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Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Jennifer Aniston gave a friendly wave to the paparazzi as she arrived for a screening of her short film, Room 10 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif. Room 10 is Jen‘s directorial debut and tells the story of a nurse who gains perspective on her marital problems while caring for a dying patient. Room 10 is also as part of Glamour magazine’s “Reel Moments” series.

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621 Responses to “Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara”

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  1. 101
    Debbie Says:

    Hey YEAH STILL HATE THE DOG FACE – turn your caps lock off. And your response was too long and boring to read so I have no idea what you are ranting about. If you dislike Jen so much why put in so much effort. Go to bed. It’s late where you are and kids should not be up so late. Nun nite.

  2. 102
    sick of all the 24/7 friends fans Says:

    i’ve been reading all of your comments, and i, too agree that jen is ugly, old, and i think that she is also washed up. no one is giving her any roles, and i’m sure they don’t like what they see, when she has to test for a role. so i think that she has had her 15 minutes of fame, and its all over for her now. now, most of these films want the likes of scarlett, reese, jessica alba, jessica simpson, beyonce, yes and angelina. i feel that alot of films go for the younger women versus the older women. and it is true that most of jen’s movies were a bunch of flops. yes indeed! i hated so many of them, and i watched them all, and yes she was bad, very bad. the way i look at it, is that all of you jen fans need to face reality, and that reality is that your jen is not a good actress. i don’t think that anyone wants her anymore, but she won’t blame herself for that, and instead she blames angelina for her not being able to act. go figure! yes, this jen will blame everyone else but herself for the horrible things that happen in her life. yeah right, its everyone elses fault that she’s ugly. so the way i see it, is that jen is old now, and no major plastic surgery will help this woman, because she is not that much wanted anymore by most of your filmmakers. and, i also agree that she used brad for her trying to becomef a big star, but it didn’t happend and it never will. SHE IS JUST NOT A GOOD ACTRESS! AND, SHE JUST DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO ACT! my question is, will this woman ever realize and get the hint that she sucks at acting. perhaps, she should find herself a man, and get married and raise kids, because she’s almost 40 now, and all the younger prettier actresses are out there getting all of the good roles. also, i read that her bff courtney’s show dirt was probably going to get cancelled, and so she offered ja to come on and plant that kiss on her so that her ratings could come up. but i honestly think that that won’t even help courtney’s show. i for one don’t like ja and never have, she looks tooo much of a fake and phony to me. she just doesn’t look like she’s real. looks like the type that would step over anybody to get what she wants. poor old friend of hers from ny that told about her experience with ja when she was living with her in ny and when she came down to la. yes! i believe in bad karma, too, and this ja definitely has it.

  3. 103
    anon9 Says:

    Have to say, she looks manly.

  4. 104
    Poor Bitter Chloe Says:

    Chloe Says:
    Well, generally people who are inseparable care a great deal for one another. But I guess you know Brad doesn’t love Angelina because you are an insider close to him and he told you so. HaHa!! And you also can foresee the future because you don’t think he will love the kids much longer. Well you do think he loves the kids now, and it will be his loss if he decides that he does not in the future. I don’t see that happening, but then I don’t claim to see the future. Time will tell if your visions are correct.

    As to JA, the subject of this thread, she is richer than most folks, and if she wants to star in a movie she can pay for it. She has much competition for comedic roles from others in their 30′s, primarily ReeseW, SandraB, SarahJP, CDiaz, DBarrymore, KHudson (in her 20′s), and several of them are younger amd more attractive than she is. Even KWinslett has now done a romantic comedy with CDiaz. Derailed showed that she is not a dramatic actress. There are also other actresses in their 20′s whom she will be in competition with for roles. Women in Hollywood have a much harder time than men as they age for roles. Men in their late 30′s and 40′s and 50′s and now 60′s are considered in their prime while women must be stars like MStrep of JRoberts who can do drama or comedy and must be estabished earlier in their 20′s or early 30′s to keep getting those good roles. A handful of actresses such as CTheron,Renee Z, NKidman, CBlanchett are well established as movie actresses in their 30′s. Is this fair, no, but that is just the way life is at this time. CCox was the most attractive “Friend” and she has not been able to get a movie career going, other than the Screams movies. She has now gone back to tv for work. That’s all I’m saying.

  5. 105
    Tins Says:


  6. 106
    Rinna Says:

    She looks beautiful like always, I like the lighter colours on her.

  7. 107
    Isabel Says:

    You’re a bunch of losers!
    Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston don’t give a **** about what you write about them. They couldn’t care less if you liked or hated them.
    Write about Aniston’s nose, how you think she’s a bad actress, and she’s ugly.
    She doesn’t give ****! She’s rich, she’s famous and beautiful. She’ll continue to make movies and take home cash for it. And you have nothing better to do than sit on your lazy ass and post messages on gossip blogs.
    Aniston is over her divorce and she has moved on.
    Angelina Jolie is raising her family with Brad whether you like it or not.
    Call her a *****, husband stealing *****, and freak! She also doesn’t care. She’ll continue to cause controversy and she couldn’t care less about what you think.
    You people need a grasp on reality!
    They don’t need to be defended b/c they’re celebrities and you’re NOT!

    Do something productive with your life and shut the hell up!

  8. 108
    This Woman Will Stop At Nothing Says:

    lmao! this woman will stop at nothing to get attention. vince and brad were right in saying that she is a media monger. i feel sorry for any man that gets involved with this luney. she is ugly, her face looks uglier than before, and for those of you that say that she’s lovely, then man all of you must be fricken ugly. amazing! she is one fugly messed up face. i don’t like her and never have and never will. she displays all kinds of emotions of “everyone please like me, and please feel sorry for me, cause my hottie husband brad pitt dumped me!” yes, this is what she really portrays herself out to be and to the media. oh! and her “i will always love brad till the day i die” amazing! she’s such a sorry pathetic fugly looking ass broad. hey! she’s like almost 40, isn’t she!!!!!!
    a little too old for hollywood, these days.

  9. 109
    YES!! Says:

    sick of all the 24/7 friends fans Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 1:26 am

    wow! all that just for a woman you allegedly can’t stand? i can’t imagine what the length of the comments you post about people you do like are! anyway, jen’s life isn’t just about acting…..she obviously is directing, she has her own production company, she has friends she spends time with (apparently this even includes her ex in-laws)…..why are all you haters so focused on her nose and her acting? Is that seriously all you can come up with? This chick has a great life that consists of more than just those two things for cripes sake!
    Not every female on this planet wants to get married and have kids, by the way. And you can probably only PRAY that you look this “ugly & old” when you come close to forty,lol. Advice, if you are sick of the “friends fans”……which i asume you mean jen fans…..then get off a Jen Thread…..

  10. 110
    Ma Says:


  11. 111
    CLINIQUA Says: that a new pic??? If it’s possible, she’s uglier. Whoa.

  12. 112
    jen fan Says:

    Tins Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 1:33 am
    THAT IS HILARIOUS!! lmao…I freakin LOVE Jen’s sarcastic wit! Not many people get her sense of humor,lol…..she’s great.

  13. 113
    CLINIQUA Says:

    crazyville Says:

    February 4th, 2007 at 10:44 pm
    ah hahahahahah! I bet you angie fans are pissed! hahahahahahahah! This IS PRICELESS!

    Er, uhmmm….I don’t get it…you’re saying we Angelina fans are “pissed,” because she’s just as fugly as she was before, if not fuglier?


    Yah, Mmmmmkaaaay and alrighty then!

  14. 114
    Ma Says:

    Yeah Still Hate That Dog Face! Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 1:08 am

  15. 115
    Isabel Says:

    Yeah and Cliniqua is hot!
    You idiots think you’re hotter than Angelina or Jennifer.
    Post your pics!

    OMG, is that a new pic. Like, I’m so much hotter than her and any other celebrity.

  16. 116
    cliniqua again?!! spell hypocrite Says:

    Go back from whence you came satan….i mean, cliniqua….

  17. 117
    Isabel Says:

    Listen to Ma,

    Get out of this forum.
    Idiots think they’re hotter than any celebrity.

  18. 118
    Isabel Says:

    Cliniqua=ugly, poor self esteem wannabe groupie who thinks she’s hot

  19. 119
    MIKESMOM Says:


    I don’t care about this chick one way or the other, never have never
    will…… but anyone that say she is gorgeous or beautiful is full of it!!

  20. 120
    YES!! Says:

    Nah, cliniqua and her posse only come over here because they get tired of brangelina. Seriously, how much can you really talk about them? They are boring people and no matter how much the bamzs posse loves them they get bored with them after a while so they come over to start in on Jen becsuse she is more interesting. Oh, and so cliniqua can DEMAND an apology from Jen about the VF article. Musn’t forget that, very important. Cliniqua WANTS an apology so Jen MUST listen to her! lmaolmaolmaolmaolmoa……

  21. 121
    Chloe Says:

    Poor Bitter Chloe,

    You don’t make sense. Then again, you’re an idiot!
    PBC=loser who thinks she’s better than celebrities who make more money, look a lot prettier than her

    Shut up!

  22. 122
    loving mother? probably not Says:

    MIKESMOM Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 1:55 am

    I don’t care about this chick one way or the other, never have never
    will…… but anyone that say she is gorgeous or beautiful is full of it!!

    Geez, what must Mike be like if his mother is so hateful?

  23. 123
    Isabel Says:

    Makes sense.
    Jennifer OWES Cliniqua an apology
    Aniston must get on that, wouldn’t want Cliniqua to wait.
    Because Cliniqua is hot.


  24. 124
    Besane Says:

    Oh no, what did she do to her nose? Aniston looks like Angelica Huston now… the best nose she had ever had was her original, long one which balanced out her long chin. Now she meddled it will never be right again. Can she go back to her very first nose LOL.

  25. 125
    shar Says:

    #118 Isabel, I think you or and any other ladies and gentlemen on this forum can look as good or better than these celebrity if you had the money, stylist, grooming care and anything else that these celebrity has done to them. So you shouldn’t put yourself or anyone else down, because you are only as beautiful as your self-esteem and how you feel.

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