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Wentworth Miller Boards Love Train

Wentworth Miller Boards Love Train

Here are some thoughts on Prison Break episode “Chicago”, y’all!


Holy crap did Sara suddenly grow a pair of balls! The way she attacked Kellerman was pure brilliance! It was great seeing Lincoln and Michael hold her back. I guess brunettes do have more fun! C-Note was actually quite gallant in this episode. I was slightly less annoyed with his storyline. Dede is still cute as a button so I think she helps him.


Agent Kim failed to secure Kellerman when he was having someone pretend to be Caroline. Kellerman knows the difference between voiceovers! You think he would have been fooled if we had seen the back of Madam President chopping up some garlic while on the phone? Mahone calling Bellick his dog was a bit cringing but even worse was how he managed to get Haywire to kill himself. Is anything sacred anymore? Did he even visit his son?


Loved the relationship between Michael and Lincoln and it was refreshing to see Linc take a more active role. However, this episode was all about Michael the romantic. He was quite happy to see his lady love again, quite heroic when he tried to choke Kellerman to death, quite tender when giving Sara some sugar, and such a gentleman for suggesting a walk. All of this while figuring out how to get the cops off their backs.

Prison Break returns back with new episodes February 19th. And guess who comes back? Popey! Check out all the screencaps after the jump!

[Written by geniass]
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wentworth miller kissing 01
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wentworth miller kissing 03
wentworth miller kissing 04
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wentworth miller kissing 24
wentworth miller kissing 25
wentworth miller kissing 26
wentworth miller kissing 27
wentworth miller kissing 28
wentworth miller kissing 29
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wentworth miller kissing 31
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wentworth miller kissing 33
wentworth miller kissing 34
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  • J

    Thanks for the screencaps! Prison Break just gets better and better! Michael and Sara! Aww! xxx First? xxx

  • Tami

    it was a great episode, sad I will have to wait 2 weeks to see what happens next but I will take 2 weeks over 2 months any day!

  • ks

    This was truly a great episode! The long wait for THE REAL KISS was worth the while. Sweet and passionate. Haywire’s death was heartbreaking. Was I only one in tears?!

  • Softspoken

    Yeah, it didn’t look like Sara was trying to kiss back but whatever. Anyway, Sara is a lucky woman. She gets to kiss the finest man on t.v. but she’s stupid for not even trying to kiss him back. Damn if that were me, Wentworth would’ve ended up breathless. Ok, I’ll stop. like the pics of my husband Wentworth, looking delicious as always. Stupid 24!!! Now I have to wait an extra week for prison break. I am sure Jared will keep giving us our dose of went while we wait for prison break to come back right Jared? LOL!!!!

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    I loved this episode — except Sucre wasn’t in it! Maybe we’ll pick up his storyline next time. It was time for Haywire to go. Who’s next?

  • TSY

    Finally! PB looks like it is back on track. Great episode!

  • ColdTrain

    I hope Haywire is in Holland Heaven right now, poor crazy kid. I was giddily giggling the whole time the kiss scene was on, hopefully that won’t happen in real life went Wentworth kisses me

  • Jazzmine

    God… I love this show, the best series ever! The actors on this show are truly amazing… I love each and every one of their characters, so it was sad to see Haywire go. And mercy me, that kiss was hot!

  • mel

    Michael & Sara 4ever baby

  • Ikho

    Oh my gaw!….When Sara was strangling Kellerman….I was like “Go Sara….Go Sara,’s your birthday… Go Sara…go go go go!”…… I totally didn’t see that coming and that was AWESOME!
    The kissing was wonderful but WAY TOO SHORT….I could watch him FOREVER!
    Loves U, you sexy thang!!!

  • argh!

    I missed it. Dang, Dang Dang!!!!!

    Please – what did the kiss look like? Give the details. I know you guys watched every teeny weeny detail of those lips locking. Give me the dish y’all.

  • Anto

    That hug and that kiss put a very big smile on my face!
    Wonderful scene!
    When I see Went I feel better and everything goes in the right way!

  • Katie

    Best episode ever!

    R.I.P. Haywire.

  • geniass

    Y’all?!?! LMAO.

  • jen

    the best episode ever.. hands down.. omg they were so freckin hot.. what i wouldnt give to be her…lol.. since i saw it last night i have not been able to stop smiling.. seriously, my cheeks are killing…. omg, cant believe that we have to wait two weeks for the next episode of the pretty… did i say how much i loved this episode.. so hot hot hot :))

  • -

    sorry but i don’t know what you were watching. last night’s episode was hands-down the worst writing this series has ever seen. there have been high and low points with the story content and overall writing, but this was just awful. there was no tension, no excitement, nothing. just blandness and plot-lines that lack any intrigue. the show has completely fallen apart in season 2 much like most of the other shows that get praised at first and then cease to bring the level of entertainment to where it was in season 1. oh wait, you got to see wentworth make out with sarah… that was about as awkward as watching haywire free-fall in slow-motion for 3 minutes. there was just no chemistry between them whatsoever. completely disappointing.

  • Jocie

    Very good episode, but sara should have killed kellermen. They dont need him anymore, they should have let her kill him. Also their steamy kiss was very hott!

  • citygurl

    im sick of this fag wentworth!!

  • emily

    ok i bit of an essay on micheal and sara here:

    the kiss was perfect. i think from what ive read elsewhere, some people were expecting a lust fillled, tear off youre clothes and bone her right there kind of deal…people are expecting too much.

    they had just had a rather awkward/uncomfortable conversation, her about what shes done, been on the run, and stuff, her talking about her future or lack of, and she obviously found it really hard to open up to him and make the first move and say the whole ‘first thing they tell you, never fall in love with an inmate’…i mean, she took what seemed like forever to say it, and she kept stopping herself, couldnt look at him the whole time she talked about it. the first time she looked at him properley was after she had said the last line about love a few beats later. and that was like saying, yeah so, i did though, i love you. and he kissed her.

    so given the awkward/serious line of conversation they’d just had, she was clearly feeling a bit emotionally vulnerable, he lied to her countless times, shes been hurt by him in the past, she destroyed her future and career for him, he took advantage of her in the beginning, but shes in love with him, she recently took an overdose, shes a recovering addict, she’s also only lost her father, who was murdered a few weeks ago, shes on the run, Kellerman went crazy on her, and before the scene she’d tried to strangle Kellerman. i think people are forgetting what shes been through and what shes going through. emotionally and mentally stable isnt how id describe her right now. shes going through a hard time, so the kiss was perfect considering what shes going through and what micheal knows shes been through, it would have been inapropriate of him to be really foward out of nowhere or flirty, he listened to her, respected her, and kissed her after she told him she loved him. it couldnt have been passionate and lusty and wild, its got to be in context and in context, the kiss was appropriate, it was gentle, sweet, and hot. especially when he stood in front of her. anyways, its not lust with these two anyways, its love as we found out. anyways just wanted to explain why i thought the kiss was perfect cause i keep reading it wasnt passionate, it was awkward, etc.

    oh and the hug was adorable. his smile. EEEEEEEEE. wentworth looks hot in hats.

  • fickwalker

    personally? this show drew me because of the brothers. and that’s why i’m still watching. am i worried that this show is just going to degenerate into some schmoopy, romance fueled love story? sh!t yes. i’m fricking terrified. c’mon scheuring and co. lift your game already.

  • emily

    there have been 2 kisses in over 30 eps. its not as its a drama in danger of moving into ‘the notebook’, romantic kind of territory. its not in every ep clogging down the action and the romance isnt the main plot, theres a bigger picture, and almost every show out there has a romantic plot in it. im trying to think of any without a romantic element and i cant. not everyone will love micheal and sara together, thats to be expected and obvious, but some do, and a romantic plot only enhances the show in my opinion, it certianly isnt ruining the show for me. its there probably so it appeals to a wider audience, when it has romance/actoion combined etc. and i dont see prison break shutting out romantic scenes any time soon…

  • Liz

    Anto #12,

    I know what you mean, I too get giddy and hot whenever I see Went kissing Sarah. Am so jealous of her! I also get this stupid look on my face when I watch an interview with him. He is so gorgeous and sexy, when I hear him talk, he always sounds like he is in the throes of passion……..wait! wait! wait! Please….. do not kill me, am sure am not alone here………. I JUST LOVE HIM.

    Am in the UK so I will just have to look froward to that episode I enjoyed reading all about it and am jealous of all of you who watched it. I had my weekly Went Dose yesterday, so I have been smiling the whole day today, nthing can get me out of my good mood!

    Justjared, we owe you for the Went updates!

  • meemee

    I loved the episode. R.I.P. Haywire.

  • maxthon
  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Note to producers of PB…….What the F***

    Call me stupid but was Michael trying to get into the ladies restroom to see Sara? and did they make out in the restroom?

    This big kiss was not all that they built it up to be, could the writer’s have found a more romantic spot for them to kiss, and what happened to the great lighting and camera angles that made first season shine. Have the cut the budget for camera’s and lighting??

    I agree with comment 16 the kiss was awkward…..and with Sara’s ugly short haircut it was like two men kissing. Man on Man kiss Yuckie!!Yuckie!!

  • fickwalker

    i do believe i was merely voicing my personal opinion. and my opinion has nothing to do with this highly hyped kiss. the shadow of this romantic infatuation hangs over the head of every single episode (and that doesn’t have a lot to do with how many times they’ve kissed or been in the same room), and has ever since michael and sara met in s1. i’m not really for or against michael/sara, and i sure as hell don’t hate on the girl just because she gets to kiss some fictional character (whoop-dee-doo, good for her. *rolls eyes*). and you are right, there aren’t any shows out there without some kind of romantic plot involved in the main storyline. i guess i just find it more enjoyable to watch the interaction between the brothers, and getting closer and closer to seeing the conspiracy being brought down. there is a thought in the back of my head that sara will be michaels downfall and i’ve thought that for quite a while. i mean really… how often do we get a happy ending out of this show? just about never. so if they’re all happy yay and in love, chances are one of them will be eliminated. i have a sinking suspicion that it’ll be michael who puts himself on the line for his ‘lady-love’ and that will be the end of a great character.

    i wonder sometimes, is it possible for people to realise that you can be a fan of the show and still have issues with various plot points or stoylines? i didn’t realise i had to worship every single second of prison break, just because i’m a fan.

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Nick Ssantora & Matt OLmstead …. writer’s of this episode …yeah!! I’m calling you out.

    I wanna know which one of you decided a public restroom would be the ideal spot for a romantic kiss.

  • Liz

    Flickwater#26, I understand what you are saying, but yes we really enjoy this relationship especially us incurable romantics. Sometimes I get tired of shows shoving sex and romance down our throats even where it is not neccessary.

    Having said that, you have to understand that romance in PB is so rare that a mere kiss between these two really gets us so excited. The chemistry is great too and Michael is a dish *lick lips* so you have to be more understanding. We all love the show and the suspense but I for one learnt a long time ago that having issues with a fictional show you love does not help, you end up losing interest completely so when I get immersed, I take the whole show as it comesT- bag’s hand and all. Some episodes may be lacking but you just treat it as a child, some times adorable, some times naughty, smile through it all, shake your head and shrug, then wait for the next episode.

  • cocot13

    I think people are so infatuated with Wentworth Miller that they only want to see him in romantic situations so they can envision themselves with him, the kiss it was ok was it great no, but it did the job now lets move on and get THE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Fickwalker – Re: i have a sinking suspicion that it’ll be michael who puts himself on the line for his ‘lady-love’ and that will be the end of a great character.

    Funny – I’ve had the same thoughts myself. I think Michael will die in a blaze of glory, and season 3 (if there is one) will see Sara and Linc trying to set things straight with the Prez. (Meanwhile, Went will be making movies. I think he can hardly wait. Just my opinion ….)
    2nd version: Michael is in a bad accident and goes into a coma in the last episode of the season. Season 3 would find him in a coma for about a month — allowing for Went to finish his movie before returning to PB. (Please, Went, we really want to see another season of you in PB — even if your character has to be in a coma.)

  • Shannon

    I don’t know what some of you were watching, but that kiss was HOT!!!!!

    Sara was so into it and so was Michael. Great!

    These two are the best.

    Oh, and the hug and the last scene :) Beautiful.

  • Julissa

    i fuckin loved the kiss hands down…i understand you guys has issues with some’re entitled to your opinion so people back off… me, the episode was great..when sara was trying to kill kellerman i was like “wo0ot wo0ot go sarah get em kill the ugly kellerman…HE TRIED TO DROWN YOU!!..kill him!!” lol i felt so bad for haywire….mahone actually got me feeling bad for him….he just wants to be with his family…he’s tired of killing innocent men…he even said it himself “the poor guy mentally ill he doesn’t know anything” but no0o bill kim was like no kill him now!!!……I’m actually quite happy that mahone didn’t just shoot haywire like he did to my beloved tweener {[still miss you hun]}..he actually talked him through it and didn’t stop him wen he tried to jump…just said “go ahead”…in a sense I think mahone was wishing he was Haywire….I felt so bad for the face mahone made when haywire landed!!…RIP haywire love you!!! oh yeah loved when sarah said sorta kind i love you to michael and perfect timing for mike to say me too…i love how they didn’t actually say the words i love you…i found that very different from other shows that would usually just say i love you but no not prison break they say i love you through this “the first thing they tell you is to never fall in love with a inmate” and “me too” lol.

  • Wet For Went

    I bow to you Jared oh God of the Screencap and I loved the ep!

    Jailbird, Man on Man kiss Yuckie!!Yuckie!! ???????? I’m surprised at you!

    I hear you fick on the too much romance ruining a good action show thing. I don’t need to OD on MiSa either but their exchanges last night were sweet and ks you were not the only one bawling when Haywire went down. I may have to wipe a tear away right this minute. I actually missed the whole “Me Too” moment the first time around b/c I was too upset to pay attention. R.I.P. good buddy.

  • carys

    is it just me, or did they totally waste a good opportunity with Haywire?

    Here’s what i was anticipating – they capture Haywire early on, but they figure out that he could recreate micheal’s tatoo, and use him to figure out the con’s escape plans.

    Obviously, they’re off the “tatoo plan” now, but i really thought, at the beginning of this season, that there were gonna be some awesome scenes of Haywire (off his meds, of course) and the FBI agents.

    Oh well… RIP Haywire, we hardly knew ya.

    And my two cents about the romance: I think they’re walking the line just fine. I liked that fact that the kiss was in an awkward location (no sappy sunsets, thank you very much) and interrupted. I think the romance has been built slowly and carefully, without overpowering the conspiracy story, and it’s obviously not going to be smooth sailing for these two any time soon, so there won’t be too much romance and not enough action.

    Anyway, i thought it was a great episonde. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • SweetyKat


    I just want to let you know that I really love your website. You always have the new pics of Went first. I am a huge Went fan. He is definitely Stinky because to me, HE’S THE SHIT! Oh, he’s absolutely gorgeous! And Jared, the clarity of your screencaps is magnificent! Thanks a bunch!

  • iris

    “Chicago” was definitely this best ep so far. Thanks for posting the pics.

    Jailbird: I personally will not even mind if they have Michael kissing a man.
    What is the big problem with that ?
    Sara’s hair looks fine. How will you look like after all want she when tru ?

    Wet for went: My friend, well said !

  • annoyed gal

    What chemistry? The kiss was lame and cold.

  • MillerGirl79

    I have never been a MiSa Fan…. The MiSa and even WeSa fans are PYSCHO’S!!! their unhealthy obsession scares me!!! That being said I actually liked the kiss MiSa shared…. Yes it was akward and not in a very romantic place (though that is the nicest bathroom i’ve ever seen on a train lol!!) And like someone else said the conversation and the moments leading up to it were very akward. But that was the whole point of having them kiss when, where, and how they did. They don’t have the luxary of being romantic so they gotta make do with what they got. And I don’t think they would have had sex like the MiSa/WeSa freaks swear would have happened had they not been interrupted. There’s still just too much unresolved issues between them.

    Artistically that whole kiss scene was beautifully shot, the mirror in the back to me signified the two sides of their relationship…the good and the bad of it. I thought it was perfect how they said they loved eachother without actually saying it. As for Sara not trying to kiss him back…..she was definately holding back a little but I noticed that when the train jerks or whatever neither one of them flinched before hand as most actors would when they know its coming…I bet my socks that the director didn’t tell them when that interruption would happen because it totally caught them off guard…. the way they reacted seemed so unscripted to me which I thought was great.

    Anyways since i’m banned from the PB message boards on for asking someone to e-mail me (They said asking someone to e-mail me was advertising/recruiting for a website) I’ve been having problems with the mods the past 2 months because the mod there THQuee is a die hard MiSa shipper and took offense when I said I didn’t like Sara back in October… after that I was getting flagged and banned every other day…sometimes twice a day for idiotic things you wouldn’t believe!!!Anyways I thought I’d post my opinion on this matter here :)

    Anybody think Susan calling T-bag Teddy Bear was hilarious?? or is it just me??

    @(*O*)@ Cali’s Own Terri Miller @(*O*)@

  • emily

    fickwalker- i wasnt meaning to demean youre opinion on the romance matter, i was just trying to explain, its like this in all major shows, romance is part of human interaction, if you enjoy the brothers interaction and storyline, thats great, just like some of us enjoy the romantic scenes. but the romantic aspect is part of prison break, like it or not. it has obviously been building since the start, i knew from the very first time they shared a scene together, something was going to happen with these two and he’d be her love interest, it was very obvious, but at the same time, their scenes were only ever a few mins long, and almost always, there would only be one or two scenes between them per ep, the whole of season 1. i remember wanting more because i felt we were getting so little. it built slowly, but the romance never felt the main focus of the story to me, but i found it an enjoyable plot. however i defiantly agree, it wont be plain sailing for them. we had the build up in season 1. we’ve got the romantic coming together in season 2. and in season 3 (there better be a few more seasons yet) they’ll probably be some drama/testing for their relationship, they might split up, but their relationship will be obviously tested in some way. because a happy couple isnt going to have many story angles for seasons to come. but i hope however the storyline ends that it ends happily and not in the near future. however, i dont think wentworth will leave or that micheal will be killed off, i think if anyone, sara will, prison break is wentworth millers show dammit! just like 24 is kiefers show. prison break without wentworth isnt prison break at all.

  • fickwalker

    It’s actually Fickwalker. Not Flickwater. Cheers.

    To each their own and all that jazz.

  • fickwalker

    I completely understand and respect your point of view. Every element of this show makes it what it is and you’re right, I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s the likes and dislikes that inspire discussion and various levels of commitment from fans.

    Re: “however, i dont think wentworth will leave or that micheal will be killed off, i think if anyone, sara will, prison break is wentworth millers show dammit! just like 24 is kiefers show. prison break without wentworth isnt prison break at all…”

    I must respectfully disagree on a few different points. I don’t see PB as “Wentworth Miller’s show”. I definitely see PB as an ensemble production, there is no real “star”. WM’s character may have driven S1, but now, with the storylines splintering off in so many different directions, Michael’s power as that driving force is somewhat diminished. Ialso think PB has proven, time and again, that absolutely no one is indispensable. Any of the characters could be eliminated at any time and I really do believe that the chance of Michael being taken out is a very real possibility. Most people have heard the whispers about S3 and that they’ve already planned out how to take care of Sara during SWC’s pregnancy, which indicates to me that the good doctor will be around for a long while to come yet.

  • emily

    i respectfully hope youre wrong haha. well not about sara, i really hope she stays a few more seasons too, i dont want her killed off and then for micheal to have someone else, they chose to cast her, they need to make the storyline last, i think the good thing about her been cast as his love interest is, that id say shes way out of his league, hes gorgeous, shes pretty, at times she looks better than at othet times, but you know he could do better (in the kiss scene she looked pretty drab), but that dynamic makes it interesting, he likes her, for her. he likes who she is, i feel a bit similar about the bones romantic relationship between bones and booth too, bones is the less attractive of the two id argue, but their dynamic and their interaction on the show really holds my attention and i end up willing them to come together, which is weird because i know, half the fun of their playful relationship and the reason i like them is that their not together, so you have something to hope for, and when it happens, where do you go from there? but anyways, im going vastly off point now, but i really love wentworths character, i agree, it has a strong cast, just like 24. but i really cant imagine prison break without micheal, i really cant. i think the show would lose a huge part of its appeal and that, though it might continue for some time after that, that it would be like the beginning of the end for the show. wentworths a huge reason why the shows as popular as it is-well in my mind, i just think losing wentworth miller would be a huge blow to prison break.

  • emily

    and i think thats one of the reasons some people are against the relationship onscreen. almost all of the time, the problem people have, is with sara. they think they lack chemistry, it feels forced, their too different, shes not good enough. but two super good looking people getting it on? its so cliche, there needs to be more, yes they are different, thats interesting, they have issues, but they connect, in the story. it hasnt been perfect for them, thats good, i like that they’ve only kissed twice, that they dont have a physical relationship, that their in love with each other and they havent even had sex-thats cute. i get so tired, even though i like romantic aspects of seeing characters come together so quick, sleep together, and bang, where do they go from there? i like its been paced slowly, and the audience is more likely to invest in a onsceen relationship if its been paced well. and i kind of miss the flirty scenes they had back in season 1…but im glad its moved foward, i think there are tons of posiblilitys as to where the romance could head, i just really hope, they work it out and the writers dont give up on them or take the easy way out, i wonder where the romance will go. but i shouldnt waste time thinking about that, because its only just starting back up.

  • take it or leave it

    All you people, take it from someone who knows (and don’t ask how I know because I will not tell you). There will be a Season 3 and neither Wentworth or Sarah are leaving the show. You are wasting your time debating about it- although it does give me a good laugh…

  • soala

    Blah blah blah, when did this become a shipper thread?

    Where’s the Teddy Bear?

  • emily

    glad to hear it. i cant imagine wentworth been stupid to leave the show so soon after its started. the shows going great, its made him a big star, and in turn hes made prison break very popular, the show has a lot of steam left, its only on season 2.

  • Liesbeth

    Does anyone know which song is played at the end of this episode ?? Thx

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Okay, “take it or leave it” — I’ll take your word for it – there will be a Season 3. Yea! You’d better not be wrong. I need a Wentie fix every Monday night.

  • Jessies’ Girl

    OK MillerGirl WTF are you talking about? MiSa fans with an unhealthy obsession. Hmmm remind me were you not the freak that wrote a story about being Michael Scofields cell mate and him falling in love with you. Ummm that would be an unhealthy obsession. I recall you being mean and rude to several people regarding their cirticims of your stroy resulting in it being removed and banned from a website. So don’t talk to me about unhealthy obsessions

  • Cat

    Hey Jessies girl. I’ know that story your talking about as well. MillerGirl you talk about MiSa fans being PSYCHO. Well you writing yourself as a love intreste and being banned from several site ranks you right up there as psycho. I must say you are well on your way to being banned on all PB site which I must say I won’t miss you around!! You’ve proven yourself more than once to be rude and condescending to people. Good ridance to you in all PB areans they don’t need delusional freaks like you!!!