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Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Jennifer Aniston gave a friendly wave to the paparazzi as she arrived for a screening of her short film, Room 10 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif. Room 10 is Jen‘s directorial debut and tells the story of a nurse who gains perspective on her marital problems while caring for a dying patient. Room 10 is also as part of Glamour magazine’s “Reel Moments” series.

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  • michele


  • gingeranny

    Jen looks great and the loons hate her, because Ange can’t have Jens’ class. No matter how hard Ange tries, the smell of an underdog will always stick on her.

  • Not the def of Class!

    chez Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 5:32 am

    “Her emphasis is the home, friends and family,” Pitt says. “We all kind of crowd around her like moths to the flame. She’s like a magnet; she brings a lot of people together that way. Jen’s the fireplace; she provides the warmth.”—Brad Pitt on his

    I imagine this was during his depression. He also used to stretch the truth when he was married to her, as her fragile ego required it!

  • James

    I love Jen, she’s so gorgeous ;)

    ps : I don’t know why people waste time with comments here if they hate her

  • dex



    GO JEN FANS!!!

  • she’s a fraud

    Where’s her CO-director????? She didn’t do this by herself. It’s amazes me how her CO-DIRECTOR gets NO respect.

    I do agree, at 38 she looks great. She has no stress and it shows. No man, no relationship, no children….but LOTS of bank to spend on spas. OH, and if you think her team didn’t put her together for her “natural” look, think again.

  • hanna

    Why JA wears ring on the right finger like Brad and Angie wedding rings, they wearing on the right finger, why ja cannot stops copying…

  • For Jen

    Jennifer Aniston: The Nose Got Fixed But The Tits Are Mine

    February 1st, 2007 at 16:30 by Stuart Heritage

    Jennifer Aniston is notoriously bad at keeping her men, so who’s to blame her for wanting to slide under the surgeon’s knife to have her nose bashed into a better shape and her boobs inflated to an immense size if that’s what helps her feel better.

    Only, no, that didn’t happen at all. Although Jennifer Aniston has courted a lot of boob-job speculation of late by turning up to events in various low-cut dresses that make her breasts look like two zeppelins sumo-wrestling in a nightie, Jennifer Aniston has absolutely denied that any kind of surgical bazzer-tinkering procedure has taken place on her tits. As for her new nose, Jennifer Aniston admits that’s true, but it was purely a medical operation that’s left her “sleeping like a baby,” which we’re taking to mean “crying and alone in a great big bed.”

    God, it’s said, loves a trier. So he must be head over heels with Jennifer Aniston, since she appears to bust a gut making sure that she stays in the news no matter what. If people aren’t discussing Jennifer’s messy break-up with Brad Pitt then they’re discussing Jennifer’s messy break-up with Vince Vaughn or, at a push, that magazine that thought Jennifer Aniston was a man a couple of years back. But that’s all ancient Aniston history now, so what’s left to talk about?

    There’s the lesbian kiss between Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox on Dirt that’s coming up, but even the world’s most media-naive village idiot can see that that’s a sensationalist last-ditch ratings grabber and nothing more, so what else? Well, there are always Jennifer Aniston’s tits. Ever since she turned up at the People’s Choice Awards with her boobs pushed so far forward that she actually needed to tape a piano to her back to act as a counterweight, it’s been openly speculated that Jennifer Aniston has had her knockers chopped open and bumped up.

    Combine this with reports suggesting that Jennifer Aniston had also been to get her nose fixed and suddenly it seems like Jennifer Aniston is surgically transforming herself into a sexed-up supervixen who can take on, say, Angelina Jolie in the beauty stakes. But in an interview with People magazine, Jennifer Aniston lays these claims to rest:

    “It’s funny. I had [a deviated septum] fixed – best thing I ever did. I slept like a baby for the first time in years. As far as all the other [rumours], as boring as it sounds, it’s still mine. All of it. Still mine… Short of letting everybody have a feel, I don’t know what else to do. I really am pretty happy with what God gave me.”

    So there we have it – Jennifer Aniston had her nose played with to help her sleep at night, but her breasts are as natural as the day she was born. And just why should Jennifer Aniston need to get a breast enlargement anyway? Apart from drawing attention away from her unsightly chin, obviously.


  • vtjf

    ……..And now she will meet princess SHILOH.

  • she’s a fraud

    It’ NOT a debut. That happened last year. BUT where is her CO-DIRECTOR? She can’t do ANYTHING alone. Her CO-DIRECTOR gets no RESPECT!!!

  • jade

    Her nose has definitely been worked on.

  • Not the def of Class!

    dex Says:
    Honey, shouting by using caps won’t change the facts that she is homely. Whatever glasses you are wearing today should be changed as you are not seeing clearly. If she is your idol that is o.k., some of us prefer idols who are far less self-absorbed. And let’s not forget that the triangle is once again reaffirmed by this damn movie.

  • Cindy Adams

    YOU may have heard of recent supposed bodily adjustments by Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson. The girls supposedly poked their noses (or some part, anyway) into Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kapoor’s office for $15,000 worth. It’s called Preventive Maintenance . . .

  • Liz Smith same day

    “SHORT OF letting everybody have a feel, I don’t know what else to do . . . I really am pretty happy with what God gave me,” says Jennifer Aniston, denying tabloid speculation that she has new breasts.”

  • http://justjared Belle

    Her nose still big

  • trivia

    I don’t see anything different about her nose.

  • WethatloveJen

    Jen, don’t pay any attention to the naysayers, you look GREAT, and if you did have anything done, it’s no one’s business but YOUR OWN.

  • Mediterranean

    I don’t see anything different with her nose, either.

    If she did it and this made her happy, so it’s not our business. She has a right to feel good as long as she stays away from the others with her sharp words.

  • Mediterranean

    I don’t see anything different with her nose, either.

    If she did it and this made her happy, so it’s not our business. She has a right to feel good as long as she stays away from the others with her sharp words.

  • TO dex IS A MORON

    OT: LEAVE BRAD AND ANGIE OUT THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://justjared chris

    Ugly as always, she belongs to the Tori Spelling club of ugly forever

  • angelina_mmm

    she looks like granny

  • Besane

    linn j Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 3:43 am
    She looks YOUNGER, clean unlike jolie untidy and matron look.


    She’d better, being 38 and all. It’s not like she loses sleep taking care of BABIES or anything.



  • hey there

    Besane Says:

    She’d better, being 38 and all. It’s not like she loses sleep taking care of BABIES or anything.

    How the hell does a girl pass up the chance to have little Pitt-lettes?

  • cookie

    JUST ONE WORD : U G L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patti

    This site always gives me some good laughs. Let’s see…Jen is ugly, she has a big chin, she’s a publicity monger because she is attending a screening of HER movie, she’s having a pity party, etc. Hmmm, all I see is an attractive, funny girl, attending a screening, and waving to a pap. What is wrong with that. Oh, maybe the fact that she is smiling??

    Now, AJ and BP. AJ has big lips, is photographed in every inch of the world, looks pissed at award shows, shows her fans that she is so much above them, and that is classy?

    Jen is attractive. Not beautiful, but attractive…but seeing that I am not shallow, I will say that there are other things that make a person attractive, besides facial beauty. One thing that I, as well as many others, find attractive is a sense of humor. Jen has a fantastic sense of humor. She is not a stone-faced person that thinks she is holier than thou. That is attractive.

    Anyone who thinks that Jen “lost” because she is no longer with Brad is delusional. I do not consider Brad a prize. He, too, is attractive in facial beauty, but that’s it. I bet it gets old to watch your husband look at himself in the mirror all day, or take himself so seriously that he makes a fool out of himself. His looks are fading, and then there will be nothing.

    So, to the BAMZS fans…..Jen fans are NOT holding on to BP, they are NOT jealous that AJ has BP. Actually, I’m sure they believe that AJ and BP deserve each other. We are just happy for Jen that she is strong, attractive, and moving in the right direction. So, why can’t you all just let it go?

  • http://anistondebutshortfilminsantabarbara ross

    She can go under so many plastic sargeries, as she did, but she keeps on being not handsome!! When Brad married her, i thought he was mad…and out of control..time confirmed me this!!

  • http://dc_jean dc_jean

    i thinks she looks pretty than most of us truly. i am more of jolie fan becoz she is a great woman. as far as jens character as a person, she seems nice and warm though i never seen her being passionate about helping people. but i do believe , she maybe, just her and there. the bashing is uncalled for. she is not ugly at all, well she hv flaws but common, she is far better looking thn most of us are, honestly. pls. look at urself in the mirror, rather thn attacking the person behind ur computer. if we all let our real face being seen on the computer, i’m sure no one would dare say jen is ugly or else we’ll be crucified. the only thing i wonder was why she has to go to the media about her divorce other celebs, just shrug it off their shoulders. well, i hv to cliniqua was right in pointing about reeese witherspoon for example. she got divorce but she ddn’t go to the media telling her story , for wht?, sympathy?…u only be trashed. i just wish she just put it behind,move on and accept the reality even do it’s not tht easy.i admire reese witherspoon for tht. but then compare to jen, reese is well-established ,well-paid actress and she is too smart to let the media poke fun of her or to feast for profit. most media tabloids care for whtever seels not really becoz they truly sympathize w/ her. and i would say, wht reese witherspoon is a prime example of a class act and so are the rest of the celebs who got divorce. i would also , include normal people in real life. as far calling angie those nasty word?, common now, look at urself first before u do tht? tht is purely, lowclass, trashy , unintelligeble and hypocritcal urself. if u hv class as u may think u are, consider tht carefully, i think ur fooling urself. calling names, is not classy at all!!! and tht may just speak of urself, get it to ur brain cells. yes, angie had a past but who are u to judge?, do u think u are better than her?. even if she was, now she’s a better person, wayyyyy better than u!!!. wht about u?, wht did u do to help needy people? nothing!!! just , tht u are mean pretending to be hypocritically classy by running ur foul mouthed w/ a verryy classy words. and yet u hvn’t done anything much to society but u just create more problems than being a part of the solutions. angie is there to help solve the problem of our society or atleast she’s trying minimize, if we put it in perspective. i wish u can atleast talk can w/ common sense . just think about it, u guys. so this is my unbiased and truthful opinion for both celebrity. charity is not only by giving or sending ur money or whtever and hope tht aid will get there. that is why i admire here for that. she actually seen worse situation regardless how difficult and dangerous these places are. she is a one brave, intelligent and compassionate woman. now, tell me guys, was there any famous celebrity who will go to remote places in the world and to mingle w/ the poor people , talk and sit beside them. yes some of them smells and its reality due to poor sanitations and living. and most especially, the calamity victims, of course most of them really smells, they can’t take a shower or a bath, due to the power outtage. some lost their belongings, etc. but angelina is there. she’s the only female celebrity, who don’t hv qualms getting closer to poor people. that maybe one or some of u here, would dare do far as i know, but i heard something audrey hepburn too, tht she is a good person and has passion for humanity, though i never live in her time. so i can only speak for the present. and i don’t believe she is doing it for pr at all, thats totally ridiculous and hypocritical ,nonsense opinion. if she is faking it, all she has to do, write a check or just go there and appear making urself look like ur sympathetic. but angie went out of her way and reach out anything possible tht she can to help them. and neither she ask the media to give her coverage while doing so. the celebrity media is just there to create controversy for money!!!, most of them! do u think they care for the poor? like hollywood people, they are spoiled and pampered to get their hands dirty. they can make easy money spreading or exposing dirt or dirt tricks up their sleeves. they hate real dirt coz it smells, and it really stinky. but there are few celeb media tht are nice and decent. anyway, this getting long and boring. so to sum it up, jen is nice, warm and ok person, angelina is one of true amazing woman! and no she is not a saint! and she lives her w/ a sense of purpose, and tht is helping the humanity w/c i love all the bashers to do.

  • ErinMarie

    She looks the same. She’s not attractive, but she looks the same. The comments about a nose job or eyebrow lift are amusing though. Grasping at straws much?

  • anustin


  • JoliePitt

    oh! the nose looks the same even after the nose job. her nose is still huge and her long chin is still there. omg, the hairstyle is ALWAYS the same. sorry, jen’s fans, your AMERICAN SWEETHEART title is definitely vanishing OR was it never there to begin with and ALL is fake?!

  • Nobody Will Hire Jennifer

    Marnie Says:

    February 4th, 2007 at 11:38 pm
    I forgot JustJared blog should be called “Jolie’s idiots.”

    Aniston keep your spirits up! You’re a very talented woman with a good heart.
    You have your family and friends who love you. And of course Jolie idiots who will
    say anything to rationalize their ***** queen’s behaviors. You’re one of America’s sweetheart and adored by many of your Hollywood friends (Oprah Winfrey is one of them). You’re intelligent (co-owns Plan B productions with ex Brad and divorced Brad without drama) and beautiful (don’t need tatoos, nor kiss your brother because you crave attention).

    You Fannistons live in LALA land most of the time and you are so good with misinformation. Jennifer Anniston does not co-own Plan B, you wish, she was paid off. Read the Variety article where Brad confirmed it, see how much you guys will want her tied to Brad because you know that was her way to success.

    You wish she was as beautiful as the exotic looking Angelina, in her dreams. She has promoted the heck out of this 10 minutes. For the last 4months, she has been on Oprah, in New York for premiere, I guess since nobody else is willing to give her a job, she will ride this baby to death just like she rode her divorce and tried to launch a movie career, which has been a spectacular failure.

  • Biological Clock

    Tick tock, tick tock…

  • Isabelle II

    A) Reese Witherspoon is more classy and more of an America’s sweetheart
    B) How long is she going to milk this 10 minutes of fame?
    C) Where are the papps? One little picture at a safe distance.

  • Aniston 40 with no kids

    Isn’t plastic surgery supposed to make you look better?

    She’s uglier than usual. Her nose looks 10xs bigger and that CHIN.

    Her hand is giving me the hibbies. Looks crackled like a man’s hand.

  • The REAL Jennifer (not such a girl next door…)


    FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston’s strained relationship with her mother Nancy hit a new low when her mom was stricken with life-threatening double pneumonia — and cold-hearted Jennifer refused to help!

    It was apparent there was bad blood between the two after Jennifer failed to invite her own mom to her wedding to Brad Pitt last July. But even close friends were shocked that she let Nancy seek medical attention at a dingy public clinic that treats the homeless and destitute.

    “Jennifer can afford to pay for the best treatment at the best hospital, but she didn’t lift a finger to help,” says a friend of the older Aniston.

    “Nancy had to go to a clinic for indigents because she had nowhere else to turn.”

    Heartless Jennifer’s shocking disregard for her mom’s health came just days before a scandalous interview in which she described her mother as “a disease.”

    But the star’s callous behavior has friends worried that Jennifer is sick, too — mentally. They’re afraid she’s cracking up, say sources.

    “How else could a daughter turn her back so completely on her mother?” ask worried pals.

    Nancy, 64, was near death’s door with pneumonia, a friend says. “She was stricken with double pneumonia. She was pale as a ghost, and the pain and the congestion in her chest was awful.”

    Jennifer’s mother had so much trouble breathing that she was forced to seek medical treatment March 28 at the North Hollywood Health Center, a shabby building with peeling white paint, where people are asked to pay whatever they can afford for their care.

    Published on: April 11, 2001

  • JoliePitt

    jen’s fans ALWAYS given out wrong information. your low of lowiest AMERICA SWEETHEART does not co-own Plan B. please know your information before trying to get it on with us BAMZS fans. because if you don’t you and your AMERICA SWEETHEART will get grilled :)

    YEAH! Reese Witherspoon is so much more CLASSY than jen as she doesn’t go in public several times to discuss her divorce. your AMERICA SWEETHEART truly craves for attention and sympathy by going on TV asking for one! that’s quite SORRY and PATHETIC!!!! you call that classy?!

  • crazyville

    hahahhahahahhahah you people are still at it. hahahahhahahahhaha pathetic jolie fans! They can’t come up with anything bad about her so they rip on her looks! LMFAO

  • crazyville

    nobody cares about reese witherspoon ! She is not sought after like JA moron!

  • mialy

    crazyville, we like to rip on her looks b/c there’s nothing interesting to say about her hahaha! anyway she’s the perfect embodiement of the fakeness of America’s sweetheart lol look at these: fake blonde, 2time-nose-job-yet-ugly-big-nose, fake blue lenses, fake boobs and above all fake-make-believe-sweet-but no-more-than-money-and-power-hungry, so fake soul and fake heart! and her looks say it all.

  • Mom

    You poor lost soul, Reese is making a whole lot more per picture than your idol. And Reese doesn’t have to run to Oprah, or give interviews, or clear airports to walk out the front door so that she gets noticed.

    You see, Reese has class, but then again you don’t know what the word means so I understand your confusion.

    And ditch the moron speak, that is not classy either!

  • JoliePitt

    Jen not is as classy as Reese is already a BAD credential of your Jen. Crazyville, you NEED to step back a little and ANALYZE!

  • Huh?

    She really is an unattractive woman no matter how much she tries. I mean, seriously. She’s just not good looking at all and is not aging well. Look at her hands. They’re all narled up like she has arthritis. If I didn’t know she was 38 I wouldn’t of believed it.

    I’ve seen additional pictures of her from this event. She had the sides of her nose thinned down and the tip shaved and lifted. You’ll notice it immediately when you see the other pictures. But, wow. She really does look like a man with long stringy, dirty hair

  • No Hope

    The Nose job is not going to help one bit, the women is tragicly Fugly

  • Looka Lika Man

    Sorry but Aniston looks like an aging rocker.

  • Yikes
  • Yikes
  • Yikes