get super jealous-right?

  • jo

    can’t wait!!!!
    omg.. they better be good!!! coz’ last season was suck!!

  • http://justjared jlpoz

    someone pleeeease post ep 16 on you tube ASAP, we in the land down under are just beginning season 2 and its sooo annoying. Luv MiSa, they have definite chemistry. Went is so hot,i remember seeing him for the first time ever in buffy and thinking there was something about him, ( apart from the major hottie part of course) he’s got that mysterious x factor, great actor, hope he has a great career. and guys leave poor sara alone- we are all just jealous.

  • http://jabe jabe

    I agree with all the comments about the love story messing up the whole PB storyline. I think the writers decided to do it after the first season when they realized people liked Went&Sara … seem like it was not part of the original script. I think Sara was ment to OD and die at the end of the first season.

    I bored with the show, because they built up all these great characters, and then killed everyone off the second season. Now the show moves so fast you have no time to find out anything about anyone. I hope everyone get shot and the show is only about Wentworth Miller…..because honestly that all PB has to offer this year. Nobody gives a rats-ass about the other people on the show.

  • PB4ever
  • Crystal K.

    OK, we are dying for a new spoiler here!!!!!! The kiss from this week was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! But I wish Sara and Michael would say the words “I Love You” instead of their little innuendos. Just say it……. Daggone it!!!

  • Sabii

    god i wish i was her.

  • marymi

    i just saw that ad hanging up in a GAP store on michigan ave it would be cool if wenty were to make a GAP commercial! it would’ve been the most watched commercial if it were on the superbowl! ;) Kfed’s “nationwide” ad doesn’t cut the mustard! it was too stupid! and jared, t’s bad enough you got the ad for it on your website!

  • sahara

    i think these two have great chemistry on and off screen. i love the sexual tension between these two and even tho their kiss didnt turn into something more now im sure it will later. i think there r a lot of ppl out there who r rooting for michael/sara and i believe that the writers/producers are gonna continue their story so sorry misa haters but u may have to get used to it.

  • ..:CuTeChLoE:..

    I cant believe that she is lucky enough to be kissing the gorgeous wentworth miller! I would give my hand to do that! Admittedly, he wouldn’t kiss me then but a girl can wish…

  • tasmin

    people who hate sara you’s r all idoits sara is very pretty and talented michael and sara deserve each other they r both hot prison break needs a bit of love in it it is all to dramatic any way i luv prison break it is sooo mazin luv all the cast escially michael scofield xxx

  • lara

    ben türkiyede yaşıyorum.. ve prison break burdada yayımlanıyor..
    çok beğeniyorum..!!! bu diziyi izlememin asıl amacıysa benim biricik aşkım wennort miller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”””””””