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Rashida Jones is a Paper Doll

Rashida Jones is a Paper Doll

Femme not-so-fatale Rashida Jones, who plays Karen Filippelli on NBC’s hit-show The Office, has a “Paper Doll” feature in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Rashida on her making the show: “I kept saying to Ed Helms, [who plays the dim-witted rageaholic Andy], I felt like like I had won some radio contest and they had thrown me into my favorite show.”

GMMR reports that Rainn Wilson is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on Feb. 24! HOW. VERY. EXCITING!

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# 1
[Fug Face Maniston] @ 02/09/2007 at 6:38 pm

I watch the office and i still dont know who she is.

# 2

i thought that was evangeline lilly

# 3

Isn’t it Jim’s girlfriend?

# 4
angelina_mmm @ 02/09/2007 at 7:24 pm

she’s beautiful and smart

# 5
Queen Bee @ 02/09/2007 at 8:02 pm

Naturally pretty girl…so is her sister Kadida.

# 6

When I heard that Rashida had been cast and when I heard about the nature of the role she had been cast for, I so carefully prepared my disdain for both actress and character. Instead, I just wound up with this huge girlcrush on her.

# 7
treasurehunter @ 02/09/2007 at 9:22 pm

I think her mother is Diana Ross and her father is Quincy Jones so that i would assume helped her out. I like the office

# 8

Her mom is Peggy Liption.

# 9

Fugface Maniston, clearly you don’t watch the Office, then. She’s been in every episode this season.

She’s beautiful!

Jenna Peterson @ 02/09/2007 at 11:41 pm

I love her! And I love her even more now that I know she loves the original Office – UK as well. As much as I like Jim and Pam, Jim and Karen make a cute couple too.

UUUMMM….call me crazy…..but….who is this girl??
ooooooohhhhhhh…..just read…’THE OFFICE’ never seen it so I wouldn’t know who she is….
….but….I do know Steve Carrell…..F’love him….♥
The only thing I really like about NBC is Late night with Conan O’Brien………….and…….maybe…….Las Vegas……but….I don’t like Danny & Delinda….more of a Danny & Mary fan myself………

♥BUCAS♥…….(from:One Tree Hill..for those who don’t know)….damn writers for breaking them up…..

Sorry….kinda ranted…..I type lots of unecessary stuff when I’m bored……such as this……


My name is Rashida Jones. My dad is Quincy Jones. He’s rich and famous and I had no other talents or drive so by default I’m an actress.

Soon I’ll marry some rich producer and pump out some annoying kids.

In the mean time I’ll just keep my cushy acting gig that some other starving actress would have cut off her left *** for.

Later commoners,


anonyfuckinmous @ 02/10/2007 at 1:26 am

Gotta agree with Magnus but maybe Im just jelous that she was born with a silver spoon!!

Magnus shut the hell up! Just because she has a famous father does not mean she is not a good actress and didn’t work for her success. I am not a fan of hers really but she did a good job on Boston Public and she does a good job on the Office. She certainly isn’t a bad actress and the producers of the Office has nothing to gain by hiring Quincy Jones’ daughter and probably gave her the job because she auditioned well…. don’t be so petty!

totally agree with magnus @ 02/10/2007 at 2:50 am

she only got the job because of her parents. how the hell did she “work” for her success? one thing that makes british comedies (and soap operas) better than their american counterparts is the fact that the actors generally resemble real people. to give her a part on “the office” of all shows only proves that nepotism is alive and well in the entertainment business. i usually like ew, but i am surprised they did an article on a complete nonentity like her.

Most all of the cast on The Office resembles ‘normal’ people to me. And there are some beautiful ‘normal’ people who work lame office ans sales jobs all over. Those jobs aren’t just reserved for the ‘plain’ looking. She has been acting since she graduated from university. She didn’t just land a starring role in a hit series overnight. And I must live in a bubble because I honestly had no clue who’s daugher she was when she first appeared on the show. I hadn’t heard of her before The Office.

Why do you guys hate people who look better than you do? I don’t get it.

Rashida’s cool. She’s doing good on the show too. She got the job because her ex boyfriend John Krasinski lobbyied for her to get the role.

Networking is important. How is that a bad thing.

Is that why the girl who plays the main character, Jenna Fischer, is raved about so much, because she’s so plain looking somehow she deserves heaps of honor?

I don’t get it.

A Certain Smile @ 02/10/2007 at 5:21 pm

For your information, Rashida graduated at the top of her class from high school and was accepted into Harvard. Her original plan was to be a lawyer. Jealousy because someone was born into a rich family is a meaningless exercise in emotional futility.

She is a good actress, I like her in Boston Public.
ITA lula29

Why comment if you are not going to read the article? I think Rashida is refreshing and beautiful. I wish her the best of luck.

A Certain Smile @ 02/10/2007 at 6:46 pm

I know you are not talking to me. I was responding to the person that said she had no other talents so she became an actress by default. I can comment whenever I feel like it. I did read the article, that’s why I wrote what I did.

you know what? she’s actually pretty funny on the office. i’m not going to pre-judge her simply cause unlike paris hilton, nicole richie, kimbo stewart and all the other celeb kids this girl has been in the trenches getting her hands dirty for 10 years so she must be passionate about her art. she doesn’t waltz around with a sense of entitlement and seeking fame by peddling home made porn on the web or making weird vulgar displays to paparazzis. she’s smart, pretty, keeps her clothes on and uses her head. she seems to be giving it her best shot so i think she deserves a fair chance much as anyone else. frankly i’d like to see more actresses like this one

are you kidding me? if you watch the office you must know who she is – unless your retarted -which you probably are – meaning you should go to wisconsin

“are you kidding me? if you watch the office you must know who she is – unless your retarted -which you probably are – meaning you should go to wisconsin”

At least in Wisconsin people know how to spell, use capital letters, and use puctuation correctly.

An Old Cliche @ 02/11/2007 at 8:06 am

Arguing over the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

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