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Nicole Kidman: It's Miller Time!

Nicole Kidman: It's Miller Time!

Nicole Kidman honors director pal George Miller at the Australians in Film cocktail reception she hosted on Thursday night in Los Angeles, Calif. Husband Keith Urban was expected to attend but didn’t show at the last minute. The event was held at the home of Australian Consul General Innes Willox in Brentwood.

Nicole, 39, voiced penguin Norma Jean in 2006′s Happy Feet, which Miller, 61, directed. Miller also worked as a producer in 1989′s Dead Calm, which Nicole starred in. (Sidenote: Nicole and Billy Zane were so good in Dead Calm).

(Images via Tiffany Koury/Berliner Studio/BEImages)

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  • WTF

    She’s so beautiful and graceful.

  • ava

    yes, she is, but why is her lipstick like that? i swear there is always something messed up in her appearance and with all the money she has you’d think she could get beauticians who know what they’re doing.

  • T-Shirts

    These pics make me wish I was legally blonde.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    extremely hot.


    Uhhhh…since when did ol’ Nic’s bottom lip get so huge? Man, these actresses better stop f**king with their faces, seriously. Number one, she probably can’t even emote worth a damn anymore without looking weird because of the botox, now she’s got Angelina Jolie’s bottom lip???!! Kidman just needs to relax and not do that sh*t anymore, I mean it’s not like she’s Chin Maniston who has no career to speak of, so she can paralyze & restalyze her face all she wants.

  • muttonchop

    Are you serious? Beautiful? Good God, this woman has not aged well. She looks dried out, hair included, grey roots and all. Over the hill actress who needs to move on to more mature roles and stop trying so hard to look young. She can marry all the rock cowboys she wants but she’s not fooling anyone.

  • picyane

    her lower lip is really not that big, it’s bigger. Probably she’s had restlyne injections, but certainly they are not comparable to angelina or any of the other actresses who pump their lips to ridiculous proportions. I really wish Nicole would leave her looks alone because she really is a very naturally beautiful woman.

  • k`

    it’s not her bottom lip that’s show she gets injections it’s her top which suddenly in the last 4-5 years is bigger than it was her entire life, and which is documented in film after film. One’s lips don’t get fuller with age, so silly especially since in “To Die For” there are extreme close ups of her lips and now they are two sizes bigger. That and the botox, —her forehead is frozen, and she’s getting wrinkles on her nose because the natural creasing points (around the eyes) are so paralyzed. Apparently she doesn’t share her pal, Naomi Watts thought that botox/cosmetic surgery is antithetical to being a good actress. which is to bad, because I think her acting is suffering for all the botox (see the Interpreter, no expression).

  • harmony

    hahah all who bad out celebs are jealous, retarded jerks =)

    she has never had surgery.. if you read all the magazines and Books on her you would know. So dont comment about things you have no idea about.

    And muttonchop is it??? please go have a look at your self before you comment on one of the most beautiful woman of our time. once again consult magazines which confirm that.

    Please get a life.

  • MIA

    why is she so botoxed and what happened to her lips? lay off the plastic surgery Nicole. Her face is frozen and it’s not beautiful and glowing the way it used to be.

  • Liz

    That is the best she has looked in a long time, I think things with keith are going well. She should just lay off the botox, it has really lowered her image!

  • +++

    She should learn from Sandra Bullock, aging gracefully and naturally.

  • blogelina

    I only noticed her beautiful blue eyes, they really stand out.

  • Em

    So yet another time when she puts herself over her family. Her husband was in Chicago for a benefit for St Jude’s Hospital. I was wondering if Nicole was there with him. I guess these photos answers that question. She’s putting a director over her family. Typical Nicole.

    Oh, and these magazines that supposidly comfirm that Nicole is the most beautiful woman of our time? If that were true, why do they airbrush her to death?

  • kkk

    HELLO she has never had surgery!! it would BE in magazines if she did SHE HASENT !!

    Em… ah Do you know Nicole or keith???? NO NO NO! then dont talk about there personal life as if you do.. pfft wtf you have NO IDEA what they discuss or agreee too. stop pretending you know so much When you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  • Mya

    For those who are blind enough to belive that Nicole is a natural beauty, please see these pictures of her BEFORE she went all plastic surgery:

    They’ve got the many changing faces of Nicole at TMZ.
    I will say that Nicole’s plastic surgeon is absolutely talented and very good at what he does because she looks gorgeous compared to what she looked like before!

  • ana

    Why are people so judgemental and think they know everything about everyone, including celebs? Good god, she’s putting “director above her family” — “typical Nicole” — how do you know??? I mean, by God, her kids spends half of the time w/ her, just not in the places where paps would actually take pictures of them (would the pictures and news of Connor and Isabela visiting her movie set have been published had she not been in that car accident a few weeks ago?). What is so difficult of the “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?” — I mean, really? Even if she’s botox-ed, surgeries…. who cares?? it’s her money…. You don’t have to see her movies and pictures. Are your own lives so sad that you feel the need to put others’, others you don’t know, down?

  • me

    you go ana!! absoulutely agree. Get a life people.

  • Peter

    You are so right ANA, i coudn’t say better!

    Leave Nic alone, you have jealous of her!

  • Rosie

    She is wonderful in those pics, love the last one.And i don’t xare if she has botox or not!

  • Lana

    She is terrific!Wondeful ans sexy!

    Love her!

  • Claude

    always this conversation about botox…don’t you have imagination to talk about something different?????stupid people!

  • Chris

    Nicole is the most beautiful creature in the world.her beauty is unique, just comparable to Jeniffer Aniston, who i also love.

    I think she is wonderful in this photos, and i don’t think she has botox, but if it is true who cares????

  • Reatty

    Yeah, jealous Nicole haters kept saying Nicole never see’s her kids, but when pictures of her with her kids surfaced only because of the accident, the Nicole haters had no comment about her having her kids with her. As far as Keith goes, he is doing a lot of stuff now that had to be rescheduled from months ago. And I’m sure Nicole has things she can’t reschedule because of keith’s commitments. Nicole does a lot for charitys herself including traveling all over the world. And she is an extremely beautiful woman. So stop being jealous!!! Nicole adores keith and has stood by and with him through everything and that’s probably why he is doing so well now.

  • Heather

    Looks like all the little NKU members are coming out. Keith is probably doing well now because he came to the realization that his wife will put herself over her family and he’ll just have to accept that. He’ll be free to tour as much as he wants, after only doing a grand total of 32 shows last year, and no, the amount of shows performed was not small because of rehab. It’s all he had planned. The rest of the time was working on a record and following Nicole around, even when he was in the middle of working on a project. Speaking of “Nicole does a lot for charitys herself including traveling all over the world”, why can’t she do it without the cameras following her around? Is she that desperate for good PR? And if her kids spend half the time with her, why were there NEVER any photos of them in Nashville with Nicole? There were plenty of her and Keith. But never any shots of the kids. Nor a single blog sighting. EVER. Does she keep them under lock and key? And the only recent photo of her with her son is on a movie set. At least his father takes him to soccer games and the Super Bowl. Funny that her daughter WAS NOT on set. She’s probably PO’d because her mother stayed in Australia instead of coming home for her 14th birthday. Wonder if she’ll be in NY this weekend for Keith’s debut on SNL. It’s high profile, so I’m sure she’ll play the part of supportive wife. It’ll be good for the image. It’s time Nicole lovers get a life and start looking at the truth of their idol.



  • Lauren

    I’m not a fan of Nicole. I do enjoy some of her work and think of her as a very nice, sweet, well educated woman that graces the screen among so many others. I am, however, sad to see her so bashed by people who know nothing of her personal life, her history and have no clue of what her life is like outside the magazines that insist on publishing truth among trash. Her lips have not grown overnight. If you look at recent candid photos you’ll notice they’re as thin as they always have been. Make up artists exist, people, and in Nicole’s case, the add-on lipstick/pencil is used full blast. You can actually notice the line of her lip and how her lips are colored outside that same line. And botox? I’d sue my surgeon if he’d let me leave his office with those wrinkles under my eyes after having paid as much as one does for those injections. Nicole doesn’t catch sun. She has stated very early on that she’s careful of her skin especially her face and it’s scientifically prooved that it is the exposure to the sun that brings along all those wrinkles and aged look to your skin. Lay off the girl, people. She’s not as angelic as most of her fans claim her to be but she’s not the devil either. Give her a break.

  • Daisy

    Keith was in Chicago performing a benefit concert for St. Jude’s Research Hospital! I would say Nicole probably understood why Keith wasn’t at the party & Keiht knew why she wasn’t in Chicago. It is their marriage people they know what goes on in it!

    Jared, Please don’t say Keith didn’t show up at the last minute this benefit was a long time in the making.

  • xox

    heather.. what the hell?? you act as if you know everything about nicole when in fact you dont know her at all. LEAVE HER ALONE. Its obvious she keeps her kids safe and out of the camera’s eye for a good reason. Its not good for them.

    And your line of ‘why cant she do her charity work without the camera’s following her around?” as if she wpuld want those freak show paparrazi follwing her around 24/7??????

    she has said countless times she doesnt like them. She doesnt ring them up and tell them her schedual so they can follow her with thousands of flashes going off in her face. I dont know about you but no one would want that.

    And dont talk abou Nicole’s kids YOU HAVE NO IDEA ANÎ NO RIGHT TO TALK AbOUT THEM!! STALKER!

    Get over bitching about her becuase she is twice the woman you’ll ever be you snob.

  • Serena

    Nicole is VERY protective of her kids; that’s why you don’t see her parading them in front of the cameras. btw … even TomKat have significantly cut back on parading Bella and Connor around these days. You hardly see them in PR pictures anymore. These days, the photos you often see are Katie out shopping.

    It’s utterly stupid of folks to say “‘why cant she do her charity work without the camera’s following her around?”. Use your brain cells for once. The charitable organizations that she is involved in want that kind of PR in order to raise the public awareness and to raise funds. It’s also one of the reasons why those organizations want celebrity spokespersons, in order to draw attention to their causes.