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Barack Obama: 'I'm Running For President'

Barack Obama: 'I'm Running For President'

“The time for that politics is over. Itis through. It’s time to turn the page.”

Illinois Senator Barack Obama seeks to become the first black president of The United States. He formally announced this morning that he’s entering the presidential race at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Ill.

Said Obama: “We can build a more hopeful America. And that is why, in the shadow of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once called on a divided house to stand together, where common hopes and common dreams still live, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the United States.”

Obama trails in most national polls only to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Also pictured: Wife Michelle and daughters (l-r) Sasha, 5, and Malia, 7.

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  • Willemijn

    I’m glad he’s running for President. I like him, I think he’d do a great job.

  • bdj

    Wow!!! Thanks Just Jared. Nice Post . This should be an interesting presidential race. Finally some choices for the American People. I like Obama and looking forward to hearing more about his campaign.

  • nala

    He is a fresh, handsome, and clean candidate for a NEW face of USA!
    Good luck

  • http://deleted Why?

    What’s the point? He is not going to win. Good guy, but America is not ready yet.

  • http://justjared lise

    I hope he wins

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Finally a Black man with the balls to run for President. Even tho The [White] man will probably will [try to] kill him before he ever becomes President. [Lol]

    I just wish he didn’t have such a weird name.

  • http://justjared dire

    I love him

  • http://justjared bbb


  • :)

    This makes me very happy…Go BARACK!

  • A little hope

    Go Obama. But if Gore decides to join, I’ll have to switch loyalties. The election couldn’t come fast enough. I’m praying these two years go by without further damage by this administration. But unfortunately, the news channels and officials seem to already be drumming up a war with Iran.

  • Hhmm

    This is really awesome. Love Obama!

  • jordan

    i think that you are totally wrong, Why? we are ready for this. if you say we aren’t now, then were never going to be. we need something that we have never had before in order to get out of what we are in right now.

  • Aleezah

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    February 10th, 2007 at 4:42 pm
    Finally a Black man with the balls to run for President. Even tho The [White] man will probably will [try to] kill him before he ever becomes President. [Lol]

    I just wish he didn’t have such a weird name.


    Everything about you is negative. You have a negative disposition and it comes out in your writings. I have read many of your comments on various topics on JJ and the majority of them, have negative connotations to them. I come to JJ everyday and read many of the comments. I rarely post. Why don’t you attempt to be more positive?

    Think, before you write please. People from all walks of life – read these blogs. What your suggesting in the writing above, is that someone could be murdered.

  • Aleezah

    Oops! I meant you’re instead of your (sp.) before suggesting.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Yea and…..?
    Do you think the [White man] wants a Black President? hell 2 the no
    lmaoo. All jokes aside, I like Barack, and im Happy hes running for President. Positive enough for you?

  • Aleezah

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    What the white man wants or doesn’t want, is neither here nor there. The white man in America today, are a minority. The faces of America has changed significantly. People of color in North America are the majority, and their population is rapidly growing everyday.

    My suggestion was that you be more positive and careful with what you put in black and white, on a blogsite. You never know who is reading what you write.

  • dmoss

    They look like a modern-day presential family. He has fresh ideas and will be an exciting change for politics. I’m looking forward to the next race…

  • link

    His birth name was Barry.


    I think that Barak will make a fine President and bring some dignity back into the White House. He has my vote.

  • Lynn

    That is great. He deserves to run. His family looks so supportive and that is neat.

  • CMAR

    FUG FACE MANISTON has a point……………………that is, that there are powerful interests out there who would attempt to assassinate a black man running for president of the US. Dont bury your heads in the sand and pretend that racism isnt alive and well in America. And BTW, Fug face, Obama wouldnt be the first black man to run (NB Jesse Jackson) and there’ve been others who’ve contemplated running…….e.g Colin Powell). And dont forget that a black woman ran for president sometime inthe early-mid 80s……..if i remember correctly.

  • kidi

    He’s my senator and I’ve been hoping he would run for a long time. He has intelligence and dignity and would be a fine president.

  • Aleezah

    per CMAR, “that there are powerful interests out there who would attempt to assassinate a black man running for president of the US.”

    Those same powerful interests did assasinate JFK (a white man who WAS president). Assasinations are not just about racism, they are about POWER. Your point on this issue is not valid.

    per CMAR, “Do not bury your head in the sand.”

    Who doesn’t know that racism is alive and thriving in North America! Racism today, in North America has gotten more creative. Racism in North America took a different shape and form.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    [Aleezah] JFK was for the Blacks. not agaisnt them. thats why he was killed.

  • Aleezah

    [Fug Face Maniston] your statement is not an accurate statement.

    There were more than one reason why JFK was assasinated. Whether JFK was for blacks or not, is debatable. That is a perception based on your paradigm. You might want to read about the “Bay of Pigs” fiasco while JFK was in office to be more enlightened.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    CMAR Says:
    February 10th, 2007 at 7:55 pm
    And dont forget that a black woman ran for president sometime inthe early-mid 80s……..if i remember correctly.


    Shirley Chisholm was the first African-American woman to run and she did so in the 70′s.

    My vote if for Barack. Time for a nice change.

  • GG

    I’m glad he’s running and I wish him all of the best. And for those that say we aren’t ready for a Black President, I say “were we ready for a stupid president like the one we have now?” Black or White, he’s better than what we currently have. Am I the only one that’s notice that no one close to the president has ever defended his stupidity. All mouths are shut. They all know the truth. It’s time for a change and Barack may just be it.

  • MonkeyShines


    I like Barak. He seems to be a geninuely nice man with good intentions and lots of promise but I think 2008 is too early for him to run on what he can do for America because he’s truly done little or nothing in the US Senate except to take up a seat. He’s co-authored no bills, heck he’s written no bills, requested no hearings etc – all he’s done is promote himself and deny that he would run for President in this campaign then change his mind.

    I was so happy that he won the senate seat in my birth state but he really had no competition in the election. I really wish that he’d wait and at least finish out the term his was elected to and gain more political experience. 2016 or the elections thereafter would have been a better time for him political to run because one as a result of running for President he’s going to lose his US Senate seat if he doesn’t campaign on both fronts (or is forbidden by state law in some cases too pursue both State and Federal Office) and the people of IL are just not going to give money to someone who may leave them to try to become President.

    I fear that if he’s the our (I’m a register Democrat & blackwoman) candidate his naivete of how a real election campaign let anyone a National Campaign is run by both parties and he’s lack of experience will send voters to whomever is the Republican candidate. The dude has already made major blunders of admitting fairly recent narcotics use while proclaiming to be “godly” and wholesome. Unfortunately, right now Barak is lacking true substance and proof of graciousness that can withstand the havy barrage of generades from the Republicans he would receive as Democratic President Candidate. He’s made of paper, when he shold be made of sterner stuff. Hilary hell she;s the other side of the spectrum (I wish I was as resilent as her) – Hilary is like T1000 or Basalt damn near indestructible but so polarizing. She’s not a uniter even within her own party, her action and intentions never seem sincere even if they are and that’s unfortunate because she would be a truly wonderful President.

    That said I won’t be voting for Barak or Hilary but for the person I think really can unite, is sincere, earnest, forwardthinking and lead America into the future – John Edwards.

  • http://justjared vv

    You’ll get my vote 08

  • MonkeyShines

    VV like Barak’s hanging out on J2.

    You’re funny.

  • maya

    I’m glad there’s an intelligent dialogue regarding Barack’s candidacy here. Kudos to Just jared for providing folks with a positive forum. You wouldn’t believe some of the ugly, ugly conversations going on out in cyberspace. And although it pains me to say this, I do have to agree with fug face anniston, what a moniker, on america’s readiness for a black man in the white house. I just don’t believe its possible.

  • Paula

    To be honest, I am afraid for Obama too. He has a lot of great qualities – super-intelligent, devoted to family, not a cheater on his wife, passionate about change… a good man like this always gets attacked by evil.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    [Aleezah] you’re blowing mines right now. One, I don’t care for politics, I think %90 politicians are crooked.

    Blah Blah Blah. I’m wrong and you’re right, about whatever it is you were saying. All this politic crap is giving me a migraine. lol

    Conrats to Barack. Anyone would be better than Bush’s Idiotic azz.

  • Aleezah

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    I am sorry for the migraine.

  • Cyndi

    I hope he doesn’t just become another politician that’s only good @ spitting empty words, who loses what integrity & respect he garnered because he’s been bought by corporate America. After all, we’ve yet to see a president free from corruption & poor ethical principles since WWII.

    I have little faith in our current political establishment, which only provides lip service 2 varying groups within American society, whether its 2 foster paranoia over their civil rights, or appeal 2 their human fears (esp. when it concerns using bigotry & religious extremes of Christian rights) to get the vote of ignorant, uneducated masses, while their real commitment & service is to the 4% of established elites.

  • patsy stone

    Dems will win in ’08 no matter what because the Republican party is in a shambles, thanks only to themselves. Obama would be fabulous, darling.

  • amle

    He is black, middle name “hussein”, has dumbo ears, and his wife is dumb as a box of rocks. Barack Hussein Osama (I mean Obama) will not be President EVAAAA

  • Sherilyn

    I do not feel Obama has the qualifications to be president.

  • mia

    As Ben Wallace-Wells writes in Rolling Stone today:

    “Obama’s life story is a splicing of two different roles, and two different ways of thinking about America’s. One is that of the consummate insider, someone who has been raised believing that he will help to lead America, who believes in this country’s capacity for acts of outstanding virtue. The other is that of a black man who feels very deeply that this country’s exercise of its great inherited wealth and power has been grossly unjust. This tension runs through his life.”

    Obama has to decide if he’s going to be that candidate that only talks about hope or will understand that this country wants REAL change, not just talk about hope and compromise.

    I go back and forth on Obama. I’m happy to see him being given a fair chance, but I want to see a real progressive in the white house. I’m going for either John Edwards or Gore (if he decides to run).

  • mia

    and Amle – Grow the hell up! This isn’t first grade so stop making dumb remarks about people’s names. I could make a few jokes about George W. Bush too but I rather blast him on his policies and decisions rather than his name or his looks.

  • black

    A black man going for president……now that´s fantasy.

    Sorry, couldn´t help it.

    Nah, he seems like a nice guy….but so does Bush, and see where that got the US.

    I´m all for Hillary!

  • http://justjared x

    go Obama

  • Pookie

    Something I just learned — he’s a smoker:

    Just saying, it’s weird. I can’t picture a President smoking, can you?

  • hmmm…

    I’ve yet to see any real valid reasons why he won’t make a good decent president. So what if his name isn’t “John”. “The US is not ready for a black president” & its ready for a woman? Please! America will NEVER be ready for somethumg that goes against its founding doctrin. “Barak is not ready to be president.”- and which president really was? The actor, the cheater, or the war monger? We need to be a little more intelligent about our choices. But Black or female president, the US NEED TO GET READY!

  • http://deleted florence

    Amie you are trying to rile people up here, but it won’t work with me. I just want to respond because you have put something false on this blog.

    Obama is well educated and so is his wife. I watched them on Oprah together. You can clearly see that he did not marry a dummy. She is a career woman, as well as wife and mother. When I watched her on TV and saw her speak, there is one phrase that came to mind:

  • mary

    Crazy Hillary will destroy him in no time. She does not like competition.
    :D :D :D

    I feel sorry for him. Hillary will do anything to be president that is for sure. :D :D

  • dmoss

    #37 Amle. Perhaps you should try reading a newspaper/magazine, or heck, just use your browser search engine to look up Michelle Obama. If you did, you would find that Barack met his wife at a law firm when she was assigned to be his advisor. I’m sure she couldn’t be classified as “dumb as rocks.” If so, we know where that puts you on the intelligence scale…

    Just another @#@##@ showing his/her ignorance.

  • Jillian B

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    February 10th, 2007 at 4:42 pm
    Finally a Black man with the balls to run for President. Even tho The [White] man will probably will [try to] kill him before he ever becomes President. [Lol]

    I just wish he didn’t have such a weird name.
    Obama is not the first black man to run for president. There have been several in the past.

  • mia

    Hillary is not as liberal people make her out to be. She still won’t say her vote was wrong about the war in Iraq.

    She’s not a true Democrat. She’s more a centerist. I’d love to see a woman as president but not Hillary. I admit, she may surprise everyone and be more progressive than I’m willing to give her credit for and at the same time, if she became president, the far right would go crazy. So there’s double fun in that.

    I’m not going to mince words, the far right and crazy religious people have destroyed this country and done serious harm to the world. Anything to see them all go crazy after a Democrat becomes President would be a dream come true. I plan to do my best to make that happen.

  • VV

    HA HA! A black American president! That’s funny!