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Kelly Clarkson vs. Leona Lewis

Kelly Clarkson vs. Leona Lewis

Have you ever heard of Leona Lewis? Probably not unless you live in England. Leona, 21, was this past season’s winner on X-Factor (England’s version of American Idol) and was the series’ first female winner. Leona apparently covered Idol‘s Season One winner Kelly Clarkson‘s “A Moment Like This” back in December and I just discovered it now.

Leona‘s cover of “A Moment Like This” broke a world record by being downloaded 50,000 times within 30 minutes of being available online. Pretty impressive, eh? She’s also rumored to meet with Clive Davis, founder of Arista Records, to secure a record contract. Leona‘s headed for the big leagues!

Check out Leona performing her cover of “A Moment Like This” below and compare it to Kelly‘s original rendition of it below that. How do the two measure up?

Leona Lewis – “A Moment Like This” (Dec. 2006)

Kelly Clarkson – “A Moment Like This” (Sept. 2002)
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  • SJ

    Leona is 20 times better than Kelly Clarkson. Leona has a pure voice while Kelly simply growls. Leona is the next Whitney, who has already been in touch with her young apprentice to tell her how good she is.

  • Just Jared

    SJ, are you British? Just curious.

  • Saraphine!

    They’re both extremely talented. Good luck to Leona. Shes amazing. Strong voice, shes gonna go places!

  • lindsay

    no comparison.! leona went off pitch more than a couple of times. i wasn’t sure she was gonna make some of those notes..

  • Genevieve

    You don’t need to be British to appreciate Leona’s talents… there’s YouTube to help with that. Leona is absolutely 20 times better than Kelly Clarkson, and I’m from LA. I’ll even echo that Leona has the pipes and the charisma to be the next Whitney — early, pre-Bobby Whitney.

    Leona Lewis – Somewhere Over the Rainbow. (Simon does a standing O at the end.)

  • CCC

    agree with lindsay. kelly is so much smoother and effortless sounding. leona is good, but that song is definitely a kelly song.

  • Cindy

    Being Canadian, I think I can give a more objective view.

    Leona is way better then Kelly. Much much more attractive (can’t really even call Kelly attractive) and way more talented. Not to say in anyway I pref Brits over Americans (because I absolutly love both), but in the case of these two, Leona is far more talented and really beautiful. Maybe put her up against some real American Idol talent like Tamyra Grey, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken or Carrie Underwood and we can have a real competition.

  • Just Jared

    Genevieve, thanks for sharing. She’s definitely got the pipes…

    And I think it’s funny how when they flashed the number to call in for Leona, they also flashed a picture of Simon’s grin. Haha.

  • sex

    Leona Rocks!

  • Paula

    Well I am Canadian too and have a musical background. I am sure Leona is talented. However, she was off-key a few times. The song was a bit of a struggle for her. I do agree that the song matches Kelly’s voice better.

  • JR Rider

    X-Factor is not “England’s version of American Idol”. In fact, American Idol is the American spin-off of the original, English Pop Idol format, and X-Factor is Cowell’s new singing contest in the UK. It sometimes boggles the mind how sheltered you people seem to be from the the rest of the world.

  • Just Jared

    JR Rider, I am very well aware of “Pop Idol.” Will Young? HELLO!

    I think it would have been too complicated to explain the entire history of “Pop Idol” in this entry. But thanks for elaborating in the comments!

  • alecj

    no contest— kelly is not only a better singer by a mile she looks comfortable on stage and carries herself like a pro— im not sure how these two got compared– its not really fair– kelly clarkson is so much better–

  • Lil

    I agree. Kelly is lightyears ahead of this Leona chick. Leona needs to ramp up her confidence level!

  • tina

    Leona sings it so much better, they both sing in a different key, but i think i like leona’s version better. yes i am in the uk but i do love kelly to even if she sings in the same key all the time!!

  • chris

    i listened to the whole of leona but only half of kelly, that said something to me. kelly’s version is terrible! basing it on the song and how it is sang, not who or where they are

  • Amy

    Okay, Leona has a beautiful freakin voice but really is in need of some singing lessons, she sounded tone deaf a couple of times when I was listening to that, it has notes for a reason, it is a song that you are supposed to sing what is written not sing it how you think it sounds more like you. I have no doubt Leona couldn’ve hit all of those notes, but she didn’t even try!! It was fustrating to watch. Kelly also has a beautiful voice but maybe a little less powerful but Kelly knows how to put it out there. She sang, sings much more powerful than Leona. Kelly wins she obviously knows what she is doing she gave it her all and it was great! Leona didn’t give it her all, she shys away too much. I clicked on that you tube clip of her singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” and I turned it off because she was messing up all the notes and it was flat and annoying. Both are beautiful girls with beautiful voices but Kelly wins hands down! Leona needs a teacher, like Kelly maybe? ahaha.

  • Gussie

    Leona has the most interesting voice: pureness and range. Her rendition, though far from perfect, is very appealing. She needs some lessons, but she is going places. Kelly’s cover was a bit bland, Kelly is always bland, in my opinion.

  • arghhhhhhh stupid americans

    stupid AI started in england and it was called pop idol.

  • arghhhhhhh stupid british

    hey meathead, why don’t you take it elsewhere? where are your british blogs with all of your celebrities? oh that’s right, you don’t have any.

  • mmh

    oh goodness i cant stand how OFF leona is…she’s off in other songs too. and she has NO stage presence. kelly owns that song. Leona has POTENTIAL to be better than kelly but right now she is DEFINITELY not!

  • t

    leona is good. kelly is GREAT. the inflection in her voice. her body movements. she has the most unique voice out there right now on the us charts (well, christina a is great also)

  • Oldie

    check out Leona’s other performances in the X Factor contest, they are in youtube.

  • Maria

    I think Leona is an average singer…And sounded okay…Kelly Clarkson ROCKS! She has better stage presence, she just looks more at east than Leona.

  • Jen

    They both have 2 VERY different styles of singing. You really can’t compare them against each other because of that. They are both good in their own way with each randition of the song. Kelly has a wonderful power voice while Leona has a soft beautiful voice. They were both pitchy also. Either way they were both good…..

  • Team Jolie-Pitt

    I just watch both and felt that Leona was off key also. Kelly owns that song. In addition, Kelly DOES have stage presence. Leona seems manly in her features. This song is better suited for Kelly Clarkson. I did hear the other songs from Leona and she just doesn’t really impress me. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Also Kelly has proven time and time again she is the AMERICAN IDOL. Just look at her string of hits.

  • thea

    i still prefer kelly’s singing. Leona kept going off pitch. I don’t know if its just me… but in my opinion, the two of them arent even in the same league. Comparing them like this is just so insane. Breaking that world record was crazy. Shes not THAT good.

  • lulu_ma

    leona’s version sounded much much better, kellys was flat.



  • Hayley

    I love both but…… LEONA ALL THE WAY! her performences on the X-Factor are great.

  • Jill

    Kelly…it seems effortless for her, which is how it is when people are born to sing.

  • Sid

    I prefer Kelly. I couldn’t make it through all of Leona’s performance.

  • Cookie

    I choose Kelly. I think her voice was a bit raw by the end of the show but she still pulled it off. I don’t see what’s the big deal about Leona. She’s pretty in a bland way, and has a pretty but bland voice, and, as others have pointed out, she has pitch problems. Simon is obviously only milking her for the money. Though I have to agree with Cindy that there are much better AI contestants than Kelly Clarkson.

  • frida

    i think kelly was so much better!!!!!!! this song don’t suit leonas voice at all i think

    so gooo KELL!

  • Capriciousdiva

    I watched Leona win she is a genuine girl and she’s never been drunk in her whole life (yet anyway). Simon Cowell was mentoring her so he was really glad she won and his head got bigger

  • SJ

    Oh you Americans, you simply can’t appreciate REAL talent when you see it. Kelly is not that special and looking at her now, she is really showing her true dog style appearance. Leona has more in front of her and thankfully doesn’t have an awful TV movie in her portfolio.

    No matter what some of you silly Americans think, Leona didn’t struggle once. Check out her singing Summertime, and tell me you think she struggled. She never got one bad review each week.

    For those still in denial. Youtube Leona and Summertime

  • alice

    They’re both very different singers. I like Kelly better, she sings it the way I like it. However Leona was very good.

  • Carla

    I like both singers but it’s hard to compare them directly… Kelly is more rocky, and Leona is much more the ballad queen. Leona does go off-key a couple of times, but cut her a break, the footage is from the show where she’s just been announced as winner – she’s emotional. Also, she is much better at hitting the higher notes, Kelly backs down and takes the song lower each time like she doesn’t have the confidence to go for it… They both rock, but Leona will be the better singer when she gets a little more experience/confidence.

  • carmen

    Both of them are good singer but Kelly sings it a lot better than Leona.

  • racy lacy

    Leona was good but her voice is very “been there, done that”. Kelly has a much more dynamic and powerful voice and I love when she growls.

  • http://Justjared Caz

    Having never watched either programme and only having seen the clips can I ask, was the Kelly Clarkson performance sung when she had just found out she had won? I mention this as it looks as if Leonna Lewis is pretty emotional which most people would agree does affect your performance. Although they can both sing quite well; they do BOTH tend to sing from the throat rather than the lungs, especially on high notes.

  • Sabrina

    I’m from the Netherlands and I prefer Kelly’s version. I think her voice is simply better and more special.

    Do you guys over there in the USA don’t have X factor yet? They just started with the first season over here, it’s awesome. Hope you get it too!

  • Team Jolie-Pitt


    I have posted twice on your blog and have not seen either one. Do you have me mixed up with someone else?

  • nastyhero

    I personally prefer Kelly’s version. Leona is cute, but boy is she dull on stage. I’m pretty sure she’ll get better with more experience. What’s with all the “early” Whitney Houston comparisons? Leona would not be able to hold a candle to Whitney, or even Mariah ‘Scarey’.

  • steph

    Leona Sings it way better than Kelly. Kelly’s was kinda flat. Leona has a much softer stronger voice. kelly’s is too husky and deep

  • steph

    This is the won after leona found out she won that is why she is shakey and crying at the end she had just been crying before she sang that

  • Sarah

    Kelly’s voice was shot in those last two weeks….and that performance was more than incredible. it was effortless…incredible. Kelly wins. always.

  • Jess

    After comparing the two I definately think Kelly does it better. On the other hand, after listening to more of Leona’s singing on youtube I think I like Leona a lot better in an all around comparison. You’ve got to hear her sing Some Where Over the Rainbow – beautiful.

  • Capriciousdiva

    I’d just like to clarify that in the Leona was singing just after she found out she won so she was really emotional and tearful watch her video and x factor ain’t the British version of American Idol everyone got bored of that concept years ago. The X factor is a competition between the judges aswell as the contestants

  • john

    the song was written for kelly, not for leona. Thefore, Kelly will always sing it better! Go kelly!