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Jennifer Lopez's Walk of Style

Jennifer Lopez's Walk of Style

Jennifer Lopez shows her support for fashion designer pal Donatella Versace at the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style ceremony on Thursday night. And rightfully so! Donatella put Jennifer on the fashion map with that revealing blue and green printed gown she wore to the Grammys in 2000.

Jennifer, 37, was accompanied by hubby Marc Anthony, 38, at the ceremony, which was held at Beverly Hills City Hall in Beverly Hills, Calif. More pictures of the Jennifer and Marc after the jump!

Jennifer will not be attending The Grammys on Sunday thought. She’ll be picking up an Artists for Amnesty award in Germany at the Berlin International Film Festival for her new film Bordertown. The film documents the ongoing unsolved murders of hundreds of women near American-owned factories in Juarez, Mexico.

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  • Jo

    Jlo looks hot in here!!

    I desagree with you Jared. I think it was Jennifer who helped make that dress even more famous, because it had and has been worn by other women but caught absolute attention on Jlo’s body! I’ve seen that green dress live in an exibition in Helsinki and it’s absolutly amazing. Versace is so much more that fashion. It’s art!

    On the photos; I wonder what’s the trick of these celebrities to keep keep their white gowns clean while wearing them with tones of makeup glitzzy bronzer all over their faces and body.

  • nadioz

    Jennifer looks Amazing !! I love the new haircut

  • Capriciousdiva

    She looks nice for once. Lately she been trying to hard to dress like Katie and Victoria but this suits her puerto rican roots

  • MJC

    I am really glad Jennifer looks happy now. All those hype with Affleck was unfair to her. Affleck checked out of their relationship coz he was scared of being a failure. I thought he was not strong enough to support that relationship. I hope she finds more peace with Mark. Seems like he is good man.

  • sally

    I really cannot stand her. I don’t know why she is famous but I will say that she looks very good here. And her husband is just plain ugly! Seems like a good man??? He has a few babys from different women and cheated on his wife w/ jen…whatever

  • bdj

    J-Lo is rocking that dress.


    i agree, a total mystery to me why the hell anyone cares for her. Her diva ways almost bankrupted the film she is now celebrted for, she is a dumb wannabe who got lucky- became a star because people see shiny and think its gold…oh she does look good, but with all tose stylists and beautifying resources- all i could find 10 more naturally beautiful, more talented and infinitely more classy girls on any streetcorner in queens.

  • Suzzy

    I’m glad Jennifer Lopez has finally learned her lesson about being a showboat all the time. Less publicity is better for her and relationship with Marc. Maybe they will have a chance of actually staying married this third time around. The media and public don’t care about them as a couple. That may be the key for them staying together.
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seem have to have found someone to make them happy. Good for them.

  • Jan

    Jen looks great! you can tell she is happy with Marc. She’s just glowing in these pictures. thanks!

  • Mimi

    I’m not a big JLO fan, but WOW, girl looks FIERCE! She’s looking really great these days. Nice to see a mature woman looking so good.

  • malibumom

    Work it girl work it! J-Lo is a self-made woman and I think she looks great every time she steps out. She may not be the most talented or best singer, but she is a STAR!

  • LV

    she looks a little different? Maybe it’s the haircut. Gorgeous dress.

  • Missy

    I TOTALLY didn’t recognize her…..what’s up with her nose & chin has she had work done??? She just doesn’t look like herself.

  • Jillian B

    Go away Jennifer. People are tired of YOU and YOUR HUSBAND. You two are everywhere. GO AWAY!

  • http://jenniferlopezsite joseph A. edonomokumor


  • Me Too

    She is starting to look like Melania Trump. She looks like she has had something done…not that there is anything wrong with that, but she is pushing 40.

  • http://deleted Letty

    Looks like Lopez has lost a few pounds. I can especially tell by her arms and around her neck. She has always looked so much better when she is thin. Weight loss makes people more photogenic.

  • Pokeman

    I can’t stand her. She doesn’t know how to act or sing. I do give her credit for being a good dancer. No one ever heard of her b4 she hung out with P Diddy. Even after Selena, she wasn’t that popular until she hung out with him. Also, I think the incident with the shooting got her more attention. P Diddy made her famous with the Versace dress she wore. Like Elizabeth Hurley with her Versace dress. She low class chick and always will be.

  • mikimoto

    she should give some of that bronzer to Marc. She is way too burnt and he is way too pale.

  • creativegirl

    Oh my gosh she looks gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new haircut! It’s fabulous!

  • Mary

    She looks happy like she did with Ben ,Cris ,P.Diddy and her other husbands and boyfriend.She always has the same sob story with every guy she’s with,that she’s changed and happy and wants chlidren.Sooner or later people are going to see that your a fake Jennifer and all you love is the attention and yourself.

  • not a fan

    Saw a photo of her on Lainey’s and almost did not recognize her. She has definitely had more facial work done …She definitely looks better than she has !. A leopard does not change his spots. She has used men all the way to the bank.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    she will surely be forgotten about,
    but her Bronx a$$ will go down in
    history for changing a generation..

  • NikkiG

    Really starting to show her age…and not even 40 yet. Sad.

  • sultrydame

    Personally, I don’t give a f*ck about Jlo and her fugly hubby. SHe thinks she’s ALL that…

  • Serita

    I’m disappointed in Jlo. She had the world at her feet and was in a truly privileged position as a Latina, yet she squandered her fame. She had pretty good success as a singer and made a ton of money. I hoped she would study to become a better actress, but she’s just passionate for the money, not the art. There are so many African-American, Asian and Hispanic actors who would die to be given the opportunities she was given. She’s not serious. She’s a mediocre force because she has to dabble in everything, yet is not truly great at anything.

  • lula29

    Oh please with the hateration.

    JLO looks good and she’s working her fame to the hilt. She has just been recognized for her work in Bordertown, and all the rumors about DIVA are just that rumors. People who want to hate her take it as truth, but Ma Ma looks fierce here.

    I think, honestly, she’s better off without Ben Affleck because he was too weak to support that relationship. He seems really disenchanted with Jennifer Garner these days, the clock is ticking on that one if you ask me.

  • elle

    And yet all those people who claim they could care less about her, sure care enough to write an entire essay about why they don’t care about it. Yea, you guys are really convincing…

  • RJ

    Lula, why yet again bring Affleck’s relationship NOW into this equation? If JLo looks good, it has no barring on what Affleck is doing. He’s happy. He looks happy. He looked in love at the Golden Globes. They look like a couple that will last FOR A LONG TIME. So lets go back to JLO actually looking good for a change, a classic JLO.

  • benji

    Girl is looking very very good.

    Oh, and, RJ, Ben never looked in love with Garner, just with her pregnant belly. If you want to see what Ben looks like in love, then check his photos with Jenny From The Block BEFORE the media started pounding on them.

    And everybody keeps badmouthing Marc, but Jen looks like she has truly found herself with him. And she’s been looking gorgeous for a while now.

  • Jillian

    Jlo relationship is not going to last either.I give it 4 or 6 months the most.She using Marc like she used all the other men in her life.To get more fame and publicity for herself.why do you think she’s afraid of that book that her ex-husband wrote to come out .Because people will see real Jennifer Lopez not what her publicist make her out to be.I think Ben affleck was smart to leave her before she completely destroyed his career.So if Marc Anthony wants to be JLo’s little bitch .So be it .He’s going to kicked to the curb sooner or later like the rest….

  • Jamie

    She’s using Marc to tap into the Latino market. He’s a Latin superstar and she needs his audience now, because mainstream is not interested in JLO anymore. Just wait and see what happens if her Spanish album flops and she doesn’t get the attention she wants for El Cantante. She won’t have any use for him anymore if he can’t help her become a Latina star, because that was her whole motive for jumping into marriage so fast just after breaking up with Ben Affleck. She’s a user always has been and always will be, because all she cares about is herself.

  • lula29


    Because a lot of the hateration is coming from people who are still bitter about the Ben/JLo relationship.

    “For a change”, please this woman often looks good. Stop playin’.

  • lula29


    JLO has more talent than Ben Affleck, the only reason she “ruined his career” (yeah right, she ruined it, not his own acting abilitiy) is because his core fan base didn’t like him hooking up with a Puerto Rican. He said this himself, so don’t just think it’s me.

    Notice how y’all are all up Jennifer Garner’s ass like she’s the second coming of Christ. Fawning over her like she’s the only woman on earth that done had a baby and like everything she does is proof that she’s Mother of the Year. It’s nauseating.

    She’s with Mark because she’s found balance. Who knows what will last forever, I don’t make this claim about any couple, let alone one I don’t know.

    You guys talk about this woman like you know her personally and like you are privy to what goes on behind the scenes. I’m glad she moved on with her life quickly after Affleck. He wouldn’t have been the greatest guy to be with because IMO he lacks a backbone. Matt Damon is the one. He seems like a very strong person and I like that.

    And Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only woman in hollywood to jump in and out of marriage.