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Kelly Clarkson Dresses Down

Kelly Clarkson Dresses Down

A dressed down Kelly Clarkson flashes the paparazzi a peace sign at Los Angeles International airport on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Kelly, 24, is set to perform Feb. 18 on a live “Tribute to America” special on Fox prior to the Daytona 500.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • kmillz

    ewww! no just kidding

  • Jules

    Next Headline! Kelly Clarkson Pregnant….little puffy in the face, huh?

  • Angelina_Fan

    She looks AWFUL in that picture.

  • Maria

    Kudos to her for not being stick thin!

  • sonia

    I think she looks cute. Down to earth Kelly, high 5 girl.

  • Cupid

    Well Jules if your mom swallowed then you wouldn’t have to worry about it, look at yourself, then ask questions…

  • Courtney

    I really miss her music, hopefully that new album is good!
    I also miss the blonde hair.

  • Maria

    Kelly looks FAT! what happened?

  • Max

    What the HELL is wrong with people!??!!? Kelly is a SINGER not a MODEL so why should people judge her SO MUCH on her weight! Judge her voice, not her weight!!!!

  • Jessica

    For all of those that are trashing her looks, weight, etc., you need to think again. We are sorry that Kelly has enough self-esteem to walk out of her house with no makeup. The idea that women/girls have to wear makeup and always be “pleasing” to everyone causes a lot of pain and emotional problems. The same goes with her weight. She is not stick-thin… she eats like a normal person and looks just like that-a normal woman. She isa great example to every woman and young girl, and I hope she has more of an influence than some materialistic, insecure people.

  • Helen

    Love her no matter how she looks

  • Branna Leigh

    kelly is awesome!

  • Amber

    She looks homeless and this isn’t about the not wearing makeup.

  • docdory

    Kelly rocks! Can’t wait for the next album

  • some guy

    Kelly is awesome! Anyone who bucks the Hollywood *demand* of anorexia/plastic surgery is tops in my book!

  • T-Shirts

    Hot in a Jim Gaffigan kind of way.

  • Weezel

    Who is that hobo and why should we care about him?

    wasn’t kelly a woman’s name or am i missing something here?

  • punxass

    i wonder what shes doing these days???

  • Cum in My Face

    What an ugly bitch! She’s always looked like an orge to me.

  • Get Real!

    She can be fat. Just don’t be fat and sloppy. Take care of yourself. You are singing in front of the whole world and should be presentable. Not just Kelly, but any of those people who decide they want to be rich and famous. Respect the public by giving them the best of what you’ve got.

    God, if I want to see a slob, all I have to look at is my nosy neighbor Stephanie. Yuck!

  • http://dlisted SeenPlenty

    you have confused performing on a stage with getting through an airport. performing usually involves lots of planning, tickets, stylists, hairdressers, costume designers, wardrobe people, assistants, etc., etc….going through the airport is pretty much taken care of by running a comb through your hair, throwing on some clean clothes and a pair of shoes. i think she’s got it all covered.

  • HailFellow

    She is entitled to go as she wishes. She doesn’t belong to public expectations of her every moment like some kind of slave. It is so warped to think you could “demand” something like that. But people offended by her being herself can decline to buy her music, sure. It’s a free country for all.
    I have never heard a single note of her music. But I support her right to be herself whenever and wherever she wants. I find her refreshing.

  • WTF

    She’s fug and there is NO reason for anyone in the business to ever be seen like this.

  • Ann

    I agree with #23. NO reason to look ugly, since that’s what their job is! And she’s about as plain and ugly as you get!

  • fed up

    good LORD I am so sick of superficial bitches who think it’s some big crime for a celebrity to look less than GLAM 24/7. Kelly is the only female celebrity I’ve witnessed in recent memory who seems to completely NOT GIVE A CRAP what the media says about how she looks. She’s secure in who she is and IMO that should be admired. I would love to see these people who claim she’s so fug…what do you look like going through the airport or grocery store? do you put on the spackle to cover your fug face or do you wear a bag cuz they don’t make that much make-up? Kelly is a great role model for young girls that it’s just fine to look NORMAL. When she’s performing or knows she’s going to be photographed for an event Kelly looks gorgeous…why should she have to put on a face full of make-up just to walk out of the house? normal people don’t do that. and can I just add, how awesome is she to smile and give the peace sign knowing full well that people are going to say she should have on make-up…I wish she’d put her index finger down and just give all of you the big F U!

  • Suzie Q

    I totally agree with #25…couldn’t have said it better myself. KUDOS TO KELLY!

  • Andrew

    I’m shocked SHOCKED people don’t like how KC looks here.

    Get real, this is a gossip site, not… She looks awful in the pics and yeah, I like her for her music and not face (though she looked hot during her summer tour stop in Chicago). Otherwise, who would bang this girl if she looked like this? Seriously!!

  • Lin’air

    I think pics like this illustrate just how much crap they force women to wear nowadays to be considered ‘beautiful’. She *does* look WAY different, but she still looks fine, and normal, like anyone else who’s heading for a long flight (I’ve done long flights before — 12+ hours. EVERYone comes out looking like shit, so why bother with make-up and stuff?) They put so much make up on women nowadays they probably could make a dwarf look like pamela anderson. :P

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    she is so GAY, and UGLY

  • Alfan

    Wow, makeup does wonders, she is not as attractive without it. Boy, what a difference in appearence….like night and day. I quess if you woke up with her and she looked like that you would have to very surprised………wow……

  • bob dylan

    Exactly, this isn’t a serious website. Everyone’s shallow, superficial and judgmental of celebrities a.k.a people they don’t know. It’s all in good fun to me. Atleast, I hope no one is serious here…

    BTW, she’s ugly and looks like a Re-Re.

  • sDot

    sooo much whining about weight…

    if you are fat just get over it.

    how does this sound…..

    sheesh…she looks so unhealthy.

  • lurker opinion

    If Jennifer Aniston had a younger sister she would like Kelly. But I love her music and can’t wait for a new album.

  • b

    she looks comfortble..a bunch of u guys are low life shallow people!!! stuck up asses! good for her for being her and not changing and becoming stuck up . cuz LA is full of a bunch of stuck up,better than you attitudes, and need a reality check!!!
    People like kelly or even britney…Are down to earth stars that stick to there roots and are humble kind…and some of you people knock that down..Calling them white trash, ugly, lesbian nasty, ect…thats ridiculous and crude..some of you guys need to get a reality check on life. get ur heads out of the star magazine us weekly intouch and those magazines that suck the life out of u every once in a while!!!it will do u some good!

  • dara

    She is fug, but worse than that she can’t sing that great! She and Aniston are fug fug,

  • condi’s ingrown toenail

    Face it: she’s unattractive. When she’s not made up, perfectly lit and photoshopped, she’s just your average exceedingly plain American girl. ‘Nuff said.

  • Jason

    ilove kelly shes . she looks not that bad

  • Priest

    American Idol Fat Burners Needed!


    She looks HUGE! She may have a nice voice, but what’s happened to her?

  • Jillian

    I think she looks fresh and clean and wholesome. Love her!

  • mel

    All it is is that she needs a little lip stick…It’s not that she looks ugly she just looks plain compared to what we’re accusomed to….

  • Ange

    O please this coming from all the same people that go balistic everytime britney spears looks like shit…Face it kelly has awesome music but she looks fat and gross and needs to step it up with the stylist

  • lilbabz

    Will everybody live kelly alone. All of you who say she is a fug. You are talking about youself and are just jealous that your not famous. People Come on just be happy she is not stick thin and obessing over plastic surgey. She is the greatest role model for kids today. She loves how she looks and is happy. That’s all that matters. Just live her alone and live your life to the fullest. By the way Dara #35 Your stupid fucking ass better your ears or stop being jealous because kelly can sing. She is the most famous American Idol singer to date. Bitch!

  • Jamour

    She looks like crap!!! Is a little foundation and some mascara and too much to ask?

    I agree with WTF… she’s a professional entertainer, she should start looking like one!

  • http://deleted Get Real!

    You women who are making excuses for Kelly Clarkson — No excuses! I agree with designer Valentino. Famous women should be under “contract” like the actresses used to be whe Hollywood was bigger than life. Those actresses were not allowed to go out in public looking like this. Is this what young girls who dream of fame have to look forward to?

    Kelly doesn’t need to have a full-face paint job, but she could do something… something better than this, that’s for sure. She looks like a homeless teenaged boy here. She’s supposed to be the “American Idol.” A little bit of mascara, clear lip gloss and her hair brushed would suffice.

  • Lou

    I bet the majority of superficial twits who criticize and degrade woman on this site are homosexuals because they have such a HATE for pussy.

  • http://deleted Get Real!

    The flip side: I bet ya that most of you gals sticking up for Clarkson are most likely fat, unattractive, or both. Or you are a man who likes women to look bad because of your own insecurities. A lot of you guys want to look better than your partners. It’s pathetic.

    One day, you will wish you could prissy yourself up with a little makeup and look more attractive, but you won’t be able to because you’re going to be old and shriveled and nothing will hide that fact. If you’re a single lady, all you’ll get is maybe a wrinkled old man. All women should improve on what God gave them and take some pride in themselves, but especially someone like Clarkson. She was crowned American Idol, not American Hobo.

    Once famous women start getting careless on a regular basis, they are no different from the rest of us and they lose their appeal.

    Hopefully this is an isolated incident. Kelly please don’t make it a habit.

  • kate

    she looks like a goblin

  • hilaryy


  • Seda*

    Dang….I’d kill to have that self esteem. I’d never go out without make-up and she proudly does, not even scared to “peace” the paparazzi. She really is gorgeous anyway. She’s so real and honest and doesn’t let “hollywood” get to her. I wish there were more real role models like Kelly.

    One more reason she’s the best.