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Anna Nicole, It's So Outrageous

Anna Nicole, It's So Outrageous

The craziness just won’t stop! Here are a bunch of updates surrounding Anna Nicole Smith‘s recent death.

  • Autopsy on Anna Nicole reveals no pills were in her stomach. There were also no illegal drugs in her room, just prescription drugs. [AP]
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Husband (Prince Frederick von Anhalt): ‘I Fathered Anna Nicole’s Baby’ [AP]
  • Anna Nicole‘s mother is on her way to the Bahamas to gain immediate custody of her granddaughter Dannielynn. [AccessHollywood]
  • A judge rejects emergency DNA test on Anna Nicole‘s body [Reuters]
  • Illegal drugs were found in Anna Nicole‘s hotel room [AP]
  • Anna Nicole and partner Howard K. Stern were set to marry in the Bahamas by month’s end. [ET]
  • Six people, including Anna, were in staying in her hotel suite. The identities of two of the individuals is still unknown. [TMZ]
  • Splash News sold the rights of Anna Nicole being wheeled on a stretcher for $500,000. The footage can be viewed at the source. [LiveLeak]
  • Anna Nicole may have choked on her own vomit. [AccessHollywood]
  • Anna Nicole‘s former photographer boyfriend Larry Birkhead speaks out: “Our daughter, Dannnielynn is a constant reminder of the love we shared and the life that we desired… My heart is broken, my tears are endless. She called me her angel, I called her my sweet potato, and every night before we went to sleep, she made me say to her………..’GOODNIGHT MY SWEET ANNA BABY’” [LarryBirkhead]
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  • arghhhhhhh

    thanks for the updates

  • sultrydame

    God, it just gets weirder. Leave the lady in peace already.

    Frederick von Anhalt. WTF…. I can’t believe Anna would screw someone like him? I firmly believe that Larry is the FATHER.

    How many guys did she screw, anyway?!

  • LV

    I think all the hollywood scum is going to make a claim for the baby just to get a piece of fame/money.

  • respectpeople


  • LV

    great idea respectpeople.

  • coalharbourqt

    One thing the M.E. implied is that Anna Nicole died fairly quickly (although she was ill for a few days before) and I was just happy to hear that she did not suffer a long death. The poor woman had been through enough.

    I’ll be interested to find out the prescriptions that Anna Nicole was taking – it’s entirely possible that her death could have been caused by going on and off a number of them (especially with an already compromised system). Withdrawal from anti-depressants can be very dangerous if not done properly (incl. having a stomache flu and or other infections, and not being able to keep anything down). Elevated blood pressure, elevated body temperature, inflammation of vital organs, and heart arrythmias/tachycardia can occur and it may turn out that her system just couldn’t take it anymore.

    While it is good to know that no crime appears to have been committed, I can’t help ask why none of the 7 or 8 people travelling with her didn’t have the presence of mind to take her in to an Emergency Ward? A nurse can only do so much (particularly without any major medical equipment such as an EKG to monitor with) and she was clearly quite ill. A sad and unnecessary death it seems to me.

  • magnus


    Um…it takes more than a couple hours to even get the paperwork in order to file to perform an autopsy.

    I doubt she’s even been touched yet.

    All these people are just after the money she would have received since her ex husband’s only son died recently.

    So now they all want her daughter who will probably get it all.

    Greedy motherf*ckers.

  • Sweet83

    This story is barely 24 hours old and it gets crazier and crazier by the hour! I mean really Zsa Zsa Gabor husband is now claiming that he could be the father and doing iv on CourtTV? I’m just wondering Who’s next to come out with an off the wall claim on that little girl? I just wish her family some peace as they deal with the grief of losing ANS but the sad thing is …that’s not going to happen.


    Larry Birkhead is an idiot and his attorney (can’t ever remember her name) is a disgrace. I can’t believe he has the balls to post something like this on his website when Anna Nicole made it very clear that she wanted nothing to do with him. And her mother going to the Bahamas to try and get custody is unbelievable!!!! That woman is shameless and the very least she could do is respect her daughter’s wishes and stay as far away as possible from Anna’s baby. I mean, seriously, if Anna didn’t want her crazy, b i t c h of a mother anywhere near her family when she was alive what the h e l l makes that woman think Anna would want things different after her death?? Ohhh, and the sister. Donna something or other, she was on FOX NEWS this morning before the press conference with the medical examiner and was talking all kinds of trash. PLEASE!! She actually stuttered when Shep asked her if she was after the money that the baby stood to possibly inherit! And she was slandering Howard K. Stern but when asked specifically why she didn’t like him she couldn’t even give a valid answer! She said he “wasn’t a nice guy” but then said she had never met him!! GEEZUS!!! She doesn’t know s h i t and is just going along with what she reads in the tabs because that stupid family has/had absolutely no inside knowledge of Anna’s life and it disgusts me that they and Larry think they are so “moral” and that Anna’s baby belongs with anyone in the world except Howard. I would have liked to see their expressions when the medical examiner said there were no pills in Anna’s stomache and the Chief said there was no evidence of foul play. Why can’t these people see that they are blinded by their own greediness for Anna Nicole’s potential fortune??? I pray that baby is Howard’s and that Anna left a will. Larry, his attorney, and Anna’s mother and sister are a s s h o l e s and liars.
    Oh, and I really liked how her sister said she wants nothing to do with fame but then when asked a question about how she found out Anna had died she said “my PR person told me”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

  • Shauna


  • coalharbourqt

    7 magnus Says:
    Your statement is incorrect – the autopsy was performed today (Friday) and I watched the press conference on CNN (around 3 pm Friday afternoon, Florida time) where the ME who performed the autopsy spoke. There are many other test results that they will not have for weeks, but the initial autopsy has been completed.

  • kswarthout

    I have become thoroughly disgusted with the absolute disregard the media has shown as to verifying information and sources before it is made public. In the last 24 hours: 1) Anna Nicole choked on her own vomit 2) illegal drugs were found all over the hotel room 3) Howard Stern was running around the hotel room frantically, the list could go on forever. These three items alone have been proven false at the press conference that was held this afternoon. The media has yet again shown that they do not deserve our confidence in them to report the news correctly.

  • mike

    My question is, what happens to the child?
    Which one of those 3 are the real father? This will be sooo messy…