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Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Aniston Debuts Short Film at Santa Barbara

Jennifer Aniston gave a friendly wave to the paparazzi as she arrived for a screening of her short film, Room 10 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif. Room 10 is Jen‘s directorial debut and tells the story of a nurse who gains perspective on her marital problems while caring for a dying patient. Room 10 is also as part of Glamour magazine’s “Reel Moments” series.

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  • Delilah

    IToldYouSo Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 12:52 am
    Just remember I told you so, when all the Angelina bashing comes next on this site. Hitting below the belt with comments and all that ugly **** that will happen with the next batch of Angelina pictures. You guys bring this on yourself and you act like you’re above it. All you have to do is ignore don’t even post a comment. That would be more powerful than the adolescent comments. But no the 15 year old girls and behavior comes out to play. I hope at least it does something to boost your self esteem (Which is obviously very low, your textbook cases. Have you ever met a person who puts someone else down who didn’t have self esteem issues?). The people who post the ugly stuff about these two women are pretty pathetic. But hopefully putting others down, gives you some glimmer of hope for your own sad life. If not, well you’re just not accomplishing anything.

    BTW – I post the same comment when the “poor Jen” bashers come out to play and post **** about Angelina.

    So go ahead bash away and of course at me for posting the truth that you still can’t face.

    As a female I’m embarrassed for you. Even Angelina would be disgusted by this stuff so don’t think you’re doing her any favors. It’s actually very insulting to her relationship and life to keep taking shots at her partners ex. It’s not a game, or contest they all moved on you don’t have to defend “Jen” and “Angie”. And if it’s not about Angelina and you’re just this awful because you can be, well the last place you should be is on-line try church, family, friends, or check out a 12 step program. I guarantee releasing the hate and bitterness will be the best thing you have ever done.


    RIGHT ON! love your comment. I feel that these crazed Jolie fans will twist and bend anything in Jolie’s favor and if it’s about Jennifer they twist and bend it against her. Their opinions are just….DESPERATE. There have been pictures posted previously regarding jolie having plastic surgery. They were very compelling yet the crazed fans shot down the possibility and frimly believe she’s never had any surgery. I think both of these actresses are guilty of the same thing: surgery, talking to the media, especially putting their personal lives out there. And you know what? SO WHAT! BOTH are guilty.

    AND whether you like it or not, Jennifer was married to Brad they did love each other at one point and nothing will ever change that.

  • Observer

    I’m not sure I like the scarf she’s wearing, but she looked pretty cute in many of these pictures, her smily faces. They are all much better than the one above the title of the thread. She often comes through as a pretty nice person.

  • Muttiston

    Jen is a complete failure. How could she let someone like Brad Pitt go? She cared more about herself and her hopes to become A list. She is a failure and a nobody. If it weren’t for Brad she would have a career in Yoga videos. Jen is lazy, why doesn’t she start her own production company? Cox has her own show what does Jen have besides coattails?

    Angelina gave Brad more in 2 years than Jen ever gave him in 7 years. He has a family he always wanted and even said after divorcing the old hag Jen that dreams never die they become more vivid. Jen hag has nothing in common with Brad never did. She can throw her old marriage certificate in the bonfire like she did with her wedding dress and dolls. She is nothing.

    Move on Jen hag. It’s time.

  • Love TomKat

    How old is this woman? Is she forty yet, because as hard as she tries to look youthful, she is not aging gracefully. Maybe because she is not a naturally beautiful person. Must have been hard for her to be married all those years to such a beautiful man (BP)

  • TrEaSuReS

    Although her “new” nose doesn’t really look any different from her “old” nose, Jennifer still looks fabulosa. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just trying to build up their own low self esteem. So what if she got dumped by Brad Pitt, at least she had him at the prime of his life when he was still a sex symbol. Now, he’s just old and wrinkly. Angelina can have him. Jennifer will find someone much more suitable.

  • JoliePitt

    post #301 Delilah: NONE of the BAMSZ fans are denying, whether Angie did or did not get some kind of surgery done. I think everyone in hollywood have done it something or another. At least, Angie doesn’t come out in public to announce the surgery or using her time to defend herself. Angie prefers using her time wisely on helping the world and spend time with her kids. besides, it’s none of anyone’s business. Angie doesn’t need attention because she has a high self-esteem. btw, i would like to see the pix of Angie with the plastic surgery done and where about please?!!!

    If jen got a surgery, it’s none of us business too, but WHY call the media and announce to the world that she had a deviated septum done? we’re not stupid/naive to think she actually got a deviated septum fixed after 12 years and just fixing now!

  • mary

    Maniston is, was, and always will be ugly and there are not enough plastic surgeries to make her look pretty… :D :D


    Oh MY.

    :-( :-O

    Wow, she deserves a REFUND.


    Seriously though??


    1) Very subtle work on her nose, streamlining it through the bridge.

    2) BUT THE MOST OBVIOUS THING SHE GOT (she was told it probably would help balance a none too delicate looking schnozola), is the RESTALYNE WORK in her UPPER LIP…the latest PROCEDURE is not so much fattening up lips with direct silicon or restalyne injections, it’s actually putting a sliver of a restalyne implant IN THE SPACE BETWEEN THE NOSE & UPPER LIP (her best pal COURT just had it done), it gives the ILLUSION OF YOUTH, filling OUT THE AREA that tends to deflate and get flatter with age, and making the MOUTH IN GENERAL, MORE PROMINENT. So the person won’t exactly have fat lips ala Melanie Griffith (those OLD procedures are PLAYED OUT NOW), but it gives the appearance of a more prominent mouth, poofing it out ever so subtly, much like a person would have had as a much younger woman.

    That is why her SMILE looks off, SHE’S RE-LEARNING to SMILE with the PLASTIC in BETWEEN her UPPER LIP and NOSE.

    It’s MOST apparent in the lower right hand corner picture, and the pic to it’s immediate left.

    That’s all I see right now…but she may have had something else…I think on this particular jaunt to the plastic surgeons, that may have been it…as she is maintaining STILL that overalll appearance of FUG, we’ve come to know and loathe. LMAO!

    Hehe-heh. (((BUSTED!!!))

  • Logiv

    It’s all about preference…some think Jennifer is attractive while other’s don’t. That’s the case for EVERY person on the planet. I don’t understand the constant references between these two ladies: They are different! Depending on your preference, one is more physically appealing to you.

    And at this point, it doesn’t matter anymore that she used to be married to Brad. She also used to date Vince, Tate, and whoever else. It’s her past. Fans of her’s should focus on her present and wish her well in her future. People who constantly harp on her past and who she used to be in relationships with do a disservice to what she is trying to accomplish in the present. That goes for Angelina as well. GET OVER IT!

    Now she’s

  • Mariana

    SHE DOES HAVE A NEW NOSE PEOPLE!!! Look very carefully, apparently she was adamant that her nose change would not be too drastic – and as you can see its the work of an expert surgeon that has kept it just that – not too drastic. BUT IT IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT!!! Look at it fro the side and when she smiles, it used to be a lot wider before – good for her, if it makes her feel more confident. She has her height and body to make her look attractive anyways, but knowing her she would want to get a chin job too.

  • hi

    I watched Hackers last night on tv – Angelina had a rather plump face when she was younger and her nose was most definitely a bit on the bobbed side. Jen Aniston had a rather akward looking nose when she was younger. Right now they both have the noses that fit their other features better in order for them to be attractive.

  • Mariana

    Oh and by the way, I would just like to add that baby or no baby, Angie or no Angie, Jen and Brad would have split EVENTUALLY PEOPLE so lay off blaming Angelina for this!!!

    Could you picture Jen on a bike with Brad in Cambodia?!!! Or in a rickshaw in India?! PLEASE – Brad and Angelina have the EXACT same interests and carefree attitude to life, they want to travel here and there and explore.

    Jennifer likes to play it safe, in her home with her friends and Norman – its just obvious that their interests changed, since they can’t change as people they moved on to someone else.


    Agreed Mariana (310), I think even moreso than the nose, she went in for the mouth work and the restalyne implant in the space below her nose above her top lip, softening up the deep mouth bracket wrinkles she had.

  • Frankie

    She looks terrible. Not at all aging well.

  • Isabelle II
  • Mariana

    Angelina has had her nose done – there are before and after pics of her nose on various websites, everyone knows she’s had her nose done! Angelina’s ofcourse was lucky enough to have an AMAZING surgeon work on hers, it is PERFECT!!! Wonder who it was? Hmmm…

  • ok!

    #311 hi,Angelina’s nose is the SAME now as it was in Hackers.Her face was just rounder then due to her young age at the time.If you look at younger pictures of Sharon Stone her face was rounder when she was young as well.Jen’s nose was QUITE larger when she was younger,Jen has had a nose job!Stevie Wonder can even see that!I myself just find it funny that just because Jen is on her 2nd nose job,people want to drag Angelina in this to I guess to take the heat off Jen?Look at Jen’s nose on the pictures from Prez Hilton you can see her nose has been THINNED OUT!What I guestion is why?Maybe because her career is on the downside or because she is hitting 40.Take your pick!

  • Jen’s new nose

    How did she recover so quickly? No bruises, no nothing. There is just a subtle difference. It is just a little nose job.

  • Isabelle II
  • Jamie


    There is alot of comments here, very confusing. I wouldn’t say I am a Jen fan, but I don’t hate her either. I want to understand Jen fans why they are adore her.

    - When talking about acting talents I would say, I admire Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Scarlet Johansson, most, as I have seen them in different roles. I also admire Angelina Jolie most for her movies “Gia”, “Girl interrupted”, “Playing by heart” and some others. I like Angelina also because of her strong personality, just for e.g. she choses her roles not because they would give her popularity, but most of her roles are persons marginalized by the society.
    - Concerning good voices, I would say I like Shakira, Anastasia, Madonna.

    So I wonder, why is Jen so fascinating? If you can explain me, perhaps some other, who has no feelings for her, might understand you much better. Perhaps there is something that we don’t see.

  • Frankie

    I watched the Splash video and Jen is an airhead. She didn’t know how many Glamour entries there were. Said 500 and was corrected. There were 4 thousand. Then she forgot the name of the hospital this 10 minute film. There is no substance with her. She comes across as flighty and she is so homely.

  • Isabelle II
  • Frankie

    I don’t believe for a minute Angelina had surgery. She was so beautiful when she was young and still beautiful today. Jennifer was so ugly and homely when she was young and still is.

  • about Jen and Brad

    I agree with Mariana.

    Brad and Jen would have seperated with or without Angelina in the picture. Brad and Jen had different interests. They might have loved each other, but that wasn’t enough at the end. Brad likes a good challenge and adventure. Jen did not even like to fly on a plane. She felt insecure about her looks, about not having a big movie career. And all of that had an effect on the marriage. She also hesitated about having a child. The end was coming. Now Angelina gets all of the blame which is unfair.

  • Sasha


  • mercredi

    “Girlfriend” needs a hair cut.

  • What Happened to Jennifer?

    Margaret Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 11:13 am
    Chinoplasty – Jen gets publicity because the “people” who buy the mags and who push the button for the People’s Choice awards (one in the same people) like her. You Brangelina freaks just make YOUR heroes look bad with your hateful venom. Pitt’s lack of wins in this year’s awards tells you something. Imagine Brad Pitt losing out to Vince Vaughn on a leading man award – and then to Eddie Murphy. People do not like Brad and Angelina. The media does because they are media whores. Jolie has leaked so much **** about her mother’s death and arrangements and what was said at the end, that it certainly reenforces my statement.

    What does Jack Nicholson’s losses this year tell you? Or Matt D.’s loss?

    Margaret, Margaret, Margaret. Tom O’neil from L.A. Time’s The Envelope was at the PCA’s. And this is what the fans there had to say about your girl:

    ~~~Fan stands people say winners will be ‘Pirates’ and Halle
    OK, I just took a poll of the people in the stands. If they’re at all reflective of what the people thought who voted for these kudos, you and I now know the winners ahead of time. Here’s how the poll was conducted. I named the nominees quickly to get the crowd in the stands aware of the lineup, then read off the choices slowly.

    Favorite Movie Drama
    1.) Pirates of the Caribbean (wild, defeaning applause)
    2.) X-Men: The Last Stand (decent applause)
    3.) Da Vinci Code (barely a peep!)

    Jennifer Aniston used to win TONS of these awards. Wow, has her stock fallen! When I read off the names of the contenders for favorite female movie star, here was the response:

    1.) Halle Berry (crazy screaming support)
    2.) Sandra Bullock (respectable cheers)

    —–3.) Jennifer Aniston (barely a peep!)—–

    And Peter Bart From Variety gives insight as to why someone actually wins the PCA by using Vaughn’s win as an example while talking about Leo D:

    ~~~While we’re handing out special tributes, how about one for Leonardo? Given the endless succession of award shows, one has to empathize with those who, like DiCaprio, look on night after night while the Helen Mirrens of the world collect their kudos and make their teary speeches.

    Leonardo has a unique problem, to be sure, because he is competing against himself with “Blood Diamond” and “The Departed.” His performances were strong in both, but apparently not strong enough to elicit the votes from SAG or the Globes or, perhaps, from the Academy. At the SAG awards he was carrying on bravely, applauding the winners, hair slicked back, looking like a young Howard Hughes.

    —-I suppose he has to keep coming, and keep losing. Won’t some kudo show give the guy a break? The People’s Choice Award went to Vince Vaughn for a very important reason: He agreed to show.—-

    Where were you, Leonardo, when they needed you? ~~~

    So, apparently the fans that showed up at the PCA’s didn’t vote for your girl. And the fact that she WON without fan support at the event, one might be lead to believe that she won because she agreed to show, just like Vaughn won because he agreed to show.

    You get on with yourself while others in the industry tell you the truth.

  • Bastardly
  • Bastardly
  • Sandy

    OMG, she is soooo ugly!!!!!!

    Poor Chin!

  • xane

    Definately narrower at the top…compare the pics from peoples choice awards. It’s very subtle if she had been more careful with the going in and out of the Plastic surgeons office, no one would tell a thing.
    Anyways, she can twick all she wants…if it’s the inside that’s broken….it’s all pointless. You can run but you can’t hide.

  • Delilah

    How come you jolie lovers don’t hate on laura dern? She’s another casualty of Jolie’s man stealing ways. And you say Jen is insecure. Jolie can’t even get herself a single man.

  • ok!

    #328 #329 Bastardley,THANK YOU! Angelina DID NOT have surgery!She was beautiful even at 16 and that is NATURAL beauty!Jen had a nose job,no doubt about that.

  • Isabelle II

    Delilah Says:

    Laura Dern? Totally BBT’s fault, she was out of town and he did’nt even bother to tell her he was seeing someone else. How was Angelina to know they were still together?

    The question is more like why can’t Jennifer no longer keep a man? Did Anglina take Vince away?

  • FirstandLastcomment

    I really don’t care whether Jen had plastic surgery or not. I say if she wants to do something to her body or face, that’s her business. She is in a tough business where there are lots of beautiful, younger women with great bodies, so if she wants to help herself by getting some work done, I say why not. I would not have said anything, but when she calls our attention to it by giving an exclusive interview to People magazine, then she’s inviting me to comment on it. I don’t buy or believe US weekly, Star and those other magazines.

    And what do I see – I see that her nose looks noticeably slimmer than before. Her new nose does make her look better. I notice that her breast is bigger than before and I’m not sure whether it is weight gain or not.

    Based on what I see, I have to say she is a liar. I know all her fans want to still believe in her and what she saids, but I say look at her track record. The evidence if you look objectively is in front of you. Her denial of the new nose. Her denial of a relationship with Vince and subsequent breakup. I’m not sure if she had a breast implant or not because I can’t tell for sure. It’s possible for it to be weight gain. I reserve judgement. If and when she starts losing weight, we will know for sure. I just hope she doesn’t use the excuse that she is just one of those lucky woman who gains weight in her breast, but loses it everywhere else.

    Sadly, I use to like her, but the more I read about her, the less I like.

  • ok!

    #332 Delilah,You are aware of the fact that Ben Harper was married when he hooked-up with Laura Dern and she became pregnant.The baby was 5 MONTHS OLD when his divorce became final!So you can shut up about Laura Dern,she like EVERYONE ELSE on this earth has a story,OK!

  • Me Too

    And wasn’t Laura Dern on the scene when BBT was married to Petra, the mama of his two sons?

  • HotChick

    She’s absolutely a grade above wh**e Angelina Jolie. Damn!! she looke more beautiful than before, really really amazing, love her as always!

  • Leandra

    Bastardly Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 1:14 pm


    LMAO! Quote of the fucking day:

    VERDICT: Angie by a landslide & a 1/2. My God! I think that Angie’s beauty is carrying over to Jen and actually helping her out a little. Ok-ok, I’m being mean.


    Oh…she’s also been botoxed beyond belief, again much like botox cox — which is why this pic (see above) is soooooo very bizarre. She can’t move anything eyes and brow upward.


  • Isabelle II

    HotChick Says:

    February 5th, 2007 at 1:43 pm
    She’s absolutely a grade above wh**e Angelina Jolie. Damn!! she looke more beautiful than before, really really amazing, love her as always!


    I think Jen’s fans drink……….a LOT

  • Mariana

    THIS IS FOR “335 FirstandLastcomment” Jen has already used that excuse on Oprah! She said that when she gains weight she gains – the fat goes to her “ass and breasts” to which Oprah replied “lucky you!”

  • Pokeman

    She has the ugliest chin I have everseen on a celeb. She needs to get a chin done instead of her nose. she looks like Jay Leno sis.

  • Mariana

    Definite botox too people! Her forehead was all wrinkly at the People Choice Awards – and I have NO sympathy for actors that choose to do botox – how do you expect to convey feelings with a paralysed face?!!?! Then again…does he have any movies coming out? I’m afraid Jen is as insecure as ever ESPECIALLY if she is comparing herself to the younger, more relaxed, Oscar winner Angie.

  • Zen

    TrEaSuReS Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 12:37 pm
    Although her “new” nose doesn’t really look any different from her “old” nose, Jennifer still looks fabulosa. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just trying to build up their own low self esteem. So what if she got dumped by Brad Pitt, at least she had him at the prime of his life when he was still a sex symbol. Now, he’s just old and wrinkly. Angelina can have him. Jennifer will find someone much more suitable.

    fabulosa? check her picture on #308 comment by Cliniqua and then tell me if she really looks FABULOSA. Can you handle the truth?

    Brad old and wrinkly? SOUR GRAPE! but then Jen said she’ll love him forever, right?

    And who will be the more suitable man she could find? maybe in your dreams…Even Vince ran away, fast.

  • HotChick

    I know there are too many Jen. Aniston-haters here, but that’s OKAY, coz she has the heart of gold, different from Angeline ‘prostitute’ Jolie who seduced one man after another including stealing husbands only to smoothen her movie career!

  • patsy stone

    THAT’S the new nose? Oh dear, she should have saved her money because she looks just awful, even worse if possible…her eyes look beadier. And she should stop with the too-straight parted-in-the-middle hair—she’s TOO OLD.

  • anonymous

    That top row, second from the right picture–very unfortunate. VERY VERY unfortunate. Get a refund Jen!

  • Jen is angry because…

    Ahhh…we get it now why Jen’s so angry over the end of her marriage to Brad. Brad, Plan B and new prospects of the production company were going to be her meal/continued fame ticket after Friends. She knew she did not have the talent, the know-how nor the smart drive to sustain her into the next phase of her career. She knew she couldn’t play the cute girl with the stylist haircut forever. With Plan B, she was going to be a producer, get meatier roles she wouldn’t necessary have to audition for and maybe even directing (not co-directing) full length (not 10 minutes) films. With the divorce, Jen’s plan B no longer exists. No wonder she’s angry. Whatever pain the divorce might have caused her, it’s nothing compared to the fear she’s experiencing. Now what we don’t understand is why her rabid fans are so angry as well.

    C’mon Jen, show us (and not tell us via Okra’s sofa) what you can do. Start your own production company – call it Plan C to show us your terrific sense of humor – with Courtney and myriad other girlfriends. Go on with your life and career. End this pity part once and for all and thrive.

  • Me Too

    Hot Chick:

    How do you know she has a heart of gold? Look how she has treated her mother, that sounds and looks more like a blackhearted soul, or perhaps heartless.

    Angelina has worked with many people who admire her and say she is not only beautiful, but real.

    Perhaps you will change your allegiance when you get a little older and wiser??