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Hilary Duff's Feet Explode

Hilary Duff's Feet Explode

Ouch! Hilary looks like her feet are going to explode! Those shoes must really hurt, look how red her feet are getting!!

Pictured: Hilary Duff premieres the music video “With Love” from her upcoming record, “Dignity,” on TRL Thursday afternoon during at the MTV Times Square Studios in NYC. More pictures after the jump!

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hilary duff with love music video 01
hilary duff with love music video 02
hilary duff with love music video 03
hilary duff with love music video 04
hilary duff with love music video 05
hilary duff with love music video 06
hilary duff with love music video 07
hilary duff with love music video 08
hilary duff with love music video 09
hilary duff with love music video 10
hilary duff with love music video 11
hilary duff with love music video 12

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  • Canadian Chick

    Who is that guy in the video. God he’s hot

  • Scott

    She looks great and I respect her for not being a whoore like the rest of them

  • http://justjared Anonymous

    I feel bad for her feet….they look like they’re in soo much pain…..

  • james hugh ferreira shaw

    hot tamale

  • Chloe

    She’s looking better than when she first dyed her hair this color. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it.

  • Chloe

    She’s looking better than when she first dyed her hair this color. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it.

    (Duplicate comment, wtf?)

  • bob dylan

    I think I like her better brunette.

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  • ntt

    Thanks Curly.

  • Artemis


    Thank you for that very interesting post. I appreciate the time you took to research & write it down.

    Of special interest is the phrase “Custom is king of all” — how very true to this day.

    The notion of the wife being a possession/chattel that is sacrificed after the death of her husband still appear from time to time in the Indian society — the practice of sati. I wonder if this practice still exists in other ethnic groups.

  • Lola

    Very interesting research Curly. Thanks for sharing!

  • wilddog

    yo this is the wilddog and it is good to be bake yo hilary duff you look so damn beauitful in thoes pic but you all not that dont you hilary duff and just so you damn you look you good cuz of how fit you are damn hilary duff how did you get so beauitful and yes i do love you hiary duff so if any one makc hiary duff fell bad in any way there going to get a there ass kick by the wilddog and if you hilary duff see this i am sorry for what you had to read but this wilddog love you so much and all i wont to see is a small on your beauitful face love wilddog xoxoxox p.s that was for hilary duff so you now ok love hilary duff see you whan you come to London/On in tell than stay beauitful

  • irma magnolia castaƱeda orozco

    para mi Hilary Duff es una chava super linda, super sensilla,me enknta como knta,baila,su forma de ser soy una de sus mega mega fan y espero q pronto bnga a Mexico y poerla ir a ver.
    Hilary si algun dia lllegaras a leer esto je je solo quiero decirte q eres una super chava espero berte muy pronto q Dios te bendiga y sigue kntando igual que siempre y no dejes q lo q la gnte diga de ti negativamente te afecte.

  • http://? justine

    your my favorite

  • natalie

    Wow, I hated her at first and would mock her heinously, but I’ve gotta admit, she is very pretty. And definitely looks better with the darker hair!

  • a crazy hilaryduff fan

    ohh i love the pics of hil!! She is the best!! I love how she went!! She is always beatiful but i loe the clothes!!! :):) Poor Hil… her fet should of hurt but she is the best =!! haha!!
    Hil i love you…. you are my idol!!!

  • sandeepshimpi

    Hi Guys,

    Found some cool new videos of Hilary Duff on a film set of her latest movie
    Safety Glass movie, not sure if anyone has seen this already, credit to
    Hollywood North Insider website as I found it there, you can see them below:


  • Anonymous

    She probably gets botox injections in her feet to ease the pain on her sore soles, but she’s looking good as always :)