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The Beckhams Look So Nice in Nice

The Beckhams Look So Nice in Nice

David and Victoria Beckham spend a little alone time together in the South of France on Monday night. (Apart from the paparazzi catching them at Nice airport, that is.) Becks and Vix own a house in a small village on the outskirts of Nice but will probably stay at Elton John‘s villa on their little getaway.

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  • Tanya

    Ohh…what a HOT couple…I think they’re most stylish and hottest couple in the world..thanks for pics……
    P.S….I adore David……..

  • anna

    Hi ya some of these photos are from

    If you’re a fan of Becks there are lots more pics on the site :)

  • mel

    why does she always have that stupid look on her face. She looks like an orange that just swollowed a lemon!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I love The Beckham$

  • raqchel

    They are always matching.

  • Marla

    I hear ya Tanya. I get the feeling that these two are not just great looking, but that there is solidarity in their relationship. I think Victoria understands her man, and David understands her too. They are a team. Let David be the really beautiful one in this relationship. That’s okay. Victoria works with what she has. She’s had 3 babies and has kept a slim body. I don’t think she’s naturally thin. She was heavier years ago, so I think she works at it. You’ve gotta give her credit because that is NOT easy for anyone to do. Plus she makes sure she looks good. David won’t take her for granted. He knows what he has. I believe he loves her because when women aren’t being appreciated by their men, one of the first things they do is lose self esteem and start getting careless about themselves. Definitely NOT Victoria!

  • Sahara

    Are u kidding me? VB is the scariest looking “thing” on 2 legs~~!! And as for having self-esteem- she has NONE!– Look at pics. of her back in her SG days- looking at her THEN one can see how DB fell for her- she was slim but healthier-looking as well- she definitely had more “meat on her bones”– she is a walking disaster now- she’s had 3-kids, obviously doesn’t spend any sort of time with them at all- too busy keeping up with her pouting and shopping schedule, which she considers “work” to be bothered with the mundane task of raising her own children… I’m sure she doesn’t have any idea when they are sick, lonely or scared- too preoccupied with world-global domination of the “Beckham” name…

    As for DB not taking her for granted- that’s a laugh- he has affairs on her all over the place confident enough to know that she won’t ever leave his cheating a**- she wants to make sure that she doesn’t lose out on any of those Beckham millions!


  • anon

    I saw this a while back on another site, and it really changed my opinion of Victoria:

  • Marla

    Aren’t you being a little “harsh” on the Beckhams? What makes you think they don’t spend time with their kids? Because they’re not photographed as much as Brangelina?

    I think David and Victoria love their children very much. As for David loving this lady… they’ve been married at least 10 yrs. That’s long enough for him to get tired of his “bony” wife. Instead, he keeps “pumping” out the babies, and look – he’s olding her hand. Appears to be love to me.

    I do not condone cheating, but I know that most men in long marriages have done or will do it.With Beckham being handsome, sexy and an athlete, I expected it. He’s no different than any other man. Most just aren’t famous and are able to hide it from their wives.

  • vivi

    I don’t know why people keep saying VB doesn’t care her children or looks after them. In my memory, and photos showed that , it’s always her holding her baby and rushed to hospital, when needed. A mother can have her own time!

  • Sahara

    Thanks to all of you who have tried to sway my opinion of VB–

    anon: I looked at the clip- I still don’t like her

    To others- Let’s review:
    2 weeks ago= spent full week in US- house-hunting, etc…- NO KIDS
    Was home 1-day
    Flew to Paris for full week to meet KH…- NO KIDS
    was home two days
    Now she is in France with hubby for another week… NO KIDS

    Not to mention all the nights’ out they indulge in during the week without their KIDS!

    I am not against moms who need breaks- of course we do- it’s just this excessive amount of “breaks” that I am against– you have the kids- YOU raise them!

    She is EXCESSIVE in her amount of time AWAY from her KIDS- that to me does not a good mom make! Any one who has children knows that what they want most is for you to be with them, spend time with them, do things with them, etc… the onlt time you see her with her kids is when their is a good photo-op to be had– no, she is a woman who should never have had kids to begin with- remember “rich” kids can be just as neglected as poor ones…

    You can say that I am jealous- of course I am! I would give ANYTHING not to have to come to work day in and day out and be able to be financially secure so that I could stay home and not have to put my babies in day-care- that kills me! So, yes I have a problem with women such as VB who do NOTHING all day and squander their time being away from their children… so many of us would love to have that choice!

  • Ludivine

    No kids because they are at school, and she only spent a few hours in nice with her husband, the day after that she was pictured with her kids in Madrid.
    in LA she was househunting for her family, then she went home to be with her kids, she actually came back sooner because her son had a soccer game…
    And her and david are pictured almost every day taking and picking up their kids from school.

    So get your facts right before taliking please.

  • Ludivine

    Oh, and lets not forget that when she’s not home, the kids are with their dad.

  • Sahara

    You know what you BELIEVE what you want to BELIEVE and I’ll BELIEVE what I want to…

    In my opinion- VB is an ungracious, absentee, pathetic excuse for a mother!

    Oh- and those are the FACTS!

    Obviously YOU do not have children- if you did- you’d understand & not attack me for disliking BECKHAM!

  • Bend it like Beckham

    Sahara & Ludivine -

    Whoa horsies!