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Ashley Olsen's Furry Little Friend

Ashley Olsen's Furry Little Friend

Mary-Kate (left) and Ashley Olsen sit front and center at the Jenni Kayne Fall 2007 fashion show during NYC’s Fashion Week on Wednesday, Feb. 7. PETA is now scowling at Ashley rocking the fur vest. She looks good doing it, though!

Below: The Olsen twins pose backstage with designer Jenni Kayne. Also spotted in the front row sitting next to the twins are stylist Rachel Zoe and supermodel Petra Nemcova.

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  • Saraphine!

    they look really excited to be there dont they?!

  • anonnny

    Saraphine! Says:

    that was funny :)

    i wonder why they try to look like aliens all the time. i understand that coping with stardom from an early age must be hard but isn’t there anyone around to tell them “take it easy, don’t try so hard, act your age not like an old 5th avenue lady.”

    whatever. that was a waste of my time, i should get a life.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Creepy. Very Creepy. They get Creeeepier Every Year !!

  • Chang

    Where are PETA? Shame some people still think furs are even acceptable this day and age

    America produces these really weird people who give nothing but harm to the world but earns billions ot $$$ it’s ridiculous!

    They were amazing in their baby days
    but then their parents & everybody gets greedy and look! bred teenagers like this

  • coalharbourqt

    That vest doesn’t even look good either! Fugly!

  • bdj

    Those two are spooky. They can star in their own Japanese horror flick -Grudge 10 or something.

  • yoinkgush

    I thought I saw them by Bryant park tonight, and I did! Fur, weird make up, and all! crazy. Thanks for the pics!!!

  • magnus

    “Where are PETA? Shame some people still think furs are even acceptable this day and age”

    The stupidity of that statement never loses it’s touch.

    PETA is a group of retards. They’re a joke.

    Animal products are essential. Leave your hippy BS at home. Thanks.

  • blurb

    How sad. Millionaires and they continue to dress like they raided a flea market cast off bin. These girls do not need a mirror – they can just look at each other. Obviously they like what they see. Very strange.

  • blue diamonds

    Ther’s something very creepy about those girls. They give me the creeps every time I look at them. Something is wrong with them. I’m serious.

  • cuppajoe

    I understand that you are going thru a hard time but that doesn’t give you the right to wear a real animal. There are fake/faux furs that look real and no animal had to die for it. How would you feel if you were the animal and they killed then skinned YOU? Think about how YOU contributed to that poor animal’s death!

  • Sandbitch

    I was bored before they were out of diapers. The only thing they’ve got going for them is….

  • david

    When are they going to get out of their bohemian phase and get back to clean and classic look years back? BTW, screw PETA. Rock on with real fur!

  • capriciousdiva

    i like these two there not your typcal hollywood girls they look spooky

  • Krissie

    If it’s her friend, why did she kill it and put it on?

  • MightyMight


    I agree with you…I used to think they were the ugliest little twin baby girls back in the day. Yuck. Never saw the cuteness in them. Too bad they had good investment advice because they would be standing in line next to Tracy Gold.

  • monkey faces

    How can you say ‘she looks good doing it!’ ?!

    How can these two be fashion icons and and trend setters when they go retarded against human evolution by wearing a dead animal as a coat and have the worse possible taste and looks of a chimp/rat combined??!

  • anon

    I’m with everyone who is creeped out by these two. I think it’s just a matter of time before they pull a “carrie” and go psycho and kill everyone at prom. Oh wait, they are too old for prom.

  • Observer

    I feel sorry for the two sisters. They do look … creepy or alien-like, or whatever. Obviously it’s not their fault, though. Every adult involved must have taken advantage of their natural abilities when they were two little babies, for money and entertainment. I saw a program devoted to them that they did nothing but acting and doing things that create wealth.

  • Kusje

    @ magnus

    Since when is wearing fur essential? I get the whole thing that people eat animals as a food supply. But killing an animal to make a luxury item to boost your vanity? I don’t see why that should even be allowed…
    I don’t see why people are still interested in these two, just take a picture of a homeless drug-using fugly twin and you get the same result. Only without money…

  • ravnJ

    ashley is very pretty. i am not so sure about that other one. she kinda looks like a corpse.

  • Sandbitch

    #16 – Same! Me thinks the only reason they got that gig was the convenient twin factor, not because they were cute babies. The Olsens going to a fashion parade is like a vegan going to a steak house. They can’t help the lousy genes they inherited but surely they can wash and brush their hair….can’t they? They always look like they need a bath.

  • david10006

    pretty sad that animals had to die to try to make these rich,skinny ass, over-hyped bitches look “stylish”.

  • m.a.i.i.

    omgawwd what happened to them? they look really bad… sack their stylist and makeupartist!!!

  • starved

    I hate real fur. I love mary- kate and ashley.

    but how do you know the fur is real? it probably isn’t.

    stop giving them such a hard time, their wonderful and very smart;- And very beautiful!

    I guess you’re all vegetarians, no ?

  • kate

    they both are way to over rated, they basically are still living off what they did as kid. Cause they sure havent done anything good, or worth taking notice SINCE than.

  • FS

    It is really strange to look like old 5th avenue ladies when barely 20.