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Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Jennifer Aniston gave a friendly wave to the paparazzi as she arrived for a screening of her short film, Room 10 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif. Room 10 is Jen‘s directorial debut and tells the story of a nurse who gains perspective on her marital problems while caring for a dying patient. Room 10 is also as part of Glamour magazine’s “Reel Moments” series.

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  • Anna

    Actually there is nothing wrong with jennifer having a nose job or boob job or liposuction, its her prerogative as she was not born having a perfect face or body, and her workd requires her to have a perfect face adn body.

    The problem wither is she is too proud to admit that she has done something, and end up lying about it. It woudl have been better actually if she just keep quiet about it, the thing she is so sensitive and too proud and thinks too much of herself that she always needs to defend herself from negative publicity.

    She always underestimate the magazine readers and fans, why correct a deviated septum only after 12 years, if its going to make her sleep well like a baby??? C’mon just tell that to her stupid 12 year old Rachel fans but not to People Mag!

    Most women who are off or in between husbands and boyfriends and especially dumped women, normally ends up in their plastic surgeon’s office. Hello?? Remember Ivana Trump, who had a total face and body overhaul after being dumped by Donald. Its understandable, i would do the same if I have the money, but will not lie about it!!!!

  • JoliePitt

    LOOOOOL. yeah, Crazyville is running out of the truths to argue so she calls the BAMZS fans MORONS!:) i am not going to call you MORON Crazyville because i am better and BIGGER than that just like angie/brad! hahaha

  • Leandra

    It’s pretty funny that other stars are out making movies and having a career while Jennifer Aniston whines to People magazine about nose job and implant rumors. It’s painfully obvious that Brad Pitt got her this far and she really doesn’t have what it takes (looks, talent) to take her career to another level. Her best bet is to find another famous guy to latch on to though I don’t think a lot of guys in Hollywood are looking for 40 year old ex-sitcom stars.

  • Nink

    Her arm looks like a line-backer’s.

  • Margaret

    Chinoplasty – Jen gets publicity because the “people” who buy the mags and who push the button for the People’s Choice awards (one in the same people) like her. You Brangelina freaks just make YOUR heroes look bad with your hateful venom. Pitt’s lack of wins in this year’s awards tells you something. Imagine Brad Pitt losing out to Vince Vaughn on a leading man award – and then to Eddie Murphy. People do not like Brad and Angelina. The media does because they are media whores. Jolie has leaked so much crap about her mother’s death and arrangements and what was said at the end, that it certainly reenforces my statement.

  • Chinoplasty

    #213 You can really see she had a nose job there.

  • AKOSI’A’

    SPLASH has a clip of X’s Q&A re: the short film
    and she said at approximately 1:23 and some seconds………..
    “women WRITED…”

    writed????????????????? hahahahah :lol:

  • crazyville

    guess what….the truth is JA did not have a nose job. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA The last laugh is on you ! HAHAHA Hurts doesn’t it! Now that’s a TRUTH

  • why pic now?

    She has called People Magazine a tabloid before, she has said repeatedly she doesn’t care for the trash perpetuated in gossip rags.

    And yet…when Jennifer Aniston wants to fellate the MiniVan Majority, when she wants to make sure her status as America’s Sweetheart remains unblemished, she goes running back to People for an “exclusive” interview for no other reason than to talk about appearing in her best friend’s new tv show Dirt, Courteney Cox’s collaborative effort with husband David Arquette.

    Well…at least that was the pretence. The underlying objective? To talk about her nose, of course. The nose that was fixed for a “deviated septum” – that’s what she’s insisting. Everyone else is smutting something different.

    Us Weekly goes so far as to say that she’s been unhappy with it since her first nose job 12 years ago

    You will note in the People article, she makes a point of scoffing at the “ruthless and cutthroat” rumours surrounding her because if she didn’t care so much, why would she keep talking to the tabloids???

    In her defense though – I absolutely do NOT think she did her boobs. What I do think is that she put on a bit of weight, spread it around her breasts, and looks lovely for it. If only she could truly believe the Oprah Lotus Chant on the Mountain: Love yourself Jen. Love yourself first, truly love yourself, sing it to the Ocean, and we will sing it back

  • bellebeesting

    Living well is almost always the best revenge. Go Jen.

  • sienna

    to all the people who are saying her hair are awful she doesn’t have roots it is not coloration but she has done a balayage and
    i really would like to see your hair

  • Isabelle II

    Margaret Says:
    The fact that you would even think that Angelina would “leak” anything about her Mother’s death shows how disgusting you are. Even bringing it up shows an enormous lack of class or decency.
    You have a lot in common with your idol

  • AnistonFan

    To No. 30 G…if she wants to do an infommercial that would bloody well be her business. With $110 Million, I would say she can do as she d@mn well pleases.
    Jealous often, are you?

  • Chinoplasty

    Give it up Margaret. The people SPAMMING the button for the Chin vote were her fans and paid lackeys. Same goes for Vince.

    Brad may not have won the GG but he WAS nominated. Where was your Chin in the nominations? She can get the pity vote but when it comes to REAL nominations and votes she gets NONE.

  • Ava Verhaal

    She needs to cut this fucking hair.

    All she has is this hair. Maybe if change the hair, her life is gonna change.

  • No it doesn’t

    sienna Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 11:18 am

    to all the people who are saying her hair are awful she doesn’t have roots it is not coloration but she has done a balayag

    What are you talking about? Jennifer Aniston has dark brown hair naturally. She’s been coloring her blond since the 2nd/3rd season of Friends. You think this woman has naturally dirty blond hair? Hello

  • Chinoplasty

    What the Chin Hags teach us.

    Chin has money

    Chin has hair.


  • from lainey

    Deviated Septum

    Us Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Aniston sought the services of Ashlee Simpson’s special nose doctor and underwent the knife herself on January 20th because…wait for it…she had a deviated septum that was preventing her from sleeping and breathing properly – the official word from her publicist Stephen Huvane who, as Us Weekly has also pointedly reported, hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with the truth on more than one occasion.

    The magazine goes on to say that Jennifer “Jen has hated her nose ever since her FIRST nose job. She always said how lousy it was and that her nose was still too wide.”

    So is it out of the ordinary for a celebrity to fix up her face? Absolutely not. Happens all the time, every day.

    But THIS particular celebrity has always denied enhancement.

    THIS particular celebrity has cultivated an image out of convincing people she’s Au Naturel – with the help, of course, of the Zone Diet and a steady stream of cigarettes.

    But there have long been those rumours, brought to light again by a former roommate and actress last year who delivered a monologue with details about a certain “Friend” who rose to fame after moving her hairline, changing her nose, and icing her nipples – click here and here here for full details

    As you would expect, Huvane vehemently denied the claims at the time with an impassioned plea to the MiniVan Majority to uphold their faith that their heroine is indeed still “what you see is what you get”…right?

    Well not so according to Us Weekly. According to Us Weekly Jen bought herself a new nose then and she’s tweaking the original purchase now. And so the question becomes – did Jen stop at a nose? Or did she opt for everything else too?

    You tell me.

  • http://dc_jean dc_jean

    oh guys stop , here nose looks, i would love to hv her nose!. jennifer is pretty , simple and ok person . angelina is a compassionate person. she is not a stoneface, only hypocrites , delusional and narrowmind people call her that or maybe some jennifer fans and her sympathizers. in reality , angie is one great person no matter wht sypathizers , fans or haters call of her. they’re the one who needs help and deserves pity bcoz had so much money in her bank account. as far angie fans calling her ugly, tht is not so true!, jen is pretty, i am not much a fan of her. though, i knew her before angie bcoz of the friend show, i think shes cute but i just ddn’t watch it tht much, coz it’s more like just young teenage cutie-cutie show but funny though. i only started to know angie when she started doing much of her goodwell, tht i respect her a lot. that stoneface crap is too hollwywoodish! and fake, there are lots of better things to, tht focusing on nonsense interview. any todler can even answer tht poor toddlerish question. if angie think she is above that, why would she she dare to get close to very poor people, knowing some of them obviously smell?. u can’t fake that. and the fact she even take time and talk to them. those, people loading goods , iknow they sweat and smell! but she is there helping them, unloading aids!. for some of u here, would say say yuck! he stink so bad!, she ddn’t!. as far is reese go, she is one classy woman for not letting the media play on her. and anyway, she don’t need the media, she is paid 15 million dollar per movies. she is more than angelina. i think jennifer and angelina hv the same pay rate, as i’ve heard the last time like 10 million per movie. though, i would say in a very honest biased way, angelina deserve more money, yes! she is a versatile actress from action to drama…am not sure about comedy, i think jennifer is good in comedy. but i love angelina doing action, sexy drama , she is amazing! she can hold a gun and shoot perfectly!. no matter wht she do , she ‘s oozing w/ sex appeal an absolute femme fatale. i love to see angelina playing female version of james bond. i think, some news said , she was offered to play bond girl opposite to the guy from casino royal, i forgot his name but they go w/ eva green instead bcoz jolie is pregnant. though, she said , she wants to be a female bond or to play the villain, either way, i think she can pull it off. but i would love to see her, in james bond movie. jennifer, i don’t know, why don’t hv movie offers. i really never seen her movies, so i can’t say much. but , i think, shes good in comedy and lite drama. angie is very good in heavy drama less comdey and excellent action siren. well, i put it this way, jennifer is pretty and cute. angelina is beautiful oozes sensual, edgy, hypnotic appeal of sexiness! she is animalistically sexy, w/o trying. her face, can lure millions of those calling her nasty name, i think ur just refering to urself!!!!! that’s the truth. she is way, better than u. look at those actress and actors,who are mesmerized by her presence, she is an exotic ensenble to die for. and we fans are dying w/ envy or is is the haters?

  • Aniston’s Weave

    Aniston has admitted she wears extensions.

    Her hair is so dull. She needs a new style.

    She’ll never change it since she hides behind it and it covers most of her ugly face.

    Aniston looks like a lapso apso.

  • anon

    Brad is a wanna be. He’s loaded but is dumber than a box of rocks. Just listen to him talk. He’s stupid

  • Isabelle II

    The real Aniston has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a big nose. Haven’t her fans ever bothered to look at pictures of her before “Friends”? What you’re looking at is Rachel Green. If she changed all that about herself, she’ll keep having work done as she ages. She wasn’t happy about herself to start with.
    The very fact that she says she’s all natural just goes to show what an insecure liar she is

  • Norman

    She is a cross between Jay Leno and Dustin Huffman. Sad

  • Leandra

    anon Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 11:26 am

    Brad is a wanna be. He’s loaded but is dumber than a box of rocks. Just listen to him talk. He’s stupid


    You’re so “writed”

  • AKOSI’A’

    Chinoplasty Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 11:23 am
    What the Chin Hags teach us.

    Chin has money

    Chin has hair.



    and her proper usage of words “women WRITED…” at approximately 1:23 ((Splash Clip)


  • cookie


  • http://dc_jean dc_jean

    crazyville reese doesn’t get the press JA had bcoz she don’t go to the media!!! she only show up, when she’s promoting films!!!! copish????? . if reese has nothing to promote, whts purpose about going to the media? tell me?, if ur smart? as u call somebody a moron. she ddn’t go to the media and open her private life and talking about her divorce battle or whtsoever, thts the truth!!. may i ask u , hv u heard reese mentioned anything about her divorce???.no!!!!!!!!, she kept it to herself, the media are talking rumor bs speculations! but, never reese tempted to divulge for them ( media) to make money w/ their dirty tricks. but on the lighter side, i would love to hv jennifer’s look, and as i said she is pretty cute. just tht i like angie bcoz she’s a more of true person not just a facade but a true beauty in heart and soul and it emates thru her physical attributes.

  • Isabelle II

    AnistonFan Says:
    SHE’S the one all talking about how she wanted to make it as a film star once leaving tv sitcom status. Where is it, this big movie career? She can do as she please, anyone can. She can do infomercials, guest star on her best friend’s tv show, or sit around collecting royalties from Friend rerun. But in her heart of hearts she longs for raising her status to a that of a film star…..and it’s just not going to happen. Frustrated much???

  • sienna

    “What are you talking about? Jennifer Aniston has dark brown hair naturally. She’s been coloring her blond since the 2nd/3rd season of Friends. You think this woman has naturally dirty blond hair? Hello”

    did you already went to a hairstylist? i know she is not a natural blond but she did a balayage so they color her hair a little brown in order to make it natural.

  • IToldYouSo

    Just remember I told you so, when all the Angelina bashing comes next on this site. Hitting below the belt with comments and all that ugly **** that will happen with the next batch of Angelina pictures. You guys bring this on yourself and you act like you’re above it. All you have to do is ignore don’t even post a comment. That would be more powerful than the adolescent comments. But no the 15 year old girls and behavior comes out to play. I hope at least it does something to boost your self esteem (Which is obviously very low, your textbook cases. Have you ever met a person who puts someone else down who didn’t have self esteem issues?). The people who post the ugly stuff about these two women are pretty pathetic. But hopefully putting others down, gives you some glimmer of hope for your own sad life. If not, well you’re just not accomplishing anything.

    BTW – I post the same comment when the “poor Jen” bashers come out to play and post **** about Angelina.

    So go ahead bash away and of course at me for posting the truth that you still can’t face.

    As a female I’m embarrassed for you. Even Angelina would be disgusted by this stuff so don’t think you’re doing her any favors. It’s actually very insulting to her relationship and life to keep taking shots at her partners ex. It’s not a game, or contest they all moved on you don’t have to defend “Jen” and “Angie”. And if it’s not about Angelina and you’re just this awful because you can be, well the last place you should be is on-line try church, family, friends, or check out a 12 step program. I guarantee releasing the hate and bitterness will be the best thing you have ever done.

  • malibumom

    Not ugly, not at all-exchange Jennifer’s name for Angelina’s and you still get hatred and ignorance-MOVE ON!

  • JoliePitt

    post#279, there is no hate here. we only speak the truth about jen. btw, if you don’t like to be part of this conversation, please LEAVE!

  • Jens an old fart!

    lmao! its so funny how the majority of these chinnochio fans love this NO TALENT WASHED UP TRYING TO ACT LUNATIC! everyone knows that this psycho can’t act. and as for her friends worrying about her getting mentally sick, hell yes, and i say that her close friends should of started worrying about her years ago. i’ll bet she goes around her house talking to herself and answering herself. yeah! i truly do think that she is this f***ing crazy. she sure as hell looks it, and yes she is so truly an ugly ugly looking broad. she really resembles a man. no wonder the brad got out. is it possible that she also has a p***s? could be, all of you! especially when no man wants to stay with her. the time has come for this ugly broad to get out of hollywood, and to stop trying to act, cus she just doesn’t cut it. plus she’s like almost 40, and i can see her wrinkles, and she’s just plain disgustingly ugly.
    for reals!

  • This Womans Really Ugly

    well, i guess that plastic surgery job sure as hell didn’t work. did it? she’s still uglier than hell! and yes she looks like a man. no way, that this ugly person can be labeled as americas sweetheart, no way in hell. too many other prettier gals out there than this man looking thing. i’ll bet even the media wishes they hadn’t of given her that label. they probably wish they could take it back. her chin is way too long, small beady eyes, and that ugly hair that she tries to cover her face up w ith all the time. YES! SHE KNOWS THAT SHE’S UGLY! SHE REALLY DOES! TOO BAD! she’s made her money, now she should just get lost. not a nice person at all, nor classy, but ugly yes.

  • JoliePitt

    post #279, i don’t think jen, brad and/or angie will be reading this so there is no need for you to try defending anyone. it’s good that you are trying to play “ms. middle”, but this is reality as there’s no middle thing, it’s whether you’re a jen or angie’s fan. the only way that any one of us, i think, to be in the middle between these 2 women is ONLY if brad doesn’t exist to begin with. so, you think about that.

    btw, we are entitle to our opinions. if you are disgusted the way the conversations are carried out, SKIP, SCROLL DOWN and only read what soothes you. thanks!

  • Aniston’s new nose
  • Isabelle II

    I haven’t mentioned Angelina. I dislike Jen, period. It doesn’t help the way she treated Brad and the way she lies about everything. I’m not going to sit quitely by while a few dozen people dicuss how”classy” she is. Nothing is going to make this woman classy. I like Courtney Cox. She goes about her family and career without talking to the press about everything. And it’s obvious she wants to befriend Brad and can’t because of that albatross.

  • Sarah

    Don`t like her laugh – loot at the 6th pic – She look like Joker in Batman!!!!

  • JoliePitt

    post#285, thank you for the comparison pictures. clearly jem trimmed the sides of the nose, lift up the bridge and chop off the tip of her nose a bit. i think she’s also got something done to her chin too, but since it still looks kinda long, so i am not sure!

  • cookie

    on the latest survey at for the MOST DESIRABLE WOMAN IN THE WORLD: JENNIFER ANISTON : no. 76.(despite her fans saying she got the best body in hollywood) ANGELINA JOLIE : no. 9(despite all the haters saying she is “skinny”). It means men dont find jennifer sexy,appealing and other words boring and bland

  • Delilah

    I think she looks great. Whorelina will always be in her shadow. Jen is smart and i hope she she takes off with a directing career or continues to act. She told the truth, she had a deviated septum, that’s it.

  • julia

    How anyone could say shes ugly…cracks me up. I’d like to see what those people look like. She never got a nose job she looks the same. Even if she did who cares. I f I had the money & could change something I don’t like about myself. well then of course I’d do it. So wouldn’t all the ugly haters. She is so down to earth & has such a sense of style. I love how she dresses. She is such the girl next store.

  • SMART??

    Delilah Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    So smart that she uttered “women writed…” :lol:
    Do go and watch her latest SPLASH clip and we will all learn something new like “WRITED”.

  • The REAL Jennifer

    Celeb Press Calls Bullshit on ‘Poor Jen’

    For someone who claims her breakup is an invention of the tabloids, Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been trying very hard to prove them wrong. The former Friends star has been out and about lately, turning up at a Glamour magazine event in Los Angeles last week and performing in a charity theater festival in New York, but her failure to appear in the company of Vince Vaughn, or even in the same area code, has many convinced the relationship is being propped up for PR purposes.

    According to one source with contacts in the Aniston camp, the actress’s handlers fear it would damage her market value to have her seen as a two-time dumpee. “Keeping this ‘relationship’ on the map is a face-saving maneuver,” says the source. “The ‘Poor Jen’ headlines are something she despises, and she’s desperate to avoid another round of it.”

    A well-informed tabloid editor puts it more bluntly: “She doesn’t want to be seen as a loser.”

    But while Aniston may be selling the happy-couple narrative, the entertainment press, having played along with too many of her past charades, isn’t buying. Us Weekly is leading the charge, with a running timer on its home page tracking, to the second, how long it’s been since Aniston and Vaughn were last seen together. Over the summer, Aniston pooh-poohed an Us report that she and Vaughn were engaged; Us retaliated with a list of all the times her rep, Stephen Huvane, had been caught lying on her behalf.

    It would help Aniston’s credibility if she and Vaughn had ever bothered to confirm their couplehood before the reports of their split began to appear. Aniston’s Oct. 16 Oprah appearance, when she tepidly denied there had been a breakup, was her first public acknowledgement of the romance. “They would never talk about the relationship when they were actually having one,” says a skeptic. “Now that they’re not having a relationship, they’re going out of their way to talk about it. It’s perverse.”

    Convincing the doubters may require extreme measures. Yesterday afternoon, as Aniston prepared to leave New York, one source told Radar she was believed to be headed for London, where Vaughn has been filming Fred Claus. Huvane declined to confirm or deny that, saying, “I don’t think Jennifer’s personal travel plans or wherabouts are anyone’s business but her own.”

    But even a well-executed photo op would fail to persuade most professional celebrity watchers at this point. Says one, “Jennifer Aniston is sort of Clinton-esque in her choice of words. She parses them so that they’re technically accurate, but she’s a well-known liar.”

  • shitstirrer

    I bet most of the posters on this site are so ugly, they aren’t allowed outside during daylight……jealous slags.

  • JoliePitt

    to JULIA POST#290: it’s ok you’re defending Jen because you’re her true fan as any of the true fans would/shall do. I am NOT sitting here telling everyone that Jen is ugly. I am sure NONE of us are just as pretty comparable to Jen and Angie, but if you compare Jen and Angie…….ANGIE is definitely so much more glamorous, so beautiful and definitely beautiful inside and out.

    personally, i am not against plastic surgery period. yes, if you think by getting a surgery and change your body parts makes you feel sexy and good about yourself, then go for it. it’s her money and she can do with whatever she wants with it. with the money$ she has, NONE of us jen’s fan or angie’s fan will ever have in our entire lives…..

    however, how can you sit here and say Jen NEVER got a nose job? i mean you’ve used the word “never”. when someone uses the word “never”, clearly he/she is in denial and that is what i think you’re doing. clearly she had a nose job since 12 years ago and as of lately. that is the debate the BAMZS fans are trying to point out to all the jen’s fans and not just the BAMZS fans knows she got a nose job, the whole world know it and can tell the difference. we’re not stupid and if anything you are because clearly you’re blinded!!! another point we BAMZS fans are trying to make is that HOW can she call the media and discuss the nose, UNLESS of course, clearly she’s looking to get attention and trying to promote her DIRT appearance. lastly, right after she break up with brad, she comes onto tv and shows, speaking bad stuff about her divorce, that is NOT classy! yep, so you think about it.

  • Isabelle II

    Whorelina will always be in her shadow.
    C’mon, you can’t really believe that! Jen doesn’t even have a shadow

  • Just Saying

    Jen will always be known for her hairstyle (The Rachel) and being the wife and ex wife of Brad Pitt. It’s as simple as that. She can direct 10,000 films, she can have 10,000 lesbian affairs, have 10,000 facelifts, she will ALWAYS be known as the chick from Friends with that hairstyle who was dumped by Brad Pitt.

  • JoliePitt

    i meant to JULIA post#293……

  • Andrómeda

    Julia: you make me laugh…..And why the doble post????…How can you say she never got a nose job?, She admitted last week on People (in an interview she gave). Ok, it seems it wasn´t a big surgery (I give you that…). You say she is so down to earth….really?, she only cares about fashion, tanning, yoga, in fact I never heard or read anything interesting coming from her mouth…and about sense of style, I don´t think she has…I dont´like how she dresses, but hey… with old the money she has, of course she can buy pretty clothes and hire lots of persons who can help her and advice her about what to wear…