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Jennifer Lopez Kisses Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez Kisses Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez kissed Marc Anthony passionately on the Pontiac Garage Stage after performing together at the Ocean Drive/Market America Super Bowl XLI party last night in the South Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida.

Jennifer Lopez‘s first Spanish language album is set for a March 27 release. The album is called “Como Ama Una Mujer” (How a Woman Loves). Jennifer, 36, is also is set to receive the Artists for Amnesty award at the Berlin Film Festival on Feb. 14 for producing and starring in Bordertown, a film examining the murders of hundreds of women in a Mexican town.

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Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc; Photos: Getty
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  • Fleasha

    Ahahahha! Marc’s rubbing up against his wife in the last picture :D

  • shelly

    Barf ! Being kissed by a greasy skeletor is not something I would be happy about .They only kiss like that when they’re performing anyway .It’s all for show.

  • Queen Bee

    Gosh…who keeps lying to J-Ho and telling her she can sing?! This woman is so played out and such a mattress for Hollywood. Be gone already!

  • nadioz

    ahah the Ellen interview is great.

    And she look great in the pics ! i can’t wait for her album.

  • Original Hot Mess

    I’m thinking this is the real deal with them. When you just look at pictures you get so caught up with the physical, and I don’t find him attractive at all. But I bet he delivers in the other areas. Nice to see her/them happy. She always amazes me how pretty she is. But odd because you don’t hear many nice things about her personality. They must balance each other out.

  • Part Duex

    Super Bowl Fever!

  • Amy

    I might be in the minority here, but I think they fit. I mean, come on, Marc may look creepy and zombie-like, but Jenny looks happy with him. And he can sing. My, my can that man sing. Which is more than I can say for most people out there now, including his wifey. Same with the Seal/Heidi thing. I’ve been aware of Seal way before Heidi came into the scene, and I’ll tell you that I’m saddened that Heidi is the more famous person of the couple. So much talent despite unfortunate scarring. J.Lo and Marc look awkward making out, but they look very comfortable and happy otherwise. She’s a physically beautiful woman.

  • gia

    Bears all the way!!!

    He looks like he’s sucking the life out of her. She still looks fantabulous though.

  • Shauna

    She is a really, really beautiful woman. I agree that you always hear negative things about her, her diva atitude and demands. But I guess everyone cannot be perfect in all ways.

    As for her husband, that’s great that they are happy with each other, but as a public service they should put a lid on the PDA since I have to confess it is really creepy to see Marc touching, and kissing her, he really is quite unattractive in a huge way and I just would prefer not to have to witness this.

  • lula29

    I think that people go overboard with the diva attitude BS. You can’t get that high up without being tough, even on people sometimes, and that might not gain you a lot of friends, but it’s the reality of the business she’s in. I also haven’t heard of people not wanting to work with her because she’s such a “primadonna”. So of that gossip is just that gossip. There are women who love to hate her so the diva news sells.

    I’ve also heard the same diva crap about Reese Witherspoon, and yet I don’t see that thrown up on every board she’s on.

    I think they balance each other, and he’s not the best looking guy, but neither is a lot of other guys that I see people carting around calling them husband, boyfriend or love of life, so I’m over his looks. They seem happy.

    Whoever brought up Seal is right, he’s not an attractive man to me at all, with or without the unfortunate scarring, but Heidi is extremely happy and I’m extremely happy for both her an Seal. I think they are a great couple and balance each other, but together side by side, they wouldn’t seem like a likely match.

  • coalharbourqt

    Wish I could have seen these two perform! I don’t care what anyone says – love these two and I think they are a great fit. They seem very happy together and have the same style. When Marc sings you forget what he looks like and I bet Jenn sees past what’s on the outside anyway. She’s the original triple threat diva and her and Beyonce came along and made it fabulous for women to have curves when everyone else was starving themselves. For that alone I will always be grateful!

  • coalharbourqt

    10 lula29 Says: Hello again and ITA! Great minds think alike (again!) :-)

  • frankie

    Lopez is a GOD. Plain and simple.

  • twirtie

    JLO always looks beautiful! In my next life I want to come back looking like her!

  • nadioz

    i recently saw an interview of Fergie saying that Jennifer is a sweetheart same with Ellen Pompeo and many other celebrity who met her, and fans who met her say that she’s super nice. I don’t think that she the bitch the media say she is, it’s just that she like fancy stuff so for them that mean that she’s a Diva.

    And congrat to her for the Amnesty Award.

  • Tina

    UM, in that last picture he looks like a little Chihuahua humping her leg! I think the only reason she married him is because he’s all she could get after sleeping with and getting dumped by EVERYONE else! BTW, she can’t sing or act. She needs to stop embarrassing herself and just go away.

  • elle

    I love her. Such a complete pleasure to behold. Now she is a true definition of a “Superstar.”

  • mary

    They are hot. I love marc he is an excellent singer.

  • Mediterranean

    And the beautiful princess kissed the ugly frog……………

    Unfortunately, the ugly frog has not turned to a handsome prince, but we are still waiting patiently!

    There must be something about him which makes her very happy, but what?

  • Mediterranean

    I have to say it: I adore his voice.

  • mmmmbop

    try to try

  • hmmmm

    2 people I can’t stand…. She looks like an old rat. Now that Jessica Biel has taken over the ‘best backside’, Jlo has nothing

  • trina

    You people are jealous because these guys are big starz and you just stay home and wack off. I had a Puerto Rican boy friend who was short and pencil thin like MA; he was the best lover and he was pretty well endowed. So get a life and stop criticizing people who are a success.

  • Eroc

    Why do I get the feeling we’re seeing the beginnings of the next Whitney / Bobby?

  • Maria

    Does JLo pull him out of her arse whenever she wants? I mean, the guy must weigh 70 pounds wet. Oh yeah, and ‘sing’ should not be something you have next to JLo’s name. She does NOT sing. Sorry, no way the word ‘sing’ should be used next to this woman’s name.

  • jess

    I feel sorry for jlo because marc is so jelous that i’m pretty sure she wants to divorce him at times, but she has to promote her new album and marc is there to tell her what to do and how to pretend that she likes the hispanic crowd. She’s lucky that she’s found smart people that have helped her built her “empire” because that fact of te matter is that she can’t sing, act, or be that smart because if she was she would make good movies!

  • Steve

    It’s bad enough we know it goes on, but please don’t make us watch these publc displays of affection. Marc is so ugly, it grosses us out.