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Prince William Parties With His Princess

Prince William Parties With His Princess

Prince William and his gal pal Kate Middleton celebrated a friend’s birthday party at Mahiki nightclub this past Thursday in Dover Street, London. Guests were required to wear a one piece outfit.

Prince William, 24, went as Superman while Kate, 25, dressed up in a pink dress.

A source for British tabloid The Sun said: “Prince William was absolutely hilarious. He bounded into the club with a blue muscle chest and red cape.

“He and Kate were on great form and were downing vodkas. They were quite touchy-feely and Wills had his hand on her bottom a few times during the evening – they looked like a young couple in love.

Wills came in as Superman but left as Clark. And no one outside suspected a thing.”

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  • Cha

    GAG @ both of em

  • Cyndi

    his girlfriend has an insane looking smile, not 2 mention tacky dress. He looks good, but way 2 drunk & apparently losing his hair faster than we can say H-A-I-R!

  • Impeach Bush

    I hope he doesn’t marry her, he can do better than that.

  • hot harry

    She’s pretty but I can’t like her. There is something off putting about her. She looks arrogant

    Chelsy on the other hand, did not have flattering pictures last time jared put up her pictures, but there was something very likeable about her, nonetheless.

    Eh, oh well, Harry is still the hot one.

  • mike

    His girlfriend is a publicity whore! she spent all last month complaining about having her picture taken pretending likes she hates it and now she looks like a cheshire cat.


    Big Willie style!

  • jayc

    They both look very drunk.
    And could any pic of William be more embarassing than the last one, as it looks like the security detail has to put the seatbelt on for Wills!! Wow, he’s only 25 and the future king … and already just a drunken sod!?

  • Mediterranean

    She makes you feel that she is dying to become the Princess and then the Queen.

    Why am I having this feeling?

    She looks fake and hope that he will find someoneelse soon to marry.

  • namename

    she couldn’t find a clutch to go with the dress?
    a hobo bag for a night out!!!
    ohh gooood
    what ya doing future queen???

  • Capriciousdiva

    Leave Kate alone. She is really beautiful thats just one picture but she’s usually really well turned out. Kate ain’t ever going to win if she don’t smile you will say she’s stuck up and if she does smile she’s after publicity! It must be really hard for her to deal with all this attention ease off her haters

  • Koreana

    Yeah ! ease off her haters ! She’s a normal girl, living a normal life. She’s not yet royalty and not a fiancee even…Why don’t you try having your face look mad and sad for a whole day… You’re ridiculous..! Leave her alone..

  • http://msn susie

    I dont know her from atom but she looks far too old for him. He most certainly can find better but he is a b-iproduct of his father charles and seems like his taste in women are the same as his fathers,such a shame .

  • maxine

    For pete’s sake, people, leave them alone. I for once like the fact that she’s not some blond bimbo with huge tits. Sure, he could have found some beauty queen or an actress but she’s cute, seems to have her head screwed on right, understands him well and he loves her–what else would you want? I don’t see any arrogance here either and the dress is very similar to the one Angelina wore at ShowWest couple of years ago. As to Chelsey (sp?).. she looks pretty and blond but her expression is almost always rather dumb–even Harry made jokes about her not being very bright–why is that more attractive?

  • SpaceCadet

    Hail the future of British Monarchy: drunken prince & his skanky girlfriend. Isn’t this woman the same one who few weeks ago sending off her lawyers for the media to stop taking her picture. Yet (albeit intoxicated) now is laughing like a demented idiot with a topshop dress that belongs on the beach of ibiz instead of freezing London.

    Its like whenever he takes her out, its clubbing or bar-hopping with 10 of his close pals, getting drunk, while she dances against another man. Yeah, she sure got her head ‘screwed right’.

  • angelina_mmm

    why do you girls hate her?
    she seems perfect for him

  • Elizabeth

    I hope no one waste their energy hating on a ‘D’ list celebrity, famous for dating a prince. About her being ‘perfect for him’, if you mean getting wasted together, going on freebie vacations 5 times out of the yr, while he shrinks from his royal responsibilities refusing to grow up, then she is absolutely perfect for him.

    However, they can take their perfection somewhere else, preferably out of our tax-paying citizens pocket who have no plans to keep over-privileged lazy wasteful royals, without the commitment to duty & command for respect present Queen Elizabeth deservingly earns!

  • coalharbourqt

    Looks like they had a great night out :-) As for Kate’s dress – I love it! And all I can say is that when I go clubbing with the girls in the middle of winter we dress like that all the time – it’s bloody hot once you get into the club and if you don’t have to stand in line, why wear a coat?

    Also – it’s one thing to know that you’re going to have pictures taken of you on a night out on the town – that’s expected. It’s another to walk out your front door to go to work every morning and be surrounded by the paps! Can’t you guys distinguish the difference? Why do women alway have to hate on other women for no real reason?

    As for Wills – he looks like a happy drunk – too cute. But does anyone else think he’s “jumped the shark” in the looks department? He’s starting to resemble Charles more than Di.

  • coalharbourqt

    16 Elizabeth Says: Interesting take – I’m not from Britain. Has Wills been ignoring prior commitments – I haven’t heard about this and am surprised! I thought he had just finished school… I have to say that I think it’s good they take holidays, as long as they aren’t ignoring their responsibilities. It’s a lot to put on a young guy who won’t be King for many years to come. Just my take on it :-)

  • Celeb Watcher

    Grow up you jealous ninnies! Will and Kate have been dating for quite some time and he seems to be happy with her. NONE of you will ever get a chance to be his bride so just be happy that he is happy.

  • coalharbourqt

    Celeb Watcher Says: ITA!!!

  • Cyndi

    CelebWatcher, you are so funny. If the likes of Kate & Chelsy can bag these guys, anyone will do for the Windsor house, if most worthy girls will even bother with a drunken, balding prince.

    By the way, I hear the love-bird got so drunk together, when he tried to dance with her, he whacked her in the eye…..&…I mean literally. And to add insult to injury, he left her alone to get into a taxi, while he separately went on with his bodyguards, such a gentleman, then again anything for a TIARA, when it comes to the Middleton.

  • Little_Miss_Sunshine

    I have nothing against Kate or William but quite often they are seen out in the early hours of the morning drunk. William is supposed to be with the army but he seems to have an awful lot of time off lately. Last week Harry went out and got slated by the press for it but if William does it, it’s ok. Another case of good boy William and bad boy Harry. Harry gets too much stick and I like his girlfriend Chelsy I don’t see anything wrong with her. Plus she can’t be that dumb if she’s got a high class degree in politics and economics. Plus when she says she doesn’t like the paprazzi she means it. She doesn’t pose one minute and then complain the next. She seems more real in my opinion.
    Not long ago Kate was complaining about being harassed by the media and here she’s grinning like a Cheshire cat. If she doesn’t like it why is she going places where she knows the paparazzi will be waiting for her when she comes out? Why not do something else where the paparazzi won’t show up? I don’t believe she’s that bothered by them.
    Even the Queen has been reported as saying she thinks that Will and Kate have brought the paparazzi attention on themselves. It’s not jealousy or hatred it’s stating the facts I find both these two disappointing. All I can say is that if these two are the future or the monarchy then God help us. They’re just a bunch of kids still all they seem to do is party like they have nothing else to do. If William is going to be King he still has an awful lot of growing up to do.

  • Sir-Cocks-Alot

    I can’t wait for the Paps to kill her too!

  • LondonGirl

    Day after day we in the U.K. read about Kate Middleton. She’s gone to another party. She’s been out shopping. We never read that she’s done anything of any substance or to make a positive contribution to society. She appears to be nothing but a publicity seeker who is simply waiting around for her prince to propose. She has a *job* compliments of her parents’ friends, but other than that, her life is consumed by partying, drinking and getting her name and face in the papers. I have never been a royalist, and Ms. Middleton and her antics have only strengthened my belief that the British royal family is a joke and an outdated institution, and no longer serves a useful purpose.

  • sandra

    she is very far from beauty she is cute but absolutely not gorgeous for a future queen

  • coalharbourqt

    24 LondonGirl Says: So, in other words, they’re probably doing the exact same thing that you and most other kids in their 20′s are doing – only they have more privilege/money so you’re jealous of them.

    I don’t understand why you guys expect so much of them at this age – they’re still quite young and are hardly in a position of authority with the Queen and Prince Charles still kicking around. I’m sure that by the time William becomes King they will be sufficiently mature and responsible. They won’t be able to party like that forever, so why begrudge them their fun at this age. What are you doing that’s so special/different than them?

  • coalharbourqt

    25 Sandra Says: I didn’t realize that looks were a requirement for monarchy – Elizabeth certainly isn’t a great beauty. Gee, maybe he actually likes her for what’s on the inside!?

  • Little_Miss_Sunshine

    Noone is jealous of these two. Who on earth would want to be in a royal family I can’t imagine anything worse? What’s annoying is that these two are 25, or there abouts, and they’re acting like teenagers who have just discovered alcohol. I’m 22 and I haven’t been to a club since I left university nearly a year ago. Been there, done that. Check out the Swedish royal children and Caroline of Monaco’s children, who are about the same age, don’t behave like William and Harry do. William seems to think he’s still at university and has no responsibilities. If he want to be King he needs to think about growing-up because at the moment I can’t see the Monarchy lasting much longer after Queen Elizabeth dies. I agree with Londongirl our Royal family is becoming a joke now.

  • LondonGirl

    Coalharbourqt-First of all, I’m not in my 20s. Secondly, when I was their age, I was working towards my PhD in International Relations, not spending my time and money doing nothing but drinking, partying and shopping. Thirdly, I work for a charity organisation and spend my days travelling around the world trying to improve other people’s lives. Jealous of them? I really don’t think so.
    What are YOU doing that’s so special?

  • Mediterranean


    I love it, your comments are so true!

    The words of haters and jealousy are too strong for Kate’s situation. I really don’t think so.

  • coalharbourqt

    Well London Girl, like you I spent my 20′s going to University (Major in English Lit w/Honours) and part of my teaching degree – I got part way through and decided I was interested in Law but didn’t want to go to law school at the time. So then working full time at a law firm, working part time at a ski hill (hoping for a few moment to ski), all while taking night courses to become a Paralegal for 4 years (I maintained an A- average throughout). My experience as a Paralegal has varied from working for Federal Crown (mostly drug/income tax/proceeds of crime prosecutions) to working for a firm that specializes in helping clients with severe brain injuries. As well, I am involved with a number of organizations that I feel are worthwhile – such as Make Poverty History, Doctors Without Borders, and the local food bank.

    I also manage to squeeze in going for dinners and the occasional night of debauchery however – I’m not in my 20′s anymore so obviously don’t club these days, but love funky lounges and restaurants. What’s the point of busting your butt if you can’t have a bit of fun is how I look at life.

    But I don’t criticize ‘regular’ 25 year olds that aren’t doing everything I did at that age – let alone these two. I consider it a blessing that I was so focused and driven at that age and many people I know weren’t. Will and Kate have nothing but obligation and responsibility ahead of them until the day they die – I hope they enjoy these carefree times – it won’t last forever.

  • LondonGirl

    ‘Of those to whom much has been given, much is expected.’ So far I’ve seen nothing to suggest that William and/or Kate are capable of very much at all other than spending money and thinking of no one and nothing other than themselves. I stand by my comments, and if you disagree with them, that is your prerogative.

  • swim_champ

    the royal family are worthless wastes. the thought of the addle-minded prince charles & his raddled whore having 90 servants is obscene. the only worthwhile member of that horrible family was diana, princess of wales – & look what they did to her. the monarchy is an outdated institution. the windsors are a pathetic soap opera whose viewers have been declining for years. flop sweat.

  • Mediterranean

    I have a respect for H.R.H. the Royal Princess Anna. She works hard for her position. There is no paparazzi follows her up because she is not beautiful.

  • TruthHasSpoken

    Jealous little girls angry at Kate Middleton because she is dating Prince William and living the life they would kill for. Pathetic. Simple as that.

    And she has great hair. LOL :-)

  • Jill

    There’s more stuff on them at this new site I found

  • icantthinkofaname

    i agree with people who say they should grow up. i know that when im 25, i will either be working or getting a master’s degree. i plan on partying some in college, but after that i have to make a living. kate and wills need to do something besides partying and playing polo. and londongirl, what u do is what i want to do when i grow up!!!

  • Aisha

    when you work hard AND that is your will, you need not hate or criticize anyone who dont do the same thing like you. When you cannot approve that some people dont do their duty just like you do, then its a sign that you could not go your own/right way.

  • Lisa L

    I’m guite for what the 22th & 24th floor said.

  • Mike

    Queen Elizabeth is pretty cool, and even Prince Charles. I know we’re supposed to hate him or whatever because of the Camilla thing, but we can’t forget that Diana also cheated on him. The cheating was in no way only done by Charles. Now Charles is always helping people, doing charity work, and cares about the environment. Go him!
    William and Kate act like teenagers. William is 24 and Kate is 25; they’ve been out off their teens for quite some time now. Kate is an attention ***** and all she ever does is party, get drunk, work her “job” as an assistant accessories buyer, and complain about the attention that she has brought upo herself. She never does anything for charity except for that “fashion show” where she modeled her underwear–and even that was 5-6 years ago. And nothing of substance–ever. This girl is perfect for William because she’ll take him back no matter how many times he cheats on her.
    William is a drunk, and does good things sometimes. Every so often you’ll read about something good he’s done. He still seems to act much younger than his actual age. He’d better grow up soon. We don’t know how much longer his grandmother will live (she’s already nearly 81) and his father will be 60 next year. If Wills becomes king anytime soon, I’d be worried. I hope his father and grandmother both live to be 100, so William has some time to grow up before he’s king.
    I used to like Kate, but she’s become fake, attention-seeking, self-absorbed and completely changed. Is she still the woman William fell in love with back at university? I doubt it. And now there is a good chance he will be pressured into marrying her because they’ve been together so long at this point. No wonder he’s cheating on her every chance he gets; I’d probably do the same thing!
    I’ve always liked Chelsy. She seems down-to-Earth and like a nice person. I wish her and Harry the best. And I don’t think Harry is as bad as the media likes to portray him. He likes to have fun, and is still taking his duties seriously– he’s going to Iraq! :)

  • gloria wadie

    back off kate u are such a FAKE u want to luk gud in public but every body know u to be a WHORE.WILL PLS HAVE EYES FOR GUD WOMEN NOT WIERDOS NOT SUCH AN OLD RAG LIKE kate.

  • Truth Teller

    25 Sandra Says: I didn’t realize that looks were a requirement for monarchy – Elizabeth certainly isn’t a great beauty. Gee, maybe he actually likes her for what’s on the inside!?

    Yeah, her ever open twat. She’s lazy, selfish, and an obvious gold-digger. The whore her crazed, trashy mother always wanted to whore out.

    No self-respecting, decent,intelligent woman wants this lazy, shallow, drunken “Prince” (though if the Act of Settlement was rescinded he wouldn’t even be in near contention to the Throne, there are literally hundreds of people with a better claim than he)

  • Truth Teller

    Looks like they had a great night out As for Kate’s dress – I love it!

    *****Yawn! More to life than fashion.

    And all I can say is that when I go clubbing with the girls in the middle of winter we dress like that all the time – it’s bloody hot once you get into the club and if you don’t have to stand in line, why wear a coat?

    *****Of course you do, and those of us with class, dignity, and sense laugh our asses off at you. How desperate you girlies are to snag a man, even if he’s an abusive drunk. Well, I guess you girls can’t do more for yourselves, eh?*******

    Also – it’s one thing to know that you’re going to have pictures taken of you on a night out on the town – that’s expected. It’s another to walk out your front door to go to work every morning and be surrounded by the paps!

    *******Yes, it must be such a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE way to live……I mean, pots of money, no responsibilities, booze and coke galore, the top fashions, and now THIS! Such a SHOCKER! Next thing you know, somebody just may expect you to be sober, not slip in your own vomit, and wake up not wondering whose fluids are in all your body openings*******

    Can’t you guys distinguish the difference? Why do women alway have to hate on other women for no real reason?

    *****Maybe SOME women have dignity, class, and taste in men. Maybe you imagine other women give you more attention than you actually deserve. You really aren’t that important, even to the men/boys whose attention to you is so needed that you are ready to throw away ANY scrap of dignity you’ve even had. Later, hon. Oh! and get over yourself, toots. If you were important, your mother, like Kate Middleton’s stupid, social climbing one, would have CARED. ********

    As for Wills – he looks like a happy drunk – too cute. But does anyone else think he’s “jumped the shark” in the looks department? He’s starting to resemble Charles more than Di.

    ******Yes, alcoholism is so, like, youknow, cute and stuff. I mean, like seriously, like, huh? Grab a brain, toots. Maybe sober up a bit yourself, girlie. ******

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