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Andy Dick Feels Up Ivanka Trump's Legs

Andy Dick Feels Up Ivanka Trump's Legs

Andy Dick was thrown off — well, dragged off — the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live for feeling up Ivanka Trump‘s legs. Check out the video below if you missed it! I bet Donald Trump is going to give Jimmy Kimmel a beatdown for letting his daughter get felt up during his show!

Andy Dick throw off the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live
for feeling up Ivanka Trump‘s legs and arms.
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  • LV

    Funny! Thank You Jared for the clip.

  • Impeach Bush

    Why is this girl treated as a celebrity? Is it because her father is a jerk. She has done nothing to gain celebrity statis.

  • AllieOop

    That guy is so pathetic. I don’t even care about whether she should be famous or not. Andy Dick needs to crawl under a rock and spare us all his idiocy!

  • Callie

    I agree with Impeach Bush (about impeaching Bush too!) about Trump’s daughter and just who she thinks she is. Her sad attempt at comedy Rosie O style failed drastically when she mentioned her baby brother’s comb over – - only about two people in the audience (probably paid by daddy!) laughed. Go away little girl no one will miss you!! Now on to Jimmy Kimmel, he’s GOT to be on Trump’s payroll – then again he’s so insecure about himself he has to fire off nasty comments that have become so old and tiresome. He has zero class or he would not have left Princess Ivanka alone on the couch for over 5 seconds like he did. I say ICK to them both!!!

  • jd

    holycow. andy is a dead man. half other population on this planet will defend Ivanka’s honour including me.

    Gosh, Ivanka IS a celebrity, she is smart, famous and rich unlike Paris Hilton. Ivanka has dignity and class.

  • Sweet83

    Andy better watch his back! No one messes with him or his kids but I have to admit the clip was funny…lol.

  • You go girl, Ivanka!!!

    Impeach Bush & Callie Says are just jealous and bitter people. So what if Ivanka is not a celebrity (which she is), she smart and dignified enough to be asked to be on Jimmy Kimmel. Accept it, the world would be a better place. Look at the video again: the girl got feeled-up by a jerk Andy Dick along with his non-flattering comments, and she remained well composed and made the best comment ever (she said “that’s brilliant!” to Jimmy Kimmel after he dragged Andy off stage. That’s call CLASS and Ivanka deserves some respect!

  • Antonia

    OMG!!! HAve you seen the skin from her neck. IS DISGUSTING!!!


  • OhPlease

    She sholud be happy anyone wants to touch her.

  • Callie

    Are you serious? Dignified to be on the Kimmel show??? Sadly that is not one of the requirements for his show! Have you been watching and listening to his mean and nasty mouth?? Ivanka smart? – did she say anything in that clip about the war? about AIDS? about politics? about cancer research? – no, she talked about daddy and his comb over. Smart??? As for her being a guest on this show – it’s all to do with her daddy saying so!! And as for the Princess Trump being classy – the word ‘brilliant’ you are so thrilled she could use is a commonly used word, nothing classy about using it – she looked embarrassed and lost when left sitting alone on the stage while all the attention and fun was on Andy and not her. Come on – she’s only a ‘celebrity’ ’cause her daddy said so and on Kimmel ibecause s a ‘pleaser’. I say ICK to them both.

  • Obsboy

    Wow. This board is full of jealous hags!! lol