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Jennfier Aniston Topless in 'The Break-Up'

Jennfier Aniston Topless in 'The Break-Up'

Poor Jennifer Aniston.

Photos of Jennifer Aniston topless in The Break-Up have officially leaked and are making the rounds on the Internets. In the film, Jen has a nude scene with co-star (and ex-boyfriend) Vince Vaughn where she walks through their apartment in a state of undress to tease him.

The photos are real and were published by French weekly magazine Choc.

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  • cookie


  • Me Too

    Oh here we go again, not in the news so we have to release topless photos!! How transparent girl!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


  • elle

    Her face is hideaous and her ears are HUGE!!

  • Observer

    Bad, bad judgment call. I can imagin what kind of posts are going to appear here by merely seeing the pic without the jump.

  • http://wow checkers

    this wowan is so not attractive… i know that there are alot of women actress that are not attractive nor drop dead gorgeous, but they can definitely act… what I mean is that, not attractive, can’t act so what else is there for her.. she no longer has her men to make her famous!


    shut the f*ck up she looks amazing she have a body that u can only dream of.



    *(Ouch!! I’m cramping up!!! Help! Owwww!!!)


    Oh…(gasp!)….the sheer FUG…’s killin’ me….(crying)….ahahahahaha!!!


    Check the surgically altered hairline….it’s like Steve Harvey’s f*ckin’ perfectly manicured fro’!! Muahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Ahhhh..hahahaha…I can’t stop….help…ahahahahaha!

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    EWWWW!!! notice how her boobs droop? Isn’t she only in her 30′s? Has not breast-fed (I don’t think)…her boobs should be perky….Is that why she had a boob job? One could only guess..

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    That is the ugliest wannabe movie star I’ve ever seen


    DONT enter jenns threads if U dont like her

    aha cuse u really cares about her otherwise WHY would u come here just to say the same stuff u said 3 years ago MOVE ON people



    SAVED! for ALL time. Hey bamzsters – save this baby.

  • bdj

    No comment on the picture. However, I wouldn’t be suprised if she didn’t leak the photos herself. Next stop Oprah.

  • cookie

    ANGELINA DO SUCK: is the truth really hurts?jennifer aniston is an ugly middle age hasbeen tv star.If i were you i will just accept the FACT. JA is not attractive at all.Her body is not that great either. I just feel sorry for her, at a tender age??? she has got no family,no partner, no movie career, no acting,i say ACTING award. she has nothing except her money,but money cant buy true happiness.

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    CLINIQUA….I am laughing so hard at your comment. love it…she is not attractive at all…Oh my God, I can’t believe BP used to wake up beside her….EWWWWW,

  • cookie

    he.he.he.he.he.he.the chin,the nose,the hairline,the ears,as a matter of fact the whole face is very odd!gosh, brad pitt why?why?

  • ?????


  • Alicia

    so when you say “leaked” you mean distributed by Steve Huvane in a desperate PR attempt to get her back in the news?

  • ?????

    she looks like a leprechaun.yeah she looks like a LEPRECHAUN.


    bdj Says:

    February 10th, 2007 at 6:12 pm
    No comment on the picture. However, I wouldn’t be suprised if she didn’t leak the photos herself. Next stop Oprah.

    Hey bdj, you know before I actually SAW one of these supposedly unauthorized pics, I said the same thing – that Maniston (and/or Stephen HUVANE) may have leaked these to DEFLECT FROM HER FACE FULL OF PLASTIC SURGERY (no it wasn’t JUST a beak job)…but having seen THIS ONE…there is NO WAY, such shallow, vain yet insecure person such as ‘Man,’ would have leaked this baby…NO WAY. She would not have wanted this hideousness seen under ANY circumstance. I can’t see the tatas, but If I WERE MANISTON, even if I owned the most perfect set of silicone/saline enhanced perky pair in existence…this pic STILL would not see the light of day for the simple fact that FACE is sitting RIGHT ABOVE THEM!

    Oh man…good times are coming in this thread. Muahahahahaha!

    J, I don’t say it often enough.


  • Do not want

    ugh, maniston is so fug. She should get boobs done on her face, then maybe men will look at her.

  • fugly as always

    Damn, she looks like the joker, please take this down. ugh, i need to remove my eyes.

  • Jessy


    I like Jennifer…..but I don’t see any naked pics of her…where did you find them?


    cookie Says:

    OK im gonna be one of you guys so check this out

    oooooh she is so ugly hasbeen tv actress BUT wait a second ,IF she was an ugly is that
    make her a bad person??IS IT A CRIME ????? its not her fault that her EX choose to
    be with someone else . she never hurt anybody she is no angel but she is no satin either . and BTW she has a movie with meryl streep comin out next year ..and the fact that her mony dosnt make her happy :well go ahead and feel sorry for her but
    dont hit her while shes down ,just take a moment and put ur self in her shoes..!!!!and tell me what will udo if u was her ?????????


    I bet you any money, Jared will be hearing from Stephen Huvane soon. Don’t back down babe!! Proudly show that FUG!

    Keep us posted please, I wonder how long you’ll have before these are yanked. by the ‘HUVANISTON.’

    Man, imagine if Perez got a look at THESE.




  • cookie

    hey where are aniston’ s fans?where are they?pls all come out! you have to save your idol!are you all ashamed of her?pls all come out, you need to celebrate,your idol has got real boobies with an ugly face

  • http://wow checkers

    ok to angelina do suck:: no one here says they hate Jen, they don’t even know her, what they are saying, is that, she is not attractive, not pretty and not a good actress… it is the truth so what is the problem?? she just needs to stay in the TV series, she is not big screen material!

  • janan

    her perfectly cultivated public image is Crumbling, she got way ahead of herself and she is the only person to blame.


    she will always be known as Rachel!
    tv girl hahahahahahaha

  • cookie

    ANGELINA THE SUCKS: YOUR ENGLISH SUCKS! if i were you, i will check my webster dictionary first before i post.he.he.he. jennifer aniston with m. streep? where did u get that awful story? lie.lie.lie. jennifer has got no movie line up for her because there will be no sane producers would ever dare to finance her movie,bec she is not a movie star.i repeat she is not a movie star.

  • ad

    where the fuck are the pics this isnt nude, this is cropped.

  • freidaflo

    Aniston and Huvane made sure her face gets in the news because the media is now
    all agog for all the details of the ANSmith death.

    IMO, since everyone is calling ANS a sex symbol this sitcom fraud is saying” I AM TOO “by releasing this picture soon after ANS’s death.
    How pathetic. …. SEX SYMBOL……. EEEEEEEKKKK.

    HW will be LOL. What a conversation piece…….

  • kidi

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! JJ you must WARN us when a picture like that leads off your site–some of us aren’t as young as we used to be. MAN! Rode hard and put away wet.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Maniston doesnt have Fans.. People just Pretend to like her because they Don’t like Angelina. Maniston will go down in history as the boring tv “star”
    [And I use that word loosely]
    who Lost Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie.

  • Sue

    Man you guys are awful.

  • question?

    Sue Says:

    how many AWFUL things have you said about Brad and Angelina?

  • patsy stone



    she is not attractive, not pretty and not a good actress… it is the truth so what is the problem?? she just needs to stay in the TV series, she is not big screen material!

    OK so why thats a proplem ???????
    if u dont care about jenn then DONT look at her pics DONT follow her every move
    and DONT waste ur time talking about her and waching her movies ,,
    theres a milion option of actresses out there do u blog into every actress that u dont like and waste ur time just to say ur opinion about something u dont even care about?????

  • Lola

    Not ashamed of Jen! She’s living her life!!! Do you even have one???

  • ad

    nevermind i found the pics of google, shes not that bad, nice boobies.

  • cookie

    hey i dont watched her movies.what movies?????ha.ha.ha.ha ha.ANGELINA DO SUCKS YOU ARE SO FUNNY!

  • kidi

    It’s not just her looks (okay, a lot of it is her looks) it’s her whole coy, simpering manner and expressions. She thinks mugging is adorable–she probably thought she was acting the hell out of this scene, and she just looks idiotic and homely.

  • http://wow checkers

    to angelina do suck:: no I don’t trash other actors and actress,, because I like most of them… I don’t see JA movies ever, why waste ten dollars… now if they put her back on tv, why not? i can see that, its free!

    again, we don’t hate her, we just think she is not attractive nor a good actress….

  • Norman

    HAHAHAHAHA… her nipples are always perky. And with the way manny aniston looks she should visit the plastic surgeon more often.

  • http://justjared bbb



    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    HONEY I THINK ITS TIME FOR YOU TO MOVE ON and the first step would be 4 u

    is to get the f*ck out of here and go watch tomb raider or some sh*tty movie for ur real

  • http://wow checkers

    i don’t follow her every move, but this disgusting picture made its way here! thank JJ!!

  • cookie

    ANGELINA DO SUCK where are your comrades, why it seems you are the only one defending your hasbeen idol. Again i dont watched aniston’s movies, what movies???????????HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA