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Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Jennifer Aniston gave a friendly wave to the paparazzi as she arrived for a screening of her short film, Room 10 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif. Room 10 is Jen‘s directorial debut and tells the story of a nurse who gains perspective on her marital problems while caring for a dying patient. Room 10 is also as part of Glamour magazine’s “Reel Moments” series.

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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I swear she is so Ugly. She looks exactly like Jay Leno in that Pic. Leno with a Wig On.

  • http://jj Ameema

    WoW, even a new nose did not help, actually she looks uglier if that’s even possible. LOL


    OMG! HER NOSE!!! um, wait, it looks the same………golly gee, ya think “people” were actually mistaken (i.e. lie) or going ape s*** over the truth??? imagine that…..

  • Izzie

    I see no difference…same old plain Jen that we know and love, yeah right!

  • jen fan

    I think she looks beautiful as always.

  • For the freaks!

    Jared the only reason you post anything on Jennifer is to keep the freaks talking.
    You know that without those freaks you wouldn’t have a site. Or have you notice how none of your other stories get any comments posted unless it says Brad, Angie, or Jennifer.
    What a joke you are,
    So let the freaks begin their show!!!!

  • susie

    I am really confused here. I had a deviated septum,aka a nosejob, fixed and I was soooooooooo swollen for a year and soooooooo
    black and blue under my eyes and around my nose.
    This is weird, I’m not getting how she could not be showing thoses things.

  • lmao…

    PRICELESS!!!! Says:

    February 4th, 2007 at 10:28 pm

    that’s funny, and you know what? people are going to argue it out to the bitter end no matter what the truth is because they love to hate….

  • Nicole

    To Susie: Gee, maybe its because she DIDN’T have a full rhinoplasty and merely had the deviated septum repaired. I had the same thing done and it was nothing. Boy US magazine and Star are gonna be pissed. They were dying to get pictures of Jennifer looking totally different. And guess what Min and Fuller? It ain’t gonna happen. Min’s wrong yet again.

  • jen fan

    For the freaks! Says:

    February 4th, 2007 at 10:32 pm


    Why are you insulting jared? And if you don’t like brad, angie, or jen why do you bother coming here? Furthermore, other threads DO get comments…do you see O comments under EVERY thread? No you don’t ….so get lost

  • sue is an *ss

    If the Jen hags can go & trash people so can I. She is f*cking ugly to my & hate this B8tch! TAKE THAT SUE!

  • Overload

    She’s overrated to me. Plain & boring as usual.

  • crazyville

    ah hahahahahah! I bet you angie fans are pissed! hahahahahahahah! This IS PRICELESS!

  • mel

    Her hair looks greasy.

  • Predictable

    Of course they’re pissed. This is the worse thing that could happen to those pathetic losers. HA HA.

  • shar

    what is priceless about this picture, she usually looks nice, but in this picture, she looks like a witch!!

  • india

    Jennifer looks glowing, I wonder what’s up? I hope her new film does well at the film festival. People love to hate her but I really like her.

  • Mr. Smith

    She’s over.

  • Celeb Watcher

    Jen looks great

  • carrie nae

    crazyville -
    Pissed about what???? Oh, pleazzzzeeee. Get over it.

  • jan

    She needs a new hairdo…Friends is over!!!

  • susie

    Bring It On!!!!!!!!!!!

  • susie

    #9 Nicole-

    Dumb A–, a “deviated septum” is the medical term Dr’s use to bill insurance. Same thing as rhinoplasty. Duh

    I’m waiting people, bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!


    He nose bridge looks higher and her borws lifted!!!!

  • susie


    It’s Susie, not Sue.
    Shouldn’t be too hard to remember that, it’s right there on your screen.

  • sad

    Yup it aint her nose she fixed, she did something to her eyebrows or eyes , if you look closely you can clearly see not only does her eyes look bigger, but they are swollen.

  • LaLa

    Yep, she got a face lift via her nose, old trick,…

    what a clown!!!

  • crazyville

    you guys are grasping at straws. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • susie

    This is getting boring. Glad to see that The Chin doesn’t have any fans at all. Poor Chin, boo hoo, guess she’ll have to go get drunk on Okra’s couch.

  • G

    Gosh, she looks uglier than ever and old. Is this the 10 min short she is supposed to have co-directed for a magazine… AGAIN? Well, a short for a magazine, a yoga video, a spot on her friend’s cable show… no major wants even to develop a project for her… that woman is going to do an infommercial next.

  • Preggy

    Jenn will never look as good as this

    Like Janice dickison said “Angelina Jolie is the hottest broad in the buiesness Bar none so all you other bitches can hit the road”somthing like that not theactuall qoute.

  • sue

    :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)too funny!

  • Team Jolie-Pitt

    I think she looks lovely. It’s great that she has continued to work. Jen is doing just great! It’s wonderful see her out and about.

  • Sara

    For some reason, her nose looks bigger and she should stop tanning, her arm skin looks bit sun damaged but otherwise same old, same old.

  • Team Jolie-Pitt

    She looks wonderful!

  • jeannified

    Man, she is SOOOO unattractive! Just an “Average Jen.”

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    [For the freaks!]


    You are kind of correct, but knowing that this is a BAMZS site, why bother to come on here. better off going to [x17] they damn near NeVeR talk about ‘em.


    I don’t know what it is. It could be her bulbous nose, her close together, weird looking eyes, or her ginormous leno chin. [all of the about probably]

    It truly baffles me how some men [pathetic, desperate losers with no taste] find her attractive. but its funny theres a new thread about her, I just got done watching that movie with her and Jake Gyllenhaal [the good girl] I think, and boy did it suck azz. her too.

  • Amy

    Her nose does look different, but it didn’t really change her. I think she looks okay.
    But jeez, some of you people have such a tremendous amount of hatred for this woman; it’s unhealthy. You’re no better than the BAMZS haters, come to think of it. I think that hatred on all accounts is unhealthy, and while y’all preach it on other threads, you don’t follow it. So I say good luck to you.
    And the Bears were killed. Even worse, Fetus-Head Manning got MVP. Of course I’m bitter.

  • This is Crazy

    Hahahaha I always get a laugh out of the posts on Jen, Angie and Brad. It just gives me achucle and it’s the only reason I bother with jj. Jen has always had a naturally long face and big nose, (no offence but she’s greek – that’s how their built.)

    Sure Angie is prettier but she’s also younger…let’s see how Angie ages. Remember hardly anyone in Hollywood ages nicely.

    Saw this film at the Premiere…quite good (better than I thought). Many people were impressed, it’s not the 10 min short film. That one’s different.

    I’m still suprised Jen is even working…she must really love this business because a friend of mine was saying that she still pulls in 10-15 million off Friends royalties a year. I would be on vacation.

    PS: No offence…I would kill to look at 40+ like her (here’s to hoping). Any girl would and guys would still do her.

  • enter

    I PREFER actresses like Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon.

    For Jen, I will NOT see her movies nor buy any of her DVD

  • Scott


  • TanFree

    At least for now she looks free of her usual fake tan.

  • Zen

    crazyville Says:
    February 4th, 2007 at 10:44 pm
    ah hahahahahah! I bet you angie fans are pissed! hahahahahahahah! This IS PRICELESS!

    Of course it is PRICELESS! She couldn’t more uglier than this picture.

  • Marnie

    I forgot JustJared blog should be called “Jolie’s idiots.”

    Aniston keep your spirits up! You’re a very talented woman with a good heart.
    You have your family and friends who love you. And of course Jolie idiots who will
    say anything to rationalize their skank queen’s behaviors. You’re one of America’s sweetheart and adored by many of your Hollywood friends (Oprah Winfrey is one of them). You’re intelligent (co-owns Plan B productions with ex Brad and divorced Brad without drama) and beautiful (don’t need tatoos, nor kiss your brother because you crave attention).

  • JustME

    Jen looks gorgeous as usual, you go, girl!!!

  • What Happened to Jennifer?

    This is Crazy Says:

    February 4th, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    You didn’t compliment her, you know. She’s not 40+ yet, she’s not even 40. Though, she’s not looking good, at all. And she’s had that same hairstyle for her 37+ years.

  • stop lying for jen

    This is Crazy Says:
    because a friend of mine was saying that she still pulls in 10-15 million off Friends royalties a year. I would be on vacation.

    stop lying about the royalties. No one releases this financial data. if you said she got paid how much per movie, it is more convincing because those data is released. royalties varied year after year, unless you are looking at her TAX RETURN, you are NOT privy to those info.

    it’s okay to like jen, but STOP LYING to make her look good

  • What Happened to Jennifer?

    Marnie Says:

    February 4th, 2007 at 11:38 pm


    She has no family to speak of does she?

    And get your facts straight. She’s been booted out of Plan B. Has been for a long time. Lordy, the Aniston fans just won’t let Brad or Plan B go will they.

    Look it up at the Variety website. An industry paper that interviewed Brad. She got the boot.

  • seattle


  • Courtney

    In that pic her nose looks worse I think. We’ll have to see more.